Duck Hunting is one outdoor exercise that requires plenty of gear. But it’s always a challenging task for beginners to pick what to wear duck hunting. 

But here is what you need to know. 

For a successful duck hunting adventure, most of your outwear should be waterproof, and it includes your gloves, boots, waders, and more. Aside from the above information, I have highlighted the essential wearable gear for duck hunting and other important things to consider.

Duck Hunting Essential Wearable Gear

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Duck Hunting Essential Wearable Gear

Do you know the most important aim of waterfowl hunters? It is staying warm. 

How do they achieve this? 

They achieve it by either staying dry, blocking the wind or controlling body heat. To keep dry and warm, you need to have the best duck hunting outfit and a set of waterproof gears. Below is a genuine list of important wears for duck hunting. 

  • Boots: You need to get an ideal boot for duck hunting to keep your feet dry and warm. The insoles should be breathable to ensure maximum comfort. 
  • Camo Hat or Beanie: You need a camo beanie to both keep your head warm and maintain your camouflage. The best hats for duck hunting are wool material hats. 
  • Camo Jacket: You’ll need a nice material jacket for protection from the elements. Wearing one of the best upland hunting jacket with marsh pattern and fleece lining will keep you warm and hidden. 
  • Camo Shirt: The camo shirt protects your upper body from blistering cold and elements you may encounter. The best material should be concealing and waterproof. 
  • Waders: These are necessary to keep your body warm on a duck hunt. They are waterproof vests to improve warmth in the waters. 
  • Face Mask: You might wonder why there is a face mask on the duck hunting checklist? Well, you need a matching camo face mask to stay concealed from decoy ducks. 
  • Gloves: Keep your hands warm and dry throughout the duck hunt with any of the best hunting gloves out there. Go for waterproof decoy gloves to enhance motoring setup and decoys.
  • Thermal Long Underwear: This breathable material helps provide warmth and protection to your entire body. 
  • Camo Pants: You should get yourself any of the best hunting pants to protect your torso from the climate and keep it warm. Camo material complements your gear and protects you from the harsh weather. 
  • Socks: this wear helps keep your feet warm and dry during duck hunting.

What is the Best Duck Hunting Outfit? 

Aside from necessities like your Ammo, guns, decoys, and kit, you should always know the best outfit for duck hunting. 

First, your outfit should be waterproof to keep you warm and dry throughout the hunt. Hence, consider getting duck hunting to wear, including long thermal underwear, insulated pants, and rain suit. 

Also, duck hunting essentials are needed to protect you and maintain warmth, contributing to the overall hunt success. Therefore a suitable hunting boot, camo hat or beanie, gloves, camo jacket, socks, and face mask are all needed for a successful duck hunt. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What To Wear Under Waders Duck Hunting?

The best wader underwear for duck hunting is a pair of fleece pants. They are very comfortable, breathable, and have better warmth retention than ordinary cotton. They are also sweatproof and keep your feet warm and dry in the winter. So, I guess you already know what to wear under waders duck hunting. 

But do you know what you shouldn’t wear duck hunting?

What Not To Wear Duck Hunting? 

Do you know what not to wear duck hunting? Putting on improper Camo materials will do you more harm than good out there. You need considerable camouflage for a successful duck hunt, but wearing colorful or shiny wearable gear could be a red flag for the birds. Also, Google may impede your vision. 

Does Camo Matter Duck Hunting? 

Yes. Camo outfits enhance your hiding abilities, essential for a successful duck hunt. Thus, except you have a good blind that conceals you properly, it would help to wear clothes and waders that match the prevalent vegetation. 

Are Hunting Waders Waterproof? 

Yes. Waders are hunting boots that extend to the shin, hip, or waist, and some have massive Thinsulate materials that help keep you dry. 

Do your Feet get Wet in Waders? 

No. The Thinsulate in them keeps you warm and dry during the hunt. More so, they do not soak up in the water and so will not droop like a pair of woolen socks would. 

Can You Drown in Waders? 

No. Even if you wear the neoprene waders, you’ll float when you lay back down. 


What you need most for duck hunting are wearable gears that keep you warm and dry throughout the exercise. When you are also looking for the best wear for duck hunting, get one with a water-resistant and breathable feature that provides warmth. 

I believe you already know what to wear duck hunting with the information above.