About Me


My name is Michael, and I’m passionate about hunting and really love to help people make the right purchase and use their equipment. I came up with this website to advise and provide relevant information to newbies and professionals about hunting equipment products. I know how much I spent buying trash with overhyped, insincere reviews. I’ve been in your shoes, and I understand your dilemma. Therefore, you can count on my reviews because I take my time to test the products, do research on them, give opinions, compare, and suggest the best options out there. 

You might ask, “Do you really buy all of those hunting equipment?”

Hell no. I’m not that wealthy. 

But like I said earlier, I do a lot of research on the products I recommend. I dig deep and seek all the pros, cons, and minute details before bringing them to you. I also have a relatively large number of telescopes in my collection. I’m not claiming to be an expert on the subject. But you can be sure that I have done thorough research and testing before bringing you my findings. 

The reviews and guide you read here are my thoughts and findings. 

I’m also a regular member and contributor to various online forums on astronomy, hunting, and other outdoor adventures. I always keep an eye for equipment recommended by other forum members, so you can be sure that I’m well-updated. I’ll go the extra mile to bring you the best.     

This brings me to an important question that you may have for me.

Why Did I Decide to Start This Blog?

For me, the turning point was when a so-called “professional” website recommended hunting equipment with a low quality that was far beneath their product review. That pushed me to start this website. I realized that I knew more about hunting than many of these professional reviewers. I also had the hands-on experience needed to review telescopes. I understood what first-time buyers, regular users, long-time enthusiasts, and professionals were looking for, and I knew that I could do a better job. I knew the best telescopes for beginners, the best telescopes for mid-range users, the best telescopes for pro users, and the best telescopes within a specific price range. 

I’m not the most expert or know it all. But I do my best and do a great job of bringing you nothing less than the best reviews and information to help you out.   

My Personal Back Story 

What can I say, I’m a decent hunting enthusiast and lover of all things adventure, be it hunting, bird watching, stargazing, and observing celestial objects. You will almost always find me in the outdoors unless I’m getting some supplies or doing things that can only occur in the suburbs. I’ve loved outdoor adventures right from my young age, and I still do so till today. I love the beautiful, wild outdoor adventure, the sounds of animals and bugs in the air, and so much more. 

How Did I Get into Astronomy?

Since when I was young, I was always passionate about observing the beautiful night sky and all the beautiful celestial objects. I bought myself my first telescope and star chart when I was a teenager with money that I earned myself.   Since I got my first telescope, I have been consistently adding more telescopes to my collection. 

Sometimes, I look at all those telescopes and shudder at all the space that they take. But it is an undying passion, and some sacrifices must be made. 

My Hunting Background 

Hunting season is one of my favorite times of the year.  The joy that comes from cleaning your hunt, prepping it, and finally eating it is second to none. 

One thing I never fail to do is to take my telescope with me on a hunting trip. I always look for good stargazing spots after carrying out the essential pre-hunt ritual of checking and loading weapons, cleaning them, and mapping out regions with hunting partners. 

After a hard day hunting and preserving my hunts, I set up my telescope on the porch or a suitable location outside the hunting cabin. Then I enjoy my favorite hobby with or without the aid of a star chart.  

I feel lucky, and I remain grateful that I can enjoy this wonderful hobby, even on hunting trips that take me to unique and uninhabited places. 

Here is why I love hunting games? 

Everywhere is so quiet and calm on hunting trips. There is no human noise of any sort. So, you get to enjoy your telescope use without any interference or disturbance. I love the thrill, rush, and anticipation of tracking animals, finding them, and then settling down to take the final shot.  I also enjoy the pre-hunt ritual of checking and loading weapons, cleaning them, and mapping out regions with hunting partners. It reconnects me to the primal being in me. Just like my prehistoric ancestors who hunted all that they ate themselves. I often preserve a lot of what I observed or kill during hunting. Afterward, I send them to some top astronomy departments. The animals I hunted down go to sellers or charity organizations that collect meat from hunters. It’s one of the ways that I give back to society.    

What Inspires Me 

I love seeing humans care for nature and enjoy the exquisite pleasures it has to offer. You do not need to visit the most glamorous cities on earth to enjoy life. All you need to do is to appreciate the beauty of the world around you. We are one with nature, and we are inseparable from nature. 

Our disproportionate love for urban life and rural to urban migration has done so much to deplete the ozone layer and cause global warming. I seek a world where everyone appreciates the sky, the birds, the animals, precious celestial objects around us and do all they can to enjoy them.  

I’m also inspired by my family and their undying love for adventure.