Every hunter knows the importance of a meat grinder. However, you should know that not all meat grinders are suitable for every purpose.

This article will discuss some of the best meat grinders for hunters in 2022. I discuss their features, benefits, and possible drawbacks, helping you decide the best venison grinder for your purpose.

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The 5 Best Meat Grinders for Hunters in 2022

Weston Realtree No. 8 Edge Heavy Duty

Weston is a reputable name in the business of making electrical equipment, and this meat grinder is no exception to its pedigree. The Weston Realtree No. 8 Edge Heavy Duty Electrical Meat Grinder is an upgrade to the pre-existing meat grinder with an increase in horsepower and grinding capacity.

The Weston Realtree No. 8 Edge Heavy Duty Electrical Meat Grinder has a 650-watt motor, which provides an incredible grinding capacity of about 2 to 3 lbs of meat per minute.

The grinder also comes with three grinding plates, one sausage stuffing kit, and a grinding knife.

The grinding machine offers some controls that allow for easy usage, including speed levels and grind levels.


  • The meat grinder is powerful, allowing for fast and efficient meat processing
  • It is easy to use
  • Allows you to control speed and grind levels


  • It is a bit difficult to wash the grinder with a dishwasher


The Weston Realtree No. 8 Edge Heavy Duty Electrical Meat Grinder is an efficient meat grinder for hunters. It does what you need it to, grinding and processing your meat without hiccups.

Sunmile SMG31 Electric Meat Grinder

The Sunmile SMG31 Electric Meat Grinder is another top-rated meat grinder that hunters can get. This grinder features an 800-watt motor. While this is not the most powerful grinding motor around, it sure can grind most meat easily, as the motor allows you to grind up to 150 lbs of meat at the same time.

When you buy this grinder, you get three stainless steel grinding plates, three sausage arrangements, stainless cutting blades, and a plastic pusher. All of these components of the meat grinder allow you to prepare meat for home and cafés.

The Sunmile SMG31 Electric Meat Grinder is also easy to use. And if you are new to the use of meat grinders, you won’t have any issues with this grinder.

Should you need to move the Sunmile SMG31 Electric Meat Grinder around, you will not find it difficult. This is because it weighs about 8 lbs. This meat grinder combines light weight and portability.


  • The grinder combines aluminum and stainless steel, thus ensuring durability
  • Also useful for home and café use with three sausage tubes


  • It is not easy to wash the meat grinder with a dishwasher
  • Some cleaning agents discolor the body of the meat grinder


While it is not the most powerful meat grinder around, there is no doubt about its efficiency in grinding meat. It is also easy to assemble and detach, although washing with a dishwasher might be a problem.

Rovsun Electric Meat Grinder

If you are in the market for a non-clogging meat grinder, this is the perfect option for you.

The Rovsun Electric Meat Grinder motor couples 1.2 horsepower with 800 watts to allow for a grinding capacity that accommodates 2.2 lbs. of meat per minute. As such, you have a strong meat grinder in your hands with the Rovsun Electric Meat Grinder.

Also, there is a safety feature on the Rovsun Electric Meat Grinder with its built-in circuit breaker. This feature eliminates the chances of overheating and short-circuiting.

What’s more, you get a proper stuffing plate, alongside the cutting blades and grinding plates that come with a meat grinder.

The metal grinder uses a stainless steel construction; thus, you can expect it to be durable. You will also find a strong, heavy-duty handle that allows for easy and efficient usage.


  • The meat grinder lasts long, thanks to its stainless steel construction
  • It operates quietly despite its powerful motor


  • It comes with plastic stuffing plates, which don’t last long
  • It is not dishwasher-friendly


The Rovsun Electric Meat Grinder provides you with a powerful meat grinding experience. Although it weighs a bit much, its heavy-duty handle makes up a little for the weight.

Kitchener Elite Meat and Sausage Grinder

This is another powerful and efficient meat grinder for hunters. The Kitchener Elite Meat and Sausage Grinder comes with a .5-horsepower, 370-watt motor. The grinder has the capacity to process about four pounds of meat per minute.

The Kitchener Elite Meat and Sausage Grinder also allows for easy usage and control with its speed level control. The speed levels include forward grind, reverse mode, and sausage stuff. These levels allow you to grind and process meat for many purposes.

The Kitchener Elite Meat and Sausage Grinder is durable as it uses aluminum for most of its body parts. Also, there is a circuit breaker in the meat grinder, designed to protect it from overheating. This feature also makes the meat grinder safer for use.                             


  • The grinder is durable
  • Uses speed control and circuit breaker to ensure safety during use
  • Aluminum material is anti-rust and anti-corrosion


  • Doesn’t grind bones
  • Cannot be washed with a dishwasher


The Kitchener Elite Meat and Sausage Grinder is one of the best meat grinders for hunters. It possesses features that allow you to grind and process meat efficiently.

LEM Product No. 8 Stainless Steel

This is a quality meat grinder from LEM Products. Now, this grinder is not as powerful as its counterpart reviewed above. The LEM Products 8 Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder is more suited for less complicated grinding activities.

It has a .50HP motor, which means that the grinder is powerful enough to handle tough meat. Also, the motor’s operation is quiet, and this is one of the features I enjoyed about this grinder.

The meat grinder uses a modernized steel finish, which attests to its durability. You also get extra components such as trays and an auger when you buy the LEM Products 8 Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder.

The grinder’s head has a riffling pattern that safeguards your hands while pushing in meat during grinding.


  • The meat grinder is quiet and easy to use
  • It is also safe to use
  • It uses a modernized steel construction, meaning it is durable


  • It is a bit heavy, measuring 26 pounds
  • You may face issues when cleaning it with a dishwasher


With its .50HP motor, the LEM Products 8 Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder is ideal for small meat grinding. It is also safe to use, and what’s more, it is noiseless, making it safe for use in households. However, the meat grinder is heavy, and this is bad, given that its grinding capacity is limited.

Buying guide to Best Meat Grinder for Hunters

It is not enough to know the best meat grinders for hunters. Without looking at the factors to keep in mind when purchasing, it will be difficult to determine the most appropriate hunting meat grinder for you amidst the reviewed products. Thus, the purpose of this section is to discuss some of the essential features to consider when buying a meat grinder.


What the motor does is power the meat grinder. Thus, a meat grinder’s capacity is directly proportional to the capacity of the grinder’s motor.

Thus, you must understand your requirements and needs before buying a good meat grinder for deer. A meat grinder with a powerful motor is ideal for hunters’ use, while the low-power meat grinder is more suitable for kitchen use.


The size of a meat grinder also matters. If you intend to use your meat grinder at home, you may want to go for a small-sized grinder. These grinders usually do not weigh much and are very portable.

On the other hand, if you have a shop for meat processing, you can go to the large grinders. They are usually stronger and heavier and more suitable for shop/factory use.

Construction Material

Generally, meat grinders are made from two primary materials: steel and stainless steel. While steel is cheap, it is more liable to rust. Thus, a meat grinder made with steel does not last long.

On the other hand, meat grinders made from stainless steel are durable and last longer. This is because the material is rust-resistant. Therefore, it makes sense to go for a stainless steel meat grinder.

Ensure that the extra components that come with the meat grinder are also made with stainless steel.

Power Efficiency

This factor is important if you intend to use your meat grinder at home. A power-efficient appliance allows you to plug in other appliances when using it. So if you want to use the meat grinder at home, ensure that it is power efficient. This way, you will be able to use other appliances without damaging them while grinding your meat.

Ease of Operation

You won’t find a general rule about this factor. For some people, a meat grinder that allows you to control speed is easy to use. Others find it easier to use a meat grinder with an uncomplicated switch. Either way, you should go for a meat grinder that you find easy to use without any confusion.


With powerful motors comes overheating. A suitable meat grinder should have enough safety features to prevent overheating and other possible electrical hazards. Two popular examples are a circuit breaker and a cooling system.


This is another critical consideration. As a rule of thumb, understand your needs and prepare a budget before buying a meat grinder. This will help you make the right purchase without breaking the bank.

Another misconception you should do away with is the notion that an expensive meat grinder is the best. This is not always the case. Thus, check the meat grinder features and ensure that it has all the requirements that you need.  

FAQ about Best Meat Grinders

Which Type of Grinder Should I Get?

You will come across two types of the meat grinder, namely manual and electric grinders. All of the grinders reviewed in this article are electric. An electric meat grinder handles more meat in less time. Thus, as a hunter, you should go for an electric meat grinder.

How Often Should I Wash the Grinder?

You should wash the grinder and its grinding parts after every use. Failure to do so may make the grinder a breeding place for bacteria and other contaminants.

How Long Does A Meat Grinder Last?

If made from high-quality materials, the meat grinder should last for several years before you need to replace it.


The reviewed products are the best meat grinders for hunters in 2022. It would help if you also considered the factors listed in the buying guide when buying a new meat grinder. You will be able to select the best and most suitable meat grinder with the information provided in this review.