Ever had to use your pistol in the dark or in an area with little lighting? Pretty sure you were more busy fumbling all around you trying to find your target and staying safe than actually shooting at your target. To avoid such stressful and highly dangerous situations, many pistols and a variety of gun owners, in general, make use of tactical light to help guide their sight, improve range and enhance their capabilities, most especially in dark scenarios. For new gun owners, especially the Glock 19 owners, this piece shall adequately outline the best light for Glock 19 alongside everything else you might need to know. So let’s follow the light. 

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Top 5 Most Tactical and Effective Lights for Glock 19

1. Viridian Reactor TL Gen 2

The Viridian Reactor Tactical Light is so-called because of its core feature, a fast and uniquely automated light activation that allows you to, as the name implies, react to the threat and the surrounding around you in a matter of seconds. 

Aptly designed by Viridian, the Viridian reactor is a high-quality Thermo molded polymer made tactical light aptly designed to fit all handgun types, including, of course, the Glock 19, and it is also a very lightweight handgun light weighing 78 oz. 

One of the major things to look out for in the model is the ECR “Instant-on” ambidextrous IWB holster design that allows for a quick activation once drawn from the holster. 

In terms of Lumen, the model allows users to alternate between 100 lumens constant light mode and 140-lumen strobe modes. The lumen capacity is further enhanced with the horizontal light dispersion feature that stretches the light increasing the field of view of the user. 

In terms of performance, the Viridian Reactor TL Gen 2 Light powered by lithium battery offers options of 60 min of functionality in a constant light mode and 120 mins of light supply in strobe mode. And although the battery life isn’t as strong, the product comes along with a dual-color low battery indicator to alert users when the battery is going down.   


  • Features lightning speed activation with “instant-on technology
  • Feature a normal and a strobe mode
  • Includes an IWB holster
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Features a low battery indicator


  • Low lumen capacity
  • Short battery life could be improved


Considering the fact that the Viridian Reactor TL gen 2 Light is atop the list of the best budget pistol light models, it is also on the list of the Glock 19 lights with the smallest weight possible, allowing for easy usage without affecting the overall weight of the handgun itself. And although the life battery and lumen range are low, the quick React function it performs makes it quite exceptional in every way.

2. Streamlight 69241

The STREAMLIGHT Manufacturing Industry never tires of producing quality for all gun owners. The STREAMLIGHT 69241 TLR-4 is a one-of-a-kind model designed to make the usage of tactical light as easy and effective as possible. 

Designed for easy attachment and detachment, the 69241 TLR-4 model sports a rail-mounted design with a USP compact clamp. Asides from the easy installation design made primarily for H and K USP compact frame but with a great fitting for a Glock 19 model, the item also features an impact-resistant engineering polymer case body, a 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with a black anodized finish for the face cap and a Borofloat high temp glass lens. 

In addition to the badass ultra-lightweight and compact make, the TLR-4 model comes with the latest C4 LED technology and displays light using 125 Lumens and 5,000 candela beam intensity. The light is also coupled with a class 3R laser of 640-660Nm for long-range targeting. 

To activate the light, STREAMLIGHT TLR-4 includes an ambidextrous momentary/steady on and off switch with a 3 mode capacity for laser only, LED illumination only, and finally, a mode for both Laser and LED. 

In terms of reliability, the lithium battery powers the entire item providing a 1.5-hour functionality for the LED only, or the LED and Laser mode, while the Laser only mode runs for 11 hours straight. 

Finally, the model is both waterproof and shockproof thanks to the material construction, allowing users to enjoy the tactical for a long time.  And the icing on top of it all is the lifetime warranty that STREAMLIGHT offers over the TLR-4 model. 


  • Quick and effective attachment and detachment system
  • Quality material composition
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • A combination of high tech light and laser
  • Budget-friendly


  • Low Lumen range
  • The red light laser is not so easy to see


Considering the fact that STREAMLIGHT manufacturing company offers a wide variety of options, there is always the assurance of finding the best handgun weapon lights for every handgun user amongst their products. The TLR-4 model is one of those designed to make usage easy, and being while sporting an ambidextrous control feature, using making control settings while using your handgun is an easy feat to carry out without being destabilized.

3. Streamlight 69220 TLR-3

If you liked the idea of the STREAMLIGHT 69242 TLR-4 Tactical Light, but you would prefer to have yours without the laser light, then the STREAMLIGHT 69220 TLR-3 Tactical light is the right choice for you as unlike its TLR-4 counterpart, it includes a key kit for easy and long-lasting mounting to a variety of weapons. 

As a simple tactical light model, its features are a little bit beyond simple. Featuring a white light illuminator for a better and sharper vision of a C4 LED technology, the model offers a lighting capacity of 125 lumens with a 5,300 candela, all coupled with a textured parabolic reflector to produce a more concentrated beam, and not to forget the optimum peripheral illumination it provides. 

Another thing to consider which makes it very similar to the TLR-4 is the material construction. Made from impact-resistant engineering polymer construction alongside an anodized aluminum face cap with a Borofloat high temp glass lens, the TLR-3 model is both waterproof and shockproof. Ultimately despite the heavy-duty construction, the item is pretty lightweight, with a total weight of 2.32 ounces with batteries. 

This lightweight model is easily attachable and detachable with the help of a rail clamp design that firmly secures it to the side of the weapon. Moreover, the one-handed snap-on and tighten interface also helps to keep the user’s hands away from the muzzle when attaching and detaching the tactical light. 

Powered by a CR2 lithium battery, the TLR-3 is capable of lasting 1.5 hours and activated with the ambidextrous momentary/steady on and off switch. 


  • Easy attachment and detachment
  • Includes a key kit for mounting on a variety of weapons
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Powerful LED brightness display


  • No laser combo
  • No multiple mode setting


Simple, functional, and highly efficient with a top-notch brightness display level. These are some of the major features that outline the TLR-3 model. Asides from being a great Glock 19 tactical light, the fact that you can use it with any other handgun without having as much as to buy installation accessories makes it a big hit for small gun owners who own more than one gun. Plus, as a pocket-friendly choice, it sure offers a lot of perks without weighing you down financially.

4. Streamlight 69290 TLR-6

Want a Glock tactical light with laser in one single accessory? Well, you are in luck as the STREAMLIGHT 69290 TLR-6 is the perfect two-in-one gift for you. 

The STREAMLIGHT 69290 TLR-6 is the combination of a C4 LED illuminator with a 640-660nm red laser, thereby balancing the capacity to see with a better capacity to identify potential threats. 

As one of the best Glock light laser combo, this accessory offers three modes of operation, namely the laser only mode, the Laser/LED combo mode, and the LED illumination only mode, with each mode featuring a 10-min auto shut-off for battery conservation. All these are activated by the ambidextrous push-button located on both sides of the tactical light. In terms of brightness, the C4 LED illuminator features 100 lumens with a 2,000 Candela and an 89-meter beam distance; plus, the model has engineered parabolic reflectors that produce and provide a balance of beam and peripheral illumination to amplify the brightness. 

Made from impact-resistant polymer construction and being water-resistant, there is an assurance of durability, and to complement the material, the item weighs about 1.27 ounces with batteries, and being a model that mounts on the trigger guard installation is quite easy, thereby reducing any interference with the handgun. 

Battery-wise, the model is capable of running for 1 hour in LED only or LED/Laser combo mode, while it can last up to 11 straight hours in the laser only mode. This battery capacity is powered by 2 CR1/3N lithium batteries. These batteries are also easily replaceable from the mounted position on the Glock 19 without having to remove the light first.


  • Perfect light and laser combination
  • Features easily replaceable batteries
  • Easy installation on the trigger guard
  • Features auto shut-off function
  • Durable


  • Short battery life when in light mode
  • Lumen levels are low


As a combination model, the STREAMLIGHT 69290 TLR-6 with integrated Red Laser is a great choice for Glock 19 handgun users that require a little bit more focus and targeting. Asides from the two-in-one feature, the ambidextrous activation makes using the light a breeze. And the shock and waterproof feature embedded into it just adds a little spice to the entire mechanism, ensuring that you get to enjoy your tactical light for a very long time.

5. Streamlight 69410 TLR-8

As a well-known brand in the weapons accessory department, STREAMLIGHT has always prided itself with being a leading manufacturer of quality products and matching it with high-level affordability at all times. 

The STREAMLIGHT 69410 TLR-8 is not just any kind of Glock 19 tactical light; it is a mega combination of tactical light with a red laser engineered into a high-quality material composition. Designed with 6000 series aluminum with black anodized finish, high temp glass, and resistant polymer with elastomeric over-mold, the model is a high resistant tactical light accessory that is both water and impact resistant. 

To install, the lightweight (weighing 2.64 ounces) model utilizes a rail grip clamp design that allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment from the weapon.

When it comes to performance, the STREAMLIGHT 69410 TLR-8 With laser offers a C4 LED Technology model with 500 Lumens, a 4,300 Candela beam intensity, alongside 131 meters of beam distance and a 640-660nm red laser. The brightness function is further enhanced with the use of a custom TIR optic that produces a concentrated beam, thereby offering a wider field of view with prolonged illumination.

In addition to all this awesomeness, the 69410 model utilizes an ambidextrous and multi-functional switch used to activate any one of the 3 modes of Laser only, LED only, and Laser and LED mode. The tactical light runs on a CR123A lithium battery that lasts for 1.5 hours and 18 hours when on laser-only mode.  

To conserve the battery, the model also features a safe-off feature to prevent accidental activation. Finally, asides from the tactical light, you get an application guide, a warranty card, and a user manual. 


  • Offers dual functionality of tactical light and laser
  • Durably designed with high-quality material
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy installation with simple rail grip clamp system
  • Ambidextrous switch


  • Missing components
  • No low-battery power indicator


If you are on the lookout for a tactical light that is both powerful and highly functional, then this is the model for you. The STREAMLIGHT 69410 TLR-8 With laser offers a high-ended and technologically optimal functionality with a 3 mode setting, a highly resistant frame capable of resisting water, impact, and even chemicals. All that plus the super bright high performance it offers, all that goodness in one single highly affordable model.

Buying Guide 


No matter the capacity of the light you acquire, if it doesn’t fit your handgun size, then it’s a total waste. The first thing to consider when looking for the best light for Glock 19 is the fitting, which entails the right dimensions and configuration. Considering that our weapon of choice is the Glock 19 model and that there is not much space to attach accessories around it, ensure that the light is built to accommodate the model easily, with the rails fitting together nicely. 

Ensure that the fitting also does not in any way obstruct or affect your use of the handgun. Check to ensure you do not experience any form of obstruction with regards to pulling the trigger or balancing the gun right on your hand. 


As the major functionality of the light is to illuminate and brighten your surroundings enough for you to be able to identify your target as well as offer a good surrounding view, you need to consider the Lumen and the candela of the light you wish to purchase. 

For a Glock 19, the lumen range, which is the measurement of the volume of light, should be from 150 lumens upward, between 300-800 lumen. A 1000 lumen light might be bright enough to blind your target for your advantage, but it will also be disadvantageous to you. These are best for outdoor and open range areas where the light alone is enough to scare. 

Also, consider the candela of the light, which is the light’s capacity to extend beyond a range while still being effective, i.e., the measurement of the intensity of light. An effective pistol light should have about 11000+ candela spec. Coupling that with an 800-lumen range, you will be able to have a good short and long-range coverage with the same intensity of brightness. 


How durable is the tactical light you wish to acquire? When it comes to the material, the best handgun lights are made from polymer or aluminum, which are quite durable in their own ways and offer the guarantee of long usage. You can purchase a polymer tactical light but get one that has an aluminum rail attachment as that is often the weak spot of the polymer material. 

Another aspect of the construction is how it can withstand shock. Accidents are prone to happen with your handgun and the tactical light attached to it; how well can it withstand such accidents and still remain functional. You would want to purchase one that can withstand shock and abrasions at least to a certain level without compromising the functionality of the light. 

Asides from the material construction, also consider other factors like weather, especially the rain; a waterproof tactical light would go a long way in ensuring that your tactical light stays on and functions well even with water around. 

Control and Ease of Use 

Asides from fitting and range capacity, your Glock 19 light you would need must be easy to control and use, especially in urgent situations. 

Some lights make use of a mechanical switch panel to control the light functionalities, while others are automated. You will also find some models with more advanced features like an ERC Instant-on feature, momentary switches, and so on. 

While checking the control, also check how easy it is for you to access these switch or power buttons. If you are one of those with short fingers, you can get a pistol light with a large switch or one with a more sophisticated means of operation that won’t be difficult to operate. 

Laser or No Laser 

For handgun users that require or find the need for a tool to help improve target while shooting, then a laser should be a good companion of yours. And while there is little to no space to mount any accessories on a handgun, getting a Glock tactical light with a laser would be perfect. 

You not only get to see your surrounding, but you also have a great idea of where your target should be all in one. But note that you can do without the laser, but if you find the need to use it, getting a tactical light with both is a great option.

Laser beam range 

For those who would opt for the laser and light combo in one model, another feature to note is the laser beam range. As the point of the laser is to target objects, a long-range laser is a perfect option for you. 

While looking out for the lumen and candela, also access the laser beam range available in the tactical light, keeping in mind that the best pistol light with a laser is the one that offers long-range exposure. 


Most if not all Glock 19 and other handgun lights are powered by batteries. For your Glock weapons light types, it is best to go for the models with easily replaceable or easily rechargeable batteries. 

Being that you wouldn’t want your handgun light to go off while you are in an emergency situation, your best shot at batteries would be the rechargeable lithium batteries which often last longer and are free from swelling and leakages that could ruin your handgun light over time. 


Every gun needs a holster, and a gun with a tactical light also requires a holster. Before purchasing your pistol light, it’s paramount to assess how well it will fit into the holster with your gun. 

Ensure you have a tactical light that is holster friendly and easy to conceal. Luckily, there are more and more holsters for light-bearing pistols, so you don’t have to worry about not finding one.


Keeping in mind that there is a variety of weapon lights ranging from full size to compact light, and subcompact light, before buying one of those, you need to consider the weight factor each one possesses. 

While the full-size lights are known to be the most powerful with the longest beam ranges and powerful lumen and candela, they also add quite the weight. The compact lights on their part are designed to fit compact-sized guns like the Glock 19, with a perfect balance between weight and size for the gun type. And, of course, the subcompact lights are much smaller. 

The good thing is that the compact lights fit the Glock 19 model, but they also come in a variety of sizes. Choose the ones that are more lightweight to avoid their weights affecting your aim and shooting capacity as a whole, as these lights invariably add to the weight of the gun. 


Is it necessary to use a tactical light for my Glock 19? 

It isn’t necessary; it is vital to use and have a tactical light for your Glock 19. This is because they offer a better sight in dark or poorly illuminated areas allowing you to see a clearer picture and also help sharpen and enhance your capabilities when using your pistol. 

What are the top brands for tactical lights for Glock 19?

There are a variety of tactical light brands on the market, but the most popular amongst them for the Glock 19 model includes Streamlight, which is also popular with hunters as one of the manufacturers of the best blood tracking lights, SureFire which offers a wide variety of Glock 19 surefire models, Viridian, Olight, and Inforce. 

Are there rechargeable tactical lights?

Yes, there are rechargeable piston lights that feature USB ports to charge the lights,  and there are also those with rechargeable batteries which are the most common. Many models feature one or more rechargeable lithium batteries which are known to be more long-lasting and also easy to get.

Are Glock 19 lights expensive? 

Glock 19 lights and lights for handguns, in general, come with a variety of price tags. While some are often a bit more expensive than others, there are those that are budget-friendly. It all depends on what you are looking for. 

Final Thoughts 

Be it for self-defense or tactical purposes, accessorizing your Glock 19 with light would go a long way in helping you protect yourself and make better use of your weapon as no one wants to go in blind in an armed situation. 

With this piece on the best light for Glock 19, we do hope you can now make the perfect tactical light choice for your firearm to light the way easily at any instance. So are you ready to light things up?