As you advance in the different stages of hunting, you would agree that one may need to be on top of a tree to hunt accurately. However, you cannot be on any kind of tree to hunt – you may need to climb tall trees and need reliable aid to do this. Hence, this content gives details about the best tree stand review.

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The Top 9 Best Tree Stands Reviewed 

The following recommendations are the top options that you can use for your next hunting adventure. Follow closely. 

1. BIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand

Big Game Hunter HD 1.5 Tree stand is not one of the lightest hang on tree stand. It is an adjustable tree stand that is safe, convenient, quick, reliable, and effective. You can hunt your favorite animals using this tree stand. 

Once you have properly fixed the product to the tree, you stand no risk of falling even when everywhere is dark. All you need to do is to ensure that the tree once with this type of item, and you would be glad you use the tree strap. It is a must-have type of product to be on top of the tree and have a proper view of your hunting site.  

In addition to the effectiveness of the belt, it is fast, safe, quiet, unlike other types of straps with their harness. In addition, the straps are properly designed such that they do not slip easily like other types of straps. The belt can be used to climb sticks as it keeps the hand safe while in use. 

There are hanging steps or stands for convenient climbing. More so, you can adjust the length of the stand such that you can have your shot from any point. You would enjoy every hunting moment with this product. 

Practice safe hunting by adjusting the shooting rail. Ensure you tighten the rope such that it cannot slip when knotted. This is the best way to attach your item to the tree. 

The item has an oval tubing ladder which is a 4 single-rail. Its different body part is removable, which makes it appropriate for different people to use. It comes with shooting rails which makes the hunter able to achieve a perfect shot by flipping up.  

While climbing the tree with the product, you can lengthen or shorten the length of the stand. It is like an advanced system which you can also operate with one hand. Hence, it would also fit perfectly around trees that have large sizes. 

The material of the item is steel. The weight of the item is 61 pounds. You would be glad you opted for this. 


  • Proper design for easy hunting
  • High-quality material that supports convenience
  • Reliable, affordable, and durable


  • The straps need to be stronger


Big Game Hunter HD 1.5 Tree stand is always a top option if you are a hunter who fancies hunting from the top of a tree.

2. Primal Vulcan Climbing Tree Stand

Primal Tree Stands Vulcan Climbing Tree Stand is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to hunt from a great height. It provides convenience while shooting with its roomy platform, padded armrests, and luxurious seat. Its seat is tri-fold, and the straps can be locked too for climbing purposes. 

The weight of the item is about 37 pounds, but it does its job. It is easy to assemble also as you would see images of the same. It comes with a harness system with solid screws for the bolt at the back. 

Depending on what you want, the product can fit into several sizes of trees. You can choose to want the teeth of the item to completely engage the tree. As such, you may be targeting trees that are about 24 in their diameter. However, if you want something different, you can go trees as wide as 18. 

It may be heavy, but it is built nicely. You would love the item. 


  • Affordable yet durable and reliable
  • Convenience during tree climbing or shooting
  • Quality material


  • The weight of the item is heavy and could be discouraging


Primal Tree Stands Vulcan Climbing Tree Stand is the ideal choice for you if you fancy comfort while hunting.

3. Bolderton Deluxe Hang-On Tree Stand

Bolderton Deluxe Hang-on Tree Stand is designed for stealthy and comfortable hunting. You can upgrade your next hunting adventure to a relaxing one using flexible seating and waiting for animals in the field. It is the perfect option for deer or buck hunting. 

You would be surprised that it is simple to install and designed to provide maximum comfort even if you sit on it for a long time. It comes with some padded armrests and a detachable lumbar backrest for optimum support. The platform is strong as it provides great traction to the foot. 

Do you want durability? This option is highly durable and can survive several hunting seasons. It is made from materials that make it withstand corrosion and outlast many other hunting items. You can adjust the equipment (foot and seta) using the bolts to attain the perfect fit. 

The perfect fit helps to maximize performance. You can remain unnoticed in the field because of its nylon washers. Also, there are hardly any cases of noisy metal contact as a result of the nylon washers. The package features the following;

  1. Reflex seat (flip-back) to enjoy maximum convenience 
  2. Backrest for lumbar support (detachable) for extra support 
  3. Foot platform (Power Grid) for strength, safer and better traction, and noiseless hunt
  4. Silent technology to remove noisy metal contact
  5. Foot and seat are adjustable 
  6. Padded armrests 
  7. Construction is made of steel 

The weight of the item is light such that you can easily transport it to various hunting locations. Its weight is 25 pounds. 


  • Ensures maximum support, convenience, and comfort
  • Lightweight and can be easily transported
  • Durable and made of high quality
  • Silent technology to remove possible noise


  • It might be hard to install for a first-timer


Bolderton Deluxe Hang-on Tree Stand is the best hang on tree stand. You would be glad to have one in your possession.

4. Summit Treestands Steel Viper SD

Summit Tree Stands Summit Viper Steel Climber comes with all the advantages of an aluminum viper climber. You would be surprised that the product has a great cable retention system. However, it is a noiseless product like aluminum Vipers. 

It has a steel frame that can bear a weight that is over 300 pounds. Also, it features proper design to ensure safety, either as a standup or sit-down choice. The cable retention system makes it easy to fasten the climber to the tree. 

It comes with a powder coat that helps to conceal and protect rusting. The seat is thicker as it reduces fatigue even if you stay up long during hunting. In addition, you can adjust the height of the seat to a more comfortable position. 

The weight of the item is 29 pounds. Its price is pocket-friendly for the effort it completes. The item is available in several colors. Its great sturdiness and value for money are encouraging. If you cherish comfort, you should opt for it.


  • Lightweight but can carry heavyweight
  • Affordable and available in several colors
  • Can withstand and conceal corrosion
  • Ensure maximum comfort and convenient


  • Straps need to be stronger


Summit Tree Stands Summit Viper Steel Climber is, without doubt, the lightest hang on tree stand that can carry a heavyweight that is up to 300 pounds. It is a good purchase.

5. X-Stand Single-Person Tree Stand

X-Stand Tree stands The Duke 20 Single-Person Ladder stand or Hunting Stand employs the safest technology one can expect in hunting. The ladders of X-Stand are not only light, but they are great innovations that you can bank on to climb or hang on the tree. 

This product is designed with seat contours such that it provides the body with optimum comfort. Also, the footrest comes with the stand. The stand has a cup holder, an accessory hook, and a full-body harness as its accessories. It is coated with a powder to prevent corrosion and remove noise pollution from it. 

The product has a single-leg stand that makes hunting easy, safe, and secure. It is made from a nylon washer-designed stealth silencer to remove possible metal contact. Both seat and footrest are flip-ups. Hence, its durability, silencing, strength, or traction are without question. 

Its seat is resistant to rain or other unfavorable weather conditions. You can fold the leg such that it is easier to carry (you can use the back-straps too for easy transportation from the vehicle to the hunting field). 

There is a safety system that makes you able to lock the stand while on the top of the tree. Hence, you can remove the twisting and swaying that may be related to setting up the ladder stand. Its steel jaws can be used to lock and tighten the strap to the tree. 

Finally, there is a space to hold a drink and other accessory hooks. 


  • Good value for money
  • Great level of sturdiness
  • Maximum comfort and easy to transport
  • Easy to assemble and install


  • It might be hard to install for a novice


X-Stand Tree stands The Duke 20 Single-Person Ladder stand or Hunting Stand often comes in black color as it takes convenient hunting to another level.

6. Summit Treestands Viper Mini-SD

Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand is a noiseless technology. This product is made with enough foam to provide comfort to its users. It is a great innovation if you want to mount a tree. 

If you want to mount a tree, the processes are direct and straightforward. All you have to do is to ensure that the cables fit into the bracket. You can then adjust the cable to be in the tree diameter. After this is done, pull the lug (chosen) of the cable in a backward direction till the trigger allows it to lock. The attachment requires no noise, and hence, there is no need to use knobs, pins, bolts, and nuts. 

This choice can be easily transported as they will fit into several boots. The item will allow you to easily climb any tree without much ado. 

Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand is made with top-grade aluminum. This material helps to ensure maximum rigidity and strength. The joints are locked together in a place. In the end, the resulting product is a quiet, concealed, secure, and safe stand. 

The complete package comes as;

  1. RapidClimb Stirrups 
  2. Quickdraw Cable System
  3. Full Body Harness 
  4. Bungee Backpack Straps 

It weighs about 18 pounds as it is the perfect stand for a little hunter. It can carry up to 300 pounds. 


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Great level of sturdiness
  • No noise
  • High level of rigidity and strength


  • Price is on the high side


Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand is a great recommendation you can purchase for your hunting purpose anytime you are ready to use it.

7. Summit Treestands Viper SD

Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand is similar to the product above it but with slight differences. They are both from the same brand, and as such, they have many similarities. Nonetheless, there are their distinguishing features too. 

Speaking of its similarities, this product always offers comfort. It offers a high level of sturdiness as it is strong and made from good aluminum material. Also, it is lightweight and can be easily transported from one location to the next one. 

Nonetheless, the weight is higher as this is 20 pounds. The color is Mossy oak. 


  • Lightweight and can be easily transported
  • Strong, durable, and reliable
  • Provides maximum convenience
  • Good value for money as it is easy to assemble


  • Price is not pocket friendly


Save the price of the product; Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand is a great item you would want to add to your collection as its efficiency is optimum.

8. X-Stand Treestands Two Man Ladderstand

X-stand Tree Stands; The Comrade X 18 Two Man Ladder Stand is a light innovation yet proper for climbing a tree. There are different products under this segment. They include;

  1. Talon X 21’2 Man Ladder Stand 
  2. Comrade X 18’ 2-Man Ladder Stand 
  3. Jayhawk X 18’ 2-Man Ladder Stand 
  4. Jayhawk 20’ 2-Man Ladder Stand 

You can easily enjoy hunting with any of the above items. In addition to its level of safety, they also ensure maximum security while on them. It has a v shape which gives it a perfect sitting configuration. This takes the hunting experience to another level. Two hunters can conveniently sit on the mesh seats such that they both have varying hunting views. 

Also, there is a console at the middle, which allows each hunter to quickly access their hunting accessories or other equipment. The shooting rails are independent and much adjustable too. So, the hunters can flip back when they want to. 

The armrests and shooting rail are covered with camo and padded such that there is comfort and silence. It also has stealth silencers, a weather defender powder coat, and helix tubing. 

The weight of the item is 132 pounds as it often comes in the famous black color. The material is made from nylon, and the stand is perfect for hunting. 


  • Durable and sturdy
  • No noise
  • Provides maximum comfort for two people
  • Does not corrode easily


  • It is heavy and hard to transport to another place


X-stand Tree stands The Comrade X 18 Two Man Ladder stand is the ideal choice for two hunters such that they can both be hunting side by side.

9. Bolderton 2 Man Ladder Tree Stand

Bolderton 18” 2 Man Ladder Tree Stand with Grizzly Grip Safety System may not be one of the most affordable bow hunting stands, but it comes with much quality. The item is a product of Bolderton, which makes it offer standard performance to users. Also, the consistency of the product is encouraging as it has been a top choice for many people that are familiar with hunting tools. 

Well, in addition to the price, the weight of the item means it is not a portable tree stand as the weight is 125.7 pounds. The Bolderton product can conveniently accommodate 2 people as you and your other hunting companion can enjoy tangible hunting space. 

The tree stand comes with reflex mesh seats. The advantage of these types of seats is that they make the tree stand have less maximum comfort as if you were sitting on a padded seat. Similarly, the seat is durable and does not go flat. 

The material for the product is steel which is coated with powder. The powder helps to preserve its life and withstand corrosion. You can also adjust the flip-out footrest and shooting rail to the best option that works best for the hunter. 

Another encouraging fact about this type of product is the grip safety system and reliable power grid foot platform. You would just want to possess this highly demanded product. 


  • Great comfort while using
  • Can accommodate two hunters
  • Resistance to corrosion and harsh weather situations
  • Standard performance of an item


  • Heavy weight
  • Not portable
  • Price is not pocket friendly


Bolderton 18” 2 Man Ladder Tree Stand with Grizzly Grip Safety System is a reliable heavy-duty tree stand. If you can afford it, it is always a great option to explore.

Buying Guide

You would agree that there are so many products in the market these days and that makes it hard to be able to get quality products. However, here are some important qualities you should look out for as you want to purchase the best tree stand.

1. The durability of the product

The durability of the stand is important as it plays a critical role in how often one would change or get another one. There is no point getting different options of the stand this hunting season and getting another one the following season – that would be a lot of money. 

Instead, you should get a reliable choice that can stand many hunting seasons irrespective of the harsh condition you may go through at such times. Also, a durable choice of item is needed because you would be hanging the product up on a tree. If a part of the product is bad or unpleasing, one could fall from such a lofty height. 

So, durability is highly important. 

2. Affordability of the product 

When it comes to purchasing any item, affordability is crucial. You do not have to be luxurious to purchase a high-quality choice. Just ensure that you are convinced about any item you are opting for. There are affordable choices that are under 100 dollars

3. Quality of material of the product

The quality of the material is important since the item will be used in all kinds of weather conditions. If the quality is perfect, it will be able to lift people despite their sizes. You can check out the best climbing options for big guys to check the quality of material and how well it would be on people. 

4. Weight of the product 

You will always need to transport your stand from the boot of your vehicle into the woods. Hence, a heavy recommendation is enough discouragement. It does not matter if the product is the best climbing stand for big men. You can get light weighed choices but can carry and even sustain weight as high as 300 pounds. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the commonly asked questions people ask before they make their purchase of a top choice for themselves or as a gift to others. 

What is the appropriate method to climb a tree? 

There are several ways people climb a tree, but there is no ideal way for it. Nonetheless, it is important to wear your climbing belt to ensure maximum safety. Also, you should know that the climbing belt does not offer a unique technique for climbing a tree

Ensure you are conversant with tree climbing and have practiced the same at different times. Hence, climbing any tree would not be a problem. 

At what time should I wear my climbing belt?

People often ask when they should wear their climbing belt – is it sometimes or all times? You would agree that a more appropriate question to ask is, what time do you want to be safe – is it sometimes or all the time? 

Safety is not negotiable in life. That is the reason many products are being innovated to assist people in achieving optimum safety in every hunting experience. Hence, you are advised to always wear your climbing belt anytime you want to mount a tree. 

Also, it is advisable that you already set up your stand before climbing the tree. Doing this will only make you fix the teeth of the item properly to the tree, and you can begin to hunt from that top.  

How can I install my stand easily, on the ground or top of the tree? 

The commonest complaint of many hunters that are conversant with different stands is that they do not know how to install their respective products. Every stand is meant to be easy to install. However, you may see the image of what an already installed option looks like to know the exact thing you are to do. 

Some brands add a manual to guide hunters on how to install their products. On the other hand, some brands do not, and this may make it difficult for one to know what to do. You can go for the products that have a guide on their installation. 

Some ‘HOW TO INSTALL” are explained in the product description. You can also bank on this to have an idea of what exactly you are doing. If you have tried out all these options and there still seems to be no positive, you can seek the help of an expert. 

There is always someone around you who is more conversant with these items and how to install them. Learn how it is done and get going for your next hunting adventure. 


Summarily, you can always consider the above recommendation in your next purchase of the best tree stand available. Buying a good product has already been made easy with this article. Enjoy your next purchased item.