Hunting involves a lot of things, as a series of steps that cumulate into you getting the animal you can hunt with a bow; the first step to hunting is to know how to carry a bow. For hunters that are all about doing it right, this mini-guide will explain all about the right way to carry a bow and much more. So let’s get started.

Quick Tips on How to Carry a Bow

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Quick Tips on How to Carry a Bow – Factors To Consider

The Bow Type 

Understanding the bow types as well as their designs helps in deciding the best way to carry a bow. For instance, it’s well known that compound bows which are known to feature more precise configurations to make the use easier for beginners, especially see the best beginner compound bow, would require extra care when being carried. 

The Bow Type

The Weight of the Bow 

Also, consider the weight of the bow itself and or with other accessories like quivers, arrows, and so on. Bows are made from different materials, which means that their weights would differ, and also, for bows that entail more intricate mechanisms, the weight would be a little bit more. 


Will you be walking a great distance to hunt? Would your hunting activity involve hiking in a rugged area and for a long or short period before you start hunting? These are some of the distance questions that would affect the way you would carry your bow. 

If you are going on a long hike, for instance, carrying your bow in your hands might not be so practical as you would tire easily, and your use of the bow would be affected.

Different Ways to Carry a Bow 

By Hand

This is the most practical and simplest way to carry your bow. Asides from the fact that it does not involve any extra cost as you do not require to buy any carrier to facilitate the carrying, it also allows you to have your bow always ready in hand for use whenever you need it, like when you cite a deer, see the proper place to shoot a deer on site. 

And while carrying your bow by hand is a great idea, it can also be quite a tiring peradventure you are headed on a long hike which would mean that your hands would surely be tired, or you require the use of your hands to climb or maneuver through the area which would mean that you are a limb short and could also damage your bow overtime. 

With a Shoulder Sling 

For hunters on a long hike, a bow slung over shoulder makes a perfect means of carrying the bow appropriately. The method allows you to have both your hands free for use, and it also helps keep your bow shielded. This is a great choice for recurve users, to keep both right and left-handed recurve bows.

The main disadvantage of this would be that getting your bow out in case of a quick use would be invalid, leading to bad bow shot angles, and swinging from left to right could also damage your bow over time. 

With a Shoulder Sling 

On the Back

Carrying a bow on your back involves one of two ways, making use of a special sling that attaches to the bow allowing you to carry it like you would carry a gun, or you could attach it to your backpack and carry it on your back. This is a great choice for those asking how to carry a compound bow as it’s convenient and less tasking. 

The problem with this method is with the adjustment as it would take a little getting used to, and also with the protection of the bow as it would be exposed to a certain degree.

Different Ways to Carry a Bow

In a Bow case 

For optimum protection of your bow, for ease of transportation, as well as for compatibility and organization of all your hunting and bow accessories like arrows, the best rangefinders, etc., a bow case is the perfect way to carry your bow. 

The con of this method would be the extra weight you would have to contend with, be it a hard case or a soft case. 

On a Vehicle 

Another method would be on a vehicle like an ATV or any other sort of vehicle. This method is great as it completely relieves you of the stress and weight of transporting your bow and other accessories. 

The downside would be that it would require you to have and use a bow case to protect the bow and accessories first before placing it on the vehicle to avoid loss of equipment or damages. 


Can I carry my bow by the string? 

No, it is not advisable to carry your bow by the string to avoid the string stretching, damaging the functionality of the string as well as avoiding injuries. 

What is the best way to carry a bow? 

There is no best way or best option, as there are many factors that would affect the way a bow would be carried. It all depends on which is most convenient and safe to use. 

Final Thoughts 

Carrying a bow might not look like much but believe me, it can be quite a thing if you don’t do it right. So before you consider going for any hunting expedition with your bow, let the question of how to carry a bow guide you on the best and safest way to carry your bow.