You would agree that there are barely any gun safes that are less than $300.

Sure about that?

Several reliable gun safes are within that range with excellent quality. In this post are the best gun safe under 300 of 2022.

Here are some of the options available:

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Top 9 Best Gun Safes under $300 of 2022

Barska AX12880 Wall Safe

If you search for a reliable biometric gun safe, then the Barska AX12880 is a suitable choice. It can save up to 120 fingerprints at the same time in the biometric module. The Barska is a gun safe that is easily programmable by the users.

Is that all?

The safe’s interiors come with a removable shelf that you can work on to your specific design. If you have any special storage need aside from the guns, this feature will help.

The locking compartment is designed to work in even the lowest lighting situations. It has LED lighting that comes on whenever the safe is open or touched. This makes it touch-sensitive gun safe.

The safe comes with two deadbolts that keep it safe during a home invasion or unauthorized access. The deadbolts, just like the frame of the safe, is made of heavy-duty steel components that can withstand drilling and tampering.

What else happens?

Once the safe has been successfully unlocked, the door opens from right to left. To keep it safe from thieves, it must be held in the right place for it to open even when unlocked. However, once done correctly, it gives immediate access to the contents of the safe.

The Barska comes with a removable tray, which you already work to adjust the storage settings. It can also be removed and applied as a typical home accessory. As a user, it can function as a tray.


  • Comes two strong deadbolts
  • Can store up to 120 fingerprints
  • Has a removable tray unit
  • They are designed with an LED light


  • Walls can be broken
  • Inconsistent fingerprint


Check out other products like this one in this article about the best gun safes that are under 500. They should give the same features, but you can choose them when you have a little more flexibility in your budget.

Best Choice Products Steel Safe

Offering users maximum security, the Best Choice Products Steel Safe is a reliable product. It comes with reliable locking mechanisms that cannot be easily breached or accessed by unauthorized persons.

With the help of a digital keypad, this safe allows you to select whatever passcode would be used in accessing the safe. This is done as a method of both locking and unlocking the safe whenever it is in use.

How does this help?

You can confidently store up your firearms and ammunition in this safe without risking anything. It can also house your valuables such as documents, passports, pieces of jewelry, cash, and anything you have cause to hide.

The safe interiors are also well cushioned to ensure there are scratches or damage done to the things stored. It is a very spacious gun safe that can house up to five rifles at a time and other things.

What does this give you?

This gun safe saves you the cost of buying a new gun safe whenever you buy a new gun as it has space for more.

The Best Choice Products Steel safe is a durable product that is made of rigid steel components. It also has a few sleeve anchors that are attached to it. With this, you can conveniently install the wall safe on to your wall or floor without going through more stress.

It comes with a sleek and slim design that can be stored up in small areas in your closet without sticking out.


  • Comes with a compact design
  • Can hold up to five rifles
  • Has sleeve anchors for installation
  • They are designed to be durable


  • The reset button is unreliable
  • Doesn’t hold for long


There are several gun safes, and they all have their unique features, just like the Best Choice steel safe. But, there are a few other options you could try out in this linked article.

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

With this gun safe, you are assured of one of the best quality as Fort Knox has built a reputation to produce such. The Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe is made with reliable components that can withstand tampering and any attacks by burglars.

It is also a medium-sized safe as it can hold as many as two handguns at a time, pistols, or revolvers. This saves you the cost of purchasing a replacement gun safe when you have a new gun in your collection.

This is one gun safe that comes with a pistol sock and a level of padding. It helps in keeping stable guns while inside the safe. This feature comes in handy when you feel the need to take the gun safe to another location.

It makes a list of the best gun safe under 300 of 2022 due to its remarkable properties. The safe is made of a ten gauge steel component, weighs 23 lbs, and is less than 300.

That’s not all:

With this gun safe, you can have smooth and fast access when you need to take out your guns. It uses patterns when opening, and all you require is to select a pattern that you want, and then the safe is set. To also aid this feature is the gas strut. It helps make the possibility of accessing the safe, more secure, and comfortable.

When it comes to installing the gun safe, it can be placed in your cabinet or attached to the wall. All you require is to choose the place that is most convenient for you.


  • They are designed to be sturdy
  • Offers easy access to your guns
  • Doesn’t require the use of batteries
  • Has enough storage spaces


  • Heavy to lift about


This is a big gun safe and can accommodate a lot of things.

SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe

As a fingerprint enabled gun safe, the Sentrysafe offers enough storage for more than one gun at a time. The insides are spacious enough to hold at least two standard handguns, extra ammunition, and one large pistol. This makes it one of the gun safes on the market.

In this gun safe is a gun strut that allows for easy access. It helps you quietly and smoothly get to the contains of the safe with just one hand. This makes it a suitable gun safe that can be installed by the bedside or the office area.

The construction of this safe is standard high-quality steel. This makes the door of the safe resistant to prying and gives it more strength against forced entry.

The gun safe has a digital lock that helps keep your guns and valuables safe at all times. You can set the authorized fingerprints to your own. To open the safe, you just have to swipe the fingers across simply.

How do you get here?

To support the biometric scanner is a digital keypad. Setting a combination that you can remember can serve as a means of unlocking the safe.

It also comes with an override key if there is a problem accessing it with the digital lock.

The Sentrysafe makes use of alkaline batteries that powers the digital lock. They can last for as long as eight to ten years while in use. They are not like rechargeable or generic battery that does not have a reliable life span.


  • Offers quick access
  • It is made of high-quality steel
  • Comes with a soft interior lining
  • They are designed with improved strength


  • Rejects wet fingerprint


This is considerably a heavy-duty gun safe that anyone can purchase, especially with the price.

Liberty HDX-250 Smart Safe

With the Liberty HDX smart safe, you can access your guns and other valuables in a matter of seconds. This becomes evident when you apply the biometric swipe feature. It is enabled by a battery with nine volts of power.

Once you have saved your fingerprints on the biometric scanner, you can swipe to open the safe. As a result of the fifth-generation technology used in the design, it offers a reduced failure level.

However, the moment the safe has been successfully unlocked after swiping, the doors open by themselves. This automated feature takes out a few minutes of access that may be required when you have to open the doors by yourself.

This is a heavy-duty gun safe as it is made with a 14-gauge steel door built to withstand attacks from home invaders or thieves. This is also a top safe as the latch system is reinforced to stop any prying.

Here’s the deal:

There is a blue LED light inside the safe that lights up once the safe is activated or unlocked. Since safes are best kept in hidden corners to avoid attention, then there is a possibility that the place may be dark or not adequately lighted. This makes it easy for users, even when the place is not properly lighted.

It comes predrilled to save you the cost of getting an installation kit or making any sort of modification on the safe. It as has mounting bolts that would fit into the predrilled holes.


  • It has a blue LED light
  • Fingerprint responds a lot faster
  • Comes with a reinforced latching
  • Has four installation holes


  • Fails to read fingerprint sometimes


With the Liberty HDX gun safe, you are assured of a highly secured place to store your things.

Diversion Safe With Hidden Compartment

The Diversion stage is not just a safe that hides away your gun from unwanted access; it can also keep all your valuables hidden. The design of this safe makes it able to hide in an unsuspecting manner. It looks like a regular air ventilator on the initial look, but it is safe.

This safe can go into your wall and fits directly with the room’s décor as it isn’t like the traditional gun safe. It can be installed in either your home, office or anywhere that has a wall.

What about security?

When it comes to security, the Diversion safe doesn’t fall short either. It makes use of magnetic card technology to gain access. This eradicates the need for a magnetic lock that could be broken during an invasion.

How much can it hold?

The Diversion gun safe has safe enough to hold more than one handgun at a time. It can also contain valuables like cash, gold, or jewelry. This is a reliable, safe deposit that doesn’t have to stay in the banks.

The magnetic card technology is powered by batteries that can last as long as 20,000 cycles in use. There is also a notification green light that is built into the safe’s design.


  • Uses a magnetic card
  • Offers full concealability
  • They are stylishly designed
  • Has enough space for other valuables


  • Not made fireproof
  • Not as many options as others


For more on another kind of gun safety that is as efficient as this one that is not on this review. You can check them out here.

GunVault MiniVault Gun Safe

The GunVault Minivault is an outstanding gun safe that comes with direct and quick access to the contents. It promises users at least twenty percent more speed to open the safe. The safe is designed as a drawer, and it automatically pulls out once the safe is opened. It works by the safe, triggering the drawer to come out immediately.

In this safe is a foam that serves as a pad from the contents. This protects the contents of the safe from getting scratched or damaged when being moved. The foam can also help keep the temperature cool and convenient.

How does it handle darkness?

Even in the darkest of places, you can still unlock the safe without needing a secondary source of illumination. When unlocking the safe, the ergonomic push activated buttons are self-illuminated and let you see what you are inputting.

Suppose you want to know the main contents of the safe. In the safe is a red-colored LED light that illuminates the safe’s main contents while it is unlocked. With this, users have covered no matter the lighting in the location at the moment.

Is it durable?

For durability’s sake, the safe is made of high-quality steel components. This serves as a form of protection from tampering during a home invasion or if you have kids around.

Having been certified by the reliable California Department of Justice, the safe is reliable for your guns and valuables. Users can also decide to make use of the notifications designed into the gun safe. The sounds serve as a notification for a low battery, or when it unlocks, and more.


  • Activatable notification sounds
  • It has illuminated ergonomic keypads
  • Protected from tampering
  • Uses an auto-open drawer


  • It may need to be pried open sometimes


As a highly durable safe, this doesn’t fail at providing all the security solutions needed. For more products like this, then try this review on the best safes under 1500.

Golval ES25 Security Box

With the Golval ES25, you are getting a heavy duty and stable gun safe. It is made of high-grade steel materials that can hold a great deal. The safe weighs an averagely of 24 lbs. This makes it simple to take about and also reliable when installed or placed down.

The Golval is a new generation biometric safe that scans through fingerprints before it can be unlocked.

How does this work?

The owner sets the authorized fingerprints are the only ones that can open the safe. The safe allows you to save as many as thirty fingerprints at the same time.

Aside from the biometric scanner that you can use in accessing this safe, it has an electronic panel. This comes with a keypad that allows for password access without the fingerprint. The password can be from 3 words long to eight words long.

It can also keep other valuables like your pieces of jewelry, legal documents, cash, passports, and more. This is done while leaving ample space for your gun to stay.

The Golval safe comes with a detachable area that can be removed to give more space. This helps use the safe for a different storage need than the traditional design.

With regards to installation, the gun safe has pre-installed mounting holes. This can go into the wall or on the floor. You don’t need to hire a professional or make any modifications before you can use the safe.

What happens during an emergency?

For emergency cases, the safe can easily be overridden with the manual keys. In case one of the keys gets missing, there is a spare one that can always come in handy. It also makes it the best lightweight gun safe.


  • Has a removable storage unit
  • Comes with pre-installed mounting holes
  • Offers password access
  • Considerably lightweight


  • No tangible review available


This is one gun safe that doesn’t come with problems when moving. It takes out the idea of researching on how to move a gun safe.

AmazonBasics Security Safe Box

The Amazon Basics Steel is one of the best budget gun safe that comes with a carpeted floor and steel frame construction. This makes it resistant to prying and a remarkable durability level that saves you the cost of continually replacing the safe.                                                                                                                                                       

The carpeted floor mat that comes with this design gives users an increased layer of protective covering. This ensures that apart from your guns, the jewelry and other things are protected from scratches and damage. It also keeps moisture from getting to the things put in the safe without necessarily needing a silicon sachet.

The gun safe also comes with digital access that you can reprogram at any time, as well as two manual keys that help to override. Digital access is characterized by an electric lock that you would find easy to use as well as set up. Once you have purchased a total of four AA batteries, then you can set up a password for the safe.

Can it be manually overridden?

It comes with two manual override keys that become useful when there is an emergency. In case you have lost the password, or it stops working, or batteries run out, the keys can let you into the safe.

Also, to give a safe and aesthetically pleasing outlook, it is panted with a black finish. This finish also protects the steel from any liquid that may initiate any sort of corrosion. It comes with all the mounting hardware that may be needed, which saves you a lot of time while installing.


  • Comes with an electric lock
  • It has a carpeted floor included
  • The package includes all mounting hardware
  • Made of high-quality steel


  • Easily crackable
  • No protection from fire or water


The AmazonBasics is an outstanding product that occupies the final spot in this review. However, it is still one of the best gun safes, and you can check more on this in this review.

What Factors to Look at When Buying a Gun Safe?

Checking out the different gun safes that are available on the market, then all offer different things. Also, just with the right information, can you single out the one that functions well. So, when you need to pick a safe for your valuables and guns, you need to understand certain things.

In this section are some of the factors that should be checked out before buying a gun safe. Check them out below:

Look out for security

The rationale behind getting a gun safe is security, and it should be a secure place where your guns can be stored. Whatever safe that you are purchase should be resistant and anti-pry to drilling or tampering.

Why should you look out for this?

When a gun safe doesn’t have any sort of protection for your guns, anyone can easily get the guns without your permission. This could lead to several issues as you can quickly lose track of what you have stored as well as your guns.

So, when choosing a gun safe, check if it has pry-free hinges or durable components. Also, watch out for the way it locks and then determine the kind of entry required to reach into the safe. This could be keypads, biometric scanners, or manual keys, and some even use a magnet.

What more?

You could try out designs that can smoothly function in the building chosen. Just like in the Diversion gun safe, it should be concealable. It would be helpful if you go for how easily they can be hidden to avoid unwarranted access.

It is speculated that out rightly too attractive gun safe could cause people to be curious. This may get them trying to tamper with the design, and you can prevent this by going for something more modern. This review has a few options as such.

Check for mounting properties

Installing this can be a big deal if you purchase a problematic gun safe. Challenging installation procedures would need several modification procedures and a professional. This may require time separate from the cost of purchasing the actual safe and specific amounts of money.

Certain things should come with a gun safe that offers ease of installation. For a start, it should come pre-drilled with holes for installation as well as the necessary mounting hardware. This consists of all the bolts and nuts and all used to fix it down in your chosen location.

That’s not all:

Check for speed used in the installation process. This concerns all the information pertaining if the gun safe comes preset for instant installation. Also, check out how easy it is to install the safe as it is equally important. This has to do with all the different places you can install or bolt the gun safely in your home. With this, you pick the location to place the safe in a wall during mounting.

Consider the space and size

This is something that has to be checked out before making a choice of a gun safe. The gun safe’s space and holding size can help decide if it is fit for your particular use.

What then should be done?

Something crucial you have a large rifle that your gun safe has enough space to hold in the contents. Something as big as the Best Choice Steel safe would be able to contain as many as five rifles along with other things.

What if it’s something smaller?

With the Sentry Safe and Fort Knox, you can save your handguns securely. They are one of the smallest safes on the list as they can contain just two handguns at a time.

So, when choosing a gun safe that works, go for one that functions for the particular purpose for which it has been bought. This would prevent you from purchasing a safe that is all over the place or less than you need.

Go for Lightweight

Having a lightweight gun safe does its good as much as those that weigh overly too much. However, a lightweight gun safe offers you a level of mobility that is desirable for your valuables. It is most likely that you would want to move your gun safe by yourself, ensuring that moving comes easy.

This would ensure that your arms don’t hurt while you are moving them. Moving a heavy safe is not a desirable experience as it could lead to so many things. They take more of your time that could be spent achieving other things and, even more so, your strength.

When does this happen?

In cases where you may require professional movers, the gun safe would have to cost you money. This money would be paid to the professional movers for their service. However, you can still avoid that by checking out this review that shows how to move a heavy gun safe. It would help in getting the work easily done.

In this review are some of the best light weighing available gun safes. So, check out the list and pick out one that most suitable for your current use Note, this doesn’t apply to all the gun safes, and heavy gun safes also have their advantages.

Go for something affordable

This is an essential driving force of you buying a gun safe as it helps you make the right choice. Before you begin with a particular product, ensure that it is within your budget limit. Nevertheless, considering this post, you can get some that are prized low and yet offer a remarkable level of security.

So, looking for an affordable gun safe?

There are some gun safes that you would find that are currently under $500, while in this review are less than $300 as well. From the different lists they offer, you can pick out the most suitable for your current budget.

What about their quality?

You must note that because the gun safes are within a low budget, it doesn’t make them uncertain. Some of the gun safes that have been detailed in the reviews have been made with heavy-duty components and are equally resistant to any sort of tampering.

Therefore, getting a gun safe within the budget is not a bad thing to do when you have adequate information. That is what this review offers you as a user of gun safes. So, just look out for all the various gun safes conveniently placed at the right price. The right price here means it is low budget and still very functional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section are some of the frequently asked questions about the purchase of the right gun safe.

What is the best safe on this list?

Typically, the best gun safe cannot be determined easily as it relies on several features, and some are in the previous section. However, this review is based on the most affordable but reliable gun safes to pick the best-rated one here.

According to this list, looking at the best-rated gun safe would lead to the list’s first product. This product is the Barska AX12880 gun, and it offers a lot of enticing features. Still, the most affordable gun safe on this list is the AmazonsBasics safe, as it cost less than a hundred dollars. Note, this is based on the time of this review.

How does the magnetic card work?

The magnetic card is just as you would find with other locking mechanisms that you may find on this list. It is a means of access into the safe with the help of swiping an access card synchronized with the safe. An example of the gun safe that uses it is the Diversion safe highlighted earlier in this review.

This doesn’t make the safe less secure. Instead, it is just another gun safe locking mechanism like the fingerprints. However, there are a few second thoughts about the magnetic because it can easily be lost or stolen and then used in accessing the safe without your consent. But with the right protocol and the card out of reach, then the safe is secured.

For more on this:


Understanding the various available gun safes that are affordable makes it easier to pick out the best. You are now fully aware of all they have to offer, and then you can choose to go forward with the purchase. In this review, the best gun safes under 300 of 2022 have been well explained to keep you informed.