Some accessories can be helpful if you have pistols. Different hunters have their preference as to when they love to hunt. Some prefer very early in the morning before the day is bright, while some prefer nighttime – they believe animals are more vulnerable at this time. Both situations require the best budget pistol light for effective aiming.

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Top Ten Best Budget Pistol Light Choices 

Choosing the most appropriate pistol light which is affordable could be a tough call for different reasons. However, here are recommendations for the best budget pistol light. 

1. Anker Super Bright Tactical Flashlight

Anker Super Bright Tactical Flashlight is a rechargeable yet zoomable light. The super bright light has about 900 lumens which can provide light for a 200 m wide field. It can be zoomed from narrow to wide beams. 

There are 5 adaptable settings of this tactical flashlight – low, medium, high, SOS, and strobe. The flashlight has a rechargeable battery that is 3350mAh. As a result, it can produce powerful light while the brightness does not diminish. 

The lifespan of the LED can extend to about 50000 hours. You only need 6 hours to fully recharge the flashlight. You can recharge it via its Micro USB cable or 1A adapter. 

Another encouraging feature about this affordable flashlight is that it is tough and sturdy. It is designed to be water-resistant such that the user can use it during heavy rain. Its body is made from aluminum which makes it resistant to shock while it can survive rough external conditions. 

Its grip is firm and does not slip. Its size is so small that it can fit perfectly into a pocket. It has an emergency lamp at its end. 

Also, there is a rope at the end, which one can wear around the wrist as one grabs the flashlight. Its lightweight makes it a perfect choice if you want to get a pistol light. 


  • Lightweight and pocket-friendly
  • Can survive harsh conditions and rough handling
  • Affordable with non-slip body
  • Easily rechargeable in a short period


  • One may need to buy a 1A adapter to its charging port


Anker Super Bright Tactical Flashlight is a good option of light one can use alongside a pistol. It is a common choice for hunters or policemen during nighttime.

2. Aimkon HiLight Lumen Pistol LED Flashlight

Aimkon Hilight P105 500 Lumen Pistol LED Strobe Flashlight is a battery-powered flashlight. The body of the flashlight is designed from aluminum – this material helps its durability and resistance to rain. The dimension of the item is 3 by 1 by 1.5 inches. 

It has a detachable mount that can fit barrel handguns like g19. The 500 Lumen flashlight is brighter than other flashlights in its category. Just like you can easily use the trigger of your gun, it is easy to activate the strobe of the flashlight. 

It is a lightweight flashlight that has been proven to be able to resist harsh weather conditions. You can use it for recreational, personal, or even work purposes. The strobe can blind animals and make it easy to hunt them down. 

Also, hunters used to hold down people such that they could not move until they were interrogated and declared safe to move. Its level of brightness is optimum and quite rewarding for its price. More so, the flashlight has a great level of accuracy. 

The mounting system makes it easy to attach or detach a pistol or other suitable handguns. 


  • Great light for nighttime purposes
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can survive harsh weather conditions
  • Easy to attach and detach the mount


  • Mount is not fixable if it damages


Aimkon Hilight P105 500 Lumen Pistol LED Strobe Flashlight is one of the, if not the very best budget weapon light that will perfectly fit your gun. It is a top option for the majority.

3. Klarus EP10 V2 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Klarus EP10 V2 Rechargeable LED Flashlight is a very bright choice of LED flashlight. Its high power can produce beams of light that cover about 200 meters. It has two switches on its sides. There is a strobe switch if there are emergency cases. 

The control surfaces are large, as this makes it easy to independently control the flashlight. The grip area allows the user has a firm grip even if he uses a pair of gloves. The flashlight is a friend of the police. 

The body is made from aluminum alloy. This material makes it able to survive abrasion, corrosion, and shock. The thickened body of the flashlight helps it to have great quality and is resistant to water. 

It is USB Type C compatible for fast charging. This type of charger means you can charge it using a computer, USB socket, phone adapter, and power bank. This convenience supports it use for vacation, outdoor, or even indoor events.

The charging port is not exposed when one is not charging the flashlight. It is dustproof, waterproof, and resistant to corrosion. These features all make the flashlight a durable option. 

It can be your faithful companion under the heavy rain because the light is not affected by water. It has a bezel on its head, which can be used for self-defense or break the glass. Beyond doubt, it has a great value for money. 

There are four different light modes of the flashlight – you can use the mode that is more appropriate for your situation. You can gift it to people that you know enjoy camping or are often out at night. It is not a bad idea to always have it in cars as it may be the illumination tool for your car if it breaks down at nighttime. 

It is a 6 inches item. Without the battery, the weight is 175g. the complete flashlight package comes as:

  1. A tactical flashlight 
  2. A battery 
  3. A charging cable (USB type C) 
  4. 1 spare O-ring 
  5. A Klarus Lanyard 
  6. A manual guide for the user 


  • Strong, affordable, and reliable
  • Multifunctional and affordable
  • Easy charging option
  • A great gift idea


  • It cannot be charged with another type of USB type


Klarus EP10 V2 Rechargeable LED Flashlight is one of the best pistol light under $50. Its lightweight makes it easy to hold it alongside your pistol.

4. X.Store 2 Pack Tactical Flashlight

X.Store 2 Pack Tactical Flashlight With Rail Mount is a tactical flashlight with a very bright beam of light. It can supply light to an entire room or even a large backyard. You can zoom in and out for the flashlight to have a far-reaching implication. 

The rechargeable battery is as high as 2800mAh. With a USB cord, you can fully charge the flashlight, which can use over 5 hours in its low mode. It always guarantees safety as it is a reliable option.

The metal is sturdy and resistant to water. It is made from well-built water, which helps to survive unpleasant weather conditions. It features five lighting modes which are low, medium, high, SOS, and strobe. You can switch to any mode you desire as it is easy to control. 

It has an ergonomic handle and strap, which you can wrap around your wrist. It is designed from a great quality rubber material, which makes it last longer. It has both hunting and emergency light. It is a perfect fit for weaver rails and Picatinny. 

The switch control is easy to turn on and off. The USB port supports the easy charging of the light. The green light indicates that the flashlight is fully charged. On the other hand, the red light is a sign of low power. 


  • Easy to use and recharge
  • Sturdy material and resistant to water
  • Five modes of light
  • Has straps and ergonomically designed


  • Damaged screws can mean one needs to buy a new one


X.Store 2 Pack Tactical Flashlight With Rail Mount is a LED flashlight that is powered by its battery. It produces 4000 lumens which makes it produce bright light.

5. HiLight P3X 500 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

HiLight P3X 500 Lumen Rechargeable Strobe LED Flashlight for Sub-Compact Pistols is powered by a rechargeable battery. Its run time is approximately 75 minutes if used on strobe modes or steady light. Its control tabs are ambidextrous such that it is easier for anyone to easily turn off and on the LED flashlight. 

It is easy to use the flashlight by only pressing for a while for the strobe to be in action. You can always alternate between the strobe and steady mode. Its dimension is about 2.0” in length and has a weight of 1.2 Oz.

Nevertheless, it is not compatible with all types of pistols. If you are getting it for your pistol, you should measure the size of your pistol to know if HiLight P3X 500 Lumen Rechargeable Strobe LED Flashlight for Sub-Compact Pistols is the perfect option for you. If your pistol is a minimum of 28mm, you are good to go. 

The common color of the product is black. Beyond all controversy, it is a cheap pistol light with great efficiency. 


  • Lightweight, affordable, and durable
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Rechargeable


  • If you do not measure your pistol correctly, you can get the wrong size


HiLight P3X 500 Lumen Rechargeable Strobe LED Flashlight for Sub-Compact Pistols is a great recommendation for hunters who know the size of their pistols and need a flashlight as their accessories.

6. HiLight P3XL 300 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight

HiLight P3XL 300 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight & Green Laser Sight Combo for Subcompact Pistols is a combo of flashlight and laser for pistols. However, it is peculiar to pistols that have Picatinny rail. Hence, it is better to know the distance that exists between your Clear Space or trigger guard and the groove of the rail. 

If the size is more than 30mm, the pistol is appropriate for the flashlight. It has two holes for mounting based on the size of the pistol. Nevertheless, the package only comes with a mounting bolt. 

It is important to say that the flashlight and laser share the same power source – an inbuilt battery. If the flashlight is in use, the runtime of the flashlight can be as high as an hour. The user can change the output of the flashlight from strobe to steady by long-pressing the button then the required time. 

The weight of the flashlight is 1.8 Oz. It is easy to install a flashlight. Its level of brightness is encouraging – same as its green laser; it has a great level of accuracy. One sure fact is that its value for money is great. 

Although the light is low profile, it is a great tool for hunters who love hunting their games at night. Also, the combo of the light with a laser makes it a top choice for police that prioritizes home defense. 


  • The weight makes it compatible with a pistol
  • Easy to install the flashlight with a pistol
  • One can alternate between the strobe and steady light
  • Affordable, sturdy, and reliable


  • It might be hard to install for beginners
  • Not useful for pistols smaller than the required size


HiLight P3XL 300 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight & Green Laser Sight Combo for Subcompact Pistols is a combo of two features with great value for money.

7. Streamlight Weapon Mounted Tactical Light

Streamlight 69220 TLR-3 Weapon Mounted Tactical Light with Rail Locating Keys is an adorable item that is a combo of lightweight and LED technology. Its mode of control is ambidextrous as it can be steadily turned on and off with a single snap. 

Unlike many other types of budget pistol light that are picky with size, Streamlight 69220 TLR-3 Weapon Mounted Tactical Light with Rail Locating Keys can perfectly fit a large arrange of weapons. Its light is low, but the value for money is encouraging. 

If in use, the battery can supply a high intensity of light for over an hour. It has a rail clamp that makes it have a great user experience when it comes to fixing or detaching the weapon. Its LED light gives a powerful light that can blind hunting games. 

Its reflector is intense as it illuminates dark places. It is designed from a strong material that enables it to survive tough weather conditions. In addition, it is waterproof and can be used during heavy rain. 

Basically, there are three models of Streamlight TLR-3. They include;

  1. Streamlight 69220 TLR-3 Tactical light with Rail Mounting Keys 
  2. Streamlight 69221 TLR-3 Tactical light with Compact Clamp 
  3. Streamlight 69222 TLR-3 Tactical light with Full Clamp 

All models are powerful despite their lightweight. They produce super-light pistols. It is a great additional accessory for any hunter. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Accommodates a wide range of pistols
  • Ambidextrous on and off switch
  • Durable and can survive harsh conditions


  • Duration to use light is low


Streamlight 69220 TLR-3 Weapon Mounted Tactical Light with Rail Locating Keys is a professional option. Although the price may not be pocket-friendly, it remains a top choice.

8. TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight

STREAMLIGHT 69284 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight 100 Lumen with Integrated Red Aiming Laser is a battery-powered flashlight that is a top choice for pistols. The flashlight is designed to perfectly fit Sauer p365. 

Its lithium batteries are replaceable such that there is always a source of light on the gun. The lumens of the gun can be as high as 100. The flashlight can produce high illumination because of its parabolic reflector. 

It is a strong choice with high resistance and durability. There is an attachment that one can use to fasten the flashlight with a pistol. It has both right and left-hand switches for quick operation. There are three modes of light – they are light only, laser, and dual-mode. 

Its red aiming laser can be used to target games that are far off. It comes with adjustment screws for its elevation and windage. The light has a removable cover that makes it easy to detach or attach the light. With the batteries, the weight of the flashlight can be as high as 32 grams. 

If it is in dual light mode, the flashlight can be used for about an hour. The package kit comes with a TLR-6 and lithium batteries that are easily replaced. 


  • Strong light with laser for long-range
  • Ambidextrous control of switches
  • Batteries are replaceable
  • Produces up to 100 Lumen


  • Price is not pocket friendly
  • Designed specifically for a type of gun
  • The light does not exceed an hour


STREAMLIGHT 69284 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Flashlight 100 Lumen with Integrated Red Aiming Laser is a top-tier pistol light. It is easy to attach and detach.

9. Olight PL-Mini 2 LED Tactical Flashlight

Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie 600 Lumens CW LED Tactical Flashlight is a tactical flashlight with rechargeable batteries. It has an adjustable rail that allows one to be able to make it at any length that is compatible with several pistols. Its maximum lumen can be as high as 600. 

600 lumens can cover as many grounds as 100 meters. The mounting system makes it easy to release or attach the flashlight to a gun. It has switches which one can long-press for a while or press down to switch the light on or off. 

The battery is in-built and can be charged via its magnetic charging port, which is at the end of the light. Its performance is huge. The length is about 2.07 inches. 

You can fix the flashlight to the pistol with screws that are in the package. It is convenient to charge the flashlight by linking the magnetic cable with direct light. 


  • Easy to use and charge
  • Compatible with many pistols
  • Easy to attach and detach


  • Hard to replace the battery


Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie 600 Lumens CW LED Tactical Flashlight may not be a pocket-friendly option, but it is compatible with several guns.

10. Streamlight High Lumen Rail Mounted Tactical Light

Streamlight High Lumen Rail-Mounted Tactical Light is a good LED technology flashlight. Its brightness can be as high as 1000 Lumens. It is designed to be unaffected by shock or abrasion and can be as durable as over 50,000 hours. 

Its level of illumination can lighten up a dark room or an alley. It is easy to identify an object or person with its pattern lights. It is a compact yet lightweight tactical light that uses a lithium battery as the power source.

There is a battery door that does not allow the battery to fall off. Also, the door makes it convenient to replace the battery. It is the right flashlight for a pistol or handgun.

Its battery types are the common lithium batteries. Amazingly, you can store them for as high as 8 years. It has a rail grip which serves as the clamp system used to detach and attach the flashlight to your gun without needing any tool.  

You can fit this tactical light into any holster that bears light. Its switch is ambidextrous. You only need two lithium batteries which are easy to replace if the current ones run out. It can survive unfavorable conditions like abrasion, shock, or harsh weather conditions. 

Due to the many years of experience of the company, their designs are to help hunters have a better hunting experience, and this is supported with this innovation, Streamlight High Lumen Rail-Mounted Tactical Light. 

It is available in different colors like black and earth brown. It guarantees a long period of warranty – as long as one’s lifetime. 


  • Replaceable lithium batteries
  • Bright enough to light up a dark place
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and resistance to abrasion


  • It can contain harmful chemicals


Streamlight High Lumen Rail-Mounted Tactical Light is an adorable innovation that produces great light. It is a top option if you are looking for the best budget pistol light.

Buying Guide 

There are important factors that any buyer should consider before going ahead to buy a budget pistol light. The factors help to choose appropriately. Some of these factors include;

The brightness of the flashlight 

The brightness of the flashlight is a big factor to consider before buying a pistol light. Since the goal is to illuminate dark places, it is better to buy a flashlight with a great level of brightness. There are different Lumens to pick from. 

Any lumen that is as high as 1000 lumen is bright enough for a dark room or alley. Also, some flashlights have a laser that helps for long-range focus. There are different modes for a flashlight too. Some have three, while others have five.

The modes have different levels of brightness. The major modes are low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS. Be sure about all these features and choose the flashlight that perfectly suits your desire. 

The durability of the flashlight 

Durability is another important factor to consider before buying a flashlight. No one wants to buy a flashlight today and buy another one tomorrow – that is tiring and can be frustrating. The frustration is in addition to the extra money spent on another flashlight. 

Also, a durable flashlight is needed because it must be able to survive unfavorable weather conditions. You may have to use the flashlight alongside your gun inside the rain. Sometimes, the flashlight needs to be durable if you are going camping or other outdoor events. 

Many flashlights are designed to withstand shocks, abrasions, and harsh conditions. 

Size of the flashlight 

The size of the flashlight is important because you do not want something bigger than your pistol. Also, not all pistols can perfectly fit into all flashlights. Hence, it is better to be sure of the size of the flashlight and if it will properly fit your pistol. 

Also, you should measure your pistol to know the most accurate size of its flashlight. 

Power source 

The power source of the flashlight determines how convenient it is to have a fully charged flashlight. Basically, there are two ways to provide power to your flashlight. These are;

Replaceable batteries:

Replaceable batteries are easy to get. Also, one can go with as many of them as possible whenever it is time to hunt. However, buying the batteries means extra money. Oftentimes, the replaceable batteries are Lithium batteries.

Rechargeable batteries:

Other types of flashlights that do not use lithium batteries have rechargeable batteries. They come with a USB port or charging terminals which makes them easy to connect to another source of light. 

The good side of flashlights that use rechargeable batteries is that they last longer, and one can easily use a power bank to boost them when they are low. The bad side of these flashlights is that a damaged port is the end of the flashlight, and one may need to replace it with a new flashlight. 

Price of the flashlight 

Affordability is always a big factor before making any purchase. It is important to be sure how much the flashlight costs before buying it. Everyone would agree that it does not have to be expensive to deliver top-notch quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are frequently asked questions many buyers of the best budget pistol light ask. Some of these questions include;

What are the best budget lights for Glock 19?

Getting the best budget light for Glock 19 does not have to be difficult. The reason is that they are very common pistols due to their accuracy. However, you need to have basic knowledge about flashlights before buying one for your pistols. 

You can use the buying guide above to choose the best light for your Glock 19. However, ensure your choice supplies sufficient light that makes identifying games and targets easier. Go for tactical lights that support your accuracy with proper vision. 

How do I get the best blood tracking light? 

Getting the best blood tracking light is great for a hunter. It is possible to lose sight of a deer after shooting one. Getting a good blood tracking light will help to recover the game rather than let it go. There are affordable options that are powerful tracking lights. 

What are the best handgun weapon lights? 

Handgun weapon lights are necessary accessories for home defenders and hunters who need to see through the dark to identify their targets. The lights can determine how safe or rewarding their efforts could be. Hence, it becomes important to always get the best handgun weapon lights.

How will I know the best light for my pistol? 

Once you know the size of your handgun, you can add its light to it. Some flashlights come with laser combos to make identifying distant targets easy. Hence, it is important to know which of the option works best before one goes ahead to buy the best light for their pistol.

Also, the list of products above is reliable recommendations you can explore. 

What are the best spotlights available in 2022? 

Spotlights are necessary for different situations. Any emergency can arise, and it may need light. It could be to fix a car, replace a bad wheel, search for a missing animal, or any other outdoor activity. These reasons and more call for the need for a spotlight. 

They provide high illumination that makes it easy to see through dark places. A good spotlight should last long, consume low power, and be resistant to shock. 


As a house defender, hunter, or policeman, you need a source of illumination with your pistol at low-light conditions. Hence, it becomes inevitable to purchase the best budget pistol light that suits your pistol. You need them to stay safe and be able to defend properly.