There are many problems I try to avoid as a gun owner, and some of them include my kids playing with it, the risk of it getting stolen or destroyed in a fire, or getting damaged by corrosion due to moisture. An effective way to protect your guns is to store them in a gun safe. Gun safes are easy and affordable to get, and you can purchase one of the best gun safe under $600. A gun safe can protect the guns from fire or thieves and keep the guns away from your children. A gun safe does a great job of protecting your guns from damage, but it cannot protect your guns from moisture. This is why we will be talking about how to keep moisture out of gun safe in this article.

What Causes Moisture In Gun Safes

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What Causes Moisture In Gun Safes

The initial step to resolving problems is knowing the cause. Any form of storage kept in areas like garages or basements is exposed to moisture due to uncontrolled rise and fall of temperature, which causes condensation. Also, a gun safe is an enclosed space, and over time, the air inside condenses and causes dampness. If not taken care of, the moisture from condensation can damage your guns if not taken care of. 

How to keep your gun safe dry 

Here are a few things to do things you can do to keeping gun safe dry. 

Maintain the appropriate humidity level in the gun safe 

The acceptable level of humidity in a gun safe should be about 30-50% and temperature between 60 – 70 degrees, as proposed by the national rifle association. It is important that you check the humidity in your gun safe and ensure they do not exceed the acceptable level. 

Use gun safe dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers function to extract moisture from the environment, and they are excellent for gun safe humidity control. You can opt for an electric gun safe dehumidifier that adopts electric heating elements. An electric dehumidifier maintains a constant temperature inside the gun safe and reduces condensation. You can also opt for a non-electric dehumidifier that absorbs moisture in your gun safe without the use of electricity.

Home remedies 

If your budget is limited, it is preferable to go for cheaper alternatives to keep your gun safe dry. Some of these home remedies are items found around the house, such as a light bulb plugged into a socket that functions as an electric dehumidifier by producing heat in the gun safe. You can also use moisture absorbents like baking soda and dry rice to absorb moisture in your gun safe. Alternatively, you can store your gun safe in an air-conditioned environment to maintain the temperature and reduce condensation in the gun safe. You can find instructions on how to move gun safe in your gun safe manual. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I insert into my gun safe to keep it dry?

Dehumidifiers and other moisture absorber like baking soda can be used to answer the question how to keep moisture out of gun safe. 

Why is my gun safe so humid?

The safes are airtight, and over time, the moisture in the air in the safe condenses. 

What can I do or use in absorbing moisture in a safe?

You can use dry rice and baking soda to absorb moisture and . You can use silica packs that contain silica beads that are also great for absorbing moisture. 

Should a gun safe be airtight?

Gun safes don’t need to be airtight to prevent condensation, and many gun safes are built with holes in the bottom. Some of the best gun safe under $500 are pre-drilled.

Where should a dehumidifier be placed in a gun safe?

You can place a humidifier on the floor of the gun safe. Especially electric dehumidifiers that have a power cord need to be connected. 

What is the ideal temperature and humidity for a gun safe?

As recommended by the National Rifle Association, the ideal humidity is between 30% – 50%, and the ideal temperature is about 70 degrees. 


Acquiring a gun safe is one of the best ways to protect your guns from damage or other forms of risk. It is necessary to understand how to keep a gun safe, or the guns will be damaged due to corrosion. Taking proper care of your gun safe and possibly keeping it in an air-conditioned room will help maintain and control the level of humidity in the gun safe, thereby keeping moisture out of the safe.