Getting the best crossbow target for your practice may be a whole lot. The reason is that you have to factor in many things. You may have little to do as this content focuses on the available options of crossbow target that would be perfect for your use.

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Top 11 Best Crossbow Targets Reviewed

It is important to say that the products discussed below are suggestions of crossbow targets that can be reliable. You should read their details, pros, cons, and takeaway to know what you can expect.

1. AUVIM Archery Hand-Made Archery Target

AUVIM Archery Targets Straw Solid Hand-made Archery Target is a crossbow target designed from forage material that is degradable and causes no pollution to the environment. In addition, the materials can be used again with no harm to the arrows. It is a great option for kids, beginners, or even professional archers. 

The archery target is durable and strong as it is made from hand-woven bundles of straw. You should know that there are no industrial efforts or finishes on the straws as they are crafted by farmers. As a result, there might be a level of uncertainty with the price. 

You can choose different sizes based on distance. You can get a bow that is less than 15 pounds if the practice distance is not up to 10 yards. If the distance is as long as 20 yards or 30 yards, you can choose a bow that is less than 35 pounds (also, you can choose a target with 3 layers). If the bow weighs more than 35 pounds, it is more appropriate to go for 5 layers. 

The targets are ideal for bow hunting shooting, archery practice, outdoor activities, and backyard archery play. If you love archery and, more importantly, handmade works, then the product is a perfect item for you. You can even give it as a gift or ornament to other people. 


  • Different sizes due to their distance
  • Affordable and beautiful
  • The raw material is friendly
  • An ideal gift for art lovers


  • Material may not be durable


AUVIM Archery Targets Straw Solid Hand-made Archery Target is an affordable crossbow target that you can get as an ornament or gift for someone who fancies hunting or art.

2. Black Hole Archery Target 18″

Black Hole Archery Target 18” is an 18-inch size target. It comes in distinct mixed colors of white, yellow, and black. It is a lightweight target with a weight of about 0.5 pounds. 

The target has 4 sides you can use to practice shooting. You can even contrast the varying aiming points on the 4 sides of the target. It has field points at the field tips and sides and at the layered (open-face) sides. 

Its sides are patented with friction such that it can easily stop the arrows. Also, the design helps to easily remove an arrow and experience less fatigue while shooting. 

The target is lightweight, which makes it easily transportable from one location to the next. Also, it has a handle that makes it comfortable to carry. In addition to its durability, it is available at an affordable price. 

This type of target is available in two sizes. They include;

  • BH-18: 18” x 16” x 11”
  • BH-22: 22” x 20” x 11” 

Black hole targets have an amazing reputation for optimum performance. It is a budget-friendly target and has great value for money. You can use both field points or broadhead arrows on the archery target. The two sizes are available as recurve and compound shooters. 

It is an economic target that lasts a long time. The weight of the package is 3.56 kilograms. The size of the item is 18 inches. It is designed for archery. 


  • Available in two sizes
  • Durable and affordable
  • Patented with friction for easy removal of arrows
  • Lightweight and easily transportable


  • Can be fragile


Black Hole Archery Target 18” is a budget-friendly crossbow bag target you can get for practice.

3. Hurricane Bag Archery Target

The Hurricane Bag Archery Target is a 20-inch sized product made from nylon material. The weight of the item is 0.5 pounds. It is designed to be durable because it is made from Tri-Core Technology. This technology helps to elongate the target life. 

The backgrounds are brightly colored such that they are visible even from far distances. Hence, the target is perfect for long ranges. It has aiming points at its front and deer vitals at its back which supports long target life and versatile sessions of practice. It comes with a heavy-duty handle (two-finger) that helps for convenient and easy transport. You can purchase your desired convenient sizes. Its grommets are made of brass such that you can hang them conveniently. 

The essence of the technology is that they prevent arrows from not going through the target. Hurricane targets are properly stuffed such that they can survive unfavorable weather conditions like mildew, mold, or rot. The size is 20 inches. 

You can easily remove it anytime you want to. Its maneuverability is high with optimum durability. The different sizes always come big, cheap, and sturdy. 


  • Affordable and sturdy
  • Perfect target for users
  • Versatile option for session
  • No pass through the target


  • The textile can make it tough to remove the arrow


The Hurricane Bag Archery Target comes in a lovely Neon Green color. You can gift a young hunter to encourage their hunting efforts.

4. Black Hole 61212 Crossbow Target

Black Hole 61212 Crossbow Target 16” is a target with 4 sides. Each side is filled with a high density such that it is perfect for field points and broadheads. The design is of the great color black as this makes the target quite obvious. The target supports shooting practice on the 4 sides such that your target will have a longer time. 

The design has good layers that can stop arrows and remove friction. Hence, it will be easy to remove the arrow without any hassle. The weight of the item is 13 pounds. The target is strong enough to stop the broadhead at every side of the target. 

Amazingly, the target can stop traveling bolts moving at speed as fast as 400 feet per second. It combines its frictional force with the heat from penetration to grab and put a pause to the bolts. Nonetheless, the heat dissipates after some seconds while the bolt releases. Hence, you can remove the bolt with one hand. 


  • Durable and economical
  • Portable because of its lightweight
  • Its sides are covered with polypropylene material for field points only
  • Can stop fast-moving crossbows


  • The layers can separate after multiple shots


Black Hole 61212 Crossbow Target 16” may not be a 450 fps crossbow target, but it can stop fast-moving bolts that are up to 400 fps. You can always give it more than a shot.

5. Field Logic Hurricane Archery Target

Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag Target is a 22-inch archery bag target. The material is made from nylon, as this helps it to be durable. Oftentimes, it comes in orange, white, and gray color. The weight of the item is 0.5 pounds. 

The archery bag target is similar to other kinds of a target as it is brightly colored. The reason for the bright color is to help people see the targets despite shooting from a far distance. In addition to the long target life of the archery bag target, it has deer vitals at its sides such that you can aim from different junctures for versatile sessions of practice. 

It is designed for both high-speed bows and crossbows. Due to its heavy-duty handle, it has a great level of portability that supports easy and convenient transport. Also, they are available in different sizes. The big size is a good training choice for beginners to perfect their shooting skills. 

It can survive harsh weather conditions because the brand has been consistent for quite a number of years. It is made to withstand the impact that is as great as 600 fps bolts. It has hanging grommets at the top for easy transportation and convenient carrying. 

The goal of the brand is to help individuals create adorable moments from their hunting adventures, especially for a bowhunter. 


  • Its backgrounds are brightly colored for long-range efforts
  • Long life of the target
  • Heavy-duty handle that supports convenient and easy transport


  • It might be a tough one for beginners


Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag Target is arguably the best crossbow target for over 400 fps.

6. Morell Yellow Jacket Archery Target

Morell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 FPS Dual Threat Weather Resistant Archery Target is a freestanding archery target made from foam. Just like the brand owners have designed it, the goal of the bow is to improve your shooting skills to the next level. The product is 13 inches wide, 16 inches long, and 18 inches tall. 

It is suitable for crossbow and compound bow as it can stop the speed of bows up to 380 fps. Its surface was designed to be resistant to water such that you can go to any location with your target. It supports versatile use due to its fixed blades and other mechanicals; it stops field points. 

Surprisingly, the weight of the item is 14 pounds with a comfortable handle to carry it. The weight of the item is 1 pound. The block target is designed to survive several shots of bows. The bow can last for many years, and you do not have to worry about purchasing a new bow. 

In addition, you do not need to purchase foam for the target as you can freely hang the target. It has visible graphics that make practice easy from any distance you may be shooting from. You can gift it to a serious archer. 


  • Easy to move around on the practice field
  • Lightweight yet brightly colored
  • Can stop up to 380 fps
  • Supports versatile use


  • It might be hard to remove an arrow


Morell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 FPS Dual Threat Weather Resistant Archery Target is a reliable target option if you are lost between affordability and durability.


Excalibur Crossbow Target Block is basically made from foam. However, this type of shooting bow can be easily transported during hunting as its weight is 4.3 pounds. The bow works perfectly with both field point and broadhead arrows. 

It can handle arrows that can travel at a high velocity. Its handle makes it convenient to carry. The reason for its being made of foam is to ensure that it has a tangible number of years of durability despite numerous shots. 

This high-quality bow would meet your demand for an ideal product. It is made of durable materials such its life is preserved due to possible unfavorable weather conditions. 


  • Strong, durable, and affordable
  • Reliable and lightweight
  • Can stop high traveling bows
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions


  • It could be hard to remove bolts


Excalibur Crossbow Target Block is a great masterpiece of crossbow target. You can expect it to put a stop to your bolts without any level of hassle.

8. Block Infinity Archery Hunting Target

Block Infinity Crossbow 16” Archery Hunting Target often comes in the famous white color. The color makes it visible in the field, no matter its distance from the shooter. Its features are encouraging for its price; it has a great value for money. 

The durability of this hunting target is second to none. It is constructed from a high density of foam material. In addition to this material increasing its durability, it makes it easy to remove the bolt. It also supports its stopping power using its frictional force. 

You can rest assured that it is safe for use whether your broadhead is expandable or fixed. Even if the velocity of your hunting target is 520 fps, you can rest assured that your hunting target got it under control. 

It always comes in two sizes; size 16 and 20. 


  • Perfect for stopping arrows
  • Sturdy internal material
  • Easy to remove crossbows
  • An ideal target for all hunting seasons


  • Item is heavyweight, and this makes it hard to transport it


Block Infinity Crossbow 16” Archery Hunting Target can be your heavy-duty crossbow target. You can gift it to people on their special occasions.

9. BIGSHOT Iron Man Extreme Target

BIGSHOT Iron Man Extreme 500 fps Target is a top-grade hunting target. Its size is 24″. Its major material is iron, as this helps to achieve more durability. Over the years, this target has been consistent in the quality of service it provides to its user. 

It supports the easy removal of crossbows from the target. It is designed to have high compression such that the tunneling effect is perfect at both long and close distances. It is designed to outlast a harsh environment. 

The face of the target is designed to survive many shots. Hence, it is a perfect option for both outdoor and indoor shooting practice. The frame is made of plywood that allows one to fix accessories such as an eyelet.

This crossbow has a dependable power that stops a high-velocity bow even as high as 500 fps. The target life of the hunting target is not questionable as it has 6 sides for shooting. The target is made from a multilayered foam such that the durability and stopping power are encouraging. 

You can easily remove your crossbows from this hunting target, whether it is a compound bow for traditional or youth arrows. It is designed with durable materials as its internal components. This helps to reduce the tunneling effect. 

It is designed to be resistant to water and survive tough weather conditions. It does not matter if your arrow or bolt is coming with high speed from a bow. As a result, the target’s stopping power is the perfect choice for a competition, hunting, or shooting moment. 

The handle is woven such that it outlasts different hunting seasons because UV rays do not affect such a material. It is designed to survive thousands of shots. Its frame is made from sturdy plywood such that it allows high compression. 

You can add accessories using a screw to fix some eyelets to the crossbow target. There is no fear about tipping or sagging the target while you are practicing. 

It has deer vitals at its backside as it allows you to perfect your hunting skills. Its water-resistant body helps to dispel water from the material. It is a perfect fit for all hunting seasons. 


  • Capable of stopping high-speed bows of 500 fps
  • Easy removal of the arrow
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Sturdy plywood to fix an accessory


  • Price is not pocket friendly to many users


BIGSHOT Iron Man Extreme 500 fps Target is a top target choice for many hunting professionals. You cannot be wrong with it.

10. SpyderWeb Crossbow Block Target

SpyderWeb ST 18XL Field Point Crossbow Block Target is people’s choice to solve the pulling issues of arrows. You can rest assured that there are no hassles whenever you want to pull out your arrow. 

The crossbow target is a woven product with a great sense of durability. It is designed to have waterproof features by standing straight and far from moisture. You can save money and time for building or buying a stand for your crossbow. 

This product is advisable if you want to encourage young hunters such that they are motivated to keep practicing. It is compatible with different sizes of arrows. Hence, it is advisable to use such in a competition.

When it penetrates, it can go in for six to eight inches. Also, you do not need to purchase an arrow lube or puller when you have to remove your arrows. It is hard to destroy a product. 


  • Makes removal of crossbow easy
  • The durability of the product is not negotiable
  • Cost-effective as there is no need for an arrow remover


  • Price is expensive for many


SpyderWeb ST 18XL Field Point Crossbow Block Target may be an expensive item, but it delivers quality service to its user.

11. GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target

Glendel Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core is your go-to hunting target. It is made from a foam material and often in a brown color. The weight of the item is 0.5 pounds. 

The product looks like a deer target but in 3D. The size of the product is about 200 pounds. It looks like an Antler but with an overall height of 56”. 

The technology is Polyfusion as it has internal layers that help in easy removal. It is a heavy-duty archery target. You can have over 1000 shots of practice on your 3D deer target. The target takes the exact size of a deer. 

You can remove the head to maneuver the item. You can remove the head of the buck to easily transport the buck from one point to another. Its features are; 

  • Polyfusion Technology (Open Layer) 
  • Labeled insert 

There are different sizes you can go for – 200 pounds, 250 pounds, or higher. The arrows always enter the inner target as you keep practicing. Never stop shooting because perfection comes from consistent shooting. 


  • High technology for easy practice
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to remove the arrow
  • Supports over 1000 shots


  • Price is not pocket friendly for many people
  • Over time, it can crumble


Glendel Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core is a modern technology that appears like a full buck. Your practice sessions seem like a real hunting experience.

Buying Guide 

There are several factors that one needs to consider before purchasing the best crossbow target. These factors are important considerations you should not take for granted. They include; 

Material of the crossbow target

Different crossbow targets are made or padded with different materials. The commonly used materials are nylon, iron, hand-woven materials, or even padded with foam. The truth about the material is that they all have their distinctive features and advantages. 

For example, if you are a fan of art and hunting, it is advisable to go for a hand-woven material because they come lovely and are properly designed to withstand unfavorable conditions. Also, the ones made from iron are designed to help for fast and easy removal of the crossbows. The ones padded with foam also help to easily remove crossbows from their targets. 

The materials determine the crossbow targets if it can survive harsh weather conditions or otherwise. You can consider all of the materials critically and be sure of your choice and the reason you opt for it. 

The color of the crossbow target

The color of your target plays an essential role in your choice of crossbow target. There are different colors one would literally see whenever you want to purchase your crossbow target. Some are brightly colored, while others could be black or come in the camo color. 

Well, there are different purposes that are appropriate for each color of the crossbow target. If you are a beginner and would like to improve your shooting practices, you should begin with brightly colored crossbow targets. The reason is that such targets are obvious either you are far away, or you are in the dark. 

However, as you progress and advance to be a professional, you can go for other colors that may be dull. They will help you to practice better without necessarily seeing the target. It may appear difficult at the start, but it will help you to perfect your hunting skills and become a professional. 

The weight of the crossbow target

The weight of the crossbow should also be considered before you make your next purchase. Since you will have to move your targets to different locations, you need it to be light. It will not be nice if you are tired at the early stages of your practice sessions because you were carrying a heavy crossbow target. 

A lightweight target makes it easy for hunters to easily move their target around. Also, when you change your hunting site, transporting your target to the new site will come with no hassle. 

The price of the crossbow target

Do you know that the price of your crossbow target does not determine the quality of the crossbow target you want to purchase? Hence, you can choose your product wisely and reduce costs. For instance, this content has focused on different products that are pocket-friendly and provide the proper function you would expect from a crossbow target. 

Also, rather than spend money on some target accessories like a stand, you can go for a target that has a handle. The handles are not only to carry the target around but also to fix them to a tree. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently asked questions about products are important as they help to clear doubts and answer questions that could have been bothering one’s mind. Follow this section closely as answers are provided to some notable questions you may have. 

How do I know a good target? 

A good target is not hard to know. You have to be sure of the qualities you desire before going ahead. If you are unsure about the qualities you can expect from a target, you can check the buying guide section to know important features that you can expect from the target. 

Also, you can check the entire content to see the recommended products, read their details, learn from their pros and cons, and always remember the takeaway. If you do this before your next purchase, you cannot be wrong with your choice. 

What type of material is the best for a crossbow target? 

There is no particular type that is best as different people would have different comments about the different types of crossbow targets. The material is important as it determines the durability of the crossbow target. Nonetheless, your way of handling the crossbow target plays a critical role too in how durable the target would be. 

In the buying guide, different materials have been explained. You can check the distinctive features of each material and the benefit they provide. At the end of the day, the best material is what you would have chosen. 

What is the warranty of a crossbow target? 

The warranty of a crossbow target is determined by the brand or product maker. Some products have a warranty while many others do not. Even among products with a warranty, they still have a varying duration for their warranty. You should also know that their warranty could change over time. 

Hence, you should be careful with your choice and not expect that warranty will be of help. Warranty is not dependable. 

Do I need accessories for my crossbow target? 

The answer is straightforward, not really. Not all crossbow targets require accessories. Also, some are not compatible with accessories as they are not designed that way. 

The truth is that most targets are already made to not need accessories. You can always read the details to know what the target looks like and if you would need accessories for it or otherwise. 


Purchasing the best crossbow target should not be a problem anytime you want to get one. Take your practice sessions to the next level by following this buying guide to assist you in your next purchase. You must go for the best in your next purchase.