If you love hunting, it is without a doubt that you would cherish and value every hunting tool you use. It is essential you have other accessories like the best arrow rest in addition to your basic hunting tools. Hence, this content contains some top recommendations of high-quality arrow rest.

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Top 10 Best Arrow Rest You Can Choose From 

It is important to note that these products are recommendations, and you can choose the product that appeals best to you. Also, they were not highlighted based on their priority but according to their price. Now, let us delve into each product and the necessary information about them. 

1. The Little Green Change Arrow Rest

3 PCS Arrow Rest for Compound Bow Hunting is an affordable compound bow rest. It comes in customized support for the bow grip and the installed arrow. The significance of the rest is to preserve the life of the bow arrow. 

The material for this type of rest is plastic. There is a self-adhesive backrest that helps to stabilize and hold the compound bow together. You should fasten the rests in a manner that the antenna is under the hole of the bolt. 

The right hand can take advantage of the arrow rest in several ways. The arrow rest are ideal equipment for both beginners and professionals as it takes their shooting experience a step closer to perfection. Unlike an arrow support rest holder, the arrow rest has a more practical use as it gives the best results. 

They help to achieve more precision, efficiency, and effective execution when one shoots. In addition, the rests are made from strong plastic materials. The plastic type of material confers on it the advantage of durability and reliability.

The weight of the item is 0.02 pounds, and it comes in the common black color. 


  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Designed with plastic material which makes it durable
  • Easy to install and great value for money
  • Encouraging level of adhesion


  • Zero level of flexibility


3 PCS arrow rest for compound bow Hunting is a good collection of accessories you can get for your bowhunting equipment.

2. Magic & Shell Arrow Rest

Magic & Shell Arrow Rest 4PCS Plastic Archery Arrow Rest is a reliable arrow rest for a compound bow that is made of black plastic. This type of arrow rest is a right-handed type that can be fixed by attaching the stick to the bow. 

This product features arrow racks and a plastic bow that provide enough support to the bow handles. The support helps the bow to preserve its life. The composite arrow and bow stand are high-quality backrests to fix your arrows. 

It is a suitable accessory for both beginners and experienced shooters. Its wide variety makes you enjoy your shooting and hunting at any level. The arrow and bow racks provide more convenience if compared with the magnet arrow rack. 

It is designed to attain the best results, and you would enjoy efficiency, accuracy, and convenience. The frame of the bow is made from high-strength material. It can survive over 1000 arrows when all conditions are normal. 

The weight of the item is 0.03 kg. The accessory sticks properly to your bow, making it a perfect choice for your hunting or shooting purpose. You can surprise someone, especially children, with this on their special days. 


  • Affordable and durable
  • High-quality backrest
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect as a gift to encourage shooters


  • Sticks can become stiff


Magic & Shell Arrow Rest 4PCS Plastic Archery Arrow Rest is an easy purchase because it comes at an affordable cost.

3. Archery Bow Brush Capture Arrow Rest

Archery Bow Brush Capture Arrow Rest has unique effectiveness from other products. Without a doubt, it is one of the best arrow rest for hunting. Another astonishing feature of this product is that it is ambidextrous; it works perfectly for both right and left hands. 

Its major features are; 

  1. Containment for total arrow 
  2. Little (sometimes no) fletch damage 
  3. Horizontal and vertical adjustment 
  4. Lowers friction 
  5. Perfect for both left and right hand 

The product has a brush capture arrow rest. The weight of the item is 0.18 pounds. Its level of adhesion is encouraging. 

In addition to the above advantage the item provides, it is easy to install as it has good value for money. It helps to achieve the desired accuracy in shooting. 


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent function and operation
  • Lightweight and great level of adhesion
  • Perfect for both left and right hand


  • Could be fragile


Archery Bow Brush Capture Arrow Rest is a top option for a shooter who fancies both right and left hand or uses one of the two.

4. HRCHCG Black Stainless Steel Arrow Rest

Commonly, people love to gift HRCHCG Black Stainless Steel Arrow Rest to encourage a beginner in their just starting hunting experience. It is more appropriate for individuals who use their right hand even though left shooters can use it too. You would love to get it as its price is affordable. 

This item is easy to install as it glues properly when placed on the bow. The arrow rest is made of magnetic such that it delivers optimum results. The material makes it a durable piece as the package contains 3 items. 

The thickness of the item is 2 mm. The weight of the item is 0.01 kg. 


  • Easy to install
  • Made of magnet to last long in effect
  • Price is affordable


  • It could be extremely fragile


HRCHCG Black Stainless Steel Arrow Rest is an easy to adjust accessory which is easy to clean.

5. Karnage Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

Karnage Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest is a dependable item that has stood the test of time. It is made from quality materials such that you would love its reliability. The product has been in vogue for almost two years. 

The rest is safe as it can be suitable for all kinds of hunters at all levels. It is a right-handed bow that you can easily fit into your right-handed bow. You can also make corrections easily using effective reference marks and advanced windage adjustment. 

It’s level of strength is encouraging if compared with past models. This latest model is encased in a composite material. You can load silent arrows using rubber boots. The weight of the item is 0.09 kilograms. Its color is brown. 


  • Reliable, affordable, and unquestionably durable
  • Great level of consistency down the years
  • Can be ambidextrous


  • Bristles could be fragile


Karnage Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest is a dependable item that has been a friend of different hunters down the years and even till this time.

6. Trophy Ridge Arrow Rest

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest is a popular arrow rest and one of the most sought choices for many hunters. It is the best arrow rest for hunting. It has a mount design that is perfect for both right and left-handed bows which is reversible. 

You can easily correct it using elevation adjustments and advanced windage. You can increase the strength by storing it in composite-encased biscuits. You can silently load the arrow using rubber boots. 

You can easily install this type of arrow rest. You would be glad about its level of accuracy. The value of money is second to none.

You would be surprised that your arrows maintain the same trajectory even after you have released the arrow. In addition, you will love the sight as the vanes slice through the bristles such that it always maintains consistent velocity. 

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional; this product is a balance between old-school effectiveness and modern technology. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest is available in seven varying colors, namely – pink, brown, green, red, yellow, orange, and purple. 

The weight of the item is 4 ounces. Finally, you do not require batteries to power the arrow rest. 


  • High level of accuracy
  • Encouraging for both beginners and professionals
  • Available in your favorite color


  • The product requires carefulness while in use


Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest is a modern technological choice you would love, no matter your level of skill.

7. Quality Archery Designs Arrow Rest

Quality Archery Designs Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest is that perfect item you can wrap as a gift for people you know that love hunting. QAD has been delivering the best hunting tools and accessories. It has a lockdown feature that prevents its launcher from bouncing back and being in contact with the arrow shaft. 

It is an excellent product for most archers who prefer the total clearance and absolute containment of the arrow. However, it does not need the whistles or belts of HDX. It is a lightweight rest that always stays compact – it works effectively with the plain. 

Unlike other types of arrow rest, it is designed to lower noise due to its laser cut, rubber dampeners, cam, or brake. The adjustments can be horizontal, overdraw, or vertical. The components are made of stainless steel, precision CNC aluminum, and Delrin components. 

The weight of the package is 0.3 pounds. The color is black. Its accuracy is second to none as it is easy to install. The value of money is good. 


  • No confusion while using the product
  • Lightweight with effective result
  • Sturdy and made from good materials
  • Can be adjusted


  • Available in a single color
  • Price may not be pocket friendly to all


Quality Archery Designs Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest is one of the most efficient arrow rests you can get in 2022. If carefully used, you would be glad you have this product as an accessory for your hunting tools.

8. Vapor Trail Archery Arrow Rest

Vapor Trail Archery Arrow Rest may have its price on the high side, but it belongs to the latest well-developed arrow rest. It is the first product that has a full-capture option, free-floating launcher arm, and adjustable spring tension. It provides optimum support for the arrow at every cycle of the shot. 

It allows the arrow to move at the necessary speed for stabilization anytime it is pulled. It adds an increment in performance and accuracy, more especially if it is downrange. While providing this support, its adjustable spring tension and floating launcher arm allow the shooter to choose their desired shooting range. 

The limb-driven arrow rest is quieter as you can increase the size of its rubber dampener. Hence, it makes the arrow rest unbeatable. The feature of the arrow rest includes;

  1. Full containment 
  2. Driven by the limb 
  3. Adjustable on spring tension 
  4. Easy setup 

The weight of the item is 0.31 pounds. It commonly comes in black color. The larger component of the arrow rest is designed with aluminum. Other components with the arrow rest include;

  1. Activation cord 
  2. Limb pad 
  3. Shag pad 
  4. Hardware 

The hand orientation is right. The arrow rest is easy to install with a great value for its price. 


  • The level of accuracy is high
  • Easy to install
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight, durable, and reliable


  • There is a need for careful use
  • Price is not pocket friendly to all


Vapor Trail Archery Arrow Rest comes with other accessories that will make you enjoy every hunting session. Without any doubt, you would love the product.

9. Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest is another product of the famous brand Quality Archery Designs (QAD). Depending on the orientation of your hand, you can purchase either the right hand or left hand. If you know someone who loves hunting and would fancy an arrow rest as a gift, you can give them this product. 

It is made from stainless steel material which makes it durable and resistant to unfavorable weather conditions. Commonly, it is always available in its black color. The weight of the item is 0.5 pounds. However, the warranty is dependent on the manufacturer. 

The accuracy of Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest is second to none. It is easy to install. However, you may need the assistance of an extra person while assembling the item. 

It does not matter if you are a novice or an expert; you can always understand how to use this arrow rest. You can get it anytime as an upgrade, and be rest assured that you know how to handle it. Hence, the value of money is encouraging. 


  • Modern technology for effective use
  • Available in both orientation
  • Resistant to harsh environmental conditions
  • Lightweight, easy to install, and great value for money


  • The price of the item is not pocket friendly
  • It could be difficult to use for a first-timer or beginner


Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest improves the accuracy of a shooter as it is easy to install. With its noiseless function, it will be a great addition for beginners and experts.

10. Trophy Taker Lockup Arrow Rest

Trophy Taker Smackdown Lockup Arrow Rest is a right-handed compound bow that is a perfect archery accessory. As you would love to keep your gun safe, it is the same for this product. It has a mechanical locking system that helps to keep your shooting bow (compound or recurve) safe. 

You can expect quality performance whenever you are set to use the item. The arrow rest has roller bearings integrated into it. The bearings help to achieve smooth mechanics. Its mounting system is 3 pointed such that the product is designed to be durable. 

It does not matter where you live, backcountry, or in the woods; the product will exceed your expectations. The brand is all out to always improve the product, and you can expect more as time goes. 

Features of this product; 

  1. Driven by limb 
  2. Lock-up 
  3. Fall-away rest 
  4. Roller bearings are integrated for smooth mechanics 
  5. Easy adjustment 
  6. Made from Aluminum material 
  7. Full containment
  8. Dampening system to reduce the noise 

You can secure mounting using 2 contact points such that the equipment does not fail. Also, you can adjust it to contain the riser design. 

The weight of the item is 0.45 pounds as its major material is metal. The color is black, and its hand orientation is right. 


  • High level of safety
  • Adjustable to accommodate more designs
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Designed to reduce the noise drastically


  • Equipment can fail if the contact points are not properly fixed
  • It is quite pricey but serves its quality


If you want to give an expensive gift to a friend who loves hunting, Trophy Taker Smackdown Lockup Arrow Rest is always the best option to go for. It does not matter if the user is a professional hunter or beginner; the item is simple to use.

Buying Guide  

Getting the best arrow rest may appear difficult if you do not know about important factors you should consider. However, this section aims to make it all easy by providing the information you should factor in before your next purchase. They include; 

The adjustability of the product 

It is good if your product is adjustable such that you can make the necessary changes to it. Also, the condition for a compound bow is different from that of a recurve bow. You will need to adjust it to ensure the effectiveness of whoever wants to use it. 

Also, you may need to lower or increase the windage to accommodate other designs like the riser. Being able to adjust the product also helps to attach the mounting system. 

Weight of the product 

Just like you need the weight of your hunting tools to be minimal, you also need the weight of the accessories to be reduced. The reduced weight helps to easily transport the product from one location to the next. 

The weight of the product varies from different brands. Also, since it is an arrow rest, you will have to move it around several times to the hunting site. Hence, it is important to get a rest of not more than 4 pounds. 

Type of the material for the product 

The type of material determines the quality and durability of the product. Some products are made of plastic materials, while others are made of metals like aluminum. Plastics are affordable, but they may be too fragile for hunting on the field. 

On the other hand, metals are stronger. They can be lightweight, especially if they are aluminum materials. In addition, they are resistant to harsh weather conditions. 

Level of the accuracy of the product  

Your choice of arrow rest can contribute largely to your level of accuracy. For a beginner, you need to encourage them with the right hunting tools and accessories. For a professional hunter, you should help them stay motivated with the right tools too. Hence, you have to consider the accuracy of the product.  

Price of the product 

You can get affordable that will provide maximum service and satisfaction for you. For most cases, a more expensive product should deliver high-quality service. However, that does not always have to be the case. Also, not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on an accessory tool. 

Considering all of these, you would agree that you can spend a little and still have a reliable rest. In the products suggested above, they progressed from the least expensive to the most expensive ones. However, the order of arrangement does not apply to their quality. 

Hence, you can be fortunate to choose wisely and have the best product at a comfortable price. All you need to do is to consider each product, its features, its pros, and its cons. After careful consideration, you would have gone for the best. 

Color of the arrow rest 

The color of the arrow rest is not a general consideration for everyone. However, it could be important for many other people. You can always check the product to know which color suits you best. 

Some arrow rest have just a single color, while some others can have multiple colors. Hence, if the color is a deciding factor for you, you should go for the best color that seems to please you the most. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In the course of reading this article, some questions may have arisen in your heart about the varying products. Luckily, some of the questions will be answered in this section. Follow through. 

Are there different types of arrow rests like they are for bows? 

The answer is simple. Yes, there are. These arrow rests have different functionality and are more effective with some conditions than others. For example, some are for compound bows, while some are for recurve bows. As a result, you may want to get the best bow fishing rests for bowfishing tools. Getting a different type can reduce the effectiveness of the tool or even lower the durability of the tool. 

Also, some rests are designed for right-handed bows and some for left-handed bows. It is always advisable to pick the rest that matches the orientation of your bow. Also, it is important to say that some products are ambidextrous – they can be suitable for both orientations. 

What are the best examples of best drop away arrow rests? 

Do you want to purchase the best drop away arrow rest for your arrow? It should not be a problem as you can check some of the recommendations above if they satisfy your desire. 

For example, in bowfishing, you must ensure that your nock, string, and nock are all properly aligned. Choosing the rest for it means that it must shield the arrow and keep it in line. The effect of this is that the arrows will not easily move away. 

Here is another reason you need your rest to be adjustable so that you can apply the adjustment process to the tool. Go for the adjustment that suits you best after trying out different levels. 

How can I install my rest? 

Installing a rest is not a tedious task. You can check if there is an instructional guide that comes with your product. Also, you can check online pictures to know what the product should look like when it has been fully installed. 


Choosing the best arrow rest is as important as your shooting style. It is always better to have carried out proper research to know the product you should go for. The above are the top recommendations you can consider in your next purchase.