Are you planning to go dove hunting but don’t know what to wear? Then you are in luck. 

As a beginner dove hunter, it is important that you know the essential wearable gear to make a good hunt. 

But since you don’t know, no worries. Read on, as I have provided great information about what to wear dove hunting.

What To Wear Dove Hunting - Essential Wearable Gear

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What To Wear Dove Hunting?

Successful dove hunting starts with what you wear for the game. Doves are very smart and sharp-eyed. They tend to fly away when they notice any color different from their surroundings. 

To outsmart these doves, you need to be particular about what you wear to hunt them. You need to deceive these birds into believing that you are one of the many things in their environment. On the other hand, you also need to consider your safety when considering what to wear for dove hunting. So how do you do all these? Thankfully, I have outlined some essential wear for dove hunting. Read on to find out! 

Essential Wears For Dove Hunting

Dove Hunting Outfit

Wearing the right outfit is very crucial for dove hunting. Like I said earlier, doves are intelligent animals. They can easily detect when something is different from what is obtainable in their environment, and they’ll quickly disembark. So, your best bet is to study the environment you’re hunting in and wear dove hunting outfit similar to the color to blend.

  • Camo pants: They help you to blend with the hunting environment. Doves can easily detect movement from a foreign color. So, it is important that you put on the best hunting pants with a camo design that fits the hunting surroundings well. 
  • Camo t-shirt: Just as I stated above, camos help you blend with your hunting environment. I usually prefer long sleeves. So, it protects you from getting bitten by dangerous flying insects.   
  • Hunting boots: Helps to protect your foot from dirt, water, and snakes. These boots also provide you with comfort all day. Consider wearing snake hunting boots to protect you from snakebite and give you the comfort you need. It would be best to consider your climate or weather before choosing the boot. I’d go for a high boot when hunting in a cold environment.
  • Shells pouch/bag: It is one of the dove hunting essentials. It helps to store your shells.
  • Camo Jacket: During cold rain, a jacket comes in handy. A camo Jacket is one essential dove hunting clothes that help protect you from cold. If you want to buy one, I will advise you to go for an upland hunting jacket
  • Cotton or well-ventilated Camo hat: Whether you’re going for a cowboy or baseball hat, ensure they are light and blend well with the hunting environment. It should include a camo pattern or an earthly color.
  • Camo shooting gloves: They help to protect your palms. Fingerless shooting gloves are suitable for hot weather (late fall/early spring), while full finger gloves are perfect for cold weather (Early season)

Eye and Ear protection

Protecting your eyes and ears during hunting is one of the most important safety measures you should consider. 

  • Shooting glasses: Generally helps guard the eyes against rubber bullets, wind, and other harmful elements. Take two pairs (yellow and darker lenses) along when dove hunting. When it is sunny out there, wear the darker glasses, but if cloudy, yellow glasses are your best bet. 
  • Earmuffs: Helps protect the ears against loud sounds created by gunfire. They have acoustic foam that helps absorb sound waves by increasing air resistance and reducing the waves’ amplitude. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Best Camo for Dove Hunting?

The best camo to wear for hunting depends entirely on the season. I recommend dove hunting camo with green leaves pattern in the early season to blend well with the grasses and trees. During late fall/early spring, you can consider going for brown and bare branches camo. 

What Shoes Do You Wear for Dove Hunting?

The dove hunting season is usually the season for snakes. So, wearing snake boots will help to protect your feet against snakes. I wouldn’t say they’re 100% effective, but they are the best option for this hunting. 

What Color Should You Not Wear Dove Hunting?

Avoid any bright color that makes you noticeable in any dove hunting environment. Doves are color-smart, and immediately they notice any pattern movement, they fly away. To avoid dispersing these birds, wear a dove hunting attire with a camo design that matches your surroundings. 

Are Doves Color Blind?

No. Doves can easily spot any color that is unusual in their environment. So, you must be tactful when choosing what to wear for dove hunting.

What are the Best Two Shotgun Chokes for Hunting Fast Animal?

As a dove hunter, knowing which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting this flying creature is very important. The upgraded cylinder and modified choke for better precision are the two best shotgun chokes for hunting birds. 


I believe you already know what to wear dove hunting with all the provided information. Dove hunting requires camo wearables that are not easily noticeable in the hunting environment. Protecting yourself during dove hunting is also paramount. This is where sunglasses, shooting glasses, jackets, snake boots, and earmuffs come in handy.