It is agreeable that getting the best gun safes under 500 in 2022 doesn’t come easy. It is possible always to pick the least secure of them all.

Or is it?

Getting the most secure and reliable gun safes can be simpler when you know all the available options. In this review, some of the best gun safes you could find do not cost more than $500.

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TOP 7 Gun Safes Under 500 Dollars in 2022

Barska DX-300 Large Safe

With the Barska DX-300 comes a largely sized gun depository that house your valuable and firearms. This could protect you from a home invasion by locking the invaders out of your valuables. It could also protect kids from getting their hands on documents and other things that they shouldn’t.

How then does it lock?

The Barska DX-300 comes with an inbuilt electronic locking system. With this is a digital keypad system that can save up to two distinct PIN codes. It allows more than one user to have access to the gun safe at any time.

 But, that’s not all:

In a case where the safe is co-owned by two parties, it also considers this peculiarity. You can set it to need dual-pin access. This simply means that it would require the presence of the two owners before it can be accessed. However, it is powered by just one battery.

What if there’s an emergency?

The safe comes with two emergency keys that give the users manual access when the keypads are no longer accessible.

It also comes with a protective floor mat. With these components, you can place them on your floor surface before installation. It protects the area from getting ruined and keeps moisture from accumulating under the gun safe.


  • Comes with a deadbolt
  • Has a protective floor mat
  • Offers dual-pin access
  • Makes use of a reliable digital keypad


  • Keypad easily wears out


With its pre-drilled holes, it saves the cost of having to hire a professional to install the safe into your home. This makes it a buy and direct installation process for the users. Asides from the mounting holes, it comes with all the bolts and mounting hardware required for the process.

V-Line Quick Vault XL Storage

Greeting a V-Line Quick Vault is a suitable choice for those who intend to keep their firearms safe. It is built with a 3/8 inches thick steel construction that is welded to provide more strength and aids the lock bolt to stay put.

How reliable is the gun safe?

This is one gun safe approved by the CA DOJ (California Department of Justice). This means that all the parts and the safety components are reliable and can withstand any sort of tampering.

There’s more:

It has three different adjustable felt lines that come with the Quick Vault Shelf. It also has installation holes that make it easy to install wherever you need it.

There are also lock bolts that fit directly into the safe interior frame that help in the case of a home invasion. It also comes with interior anti-pry brackets and a recessed door. This helps provide your safe with extra security at all times.

The V-Line safe comes with a mounting bolt that helps in installation. It is also textured with a powder coating that adds to its aesthetical value.


  • Comes with mounting holes
  • Has anti-pry brackets
  • Coated with ivory powder paint
  • Designed with adjustable felt lines


  • Metal screws don’t set easily


In all, the V-Line Quick vault is a reliable housing that can contain your guns without any security threat. The locks are fortified to keep the things well secured as they have anti-pry brackets that hold in the case of a home invasion.

Barska AX11930 Depository

As one of the best gun safes under 500 of 2022. The Barska Ax11930 is a recommended purchase to keep your valuables safe at all times. It can help you keep your checks, mails, cash, and any other value from a break-in of any sort.

What more does this offer?

In any case, where kids or there is a home invasion, the gun safe has a way of protecting itself. It has a temporary lockout mode that activates the moment someone tampers with the locks. This lock-out mode is expected to last a while, giving the owner enough time for the tamper to be noticed.

It also comes with a pre-drilled hole that makes it easy to mount in whatever region you find suitable. The mounting of this safe does not require a professional’s help, saving you the cost of hiring one. It is easy and safe to install without professional help.

That’s not all:

The keypad built into the design can allow up to two authorized users at a time. It can save as much as two different PIN codes for you and another. It is electronic, which means you can connect it to a power source when it losses power.


  • Comes with a digital keypad
  • Has two backup keys
  • Allows several authorized users
  • Built with a mounting hole


  • Parts wear out easily


Also, with a solid steel frame construct, it is resistant to any sort of prying. The deadbolts are also protected from tampering as they have anti-fishing baffles. All of these helps your guns and documents stay safe until there is an authorized user available.

Amazon Basics Box Safe 2.1

If you have always thought of getting a gun safe that can withstand being faced with a fire, then check out the Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe 2.1 Cubic Feet. In any case that your house is set on fire, the safe is fireproof and doesn’t burn up in the process. This keeps your gun and other documents safe at all times.

How is the locking mechanism?

Well, with the Amazon Basics, you get a remarkably effective locking mechanism. This promises to be more reliable as it safely keeps the guns without any risk.

The locking mechanism also has a twenty minutes time frame in the event of a fire. It can withstand up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit of heat and flames.

It can be locked and accessed using a keypad combination that you can program yourself. If you are in a rush, the keypad doesn’t waste time as it responds in just a few seconds.

The gun safe also comes with a spare manual key. This serves as a backup option when the keypad fails, or you forget the combination. However, there are cases where you can simply combine the two options to get the best out of the security.


  • Made to be fire-resistant
  • Combines keypad and manual keys
  • Offers adjustable shelves
  • Easy and quick access to guns


  • The Code may be unresponsive sometimes


This is also one gun safe that promises you durability and is resistant to any sort of forced entry. It is made of high-quality steel that cannot be drilled or easily broken. The contains of the safe can be allowed more leverage by simply adjusting the shelves in it. This promises more space when storing your guns.

Barska Large Biometric Safe

With the Barska Large Biometric Safe, you get a compact-sized gun safe enabled by a biometric lock. It can easily fit into areas that are not so spacious on a norm, but you still need to save your handguns.

That’s not all there is:

The main goal of this safe is to conceal your guns and other valuables from thieves and kids. It can save as many as 120 fingerprints at a time. This is enabled with the help of a fingerprint scanner embedded into the design of the gun safe.

With this, you can only give certified people access to the safe when you are unavailable or not present. This gives you all the security you need to confidently keep the safe in closets that are constantly frequented by unauthorized people.

Also, the biometric scanner is apt to act as it responds in an average of two seconds. With this, you get quick access to the contains whenever you need the guns.

What else can it offer?

It is made of reliable heavy-duty steel that is super resistant to prying or getting broken into during a home invasion. No one can also drill into the safe using mechanical tools as it is highly resistant to that. With this, the guns are securely placed into the housing.


  • Can save as many as 120 fingerprints
  • Comes with a fortified steel frame
  • A highly responsive biometric scanner
  • Has a power pack for manual access


  • Too small for larger rifles


For emergency access, there is a hidden keyhole that comes with manual keys. In other cases, you can also plug in the emergency battery pack as it gives manual access to the safe.

FCH Electronic 5-Gun Rifle Safe

The FCH Gun Safe Electronic 5-Gun Rifle Safe is one suitable gun housing that works for large firearms.

More on this:

With this, you can save as much as five long guns at a time, and it can accommodate their scopes as well. Asides from this, it comes with more with a separate lockbox. In this lockbox, there is space for as many as three handguns.

What else does this offer?

Instead of having to deal with the clumsiness of holding a key or searching them out, you can make use of something else. It has a keypad that you could use in unlocking the safe whenever you need to pick out any of the guns stored.

Now, there is more!

In terms of security, the FCH Gun Safe Electronic 5-Gun Rifle Safe merges the keypad with keys and anchor holes. You can also easily program the digital keypads to respond in a matter of seconds. This gives ample time to take out the guns in the case of an emergency or a security threat.

How about mobility?

Even though it can contain as many guns as possible, the FCH Gun Safe Electronic 5-Gun Rifle Safe is easy to lift about. This is also what helps it fit into rooms and closets without causing much of an obstruction.    


  • Compact enough to fit into places
  • Has another lockbox for extra guns
  • Easily programmable keypads
  • Makes use of anchor holes for more safety


  • It needs to be bolted down


When it comes to pricing, the FCH gun safe makes it one of the best budget gun safes available on the market. This is a good choice for those who do not want to spend so much on a gun safe.

Viking VS-50BLX Biometric Safe

The Vikings Security Safe offers users a great level of difference in all its features.

How’s that?

The gun safe makes use of a 500 DPI biometric sensor that responds in the swiftest time. This is also combined with a ready-made keypad locking mechanism. You can easily choose whatever way is convenient.

There’s more:

It is regarded as one of the best lightweight gun safe on the market. This makes it easy to carry about and change positions. There is no risk of it causing you to strain when you need to move it, without risking its security features.

The gun housing is also small and compact enough to fit into wherever you need to put the safe. It can allow you to carry the safe into your car when you need to make a safe trip with your guns. This is a highly desirable feature that several car owners are always happy to receive.

With the help of a well-crafted anti-pry system, it can withstand tough situations and hold in the case of a home invasion. It has a battery power source, and the safe is lit with a good display feature to help you see in low light situations.


  • It is coated with a black painting
  • Uses a fingerprint sensor
  • Comes with a lit LCD
  • Compact enough to go into the car


  • Noisy door open beep


It is coated in black to keep moisture from ruining the frame and adding a bit of aesthetics to the safe. This makes it easy to fit anywhere in your space without necessarily affecting the interior decors.

Apart from the guns, you can use this safe in storing up other valuables. It can house documents, cash, and more, depending on their size.

What Factors to Consider when Buying a Gun Safe?

Several gun safes promise security available on the market. However, only with adequate information can you pick out the one that works best. So, just before you select a gun safe for your valuables, you need to check out a few things.

Here are things that you should consider:

Watch out for size and capacity

This is something that should be checked out before making a choice of a gun safe. The size and capacity of the gun safe help you decide if it is fit for your purpose.

So, what should you aim for?

The first thing to watch out for is the number of guns that you have to keep safe at the time. When you have a large rifle with scopes, then it only proper that your gun safe has enough allowance to hold in the capacity. Something as big as the FCH Gun safe would serve such a purpose.

What if it’s something smaller?

With the Viking Security Safe, you have a small and compact housing convenient for smaller firearms. It wouldn’t fill up the room or space when it is unnecessary as it comes, especially for smaller guns.

So, when making a purchase or buying a gun safe, go for one that fits the particular purpose for which it has been purchased. This would prevent you from purchasing a safe that is more than you need or less than you need.

Ensure it is secured and concealed

The main intent of purchasing a gun safe in the first place is secure, and it should do just that and more. Whatever gun safe that you are purchasing should be anti-pry and resistant to any sort of tampering or drilling.

What makes it important?

When a gun safe doesn’t have any protection for such situations, anyone can easily access its contents. This could lead to many problems as you can easily lose your documents and other valuables kept with the gun.

Therefore, when making a choice of a gun safe, check if it has protective brackets, or the components are heavy duty. Also, watch out for the locking mechanism to determine what sort of access is required to get into the safe. This could be biometric scanners, keypads, or manual keys.

That’s not all:

You could check for designs that can easily pass off in the home. They are characterized by the coatings they come with and other features. It would help if you went for how easily they can be concealed to avoid unwarranted information.

Check for ease of installation

Installation can be another problem if you purchase the wrong gun safe. Problematic installation processes would require a professional and several modification procedures. This would cost a lot of money and time separate from the cost of purchasing the main safe.

How to go about this?

Certain things should come with a gun safe that promise ease of installation. Firstly, it should come with pre-drilled installation holes and then the mounting hardware. This includes all the bolts and nuts and all used to place it down in your chosen location.

What more?

Check for how flexible is the installation. This has to do with all the various places that you can install or mount the gun safe in your safe. With this, you can choose when to conceal the safe in a wall during installation.

Stick to your pocket size

This is a vital part of your purchase as it is responsible for what you can afford at a time. Before you get started on a particular product, endeavor that it is within your financial capacity. However, from this review, you can get some that are prized low and yet offer a remarkable level of security.

So, thinking of sticking to the pocket-friendly ones?

Well, there are some gun safes that you would find under $1500, and some are even way less under $500 as well. From the list they offer, you can pick out the most suitable for your current budget.

Do they offer the best quality?

You must realize that because the gun safes are within a low budget doesn’t make them unreliable. Some of the products highlighted in the reviews have been made with heavy-duty components and are equally pry-proof.

So, just check out for the affordable gun safes that are within your price range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best gun safe?

Picking out the best gun safe doesn’t come easy as they all have their peculiarity, and it is reliant on your usage. In this review are so many gun safes that you could pick out to do the job of keeping your guns and valuables safe.

However, you can try out the Barska DX-300 as it makes it our top-rated gun safe on the market.

How do I keep them safe from moisture?

Moisture accumulating in the gun safe could ruin the components, and you have to make use of a dehumidifier. Try using a silicon sachet into the safe to keep the place dry. However, some come with a protective mat. They help hold out moisture as well.


With the help of a gun safe, you can ensure that your guns are properly locked away to prevent accidents. However, this necessitates that you choose the suitable and most reliable for your purpose. In this review are some of the best gun safes under 500 available for 2022.