Fire outbreaks always tend to become intense and ruin many things along with your gun safe.

Is that unavoidable?

Different gun safes have been designed to hold their ground against fire for a considerable amount of time. In this review are the best fireproof gun safes of 2022 that you could try out.

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TOP 8 Fireproof Gun Safes of 2022

1. Steelwater AMSWFB-845 Fireproof

The Steelwater AMSWFB-845 is a fireproof gun safe with several attractive qualities that satisfy your security needs. It is fortified against thieves breaking into the safe and can withstand a considerable amount of fire.

How much time does it have?

Even in a firing temperature that gets to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit, the safe can hold its strength. Averagely it is estimated to withstand the fire for as long as two hours. This gives the fire enough time to die off or for you to get the safe out.

That’s not all:

It has a chrome-plated bolt that helps in locking the safe and keeping it from being broken into. For you to get into this safe, then you have to place it in the proper combination.

In case there is a home invasion, and the invaders try drilling through the safe, the safe wouldn’t crack too. This feature is enabled by a glass re-locking system built to hold out any sort of drill attack.

For extra security, the safe has heavy-duty hinges placed externally. With this, you can be confident that your guns and valuables are protected from theft.

What are the locking options?

There are two different locking options in the design that you can quickly try out based on convenience. The easiest one that is most visible is the classic combination lock, and this does a great job when you need to access the contents of your safe.

The second one is by using a digital access keypad. This one is also as consistent as the manual combination lock, but this is better. It gives you a higher and more reliable level of security.

This, however, is a small safe but can be regarded as one of the best small fireproof gun safe on the market.


  • Comes with two interior shelves
  • Uses a glass re-locking system
  • Has a chrome-plated handle
  • They are designed with heavy-duty hinges


  • Not so good outlook


Offering one of the top quality in this review of the best fireproof gun safes, you can also try going for the Steel Water. However, there are a few other guns safe that you may find useful, and you can check them out by going to this article.

2. Honeywell Safes & Door Locks

The Honeywell Safes and door locks are high-quality fire safe that can protect your guns and other valuables. This protection doesn’t just cover the likelihood of theft but also from fire outbreaks. It can hold up its quality even when directly under the attack of a fire.

How long does this last?

It is estimated to have a range of time that comes with it. Some that last up to one hour, others get up to ninety minutes, and some designs reach as much as two hours.

That’s not all:

The Honeywell 2101 safe comes with second level protection. This has to do with a spy proof combination dial lock that can take four digits. It also has a digital lock that you can program to your chosen combination. Together, this promises a high level of security that is unrivaled and can’t be easily broken through.

The fireproof gun safe comes with a manual key as well. This can be used to access the contents of the safe when you do not want to use the other means or if they fail.

You also get two solid steel live lock bolt that makes the safe reliable. Aside from that, it is water-resistant and can hold when placed in a wet place.  This makes it one of the fire and water-resistant gun safes available.


  • Has two live lock bolts
  • It is protected from water
  • Uses a dual security protocol
  • Offers a bit of variety


  • Opening keys turn cranky
  • Hinges may seem less sturdy


The Honeywell safes locks are an impressive design made for stealth and offer a remarkable security level. However, there are more on this in this article that deals with all the best gun safes that cost less than $1500. Try them out to get the best out of your purchase.

3. SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof

When it comes to having a fireproof gun safe, the SentrySafe SFW123DSB has won itself a spot. It offers users a considerable amount of time when there is a fire. The gun safe can stand the heat of fire directed to it for up to an hour.

It offers this protection level to your guns and other valuables in it, even if the fire burns at 1700 degrees. This comes in handy when you are unavailable, and there is a fire outbreak in the house or whatever area that the safe is kept.

A good thing about this fireproof gun safe is that it has other features asides from just being fireproof. When it is submerged in water or flooding, it can hold itself and the safe contents. The contents are considered safe for at least the next twenty-four hours.

However, though the safe is a small and compact one, it still secures your things with an equal level of security. The fireproof gun safe frame is made so that even when it drops while being moved, it doesn’t crack or lose its strength.

For installation purposes, the safe can be bolted down to the floor or any other area that can take in the bolts. The lock of this safe comes with a pre-assigned combination from the purchase, just as you would find with lockers.

Still, it comes with a secondary key that can help in improving the level of security. Note, this key doesn’t pass for an override key, just extra protection.


  • Can fit into tight places
  • Hold for up to an hour
  • They are designed to be sturdy
  • Offers users a secondary locking key


  • It is made with cheap plastic parts
  • Has just one deadbolt

4. First Alert Fire Safe

The First Alert is a fire-resistant gun safe that has been uniquely produced to offer security distinctly. It was reinforced in its constructions to hold out thieves and invaders.

How does this work?

The locking mechanism and body features make sure that your guns and valuables are locked in at all times until you unlock them.

With this design comes four live door bolts that are activated every time the safe is locked. The hinges of this safe are also concealed and equally resistant to prying.

There’s more:

The interiors of this fireproof gun safe are flexible enough to fit into every storage need. It has one shelf that you can take out and place back in whatever manner that suits you. Aside from promising to be quite adjustable, it is also durable. This is as a result of the components that were used in building this gun safe.

The lock of this gun safe allows for a combination of four numbers. With this, only you and another person that has the code can gain access to the gun safe and its contents. However, it still has an emergency key for manual access.

The best part:

The gun safe has a fire rating that allows for one hour of protection, even in a temperature that reaches 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. This also helps in controlling the interior temperature of the safe.

Finally, the safe is waterproof and can withstand any moisture trying to build up around your safe and its contents.


  • Comes with better security
  • Keeps the moisture out
  • Adjustable interior shelving
  • It comes with locking bolts


  • Fails at humidity
  • Locks may be unreliable


Being design with the best and most reliable quality expected of a gun safe, the First Alert has won itself a place in this review. Still, more options are available but are not highlighted in this review, and you can try them out by checking this review on the best gun safes.

5. SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof

This model of the SentrySafe is similar to the previous model highlighted in this review. It is a fireproof safe that can hold for a maximum of sixty minutes when under fire. While doing this, it keeps the temperature of the safe’s interiors cool.

How does this help?

This simply means that though the outside of the safe may be on fire, your documents and other valuable are kept cozy. With this, if there is anything that doesn’t support high temperature, then you are assured of one hour of safety.

What else?

The SentrySafe SFW123GDC is fireproof, just as the other version of Sentry gun is safe, but it can survive up to a fifteen-foot-tall fall. This comes in handy when there is an accident, or the safe is dropped.

It can withstand a high level of flooding or be submerged into water. The average limit it can handle is an eight inches tall water level for a maximum of twenty-four hours.

What about durability?

The body frame of this safe is made of high-quality steel. This is highly durable, and with its for different live locking bolts, the safe is protected from being pried open. You would find this useful in the case that your home is victim to a house invasion.

How does it lock?

The fireproof gun safe comes with a digital combination lock that is powered by four AA batteries. A secondary key backs it up. This works as an override key, which comes in handy when the batteries may be dead or generally failed.


  • Can withstand a 15-feet fall
  • AA batteries power it
  • Comes with a pry-resistant hinge bar
  • Not easy to be lifted by thieves


  • It is protected by just one deadbolt
  • Has less durable parts


The SentrySafe has won itself a spot as one of the heavy-duty gun safes that are on this review. This helps it from getting moved so easily, and this may be good until you need to move them yourself. Here is the best guide on moving a heavy gun safe.

6. BARSKA AX13498 Biometric Fireproof

The Barska AX13498 biometric fireproof safe can save a wide range of fingerprints at the same time.

Here’s the deal:

It is estimated to hold as many as a hundred user fingerprints. This means that the Barska safe can offer you a quick and easy solution to any security need in either your office or home.

What more?

The safe is evidently designed to function as a fireproof gun safe. It can last a maximum of thirty minutes under a firing temperature reaching up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the gun safe reliable to be used in various locations.

With this safe, you also get a humanized design when purchased. This can be seen at the insides of the safe as it is carpeted to look good. This also keeps the temperature of the safe a bit more relaxed than regular.

Also, the Barska gun safe comes offering its users a solid design. The walls are made up of solid steel components. Along with this comes two long locking bar bolts that are steel and resistant to any sort of tampering.

This is one safe that comes with all the mounting features and hardware required. With this, you don’t need to spend more money when you are installing the gun safe.

There’s more:

For your convenience, the safe comes with inbuilt notification sounds. They are to inform you when the battery begins to run out. However, you can also choose to have the sounds on or off.


  • Comes with a dual locking bar
  • Has an impressive fingerprint memory
  • Can hold for up to thirty minutes
  • Has predrilled mounting holes


  • No available feedback


The Barska AX13498 is a biometric gun safe that can be relied upon to keep your things safe at all times. Even though there is no current customer feedback, it also stands a chance considering how it was designed. The safe cost less than $500 and there are others like it.

7. Fortress Fireproof Personal Safe

The Fortress fireproof personal safe is designed as a safe place for your guns as well as other valuables.

What more does this offer?

Its fireproof nature is averagely timed to go you the required time to get it out of harm’s way. The gun safe can withstand a fire outbreak or an increase in temperature that reaches 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The safe comes to design with mounting holes for installation. This removes the need to modify the gun safe before installing it onto your wall or floor. The predrilled mounting holes come accompanied by the necessary mounting holes.  With this, there is no incurred cost of installation. Note the installation holes are placed at the bottom of the gun safe.

It comes with an easily programmable electronic digital lock. This can be set to have either a three to eight-digit lock combination of your choice.

It is still functional to help you know, and when it has been opened, it comes with a beeping sound. However, this sound can be silenced whenever you find it necessary or if you feel it may draw the wrong attention.

There is a backup key that accompanies the electric locking mechanism. This is a back door entry into the safe whenever the keypad is unavailable.


  • Comes with manual keys
  • The beeping sound can be muted
  • It has a carpeted inside
  • Uses an electric locking mechanism


  • The keypad may wear out quickly


r-friendly. It also finds itself in the category of gun safes that are below $300. Check out this article that talks about all the best gun safes that are within this price range.

8. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant

The AmazonBasics is a gun safe that has been designed to ensure that all your valuables are kept safe even during a fire. It is fire resistant and offers at least twenty minutes of protection before the strength is compromised.

That’s not all:

The AmazonBasics fire-resistant box safe is thoroughly designed to offer maximum security. The security features of the gun safe come with a strong handle lock and a digital dial pad. The dial pad is set to make use of a combination that would be chosen by you. This is the combination that helps in locking and unlocking the gun safe.

However, the digital dial pad comes powered by batteries, and it could sometimes fail. In any case, where this happens, the safe doesn’t lock you out. It has an override key that can be used to manually access the gun safe in any such situation.

As a result of the time frame, it can only hold during an average fire outbreak, and it is most unlikely for a fire to be categorized as such. Still, this is a remarkable choice of a fireproof gun safe that can stand when there is an increase in the room temperature.

What else does it offer?

If you are worried about moving a large safe due to its weight, well, this doesn’t fall in that category. The AmazonBasics weigh sixty pounds and can be easily moved from one location to another without calling for extra help or hiring movers.

The interior shelvings are also partitioned and can be adjusted to suit your storage needs.


  • Comes with an override key
  • It can be installed with bolts
  • Light weighing designs
  • Has a digital dial pad


  • Questionable quality
  • Screws don’t fit well


Being placed at the last spot in this review doesn’t make it one of the least appealing fireproof gun safes. It offers great quality, just less time during a fire outbreak. However, it is still a choice of gun safe that you may be inclined to purchase for your home and office.

What Factors to Keep in Mind when Buying a Fireproof Gun Safe?

Different gun safes are available for purchase out on the market. However, it is not all of these gun safes can work when placed under fire. In this post, some of the many gun safes promise some sort of protection against a fire incidence.

Still, they are categorized by their capacity and how long it can hold. Understanding how long each safe can hold from the previous section, it is advisable to know what else to consider when purchasing.

Check out some of those factors below.

Check out the components

All gun safes are not made with the same quality and, therefore, do not offer the same security level. Some are made of steel, and they have won the spot as one of the most reliable gun safes on the market.

Why’s that?

This is major because they are stronger and less susceptible to being tampered with and cannot be easily destroyed. This means you can confidently make use of such gun safes without being scared that your properties may be at risk.

There’s more:

Such gun safes also use these heavy-duty steel properties in main bolts and other live locking features.

So, before buying a fireproof gun safe, you should check out these properties. They would ensure that the best quality is obtainable.

Check for how it is mounted

How you mount the guns safe is an important factor that should be considered when buying a gun safe. Having troubles while installing the gun safe can be easily avoidable when they have predrilled mounting holes.

How does it work?

With these holes, you can place them in whatever location you need to place them without modifying the safe itself. All you need is to place the bolts in the holes and then screw them unto your desirable surface.

Some things should come with a gun safe that offers ease of installation. Firstly, it should come pre-drilled with holes for installation as well as the necessary mounting hardware. This consists of all the bolts and nuts and all used to fix it down in your chosen location.

That’s not all:

Check for how fast is the installation process. This has to do with if the gun safe comes preset for direct installation. Also, check out for the flexibility of installation as it is equally important. This has to do with all the various places that you can install or mount the gun safe in your safe. With this, you can choose when to conceal the safe in a wall during installation.

Consider the time frame

Based on this review, there are time limits to the strength of a fireproof gun safe. Some last longer than others and offer more features to help when there is an increase in temperature.

More on this:

There are gun safes that can be used and left in a fire for as long as two hours without the fire getting to your valuables. These are the most desirable in places that are prone to fire outbreaks. They give the rescuers enough time to get the safe out or for when invaders are using fire to try breaking into the safe.

What of the others?

Others offer less time than the others, and they have all been highlighted in this review. Some fireproof gun safes can only last for one hour, other thirty minutes, and there are even those that can only stay for twenty minutes.

So, when choosing a fireproof gun safe, you can check out the time limit and then get one that can serve you best. Note, the more time you get, the better it is.

Make sure it is secure

The rationale behind getting a gun safe in the first place is to ensure it can keep the thieves out. This is characterized by the locking system and other mechanisms that make it durable. Any gun safe that you are purchasing should be anti-pry and resistant to any sort of drilling or tampering.

Why should you look out for this?

When a gun safe doesn’t have any protective abilities for your guns, anyone can easily access the guns without your authorization. This could lead to many problems as you can easily lose your documents and other valuables kept even though you can handle losing the guns.

So, when picking out a suitable gun safe, check if it has protective brackets or heavy-duty components. Also, watch out for the locking mechanism to determine what sort of access is required to get into the safe. This could be biometric scanners, keypads, or manual keys, and some even use magnetic cards.

That’s not all:

You could check for designs that can easily pass off in the home. Just as you would see in the Diversion gun safe, it should be able to stay hidden. It would help if you went for how easily they can be concealed to avoid unwarranted information.

Go for enough space

This is a factor that has to be considered before making a choice of a fireproof gun safe. The gun safe’s size and capacity can aid in determining if it is fit for your particular use.

So, what should you check when buying?

Something very important to watch out for is the number of guns that you have to store safely at the time. When you have a large rifle with scopes, then it only proper that your gun safe has enough allowance to hold in the capacity.

Consider the price range

The price at which the fireproof gun safes are placed plays an important role in determining whether you can buy them. You have to ensure that it is within your financial means. However, from this review, you can get some of the cheap fireproof gun safe available with a remarkable level of security.

So, looking for an affordable gun safe?

There are some gun safes that you would find that are currently under $500, while in this review are less than $300 as well. From the different lists they offer, you can pick out the most suitable for your current budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a gun safe fireproof?

A gun safe can be tagged fireproof when it can withstand being placed in the fire for a certain period of time. This means that though the exteriors are on fire, the valuables placed in them are still comfortably placed. With this feature, if anything that doesn’t function well under intense temperatures, the safe protects it.

The temperature doesn’t increase to match the exteriors, and rather it stays cool until the time frame elapses. The carpeted gun safes are the ones that have this feature and are regarded as the best fireproof gun safes of 2022.

What is the highest time a fireproof gun safe can last?

According to this review, the highest any gun safe can last at the moment is one hour under fire. The firing temperature could be reaching 1850 degrees Fahrenheit and still not compromise. However, there are speculations of other gun safes being produced with higher time limits, but this is what is obtainable at the moment.


Gun safes that are fireproof are a great addition to the world of gun safes. They help ensure that your guns and valuables are protected even from fire and not just thieves. In this post are some of the best fireproof gun safes of 2022.