From the most delicious pie to a very bright and lasting flashlight, we will all agree we deserve nothing but the best.

All thanks to SureFire, we can have a bunch. The brand has continuously raised the bar as a fortress for high-quality flashlights collection for decades, and there are many top-notch products to choose from.

After hours of researching and surfing their collections, the result is a detailed list of the best seven Sure Flashlights 2022. I’ve also included a detailed buying guide to make your choice easier.

Whether you are trying to update your hunting arsenal or only need to look for something in the garage, feel free to check and pick a flashlight that suits just your needs.

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Top 7 Surefire Flashlights of 2022

1. SureFire Sidekick Ultra-Compact

This is a firsthand choice for an affordable Surefire rechargeable flashlight. SureFire Sidekick’s compact design perfectly merges aesthetics with technology. The body features lightweight polymer that can be easily slipped down your back pocket. Also, it has a split ring that can hold carabiner clips or keys.


  • Molded with lightweight, water and impact-resistant materials
  • Shines bright with up to 300-lumen MaxVision Beam
  • Pocket-friendly and ultra-compact body design
  • Powerful, rechargeable in-built Li-ion battery
  • Up to 45 hours runtime at low-mode and 1.25 hours runtime at the high-mode
  • Easy charging with a universal micro-USB charger


  • Light beam distance may be limited to 50 meters


SureFire sidekick flashlight is cheap and very comfy to handle.

2. SureFire G2X Series

When you need a cheap tactical flashlight with a combat body design for hunting and other outdoor adventures, the G2X series is one of a kind for such purpose. It excels as one of the best surefire tactical flashlights for crucial tasks by providing a well luminous, long-range, and penetrating 320 lumens beam of white light with just a click at the tactical tail cap. Also, it is very compact, built with a durable anodized aluminum bezel. Also, it is equipped with an indestructible LED emitter with striking far and near illuminations. The Surefire G2X series is the ideal tactical flashlight for fight and flight situations.


  • 3200 lumens LED light with exceptional far and near vision
  • On budget SureFire flashlight series
  • Two CR123A Lithium batteries included
  • Tight and secured hand grip
  • High runtime up to 1.5 hours at the highest beam mode
  • Tail cap switch with a low and high beam mode


  • A little bit pricey compared to other combat and tactical flashlights


The G2x is versatile for hunting trips. It can be easily mounted on a rifle for sharp vision during night hunting trips.

3. SureFire G2X Max vision

In the hours of darkness and gloom, you can lean on the high-output LED brightness of the SureFire G2X Max-vision to illuminate your paths. The high-end SureFire brand has a whooping 800-lumen level of illumination at the maximum output that swiftly sweeps through a distance of over 115 meters in split seconds. Moreover, the body design is durable, compact, and impact resistant. If you require a dual-output flashlight with a price point that is more affordable than other SureFire flashlights, the G2X Max Vision is your one-stop choice.


  • Water and the impact-resistant body design with durable polycarbonate coatings
  • 800 lumens high-0utput LEDs
  • High output runtime of 1.5hours
  • Low output runtime of up to 52 hours
  • Includes double cr123A rechargeable lithium battery
  • Lightweight and compact body design
  • High-quality wide and throw beam distance
  • One of the best Surefire waterproof flashlights


  • Expensive but worth its price


G2X is resistant to recoils from bullets. It can be bolted, screwed, or mounted onto a rifle or barrel for hunting adventures.

4. SureFire PLR Stiletto

SureFire PLR is small but one of the brightest Surefire flashlights. It delivers up to 650 lumens of brightness in the dark. Its cool stiletto body design is durable and easy to remove from backpacks and pockets in emergency cases. Another importance lies in its power-saving technology. It features three different light modes. A single press on the switch activates high 650 lumens while subsequent clicks turn in medium 250 lumen and low 5-lumen output. Other outstanding features are an in-built rechargeable Lithium battery, charge indicator LED light, and more.


  • Tremendous durability with a sleek and slim aluminum body design
  • Access three different modes; the high, medium, and low modes, through the tail switch
  • Bright 650 lumens white LED at high mode output
  • LED light for tracking charging status
  • In-built Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • USB recharging port compatible with USB chargers
  • Tactical switch for strobe or SOS mode
  • Programmable switch for personalizing activation sequences


  • It seldom needs recharging


The product has quite good reviews from users. It is a great choice when looking for a pocket flashlight that can be easily tossed in and out of the pocket for emergencies. It is sleek, compact, and lightweight.

5. SureFire Stiletto Pro

SureFire stiletto pro is an upgraded version of Surefire stiletto. The hallmark of this development is a lumen output upgrade of up to 1000 lumens without shadows.

The LEDs are white light with a beam range of up to 142 meters and a time output of 23 hours at its lowest mode. It also features a three-mode tail switch and a strobe/SOS mode for emergencies. The Stiletto Pro is very comfy and fits comfortably in any pocket. It is one of the best SureFire Flashlight emergency-wise.


  • Integrated with a rechargeable Lithium polymer battery
  • Three switch modes; primary, tactical, and programmable modes
  • Very bright white LED light up to 1000 lumens
  • Pocket-friendly, compact, and comfy body design
  • Resistance to mechanical pressure and waterproof
  • High beam intensity for long-range illumination


  • Expensive but you get to enjoy cool features for the money


The pro version has a significant upgrade to the traditional Surefire stiletto in battery strength and capacity. It is a good purchase for a pocket-size flashlight with a lasting battery runtime.

6. SureFire V1-B-BK V1 Vampire

With an option to choose between two light types; white LEDs and infrared light with no filter, SureFire V1-B-BK V1 is one of the best SureFire flashlights available in 2022. To switch between white light and infrared modes, you simply twist the V1-B’s head. And more, both the Infrared and White Light has two mode settings that can be activated by clicks on the tail cap.

The high mode produces a very bright white light or a formidable IR light of up to 100 milliwatts and does not require a filter attachment. A way to put the infrared to great use is for hunting trips. With an IR flashlight, you would be able to see much prey at a close distance without being detected.


  • Dual output (high and low mode) and dual spectrum (white light and infrared)
  • 2,500 lumen/ 1,000 Mw brightness capacity
  • Beam distance of over 180 meters
  • Infrared run time of over 20 hours at the high-power mode
  • Best Surefire flashlight for night vision
  • Single CR123A Lithium battery included
  • Top-rated among users; positive user reviews
  • Made with anodized aerospace aluminum for durability and impact resistance


  • Packed with a single lithium battery
  • Quite expensive


Surefire V1-B-BK V1 infrared features make hunting easy and hunting trips full of fun. It can be mounted on a rifle or barrel for hunting or affiliated purposes.

7. SureFire M322C Compact Scout Light

SureFire M322C is one of the top-rated tactical flashlights, that although expensive, will give you value for your money. Its bright 500 lumens flashlight can be activated instantly with a single remote switch device attached to the tail. Powered by a single 123A battery, the light is far-reaching, illuminates large areas, and penetrates with high-intensity beams. Also, it comes with a sophisticated system for easy mounting on rails and rifles without wobble.  With a body and material designed for rugged terrain, the M322C is your best combat flashlight choice.


  • 500 lumens of brightness for up to 1 hour at the highest output mode
  • Innovative beam shapes for versatile near and far range operations
  • A rugged, combat-ready, anodized aluminum body design
  • Fueled by a single 123A battery
  • Remote device for easy activation
  • Up to 175 meters wide and far range illumination


  • Cost is expensive but of the best operations


If you need the perfect light accessories and equipment, you can always trust Surefire to deliver the best lighting output. The flashlight may be expensive. However, it is best to buy a quality flashlight that will last long term.

Buying Guide to the best SureFire Flashlights

When you go to an online or offline store to shop for some flashlights, many options are often displayed with strange terms and descriptions. This can lead to a cold experience, like finding a needle in a haystack.

Although flashlights mainly provide illumination in the dark, most are specially designed for specific tasks like tactical, combat, hunting, etc. How do you know the ideal SureFlashlight’s for you?

In this section, we are going to explore some of the yardsticks to purchase the Surefire flashlight that suits your needs correctly.

Cost and Value

This is where you need to answer the question, “What am I buying for”? and “How much can I spare”? To correctly answer this question, you must remember the simple rule, the cost of a flashlight does not make it the most valuable.

For example, a flashlight for home use may not necessarily need high lumen value as a flashlight meant for hunting or security purposes.

Also, some flashlights are quite heavy and have long beam distance, which is perfect for hunting or search and rescue missions. However, some flashlights are very tiny and can easily fit into your pocket. An example is the SureFire Sidekick Ultra-Compact.Itcan also be used as a key chain.

So, it would be best if you choose a flashlight, knowing what you want to use it for.

Mode and Output Level

Different situations might call for different types of illumination. For example, the strobe mode is useful as an SOS during emergencies. Also, you may not require as much brightness for reading as compared to working in the garage.

Therefore, it is always an advantage if your flashlight allows you to choose more than one light setting according to your need.

With multiple modes, you can choose between the strobe, high or low settings. It also helps to conserve and extend the overall run time of the flashlight.


The runtime determines how long your flashlight can hold a charge. It depends on factors like the model type and battery life. Longer runtime is a crucial factor for expeditions like hunting and fishing trips, where batteries and electricity are not readily accessible.

For a longer runtime, choose a flashlight that has multiple batteries. The more batteries a flashlight operates on, the higher the runtime. Another way to prolong the runtime is by simply choosing a different mode setting other than the brightest mode.

Eventually, it all boils down to buying high-quality models of flashlights with better characteristics devised to run for longer hours.

Battery Type

Batteries are the fuel of your flashlight. So, selecting the right type is salient for the functioning of your flashlight. Broad categories of batteries are either rechargeable or a throw-away.

 Your choice should be informed by factors like temperatures, location, type of use, and safety. For example, a flashlight that uses a rechargeable battery may not be the best for expeditions, where access to electricity is limited.

Also, not all batteries are designed for specific temperatures. Generally, heat is a killer of batteries, but lithium batteries are designed to work in extreme temperatures.

Body Materials

When choosing a flashlight, especially for use in rugged terrains and extreme conditions, the body’s composition is a crucial factor to consider.

 Anodized Nitrolon and aluminum materials are recommendable for tactical and combat type flashlights. However, for home and other simple purposes, you should go for more compact and lighter materials.

Lumen Output

A flashlight with an output of up to 100 lumens is considered bright enough to light up most walkways. But for more outdoor activities, higher lumen output should be considered.

A lumen is simply the measurement of the brightness of visible light. As expected, more lumens mean more bright light.

 If you are shopping for the brightest SureFire flashlight, simply go for the highest lumen value. However, lumen output is at odds with the average run time of the flashlight.

Now that you have these tons of information to guide your decisions go on to purchase the best SureFire flashlight of 2022 that befits your needs


Why will my Surefire LED flashlight not turn on?

There are many moving parts to why flashlights may be faulty. First, try to install fresh batteries with the positive-end forward. If still inactive, try to clean the tailcap thread with a soft wipe. Most of the non-working flashlights are due to one of the above. If your flashlight won’t still turn on, call SureFire at 1-800-828-8809 and ask for Customer Service.

Why does my two-mode flashlight only work at the low-output settings?

This happens when the batteries are nearly drained out. It is a form of warning to replace the battery as quickly as possible while still leaving you with some light for some time.

Is a SureFire flashlight waterproof?

As a rule of thumb, most flashlights are neither made nor intended to be used underwater. Top-rated brands like SureFire may have guaranteed that their flashlights are water-resistant. However, this may only signify that they can survive a brief dunk or rain thrashing. The best decision is always to protect and maintain your flashlight as much as possible.