One of these necessary hunting gears is the upland hunting jacket. The hunting jacket provides warmth, protection, and many other benefits for the hunter. There are, however, numerous hunting jackets in the market, making it almost impossible to select the best upland hunting jacket.

Thus, this article seeks to review different products to allow you to get the best upland jackets among the options. Also, a buying guide section focuses on the essential tips for buying the best upland hunting jacket.

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Five Best Upland Hunting Jackets in 2022

Orvis Toughshell Waterproof Jacket

Orvis is arguably one of the biggest names in the manufacture of hunting jackets. The brand has numerous upland jackets that provide users and hunters with a swell hunting experience. However, this Orvis Men’s Toughshell Waterproof Jacket seems to be one of the best products ever from this popular brand.

The Orvis Men’s Toughshell Waterproof Jacket is an ideal jacket for hunting in harsh weather conditions as it is windproof and waterproof and features a drawstring hood. There are even waterproof zippers present in this jacket, providing an all-out defense against bad weather during hunting.

As its name suggests, the jacket possesses a rugged, tough shell resistant to puncture and tear. In the same vein, the back yoke, sleeve, and front sleeve use reinforced and abrasive materials to ensure thorns do not enter through the jacket during hunting.

One of the issues that most hunters have with the use of hunting jacket is the restriction of movement caused by the jacket fabric. The Orvis Men’s Toughshell Waterproof Jacket solves this problem using stretch materials on the main body and the articulated elbow area.

The jacket fits nicely and possesses different pockets that allow you to keep and move other gears with you quickly while hunting. One of these pockets is the game pouch, which is expandable and lies low when unneeded. Apart from its fit and numerous pockets, the Orvis Men’s Toughshell Waterproof Jacket is breathable, allowing the free flow of air and moisture around the body, and an underarm zipper that increases the avenues of sufficient ventilation.


  • It is windproof and waterproof
  • Allows for easy and effective ventilation
  • Thick enough to protect against thorns and briars


  • The jacket is limited to only two colors


The Orvis Men’s Toughshell Waterproof Jacket is an impressive jacket that stands out especially for its windproof, waterproof, and ventilating nature.

Carhartt Upland Field Jacket

This hunting jacket is another testament to Carhatt’s prowess in making top-rated and quality hunting jacket. The jacket features Carhatt’s signature material or canvas, a combination of polyester and cotton. Due to these materials, the jacket combines lightweight with durability.

The Carhatt’s Men Upland Field Jacket also has a water-repelling feature, which allows for water beading off the jacket during rain. Remember we said it is lightweight? It weighs only 8 oz., which means you can shoulder on your gun without any restrictions.

When it comes to pockets and pouches for hunters, the Carhatt’s Men Upland Field Jacket surpasses many of its counterparts. The hunting jacket has a wraparound game pouch that is as big as three roosters and very easy to maintain. There are also two water bottle pockets ensuring that you are properly hydrated during the hunting expedition. Other pockets include two front flap pockets and a zipped map pocket.


  • Durability and lightweight nature
  • Possesses a lot of pockets for hunters
  • Despite the numerous pockets, it remains lightweight and with restrictions to mobility


  • The water-repelling feature is not present on the orange blaze panels


It is not every day you come across a hunting jacket that is lightweight and durable. Most of the durable ones are usually heavy and very thick. The Carhatt’s Men Upland Field Jacket overcomes this issue and remains one of the few jackets that achieved the lightweight and durability feat. What’s more, it also has numerous pockets, which is a necessity for most hunters.

Browning Pheasants Forever Upland Jacket

This jacket is one of the best upland hunting jackets available for hunters around. The jacket has all of the necessary features that an upland hunter would need. The jacket is a combination of polyester and fabric material and is further equipped with a waterproof feature. It also features 400 inches of acrylic orange blaze material in the jacket’s front and back.  

If you hunt in a cold area, the Browning Pheasants Forever Upland Jacket can be a handy addition to your hunting kit. This is because the jacket has two thermal base layers, which means that you get uninterrupted warmth while hunting in cold weather.

The jacket also has pockets and hangers for holding other hunting gears and kits. There is a blood-proof game pouch large enough to take about four to five pheasants in front of the jacket. As a result of these pockets and the pouch, there is little or no need for a hunting backpack when you have the Browning Pheasants Forever Upland Jacket.


  • Provides blood-proof game pouch for holding hunted animals
  • Has an orange blaze material for easy identification
  • Provide warmth for hunters in cold areas


  • Despite its thermal base layers for warmth, the jacket is not insulated
  • It has no hood


The summative idea behind the Browning Pheasants Forever Upland Jacket is to provide hunters with a jacket that allows them to hold other hunting gears easily, provide warmth in cold weather, and make them recognizable to other hunters even in the dark.

SITKA Gear Delta Wading Jacket

This is one of the best hunting jackets for hunters in cold areas. First off, the jacket is waterproof due to its strong three-layer GORE-TEX Pro Laminate. This material is durable and resistant to water and abrasion, as well as being remarkably breathable. With these features, you can hunt easily and safely in wetlands without having to worry about damaging your body or your jacket.

Furthermore, this jacket has Velcro gasket cuffs, whose function is to deny the entry of water and sweat. You can also manage your floating decoys without getting your hands wet, all thanks to the cuff design. To provide more safety, the jacket has an adjustable hood and stand-up collar.

When it comes to comfort and convenience on the hunting field, the SITKA Gear Delta Wading Jacket provides all you need. There is an integrated call-keeper system arranged into magnetic pockets, hidden within the jacket. This system works with lay-flat magnetic shell pockets to ensure easy and fast access into the jacket’s pockets. This means you won’t have to search and rummage through your jacket pockets again for your hunting gears.  


  • Ideal for hunting in wetlands, swamps, marshlands, and extremely cold weathers
  • Readily accessible magnetic pockets
  • Three layers of GORE-TEX fabric to provide warmth and protection for hunters


  • The jacket uses only camo designs, which is a bit limiting


The SITKA Gear Delta Wading Jacket is an excellent hunting gear for hunters in cold regions. Its features include waterproof and abrasion-proof materials that keep hunters safe and make the hunting process easier.

ScentLok Hydrotherm Waterproof Insulated Jacket

One of the problems associated with hunting in a wet area is the foul odor that the jacket exudes after some time. With this jacket, that problem gets solved. The ScentLok Hydrotherm Waterproof Insulated Jacket is ideal for hunters who want to hunt in a wetland without the foul odor associated with it.

If you hunt deer or any big game, you need to be silent and scentless to have any chance of hunting success. This jacket affords you that opportunity. The makers used Primaloft to insulate the jacket in addition to water-impermeable membranes and hear seams. These materials help the jacket to regulate the temperature and comfort of the wearer. Therefore, you can get a warm feeling or cold feeling whenever you wear the jacket, depending on the prevailing weather condition.

The jacket is carbon-treated, meaning that it locks your scent and odor. This way, you can hunt scent-sensitive games without fear of tipping the animals off.


  • Uses carbon treatment to trap odor
  • Comfortable in almost all weather conditions
  • It also has a fleece outer shell for warmth and quiet movement


  • It uses a camo design, which is limiting
  • The jacket is heavy and very difficult to pack


The jacket provides big game hunters with a strong cover for hunting animals that are sensitive to odors.

Buying Guide for the Best Upland Hunting Jackets

It is not enough to know the best hunting jackets. Some critical factors determine the ranking of these jackets. These factors are considerations you should make while purchasing the best hunting jacket. They include

Aesthetic Design

While this is not very important, due to some local regulations, it requires mentioning. The laws in some countries, especially the United States, make it compulsory for hunters to wear orange blazes. This makes them identifiable and recognizable to other hunters. Therefore, the jacket you buy must have an orange blaze on them.

While the whole jacket should not be made with the orange blaze, there should be a considerable amount of orange blaze.


The hunting jacket should fit a hunter very well, especially around the shoulder. This is a significant feature as it is sometimes the difference between hitting and missing your target. Apart from making you comfortable during the hunting expedition, it also allows for your gun’s easy movement. You don’t want your gun getting caught within a loose-fitting jacket.

Having said that, the jacket need not fit you tightly. However, it should fit your body shape and allow you to move your gun and other hunting gear easily.


There is a lot to consider when it comes to the pockets of your hunting jacket. From the pocket’s size to its proximity, you need to pay enough attention to your pockets. The pockets of your hunting jacket should be big and sizable enough to hold some essential hunting gears, such as shotgun shells. However, the pockets should also be close to your hands so that you can easily reach for the hunting gear needed without making noise or giving your position away.

The discussion around the hunting pockets also leads to the game pouch. A good hunting jacket should have a game pouch. Some jackets provide a blood-proof game pouch, ensuring that you don’t get stained by your game’s blood.

As with pockets, the game pouch’s size matters and usually depends on the animal you are hunting.

Protection against Elements

Hunting takes place in an open area, which means that the hunter usually gets exposed to harsh weather elements. Therefore, it makes sense for good upland hunting jackets to provide a means of cushioning the effect of these weather elements.

Starting with the wind, a good upland hunting jacket should be windproof, helping reduce the effect of wind or even preventing it altogether. There is also the issue of water and wetness. A good upland shooting jacket should be waterproof, allowing you to hunt safely even in the rain. A waterproof upland hunting jacket is also ideal in swamps and marshes.

Lastly, the upland hunting jacket should protect the hunter in harsh weather. In cold weather, the jacket should provide enough warmth, and the jacket should be cool in hot weather. This is possible through a process known as layering.   


Which is better; an upland hunting vest or an upland hunting jacket?

It is hard to select a better option between the two. Thus, it is up to personal preferences. For instance, while the jacket usually keeps the wind away, the vest doesn’t. But the vest is lightweight and non-restricting, while the same cannot be said for most jackets.

How do you choose the best upland hunting jacket?

It would help if you considered numerous factors when making your choice on the preferred upland hunting gear. You should consider factors such as its protection features, design, fit, and other necessary factors. 


As necessary upland hunting equipment, you should pay enough attention to selecting an upland shooting jacket. These are the five best upland hunting gears available for hunters. However, before choosing one, consider the buying guide factors for the best upland hunting jacket.