It is agreeable that getting a reliable gun safe can be challenging to obtain. This may be due to the various options available on the market.

Or is it?

However, there are confident that they can be relied upon to deliver the desired safety for your guns. In this review are the best gun safes under 1500 available for 2022.

Here are some of the available gun safes:

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Top 7 Best Gun Safes Under 1500 of 2022

Koseibal Electronic Digital Safe Box

The Koseibal Electronic Digital Safe Box comes in a modern design with a punching door that is colored both white and blue. This helps the gun safe stand out when placed in any room. Compared to other compact-sized safes on the market, this gun safe is designed with thicker steel components.

What more?

Apart from the steel frame, the Koseibal Electronic Digital Safe Box has two concrete locking bolts. However, these bolts are made of steel that is highly secure from laser cutting, and the locking system is safe from prying.

There’s more:

It is designed with soft artificial leather made to look good inside the gun safe as it is colored with pearl white.

The safe can either be locked with a pre-assigned passcode or with an override key during an emergency.

What happens during a break-in?

During a break in and the incorrect passcode is inputted three times, the gun safe has a robust alarm system that sounds. The alarms work with a strong vibration that attracts the right attention to the break-in.


  • Can be easily operated
  • Comes with a robust alarm system
  • Has all the necessary installation accessories
  • Makes use of locking bolts


  • No available review


With this gun safe, there are still others that are available on the market. For more on this, check out this article.

TIGERKING Fingerprint Safe

The Tigerking recognition gun safe comes with a fingerprint sensor that ensures that the safe contents are always safe.  It also promises a rapid response during an emergency need for the guns locked up in the gun safe.

There’s more:

The frame of the gun safe is sturdy enough when faced with terrible conditions or during impact. It comes with two locking pins that are active sufficient to resist any tampering. The pins are placed at the hinges that hold the door of the safe closed.

What can it contain?

Apart from your guns, the Tiger King gun safe can house other valuables that can be at risk. It can be your passports, cash, jewelry, and more.

The locking system has three keypads that can hold as many as three to eight passcodes at a time. There is also a manual key that can be used to override the passcode if you’ve forgotten the passcode or the battery dies.


  • Saves as many as 32 fingerprints
  • Comes with manual keys
  • Has reliable hinges
  • Holds other valuables


  • Quite heavy
  • The door is made of unreliable components


This is one of the most affordable gun safes available on the market. With this article, you can learn more about others in this price range.

SPIKA Safe Box for Home Office

Spika Safe box is a convenient gun safe that can be placed in a home or office. This gun safe control panel is a fingerprint recognition lock that helps keep the guns locked in.

What else?

Apart from the fingerprint lock attached to this gun safe, a password lock helps further fortify the safe. However, if there is any need for either of the locks to be overridden, then the keyhole built into this safe can give you access.

There is more:

To keep the contents safe, the frame is made of highly durable material. The material itself is made of thick steel that is anti-pry and holds against a home invasion.  The door of the gun safe is made of three hooks that also includes four bolts. With this, it would be highly impossible to get into the safe without the proper authorization.

How is it formatted?

Inside this gun safe is a settings button just close to the battery box only at the top of the door. With this, you can reset the password after purchasing the safe or if the authorization has been compromised.


  • Makes use of four bolts
  • Has an emergency key lock
  • Comes with a reset button
  • Made of stainless steel


  • A minimalist design


As a suitable gun safe that is still under $500, others are available that are placed at this price range too. So, check out this link for more on the list of articles that are below $500.

Mesa Safe Mesa MBF2620C

Mesa MBF2620C U.L. gun safe is designed with steel all through that can defend against burglary and even fire.

How well does it function against fire?

Unlike traditional gun safes, the Mesa Safe can hold the contents of the safe even when there is a fire outbreak. With this, you get the required time that allows you to get the safe out of place before the fire breaks through the safe’s fortification.

What’s the time frame?

As one of the best gun safes under 1500 of 2022 has a two-hour rating for how long it can stay protected from fire. This durability can reach a fire that is up to 1830 degrees Fahrenheit.

With this safe, there is a certainty that you are assured the right strength when your home is invaded or wherever you put the safe. It has live locking bolts that come with heavy-duty hinges for fortification.

Combining all the properties that this gun safe offers can conveniently serve as a safe place for your guns and other valuables. Opening the gun safe is also relatively easy and fast, locking it in time for an emergency.


  • Comes as a fire-resistant safe
  • Has live locking bolts
  • Resistant to being pried open
  • Easy to open


  • Poor quality control


The Mesa Safe is one that is fire resistant, and others are with this capacity.

SentrySafe EF3428E Fire Chests

The Sentry EF3428E is another impressive gun safe that makes use of a keypad as a lock. This is a well-fortified locking system that can hold even against any break-in.

How fast does this work?

With the right lock combination and authorization, you can open the gun safe real fast. Apart from that, the gun safe can be accessed with a manual override key. This is an important feature needed in the gun safe when there is an emergency or an immediate need to open the safe without the right combination.

What else?

At the gun, safe sides are heavy-duty bolts that serve as hinges in locking the gun safe. There are three passive and four active heavy-duty live bolts that are built into the gun safe. One of the bolts in this gun safe is placed at the upper level of the door.

The frame of this gun safe is also made up of steel components that can withstand pressure or be drilled into.

Some batteries are placed in this gun safe to power the lock and the safe itself.


  • Comes with a digital lock
  • Has an override key
  • Has heavy-duty lock bolts
  • Comes with carpeted interiors


  • Doors may find it hard to close
  • Digital lock may fail sometimes


As one of the best gun safes available on the market, the SentrySafe is not all there is. Check here for more on the best gun safes on the market.

GunVault MicroVault XL Portable

Gunvault has proven over time to be a reliable gun safe that can function effectively in your home or wherever you need to keep the guns.

Here’s the deal:

With this gun safe comes an illuminated keypad that can light up itself. It is easy to use this safe in a place with low light conditions or concealed areas. Asides from the ergonomic push activated button, and there is also a set of backup keys that can give you access at any time.

How about its mobility?

The GunVault gun safe can be taken on the go due to its compact nature. So, with this, you can place it in any area without it causing an obstruction. It also has a security table that is included with the gun safe that enables its mobility.

Due to how reliable the gun safe is, it has been approved by the California Department of Justice (DOJ).  It is also tamper-proof with an alarm warning of any sort of tampering. There are also notification sounds that indicate when the battery is getting low.

There’s more:

The interiors of this gun safe are well padded to keep the contents of the safe from getting scratched or damaged.


  • Comes with padded interiors
  • Offers users durability
  • Includes all the mounting hardware
  • Comes with notification sounds


  • Fingerprint option malfunctions


The GunVault is a gun safe that has its weight as well. However, if there is any need to move a large gun safe, then here is how to move a large gun safe.

Honeywell Safes & Door Locks 2607

With the Honeywell safes and locks comes a reliable gun safe that can hold more than one gun at a time.

What’s the deal?

This safe offers a level of fortification against water and fire all at once. The steel submersible nature of the gun safe holds off water from getting into the safe even during flooding, or the safe gets dropped into water.

The resistant nature of this gun safe can hold for at least an hour. This is enough time for you to get the safe to safety contents or even take care of the outbreak.

There’s more:

When using this gun safe, it alerts you if any unauthorized movement around the gun is safe or tampered with.

For durability, the gun safe’s exteriors are powder coated and can hold against rust and the effects of corrosion. The size of the gun safe is also compact enough to fit into even small areas of a room.

How does it lock?

It has live bolts that help when locked, as it has enough strength to hold when there is a home invasion. This doesn’t make it easy to crack or drill open.


  • Can hold against a fire outbreak
  • Makes use of a motion sensor
  • Includes live bolts
  • Designed to be waterproof


  • Doesn’t have an override key


The Honeywell gun safe is one of the most expensive gun safes in this review. If you want something less expensive, check this review of the best gun safes for under $600.

What factors to keep in mind before buying a Gun Safe?

When purchasing a gun safe, certain things have to be considered. These factors are meant to guide the purchase and ensure that it is always the right one for your need. In this section, you should keep in mind some of the factors when buying a gun safe.

Here are the factors:

Budget plan

Whatsoever gun safe that you have in mind should be within the price range of your choice. This saves you the risk of dealing with gun safes that are above your budget or cause you to get loans.

This review of the best gun safes that are less than $1500 is some of the best budget gun safes on the market. With this, you can maximize your budget plan and get one that is functional and yet convenient.

Light weighing

Some of the best lightweight gun safes that are available on the market may sometimes be unreliable. Naturally, heavy-duty components come with excessive weight, which makes it hard to move about more easily.

However, this can be a problem when there is a need to have one that can be lifted to different locations. Though they are lightweight, some can still offer a level of reliability that protects them from any sort of break-in.

So, before choosing a suitable gun safe, ensure that it is lightweight and yet a well-fortified one at the same time.


The aim of having a gun safe is to ensure that the things inside the safe are always protected from any sort of unauthorized access. Its locking mechanism determines the way a gun safe can withstand being tampered with.

With the help of live bolts and well-built hinges, it can effectively hold against unauthorized access so, if you want a gun safe that is resistant to any sort of tampering. This ensures that your gun and other valuables do not end up in the wrong hands.

Locking mechanism

There are several ways that gun safes can lock themselves, and a combination of all this makes it almost impossible to penetrate. Some make use of a digital lock, which could either be a keypad or fingerprint technology.

The keypad can save a combination that would give access to the safe contents at all times and help in locking it. Still, for emergency cases, several gun safes also have a manual key that can be used to override the other forms of access. So, check for one that has a reliable locking mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can the keypad lock be set?

Most of the gun safes on this review and the market come with a reset button that allows users to reset the lock combination easily. However, for this to work, you need to be sure that the combination that you choose is one that you can easily remember at all times.

How can the gun safes be maintained?

When the gun safe begins to get old, it must be maintained to keep it functional. Often, without maintaining the gun safe, it may become defective, and the hinges are stuck.

So, to maintain the gun safe, ensure that you lubricate the locking bolts and the hinges as well.


With the list of gun safes on this list, it is possible to have the most suitable for both your home or wherever that you need the safe placed. Ensure that the choice is also convenient as the gun safe must fit your particular needs. This review has the best gun safes under 1500 of 2022.