It gets pretty cold while hunting in the winter. That’s why it’s crucial to pack the proper gear and wear appropriate clothing. 

Gloves are a huge part of this appropriate gear, and you must get gloves that are warm and right for hunting. Thankfully, you don’t have to scour the internet for these gloves alone. 

This article lists the top 5 best winter hunting gloves and includes a buying guide that tells you what to look out for when choosing a winter hunting glove.

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Top 7 Best Winter Gloves for Hunting 2022

First Lite Shale Touch Hybrid

Don’t you just love buying things that are not just useful for one purpose? Like trainers you can wear to work, or a tactical watch you can wear to meetings? Well, if you love purchases like that, then you should check out these gloves. 

In my experience, I’ve found that they are great for hunting and also pretty decent for everyday purposes. 

So how are these gloves like? First, it comes with a leather palm and padding that is and feels very durable (in my experience, something feeling durable and being durable are two different things).  It also has 350 EXP Furnace Merino-X fleece that will trap the heat in and keep your hands regulated in the cold. However, you should note that the fleece doesn’t create it— it only traps it in. So, if you want to feel warm, you should start getting active. 

The most important thing about this glove is that it excels at the basics; it keeps your hands warm and keeps them dry. One central selling point of these gloves is that they are supposed to be touchscreen compatible. If you’re someone who’s always plugged in, gloves like that may be godsent. Sadly, the “touchscreen” compatibility of this glove is a marketing line. Yes, sometimes you can use your smartphone/smartwatch/Gps, etc., without pulling the gloves off, but other times you’ve got to pull it off. 


  • It traps heat in and will keep your fingers insulated
  • The leather padding is exceptionally comfortable


  • The touchscreen compatibility doesn’t always work


This is a decent glove to get if you’re looking for a multipurpose glove to use for hunting and other purposes.

Under Armour Men’s SC Primer

These gloves are available in three different camo designs, so if you’re someone who loves design variety, they should be the best cold weather gloves for you. These gloves are decent because they will blend in well with your camouflage get up and hide you from prey.

 Importantly, this model comes with UA scent control technology. This means that it’s capable of trapping in your odor and scent so that your prey wouldn’t be able to smell you. Since it makes you less detectable, it increases your chances of getting a kill.  

Sadly, the gloves themselves aren’t insulated. That’s probably why it’s lower than it should be on this list. Thankfully, they come with a lining that makes use of a thermo-conductive coating to retain heat and warm your hands. So, how well does this lining work? I’ve used insulated gloves, and I’ve used gloves with linings like this, and I’ll choose insulated gloves 10 out of 10 times. They are just better at keeping your hands warm. These gloves also come with alleged touchscreen compatibility— but it’s certainly not as compatible as they’d have you think. Sure, it works— like 50% of the time. 


  • It’s available in three camo designs, so you have a lot of variety
  • The UA scent control technology makes sure it’s harder for your scent to be detected by prey


  • The touch screen compatibility doesn’t always work, so don’t get your hopes high
  • The gloves aren’t insulated


These are decent camo gloves. They will keep prey from detecting your scent and will keep your hands moderately warm— but that’s all to it.

Sitka Gear Men’s Hunting Cold Weather

The Traverse glove comes in two designs. The first is the Open Country design, which is mostly white. This design is obviously for areas with a lot of snow, as the mostly white design helps you blend in with the snow and vegetation. The second design is the Subapaline type that’s better suited for green areas and woody terrains

There are a lot of gloves that feel sort of flat in your hands. Sure, they may keep your hands warm, but they aren’t useful for much else. This glove is the total opposite of gloves Ike that. It’s almost like it was patterned for a tighter feel. Of course, the fact that it’s an excellent glove for camouflage is also a plus to it. Unlike other gloves, the Traverse glove doesn’t claim to have great touch screen compatibility with all fingertips. Instead, this glove only claims that for the index finger and the thumb. And yes, both fingers work well with screens. 


  • The Index finger and thumb of this glove are great for touching screens
  • It’s cheaper than most other options
  • It feels very snug and tight


  • The thumb and index fingers are the only fingertips that can be used to touch a screen


If you need gloves that will blend into every environment you step into, you should get this. It’s also an option for people who’re on a budget.

SITKA Gear Gradient Stretch Fleece

I always advise anyone trying to get a hunting glove to one with a camouflage design. Sure, you may like ordinary black/brown/white ones, but when hunting, you need every help you can get. If you can lay your hands on gloves that will help you blend into your environment, you should get them. 

That’s one of the reasons this Gradient Stretch glove from SITKA gear makes this list. It comes in two camouflage styles— the optifade timber for snowy terrain and the optifade waterfowl for greener and browner terrain. No matter the terrain you hunt in, one thing you can be sure of this; you will be practically undetectable.

The Gradient glove itself is made from super-stretch polyester knit and microfiber fleece brushed on the inside. This makes sure that the gloves stay warm and allows your fingers enough dexterity to allow you to operate a bow or shotgun successfully. What most people like about this glove is that it comes with polygiene technology. This technology works by neutralizing sweat by using naturally occurring silver salt made from recycled silver. That way, even when you’re closest, animals won’t be able to perceive the odor from your sweat. 

It also has a conductive synthetic leather in the thumb and the forefinger that allows you to touch a screen without removing the gloves. And yes, it works like a dream. Lastly, it’s a pretty versatile and comfortable glove that can be used for activities other than hunting. 


  • It has polygiene technology, which helps mask the odor of your sweat from prey
  • It’s very touchscreen compatible
  • It’s way cheaper than other gloves of the same quality


  • Sadly, this glove is an excellent example of misleading marketing. It’s advertised as water proof hunting gloves, but it isn’t really.


If you’re on a budget and would like a decent camouflage glove, then this is the one for you.

DeCoyPro Lightweight Hunting Gloves for Men

If you’re really on a budget and are just looking for a glove that costs very little but still manages to keep your hands warm, then this is the glove for you. These camouflage hunting gloves are great for bow hunting, turkey hunting, duck hunting, and even deer hunting. 

It seriously doesn’t matter what kind of hunting it is— as long as you’re doing some kind of hunting, this glove would work correctly for you. Why? Well, it has a very good textured handgrip, so you can have complete control over your gear while hunting. 

Whether it’s a rifle or bow, this glove will give you complete and utter control. The index finger and the thumb are fitted with touchscreen fingertips, making it super easy for you to touch screens. Now, do they work? Yes. About 80% of the time. Notably, the glove helps you stay undetectable, as it is made with soft noise-reducing material that helps you stay quiet as you track your game. 


  • It’s made with soft noise-reducing material that helps you stay quiet as you track game
  • It has a textured handgrip that gives you control over your gear


  • It won’t keep your hands as warm as the other four gloves on this list


Looking for the cheapest glove you can find— and still won’t compromise on quality? Well, here’s the glove for you.

FREETOO Touch Screen Tactical

If you care more about dexterity than any other thing, then the Freetoo touch screen tactical gloves are what you should be looking at. The gloves adopt a Single Layer Multi-Piece Palm, which means there’s only one layer of material on the palm. This makes it super easy for you to have the full skill and sensitivity of shooting. The silicone on the palm of the gloves also ensures that nothing can slip out of them. 

The gloves are also water-resistant, so they are an excellent fit for snowy or rainy conditions. Despite being water-resistant, they are also breathable. The glove material is made of 2mm SBR Neoprene, a material that comes with inner breathable holes that can absorb trauma during tactical work, thus protecting your knuckles. The gloves are equipped with touch screen fingers on the thumb and trigger fingers, allowing you to operate your phones and GPS without putting the gloves off. It comes with a thirty-day replacement/refund warranty, so it’s a reasonably risk-free buy. 


  • It’s water-resistant
  • It’s breathable
  • The Single Layer Multi-Piece Palm offers you the highest level of mastery you can get on a glove
  • It’s very cheap


  • It’s pretty threadbare and wouldn’t keep your hands warm in extreme conditions
  • It doesn’t have a scent control mechanism


If you’re on a budget and don’t anticipate extreme conditions, then this is the right glove for you.

EAmber Camouflage Hunting Gloves

What would the right cold-weather glove look like? First off, it would be able to provide some insulation against the elements. That means it will be able to keep your hands reasonably warm in cold weather. Next, it would allow you to at least control your hunting equipment to a reasonable degree. And lastly, it would be camouflaged and will hide you from the game you’re tracking. 

This camouflage hunting glove from EAamber is everything and more. It is made with double-layered thick fabric, so it will keep your hands very warm during winter. Despite this, it still offers a high level of talent. It also comes in a camo design to round it all up. 

However, that’s not all. The glove has mesh anti-slip silicone on the palms and the fingers, so slipping is near impossible. The fingerless hybrid design also ensures that your fingers can be kept warm and that you’d be able to control your smart devices, all without putting off your gloves. And yeah, it’s water-resistant


  • It comes with double-layered gloves that keep heat in and cold out
  • The fingerless design means it’s effortless for you to touch your screens without putting the gloves off
  • It has mesh Anti-slip silicone, so you can be sure that your grip will be hard
  • It’s very cheap
  • It has a camouflaged design
  • It’s waterproof


  • There’s no warranty to speak of
  • There are gloves on this list that are way more insulated than they could be


If you’re on a very tight budget, this is the absolute best winter hunting glove you could go for.

Types of hunting gloves

There are four hunting gloves you can pick from. All hunting gloves fall under these four broad types, so if you want to get one of the best winter hunting gloves, you’re going to choose a type from here to get. 

Fingerless gloves

These gloves are for people who need to feel what they are doing. These gloves, like the name implies, have no fingers. However, they still keep your hands relatively warm. The main point about these kinds of gloves is that they keep your fingers relatively free to complete or carry out complicated tasks requiring a high level of precision. 

Full Gloves

These are certainly the most popular kinds of gloves. They are the most versatile gloves as they give you complete control over your finger’s movement while keeping them super warm at the same time. People love full gloves because they are so flexible and allow you to perform many tasks efficiently. If you’re an amateur hunter, full gloves are indeed what you should be going for.


You probably don’t want to get a pair of mittens. And it’s even more true that you probably don’t need a pair of mittens. But sometimes, you may be in an extraordinary situation that requires one. The great thing about mittens is that they give you complete warmth, and some can even be folded back to reveal gloves. Those kinds of mittens may even be used for hunting, especially in freezing weather. 

Riding and falconry gloves

Only particular kinds of hunters use these gloves. These hunters still use horses to chase down prey, and this kind of hunting requires a special kind of glove. Riding gloves are usually made from wool or leather and are often constructed to protect your hands from rubbing against the reins while allowing your fingers a lot of freedom. 

Some hunters also make use of falcons, and they too use special hard gloves. These gloves protect them from the talons on the falcon, and it comes with a metal guard used to tether the bird. 

How To Choose The Right Hunting Gloves 

Know Your Elements 

Before choosing the right hunting glove for you, you need to know where you’ll be hunting. It would be best if you also considered the climate of the area. If it’s a cold area and you’ll be actively hunting, consider a layering system. You could choose wool hunting gloves coupled with a heavier glove for very cold weather. If you think it may get snowy, it’s essential to pack a waterproof glove with some over-the-wrist length. 

Now, you probably think that a waterproof glove is something unique that everyone should use. However, you should know that these kinds of gloves are often not breathable. 

Quality or Quantity

This is a question that we all have to make when making a purchase. Do you go with the more expensive one with more quality, or do you just buy more with less quality? For most people, the answer is quantity. However, if you’re going on a real hunting expedition where you may be gone for a couple of days, your answer should be quality. 


It’s essential to keep your fingers warm, and it’s also important that the gloves you are getting will last for long. Leather gloves will last longer than most other gloves made with other materials, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t materials that would stand the test of time as well. 


Is it important to buy camouflage gloves? 

If you want to have an easier time during your hunt, yes, you should get camouflage gloves.

How important is it to get waterproof gloves?

If you don’t think you’ll be working in wet conditions, it isn’t important at all. The reason is that water-resistant gloves are often not breathable, and you should only get gloves like that if you have to.

Are gloves generally that important when hunting? 

If you’ll be hunting in cold conditions, the answer is yes. Even if you aren’t hunting in cold conditions, you should get one in case. 


It’s not the easiest thing in the world to get a winter hunting glove that is the right price and good quality for you. However, I’m particular. You’ll find one for yourself on this list of the best winter hunting gloves. And if you don’t, you can always use the buyer’s guide to get yourself one.