It is common knowledge that it is hard to find excellent gun safes that are less than $600.

Or is it?

Different gun safes are available, and you have to know where to look. In this review are the best gun safes under 600 available for 2022.

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Top 7 Best Gun Safes Under 600 of 2022

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box

The AmazonBasics is a reliable gun safe that is designed like a box. It is possible to safeguard your guns and other valuable that needs to be kept secure in this safe. Having passed through the right tests, it has been certified by the Standard for Safety Tests for Fire Resistance of Record.

With this, when the gun safe is faced with a fire outbreak, it can hold itself for at least twenty minutes. This gives you enough time to get to the safe during such an emergency. Note, this time frame is based on a firing temperature reaching 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The body is built with a heavy-duty steel component that can withstand impact. Apart from this, the gun safe offers the user an improved level of security. It makes use of five deadbolts that re average 0.75 inches wide in locking the safe.

For quick access, the AmazonBasics has a keypad that can be programmed to a desirable combination. There is also a backup key that works in giving manual access into the safe.


  • Uses an electronic keypad
  • Built from heavy-duty steel components
  • Has 5-deadbolts for more security
  • Can withstand fire outbreaks


  • The keypad is not durable
  • Plastic parts look weak


Check out other gun safes that are equally reliable, just as the AmazonBasics in this review. They’ve been certified to hold guns in case of an emergency securely.

Liberty Safe Biometric Smart Handgun Vault

With the Liberty Safe Biometric Smart handgun, you are getting a secure place to store your firearm. Yet, it gives quick access to the guns quickly when it is needed.  It also promises security that keeps the safe protected from any tampering or invasion.

This safe opens with just one finger and features a sixth-generation biometric system. It uses a multi-dimensional finger swipe that works at any place it has been installed. When it comes to programming, you can save as many as thirty fingerprints on the system without losing any print memory.

The Liberty Safe has extra amenities for users who want more out of their safe. It has both internal and external charging ports. They can power up phones and any other compatible device. It has a pullout drawer as well that can hold your valuable and allow for easy access.

Inside the safe is interior lighting that lights up while you engage the safety. This comes in useful in situations where the room is not well illuminated.


  • Comes with mounting holes
  • Has internal lighting
  • Can store up to 30 fingerprints
  • Several installation options


  • Fingerprint becomes unresponsive with time


Apart from this gun safe, others are less than $300 that promises equal quality. Check out more on these types of gun safes in this post.

Barska DX-300 Large Depository

Barska designed the DX-300 large depository to hold guns, mails, checks, cash, and any other thing that you may deem valuable. It is anti-pry and can withstand being broken into by thieves and home invaders.

The safe allows you to place things in it without having to open it. This saves you the time of unlocking and locking the safe to put in cash and small documents. However, this opening cannot admit your guns, and you would have to open the safe itself.

Concerning the body frame of this safe, it is of solid steel construction. It also has anti-fishing baffles, and this enables three built-in deadbolts. This makes sure that only an authorized user can access the safe at all times.

It has an electronic keypad that gives access based on a set PIN, and it can store more than one combination at a time.

In any case, where an unauthorized user tries to gain access to the safe, it has a temporary lockout mode. This prevents even an authorized user from accessing the safe until a specific time elapses. The goal of this is to prevent a home invader from guessing the PIN.


  • Has a temporary lock system
  • Has three deadbolts
  • Save multiple PINs
  • It is made of solid steel


  • Keypads stop after some time


Since you are concerned about having excellent gun safes, there are more on this in this review on the best gun safes that are less than $500. Check them out and see what best suits your use.

Genie Hand Time Lock Depository

Another impressive gun safe under $600 is the Genie Hand Time Lock Depository. This safe has unique features and makes use of time to give access to guns. It keeps away anything you want to secure for a specific time and can only be unlocked at the set time.

You would find this useful when your guns are used for more recreational purposes. It allows users to set a date or time in the week when they want to use the contents. All through that period, the safe isn’t accessible even after using the right combination.

The shortest time that time can lock the safe is one minute, and the most is one week. After then, you would have to reactivate the timer.

It can be mounted on either a wall or on a shelf, depending on where is most convenient. The safe also needs batteries to work and stay powered.

If there is a need to open the safe in an emergency, there is a way to go about it. It has a manual backup key that can override the time locking mechanism and let you in.


  • Makes use of a timer
  • Has an anti-bouncing system
  • Comes with an override key
  • Uses simple AA batteries


  • Not useful during an emergency


Storing a gun safe in a garage can come with its share of peculiarities. They may get humid after a while, and to handle this, you would need a dehumidifier. In this post are some of the dehumidifiers that could work in a gun safe.

AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock

The AdirOffice safe is intentionally built for durability and to stay sturdy when properly installed. Even after being used for years, the safe still retains its strength and is still pry-resistant. So, it is built to resist any forced entry.

These safe interiors have a carpeted floor that protects the gun and other fragile belongings from scratch or damage. You are permitted to generate your numeric code when you purchase this safe. This numeric code gives access to the safe anytime you need to lock and unlock the safe.

Two override keys come with this safe. It can give access to the safe when you no longer remember the combination.

AdirOffice safe also comes with notifiers that indicate when the safe is unlocked, locked, or the battery is merely running low.

When purchased, the safe comes with four live bolts used to install the safe to whatever place intended. It has a black exterior finish that makes it look attractive to stay in your office or wherever it is placed.


  • Doesn’t need to be assembled
  • Has anti-pry hinges
  • Comes in various colors
  • Has a carpeted floor


  • Weak security system
  • Made of defective components


Carpeted floors have a way of serving as dehumidifiers in a gun safe as well as a way of keeping fragile things from getting scratched.

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker comes as a tamper-proof construction as it withstands being accessed by unauthorized users. As a heavy-duty gun safe, it can hold tactical rifles as well as shotguns.

The insides are a sixteen gauge steel construction with four locking lugs that are hardened to withstand forceful entry. For extra security, it also has a 1500-lb rated cord.

Something unique about this gun locker is that it uses a touch-free entry RFID safe technology. It has an RFID wristband, decal, or key fob that swiped over the safe’s reader. This opens the safe instantly, and then you can get out your firearm.

It can contain things as big as a shotgun and assault rifles. The safe is also made to keep out kids that may play towards the gun safe. This keeps the safe and its contents safe at all times.

When the safe unlocks, it makes a notification sound that indicates this as well. It also gives a pre-installed mounting hole that saves you the cost of modifying the safe or even drilling.


  • Uses a hands-free unlocking system
  • Made to be tamper-proof
  • Comes with mounting holes
  • Has four locking lugs


  • The noise could be too loud


Lifting a gun safe needs precision, especially when it is a large one. With this post, you can successfully move a large safe from one place to another with less stress.

Stalwart Digital Safe-Electronic

The Stalwart Digital Safe-Electronic is a gun safe installed on the floor or the wall.  This allows for flexibility, and you can place it based on where it seems to have the best look in the room of choice.

As an extra-large sized gun safe, the Stalwart Digital Safe can hold other things apart from firearms. It can save cash, jewelry, passports, and other valuables that you think should be kept safe from unauthorized people.

The locking system makes use of a digital keypad that can hold a three to eight-digit long. It has room for a master code and a programmable guest code as well. After three wrong entries, the gun safe automatically locks itself, and the alarm goes off for twenty seconds.

What if there are more incorrect entries?

In such a case, the alarm would sound for the next five minutes again, and the goal is to draw your attention.

The Stalwart digital safe comes with all the installation tools necessary to get the safe up on the wall or floor. It also has mounting holes that aid in the installation.


  • Uses a digital keypad
  • Has enough storage space
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Alerts users during an incorrect entry


  • Easily crackable


With this link, you can check out more about the best gun safes available on the market.

What factors to keep in mind before buying a Gun Safe?

When buying a gun safe, you must check out certain things. They would help you get the right one and avoid losing your firearms and other valuables when there is a home invasion or tampering.

In this section are some of the factors that should be considered when purchasing a gun safe. Check them out below:


The price at which a gun safe is placed determines if you can afford it. This post has the best gun safes under 600 of 2022 and making it one that caters to the budget of gun owners. Even though it has one of the most affordable gun safes on the market, it still promises users quality.

Note, because a gun safe is not so pricey doesn’t make it less effective and insecure. There are the cheap ones that would serve as much functionality as those that are highly-priced. Just as you would find in this review, check out the best budget gun safes on the market and then choose what works.

Locking System

How a gun safe locks are essential when purchasing them as they determine the safety of all that is placed inside. Several locking systems are reliable that can be used in securing a gun safe.

More on this:

For example, in this review are gun safes that make use of a biometric scanner. Some others use electronic keypads, and there is even a gun safe that uses an RFID card. With all of these systems come a sense of security that prevents unauthorized users from accessing all that is safe.

So, check out the security system that the gun safe uses and ensure that it is secure enough. Also, look out for those that have manual override keys. They are useful if there is an emergency, and the combination or other programmable method is unavailable.


When installing the gun safes, some would require modifications and drilling. Some don’t even come with installation hardware, which would cost you buying all of those. In this review, those gun safes come with all the installation hardware that would come in handy when installing the gun safe.

Others even have already drilled holes that allow the installation process to go faster. With this, you have zero production cost, and then it is faster to get the safe functioning in your home, office, or wherever it is to stay.


Gun safes should be durable, instead of having to get a new one more often. This is dependent on the kind of material that was used in making the gun safe. Initially, a reliable gun safe is made of solid steel components.

These components can withstand tampering during a break-in. So, check out how durable a gun safe is designed, which should help guide the purchase of the gun safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should a gun safe offer?

A gun safe should be secure housing for guns of different sizes and should be easy to use. It should also be able to house other things apart from the gun and yet retain its reliability.

What is the best locking system?

The biometric system speculates as to the best locking system because it takes more time trying to breakthrough. It isn’t easy to replicate a fingerprint, but easy to figure out a numeric lock as that is more predictable.

What does a carpeted floor add to a gun safe?

With a carpet or any protective covering on the floor a gun safe, it easy for damages to have. Fragile items placed in the gun safe could even get scratched as well. So, with a carpeted floor, the things in the gun safe are kept in good condition.

Also, during a fire outbreak, the carpeted floor has a way of keeping the temperature in check and controlling moisture from the safe building.


Various excellent gun safes are available for purchase. However, having a guide on what to choose helps in making the right choice. This review talks about the best gun safes under 600 of 2022.