When it comes to hunting small, fast, or close animals like birds, you know that you cannot only rely on your skills; you need a little help from the proper equipment, one of which is the choke. And while there is a variety of chokes out there, this piece is here to answer the question of which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small. Let’s begin.

What is A Choke

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What is A Choke? 

Designed and made to improve performance, a choke is a device used and made to shape how a shot spreads once the shooter pulls the trigger. 

It is a tapered constriction, like a shrinkable lock; see the best gun safe under 600, attached to the end of the gun barrel to make the shots more accurate. 

Why Use a Shotgun Choke

The primary use of a choke is to shape how a shot will spread once the hunter pulls the trigger. A choke acts like the perfect fit for more accuracy, like stretching leather gloves to fit perfectly. See how to stretch leather gloves.

Considering small and fast animals, the best shotgun chokes for hunting them would be the chokes that create a widespread pattern to cover the area faster with more accuracy.

Types of Chokes 

There are many shotgun chokes available on the market. They include:

  • Full choke 
  • Cylinder choke
  • Improved cylinder choke
  • Rifled choke
  • Skeet choke 
  • Modified choke

Each type of choke falls under one of these categories. They are: 

  • Interchangeable chokes could be screw-in or screw-on. It is so named because you can switch it based on the level of constriction necessary by the user. 
  • Fixed chokes are the permanent types built-in with the barrel. 
  • Adjustable chokes are easy to adjust, as the name implies, and it allows users to fashion the constriction over a wide range of needs.

Shotgun Chokes for Small and Fast Animals

Now that we know a little about chokes, we can answer the question: Which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting? The answer is the improved cylinder choke and the modified choke.

The Improved Cylinder Choke

This type of shotgun choke offers a minimal restriction of 0.01 inches, allowing a quick and instant spread once you fire the shot for a higher level of accuracy. 

This shotgun choke type improves the accuracy level of the shooter by 10% while causing minimal damage to the prey. 

The Modified choke 

The modified choke is another good option for hunting small and fast animals, and it is also the best choice for medium distances that fall within 30-40 yards of space. 

Unlike the improved cylinder choke, the modified choke size is 0.02 inches allowing for more than 10% accuracy shooting than even the improved cylinder choke. This type is more suitable for slightly larger and faster birds like pheasants and offers instant penetration with more impact.

The only but of this type of shotgun choke is that its optimal function is for close and medium-range areas. 

Shotgun Chokes for Small and Fast Animals

The Difference Between an Improved Cylinder Choke and a Modified Cylinder Choke

To recognize and differentiate both choke types, a quick look at the number of notches on the rim will provide the answer. 

For the improved cylinder shotgun choke, the number of slim-cut notches on the rim is four. 

On the other hand, the modified shotgun choke features three slim-cut notches on its rim. 


Which shotgun choke is the most open? 

The cylinder shotgun choke is the most open shotgun choke. This is because it has no constriction at all and measures the same as the internal dimensions of the barrel. 

Which shotgun choke is best for hunting larger animals like turkey?

The full choke is the best option for hunting larger animals like turkey as it has a tighter constriction.

Can you store a choke with the shotgun? 

Yes. You can store a choke with the shotgun to protect it so far; the shotgun is safe in proper storage like the best soft shotgun case to prevent any damages.  

Final Thoughts 

Hunting small, fast, and close animals is a hassle as speed is their ultimate defense. For a higher chance of success, a shotgun choke comes into play. Hopefully, with this piece, we have been able to guide you on which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small.