Accurate and precise information is requisite to getting the best products for the right purposes, especially when navigating online shops. 

This doesn’t exclude anything at all, from beauty products to tech gadgets; blood tracking flashlights are not excluded as well. 

You’ve been surfing the internet for quite a while to get the best blood tracking flashlights, right?  Take a relief breath as I present you with a list of the best blood tracking flashlights that you can order online with features to look out for when choosing a blood tracking flashlight.

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7 Best Blood Tracking Flashlight in 2022

1. iProtec Night Commander

iProtec Night Commander Blood Tracker flashlight is one of the best options from the list of blood tracking flashlights you can opt for.  Like most blood tracking headlamps, It has a compact cylindrical vertical design. However, it features a magnetic base to fit properly onto surfaces to enable hands-free light- isn’t that awesome? You could fix it upon any surface where the light could beam towards the direction you want while you lay your hands on other things.  It is light-weighted for easy carriage, plus it doesn’t cost much compared to the great features that come with it.


  • Compactly designed for easy handling
  • 4-in-1 LED with 250 adjustable lumen spotlight
  • Graded floodlight modes of a spot, blue, red, and blood light for tracking deer
  • A maximum 6 hours runtime in the blue mode
  • An anodized aluminum coat that makes it water and impact resistant
  • Light-weighted and also has a belt-grip for easy carriage
  • The magnetic base that allows it to cling unto surfaces, thus allow hands-free light
  • A movable light head that could be easily turned in varying directions
  • Rubber skin that stops it from slipping off your hand.
  • The floodlight has a reachable distance of 113 meters


  • Maximum runtime is only about 6 hours


iProtec Night Commander Blood Tracker Light is very suitable for military purposes.

2. Police Security Trac Tact

Police Security Trac Tact 2AA Flashlight is a complete package because of the great features that come with it. It is a perfect choice for gaming activities since it can transit between 5 modes of brightness, including violet light.  Its highest brightness mode is at 280 lumens and with a reachable distance of 100 meters.  


  • Gives off a powerful beam
  • It has a high mode brightness of 280 lumen
  • It has a runtime of up to 5 hours
  • The rays could travel maximally up to a distance of 100 meters
  • It has transitions between five modes of brightness, namely: high, low, flash, red, and blood tracker
  • Violet and night vision modes make spotting wounded games easy
  • Transition between the five modes of brightness is easy and seamless
  • Made up off of durable aluminum that ensures that it is weather resistant
  • 2AA police alkaline batteries


  • The beam could only extend over a reachable distance of only 100 meters


This is one of the best blood tracking lights for gaming and hunting activities.

3. uvBeast V3

The UV beast V3 is scale breaking. It comes with outstanding, upgraded, and additional features that will leave you astonished. It produces beams with higher intensity and runs on rechargeable batteries.


  • Delivers powerful UV beam than the 100 LEDs
  • It gives about triple of 1.2 A 100 LEDs
  • The UV radiance reach covers more than 70 feet in distance
  • Runs on rechargeable batteries that double that of 18650 lithium-ion
  • Uses SMD technology: as opposed to the double inline casing in the 100 LED versions; this has enabled it to deliver more intense UV


  • Comes with a relatively high purchase price


The UV beast is an excellent choice for industrial use, raw material sourcing, and hygiene monitoring.

4. Odepro KL52 Plus

The Odepro KL52 Plus flashlight comes with rare features such as adjustable focus, stress-resistant, and ruggedness. It features a scope manipulation function in terms of coverage and distance; zooming out allows the beam to reach a great distance up to 1350 feet. Thus it could be used as a spotlight, and zooming out makes the light flood over a wide area.  


  • Adjustable focus, enabling usage as spotlight and floodlight because it allows you to zoom in and zoom out its beam
  • Features four different LED modules of red, green, white, and IR850 nm lights
  • It is the weather, water, and shock-resistant
  • Intelligent and smart remote switch that allows you to turn it on and off seamlessly
  • It comes with a 18650 x2 rechargeable battery


  • The torch may be a bit loose when zoomed in


Odepro KL52Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight is suitable for any hunting condition.

5. EdisonBright Nitecore SRT7GT

The EdisonBright Nitecore is another flashlight with great features; it comes with anodized aluminum skin to prevent scratch and rust. Its brightness could be adjusted infinitely from 0.5 to 1000 lumen. It also has four transition color mode (blue, green, red, and ultraviolet). 


  • The brightness level could be adjusted infinitely between 0.5 to 1000 lumens
  • Features anodized aluminum body that helps against rust and scratches
  • Comes with four transition modes of blue, green, red, and ultraviolet
  • It comes with a rechargeable Nitecore 18650 battery, a pair of EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries, and a very compatible i2 charger
  • Features a U-shaped tail cap that prevents accidental activation
  • Ingress protection rating of IPX8 it is waterproof


  • It comes at a very high cost


This kind of flashlight is appropriate for meticulously disorienting targets and threats in hunting activities.

6. Ulako Single 1 Mode Zoomable

When next are you going for your next night fishing? You might want to add the Ulako Flashlight to your stock of fishing tools. This single blue mode flashlight is one of the best fishing flashlights that helps you detect night floats through its powerful blue beam. Giving a concentrated view of its blue mode ensures that you do not disturb your unsuspecting prey. You can get them right on the hook when they least expect it!


  • Single-mode powerful flood blue light
  • An adjustable focus that can be zoomed in or out to maximum coverage of 150 yards
  • It could be powered by one 14500 or AA battery, though it is best powered with the former
  • The body is made of durable aluminum casing material
  • Its weight is not more than 59g, thus ensuring easy handling


  • The 14500 or AA battery with which it is powered does not come with the bundle


It is an excellent option for hunting, fishing, and night vision.

7. BESTSUN LED Tactical Flashlight

It would be best if you considered getting the BETSUN LED flashlight for your next hunting. It is just an ideal Flashlight for stalking your games without sending the slightest of signals.  Their red/green lights are very proficient in tracking their prey without them noticing at all. It also comes with other great features that will surprise you.


  • It has three light modes of green, red, and white
  • It is very proficient in viewing the road in darkness and for tracking preys at night
  • Made of a high-quality aluminum body that makes it very durable and long-lasting
  • Designed for rugged conditions such as heavy rain and snowfall
  • It is small and could be slipped freely into the pocket
  • It gives off a maximum output of 250 lumens light beams
  • Powered by one 18650 Rechargeable Battery or three of such AAA battery


  • The bundle does not come with the batteries


Bestsun lead flashlights are one of the best tracking flashlights for hunting. It has a green and red mode that produces a powerful beam, allowing you to keep detailed track of your prey without disturbing them or them noticing at all.

How To Choose the Best Blood Tracking Flashlight: Step by step guide to finding your ideal light.

Don’t know what blood tracking flashlight to buy? Have no clue what’s useful and what’s not? Welcome to the guide for you.

Blood tracking flashlights are of no less importance in night hunting than the bullets and arrows you need to bring down your targets. 

It can be the difference between getting away clean or going home with a deer. It helps to keep track of blood trails of your wounded games. 

Here is a quick summary of some of the most crucial factors you need to consider when choosing a blood tracking flashlight for your next hunting trip.  

1. Price Versus Budget 

Your budget with the price tags on the flashlights is one of the most crucial indices you need to consider when you want to opt for a particular flashlight. It is necessary to consider the price of the blood tracking flashlights against their specific functions and features while also their affordability.  Although with flashlights like other products, higher prices come with higher functionality, and extra features come with more costs. However, you can only go for as much as you can afford. 

2. Light Output

The light output is the brightness of the light that the flashlights deliver. It is measured in lumen. This is a crucial index with which flashlights are compared with one another as it varies from flashlight to flashlight.

Generally, blood tracking flashlights deliver very bright beams needed for night vision and tracking of wounded games from a great distance.  

3. Beam Distance

This is the maximum distance that the light from the flashlight can reach before it finally disappears. The beam distance varies considerably from flashlights to flashlights.  For most blood tracking flashlights, the beam distance is usually more than 100 meters. 

4. Material Make-up 

The make-up material also distinguishes flashlights from flashlights.  This is very important as it ensures ruggedness and durability

Some flashlights are water and snow resistant. Other types have a magnetic base to fix them onto surfaces to allow hands-free; all these balls down to material composition.

5.  Battery Type

The type of battery that powers a specific flashlight is quite necessary as well. Some flashlights run on rechargeable batteries like the 18650 batteries. The one with the rechargeable batteries may be quite expensive but are grossly cost-saving over time since you do not need to buy new batteries day in or out.

6. Available Modes

When you plan on going hunting, you never know what will happen. You want to be prepared for any situation, and that’s why you always need a flashlight with multiple modes with you because anything can happen while you are in the field.

In some flashlights for blood tracking, the brightness mode choice will be standard mode, low mode, high mode, SOS, and strobe mode of different colors. Others may go as high as 6 to 12 different brightness settings. The important thing is there are enough settings variations that you won’t have to fiddle with your light during critical hunting situations.

The most effective flashlights for hunting and blood tracking are ones that use a single-button design to power the device on and off. One-button access makes it easy to quickly switch from regular power to SOS or strobe for more light.

7. Accessories

A blood tracking flashlight is versatile and packed with extra accessories for the wild. Such accessories may include an O-ring, belt holsters for easy mobility, charging bay, extra batteries, USB cables, and more.

The accessories are often vital for survival. These kits provide you with extra batteries, extra bulbs, and even clamps that can be attached to the flashlight. There are kits with a carabiner for some extra strength so you can easily clip it on your belt. There are also many cases and holsters for the flashlight itself if you’re unsure where to store or how to carry it.

So when you are purchasing a flashlight for blood tracking in the wild and not just for domestic activities, it is a great add-on to consider one with an extra accessory component.


1. What is a blood tracking flashlight?

They are powerful blood trail flashlights used to keep track of blood trails of your wounded game. They deliver powerful colored beams that sketch out blood traces left behind by the animals you shot at from a great distance.

2. How durable are blood tracking flashlights?

They are made up of sturdy, stress-free, and water-resistant materials such as anodized aluminum, built for very rugged conditions, so be sure of their durability.

3. Do blood tracking flashlights work in daylight?

Most blood tracking flashlights are designed to work effectively at night. However, some flashlights can still detect blood trails even in daylight. Blue light can help find blood trails against the brownish leaves and woods, while green light is best used at night. It enhances night vision, increases contrast, and is less visible to animals. Also, red light enhances human vision and appears less spooky to animals.


Blood tracking flashlights are essential tools when going for your next hunting.  You shouldn’t waste a shot only to leave behind a wounded deer loitering around the wilds while you go home empty-handed without your spoils. 

Now that you have all the information on how to purchase your best flashlight, buy one and keep tracking!