Hunting is hard enough with the right tools. It can be a total nightmare with the wrong ones, and with the right ones, it can be the greatest thing ever.

The best compound bow arrows fall into this category, and their pulleys and cam wheels give them an upper hand when it comes to shooting from either a long or short range.

But it may be challenging to get compound bow arrows that are durable.

So, the purpose of this article is to list out the best compound bow arrows for hunting as well as what to look out for when going on shopping.

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Top 5 Arrows for Compound Bows in 2022

1. Easton Full Metal Jacket

These are small diameter arrows that are created with tough carbon to increase their effectiveness and performance. But that’s not what sets it apart from other arrows.

The Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows have a strong alloy jacket where the broadhead inserts can be stored and carried around. They also pack a better punch because of their weight. This makes them the best archery arrows.

The Blazer Vanes also serve the purpose of fletchings, and the straightness tolerance of about 0.003 inches makes it perfect for target practice as well as long-range shooting.


  • The arrow is designed to be resilient
  • It is effortless to remove from preys after a successful shot
  • There’s low friction while the arrow is in the air because of the metal jacket


  • The fletching may break easily
  • The arrow can have a little dent in it during use


The Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows are durable and exceptional for hunting. They penetrate deeper than average carbon arrows and have inserts for more effectiveness.

2. GPP Carbon Hunting Arrows

These arrows excel in adjustability with their nocks and screw arrow tips. They usually come in a pack of twelve, which makes them great for successive shooting. For unparalleled durability, the wall thickness of the carbon shafts is increased.

In addition to this, the nock and fletching are made with high-grade stainless steel and plated with nickel. The fletching is created with plastic to carry impact through the air, and the arrows are intentionally designed to be short for accuracy.

In my opinion, I will give this arrow the title of the Best Value Carbon Arrows because of the great features about it are just too numerous.


  • The arrow is good for hunting and Target practice
  • The package comes with complete arrows with field tips and vales
  • The nocks are not glued


  • The nocks need to be constantly readjusted
  • Since the size is smaller than usual, you have to use the arrows with a compound bow of a similar size


Even though the GPP Carbon Hunting Arrows are short, they are capable of being accurate and precise.

3. Tiger Carbon Hunting Arrows

If you’re looking for a top-rated material that can help a novice or beginner get better at archery or hunting, this cool carbon arrow is the one. The design was specially created to fit perfectly with a compound bow or recurve.

Additionally, the stainless tip is excellent for teaching someone about the arrow parts, how they help create the perfect shot, and how to make fair use of them. When it comes to adjustability, this arrow ranks the highest with its detachable components to be assembled to the user’s comfort.

While many users of these arrows are youths, professional hunters can also be used because it delivers impressive all-around performance.


  • The design makes allowance for easy adjustability
  • The package comes with every part of the arrow


  • The arrow was not specifically designed for professional hunters


Even though the arrow is excellent, it is mostly suitable for people who are new to hunting and archery.

4. Easton Bloodline N-Fused Arrows

The Easton Bloodline is a cool arrow with a lighter weight and more incredible velocity, which makes exceptional bowhunting. The shaft is the main highlight of this particular arrow. Not only is it light, but its tolerance is also pegged at .004, and it has HP inserts that were manufactured in the USA.

Personally, I like the way the arrow looks. The nocks and the Blazer vanes have a vibrant red color, which makes them appear cool. They are also cheap, and for the price of 6, you get 12 arrows. In my opinion, they are the best cheap arrows for compound bows.

Furthermore, this arrow’s kinetic energy density is pretty great, and it penetrates deeper than most carbon arrows. The pass-through performance is nothing to ignore either. In short, it is the perfect hunting companion. The only downside to it is that you may have to cut it to fit your desired length.


  • It is affordable
  • It is lightweight and penetrates very deep
  • The tip is made with highly durable stainless steel


  • The arrow has to be cut to fit your draw length


The arrow is a fantastic all-around tool for archery and hunting. It is also light and has a deep penetration rate.

5. Victory Archery Xtorsion Arrows

The XTORSION is a Victory Archery arrow. It has a deep penetration capacity and a superior impact force that makes it easy to hunt both dangerous games and those with tough hides. The material used in making it is also very durable and can stay straight for a long time.

Speaking of materials, this excellent arrow is created with high modulus carbon fiber and 304 stainless steel, which gives it unparalleled durability and elasticity. The carbon fiber surrounding it is responsible for its whisper quiet nature and its deep penetration feature.


  • It is swift
  • It penetrates the target deeply
  • The arrows are designed to have increased accuracy and consistency


  • The arrow length is 32 inches and may not be suitable for many bows


Every part of the arrow is specially made with durability, flexibility, and effectiveness in mind. With the Victory XTORSION, shooting down a game or target is more effortless.

Buying Guide

Aluminum and carbon are the two primary materials for making compound arrows. They can stand alone, and they can also be mixed together. These materials are used to make different parts of the arrow for reinforced durability and effectiveness.

Parts of the Arrow to Consider Before Buying a Compound Arrow:


The spine of the arrow is responsible for its straightness after it has been shot. Many manufacturers believe that three things should inform your spine’s choice, and they’re: the arrow length, the point weight, and the draw weight.

For example, Gold Tip advises that a 29 inches arrow should have a 300 spine and be shot from a compound bow, which has a maximum draw weight of 70-74 points. Selecting a heavier point for an arrow of this length and spine can make the spine weak. In contrast, a lighter point requires a weaker spine.

Compound bow arrows come in three different diameters. We have the slim ones with an outside diameter that can go as low as .211 inches, the fat ones with an outside diameter that’s up to .422 inches, and the medium ones that are in between the two. The slim and medium ones are usually preferred by people who do outdoor shooting and hunters because they penetrate more than fat arrows.


Fletchings are aerodynamic parts of the arrow, which gives it the capacity to navigate the air it’s flying through. They are usually fin-shaped and made of feathers or plastic. The feathers are great and can either be real or synthetic. However, they are not as resilient as plastic in the rain. Unlike them, plastic vanes will remain effective at all times.

Like the outside diameter, fletchings come in various sizes. To determine which size will be perfect for hunting or archery, think of the wind drag. This means that the bigger the vane of your arrow is, the greater the drag will be.

For example, fletching of around 4 inches is more suitable for indoor shooting because there’s no wind and the target is closer. In comparison, fletching of 1.75 inches will be better for outdoor shooting where the target is 100 yards away because it can better navigate the wind.


There are different arrow points to choose from depending on what you want to use them for. For example, screw-in and glue-in are the two primary points for target shooting, while broadheads are the most suitable for hunting. To use screw-in, the inside of your point end has to have a glued threaded insert that is capable of accepting the points. They are also the most suitable for changing from target points to broadheads.

While screw-in points are suitable for target shooting and hunting, glue-in points are suitable for target shooting only. They are usually fixed with hot melt glue, making them easy to remove and replace if they get damaged. One great thing about these points is that their weights are consistent.

When it comes to point weights, 100 grains is the all-for-one choice which can be used for both shooting and hunting. However, for preferability, target shooters prefer less than 50 grains, while bowhunters prefer those that are higher than 100 grains.


The nock is the rear end of the arrow with a V-shaped groove next to the fletching. It is usually plastic and typically designed to be removed in case of damage. The nock is also what you place on the string to shoot the arrow. There are different types of the nock.

The first is press-fit nock. It is the most common because it is suitable for virtually all kinds of arrows except the slimmest carbon shafts. This nock is attached by sliding it into the arrow shaft and pressing until only the nock is left. Installing the press-fit nock does not require glue at all. All you need is to pull out and stick in as you like.

The second one is the pin nock, which is usually attached to an aluminum pin at the arrow’s rear end. They are more popular with competition archers because they are believed to be less likely to damage the arrow’s expensive shaft.

The third type of nock is also popular, especially carbon arrows. I’m talking about the overnocks. Instead of sliding them into the arrow, you slide the arrow into them, and they fit over it. They can also be used for other types of materials like aluminum arrows.


What are the benefits of small-diameter arrows?

As a result of the impact it packs, small diameter arrows such as the Easton Full Metal Jacket penetrate deeper than arrows with large diameters. This is because the kinetic energy can stay constant, and the surface area is reduced.

What are the best arrows to buy?

For cheap and effective arrows, you may want to explore aluminum and fiberglass. The aluminum arrows are lightweight and can be bent over, while the fiberglass arrows are sturdy and cannot.

For the best experience and with a better budget, the best arrow to buy are carbon arrows. They are sturdy and great for some challenging shooting.

What draw weight should I use?

This depends on your weight, frame, and bow. For example, the draw weight you’ll use for a recurve bow will differ from that of a compound one. Your draw weight can also change over the years. What matters is that it is suitable for you.


If you’ve decided to use a compound bow for hunting, I’m sure you already know the benefits and drawbacks. The five arrows on the list are some of the best arrows for compound bows, but you can use the knowledge from the article to pick other arrows that you think are suitable for you. Whatever the case may be, I hope you’ve gained one or two insights about the best compound bow arrows from this article.