Finding the best flashlights for deer hunting in 2021 can be stressful and annoying. It turns out there are a lot of options out there, and you’re not even sure where to start.

Choosing the wrong set of flashlights could mean it takes you longer than it should track those pesky deer. That could mean lost bucks and severe heartache. So a lot is resting on your choice of a flashlight.

While there are tons of reviews online (and most of them have conflicting opinions), we’ve come up with our own list of the top 8 recommendations – based on actual real-world usage in deer hunting conditions.

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8 Best Flashlight For Deer Hunting


A crucial feature of a flashlight good for deer hunting is a non-spooky light that retains enough night vision for the surrounding. 

In their many years of hunting experience, experts have discovered that green and red light retains enough night vision and does not scare a deer. Blue flashlights preserve night vision but spooky to deer.

Also, a green light will retain more night vision than red light. However, the ALONEFIRE Xoo4 does not only provide high irradiating light and a feature to choose between four different light colors-green, red, blue, and white light. A gentle press on the tail cap switches the cycle between each light.

The flashlight is sturdy enough for the wild and fueled by a 18650 type battery, rechargeable with a USB port on the move or in vehicles. Other perks include the adjustable focus for regulating the throw and flood beam properties, water, dustproof body design, and more.

With the above features and other pros mentioned below, it’s safe to regard the ALONEFIREXoo4 as one of the best hunting flashlights at night.


  • Sturdy body made from aero-grade aluminum
  • IP6 rated water and dustproof
  • Four different colors in one LED light
  • Compact and lightweight; easy mobility during hunting
  • Powered by a single rechargeable 18650 battery or 3 AAA battery type
  • Comes with a USB compatible battery charger
  • Bright and non-scattered light with good throw and flood property


  • No strobe mode


It’s the best option for on-budget flashlights that comes with all features crucial for deer hunting. If you’re looking for an affordable deer hunting flashlight, you should consider ALONEFIRE.

2. Ulako Single 1 Mode

The Ulako Hunting detector is another option for deer hunting. Although it has a single mode of green hunting LED flashlight, it’s a sturdy light tactically designed for night activity in the wild without losing night vision.

Its pure green light is amazingly bright and has an irradiation range of over 100 yards and 200 lumens. The light is zoomable to adjust for far and near targeting. Also, the body is light and durable well made with aluminum alloy with a skid-proof design.

With Ulako, you won’t have to worry about power issues since the single AA battery works just fine and lasts long hours at full runtime.

At its current price, this flashlight beats its competitors out of the water. It’s one of the best hunting flashlights for deer hunting.


  • Light and compact hunting flashlight
  • A single-mode 200 lumens bright green light
  • Sturdy body made with aluminum alloy
  • A beam range of up to 200 yards
  • Light is non-spooky to prey
  • No pupil dilation and retains night vision
  • Powered by a single AA battery
  • Zoomable focus with the flashlight head


  • Limited lumen output


It’s a very affordable solution to flashlights for hunting deer and other animals without worrying about spooking a deer. Also, it’s very light and can easily mount on a rifle.

3. Streamlight 69227

The Streamlight brand has always been renowned for its quality high-end lights built to shine brighter, last longer, and work better.

The TLR-1 game spotter is nothing short of its expectations. It provides a powerful stream of green light that measures up to 31,000-candela peak beam intensity at 150 lumens capacity. The green light does not spook a game and preserves enough night vision for human eyes. Also, its deep-dish reflector technology throws a very tight beam downrange of any wild.

Another perk of the TLR is its compatibility with different mount rails, including the Glock and Picatinny rail style. This feature ensures its versatility with rifles and pistols. The light is IPX7 rated water, dust, and impact-proof.

However, the flashlight uses two 3v CR123A lithium batteries and is regulated by an ambidextrous hand switch or remotely. 

All this technology is a fantastic feature of the TLR. Although expensive, consider it a long time investment in the best hunting flashlight that will last several years. 


  • Sturdy and durable flashlight
  • Aero grade aluminum body and indestructible polycarbonate lens
  • Very bright Green C4 technology LED
  • Up to 1.75 hours of a continuous bright green beam
  • Not spooky to deer
  • Retain night vision and peripheral illumination
  • Deep-dish parabolic reflector
  • Includes two lasting CR123A type lithium battery
  • Compatible with Glock style, Picatinny, Beretta rifle mount rails
  • Includes O-ring
  • IPX7 rated water and shock-proof protection
  • Remote switch option


  • Expensive but worth its price


The light is a perfect game light for deer hunting. It comes with keys for easy mounting onto pistols and rifles. Although expensive, you should consider it when you’re searching for a long term and quality game light.


The NICRON B70 is yet another tactical flashlight that is recommendable for deer hunting. It features a super bright 800-lumen original CREE LED light of three color modes-white, green, and red light.

Light from this LED can illuminate up to 670 feet without dimming.  It also has eight different light settings, including the SOS and strobe for an emergency.

Well built with sturdy material, the body of NICRON is shock, water, and dustproof. It has a magnetic tail that can fix to any metallic surface.

With these features and many more, this flashlight is a versatile and flashlight that lasts long in the wild.


  • Very bright 800 lumens original Cree LED bulb
  • Light, compact, and rugged aluminum body
  • Filter-free with three color mode- Red, green, white
  • Shock, water, and dustproof
  • Magnetic clip tail for hands-free use
  • Beam range up to 670 feet
  • Include one 18650 lithium-ion battery


su_list icon=”icon: thumbs-o-down” class=”cons”]

  • A little pricey but of quality and value


The flashlight is a versatile device. Apart from hunting with the colored lights, it’s white light can be used for daily activities. And also, it doesn’t require external filters.

5. ULTRAFIRE Green Hunting Flashlight

The Ultrafire H-G3 is one of the best tactical night hunting flashlights in the market. It has a single-mode super bright green light measured between 520-535 nm wavelength at a maximum brightness of 650 lumens.

When you mount this flashlight on your rifle, the green light can irradiate as far as 256 yards target in the wild without spooking a game at its maximum brightness settings.

For convenience toggling, the switch is at the tailcap. Also, the flashlight uses a single 18650 battery that lasts for as long as possible.

If you’re searching the market for an affordable light with super bright and long-range, the Ultrafire H-G3 is your best guess.


  • Ultrabright single-mode green light
  • A high beam range of over 265 yards
  • Tail cap switch
  • Very bright 650 lumens XP-E2 technology LED lights
  • Single 18650 battery with a high run time
  • Rifle compatible
  • Non-spooky, bright green light
  • Retains night vision
  • Made with sturdy aluminum body
  • Impact and water-resistant


  • It has only one brightness setting


Ultrafire brand is known for its rugged and durable body structure, a crucial feature for hunting in the wild.

6. ULTRAFIRE Tactical

The A100 is another durable tactical flashlight of the ultra firebrand.  This particular hunting LED flashlight comes with two color exchange glass lenses for a green and red light that makes it suitable for hunting and other daily activities.

A100 flashlight does not craft a spot in the middle of its beam. It creates an even circle of light with a sharp cutoff at the edge. Also, you can always adjust the focus to suit your immediate needs.

The body is very sturdy and made with strong aluminum alloy that can withstand the wear and tear of hunting in the wild and other outdoor services. It also has a strong magnet at the base to hold the flashlight in any direction.

Overall, the features of the A100 tactical flashlight will give you a good run for your money.


  • Made with high-quality and durable aluminum alloy materials
  • Resistant to rain and harsh weather conditions
  • Three different light-green and red for night vision hunting
  • Five brightness modes, including Strobe and SOS for emergency
  • Use a single 18650 battery
  • Includes 3 AAA battery adapter
  • Magnetic base for hands-free use
  • Multipurpose flashlight for day and night use


  • No spot for attaching lanyards


Inexpensive but bright and sturdy flashlight for multipurpose use both day and night.

7. WAYLLSHINE Scalable Green

WAYLLSHINE flashlight is a compact handheld green LED flashlight that can mount on rifles, pistols, or shotguns with the necessary mounting equipment. The green LED bulb is non-spooky to deers and other animals. It has a beam range of up to 150 yards at the maximum brightness mode of 200 lumens.

It has three modes between the high, low, and strobe settings depending on the need at the moment. Low mode helps to conserve power, while strobe for signaling and emergencies.

Wayllshine consumes as low power as possible. With a single 14500 or AA battery, the light works just fine. 

Also, it comes with a  zoomable head to adjust the light from a narrow cone to a wide beam.

That all these features come at an affordable price, we conclude this one of the best green flashlights for hunting in the market.


  • Inexpensive bright green flashlight
  • Three brightness mode with strobe mode for emergency
  • Adjustable beam
  • Single AA or 14500 battery with run time more than three hours
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy body
  • Over 200 lumens of bright light
  • A beam range of up to 150 yards
  • Non-spooky light that retains night vision
  • Light and compact body weight


  • No recharging port


It’s just about right for night hunting activities.

8. Abom Professional Tactical

The Abom flashlight has four light modes that produce green, red, white, and blue lights. It is one of the best flashlight for hunting at night and other daily activities. The casing is all aluminum alloy, and the flashlight is rated an IPX6. It is resistant to impact and waterproof.

This flashlight is very compact and easy to carry for hunting. More so, the beam can be focused by a smooth slide down the hood. It’s a crucial feature for deer targeting when hunting.

You also have the flexibility of choosing between 3 AAA batteries or a single 18650 battery with a high run time.

Overall, when you are looking to purchase a multipurpose flashlight for hunting and other general purposes, the Abom perfectly fits the bill.


  • It has four color modes
  • Bright blue and red light good for hunting purpose
  • Adjustable focus for flood or near vision
  • Excellent build quality with aluminum body and firm grip
  • Flexibility to use three AAA or single 18650 battery
  • A beam range of up to 200 meters
  • IPX6 rated water and impact resistance


  • The flashlight does not store the memory of the last used light


It is a compact and versatile flashlight for hunting and other purposes.

Buyers Guide: 6 Must-Have Features in a Flashlight for Deer Hunting

1. Bright Light

Most times, the brightness of a light is in the lumen-a unit of its luminous flux. Even though this bogus scientific term is renowned in the flashlight industry, it may not fully comprehend how bright a flashlight could be. 

The actual brightness of a light is a subjective perception. You will need to consider the distance from the light source and its angular light speed to accurately determine the brightness.

However, the lumen or candela measurement can still give you a projection of how much brightness you should expect from a flashlight. 

Experts have recommended a luminous flux near the 200-lumen or higher to do the job well.

Another great option is to consider a flashlight with variable lumen output for each model. It helps to choose the best brightness for different situations, And also conserves power in the wild.

2. Color

There has been a lot of debate concerning the best light color for deer hunting, especially at night. Severally, the problem is always about a color that will not spook the deer and still retains enough light vision for the human eye.

The most popular colors for this purpose are RGB (red, green, and blue). Each of the colors has its pros and cons.

The red color retains a lot of night vision but spooks deer at night.  On the other hand, greenlight rarely spook dear but might be a little dim for the human eye. Also, the blue color is visible to deers like the whitetails. Most hunters prefer the green light since it has a little bit of both sides. However, a better option is to purchase a flashlight with multiple color modes and white light. They are versatile and inexpensive these days. Some also come with removable color filters that are screwable on the flashlight.

3. Water and dust resistance

Since hunting is an outdoor activity, a flashlight for hunting should resist water, dust, and other harsh conditions. The conditions in the wild will most likely require that your flashlight fall or get scratched by figs and leaves. 

However, a tactical type of flashlight with a good impact resistance profile made of durable metal is your best choice for the wild.  

You would have noticed that many products come with an IPX rating. IPX rating is an international code that describes the level of protection provided by the device case. The higher the IPX rating, the more the extent of protection.

4. Versatility of Modes

The ability to choose between different brightness settings is crucial for reasons like power conservation and brightness adjustment. 

Modern tactical flashlights usually come with modes like the high, low, strobe, and SOS mode. This option allows users to consciously choose how bright a light they need for a particular event. Although high brightness is always attractive to users, the low mode setting is useful for hunting animals spooked by very bright lights. 

The strobe and SOS can be the saving grace in times of emergency. It is useful to alert other members of potential danger or refer them to an injured member. 

Overall, a flashlight with multiple modes will always come in handy in the wild and for daily activities.

5. Compact size

While you may need all the great and dynamic features in a flashlight for hunting, the last thing you need is a bogus and heavy flashlight that adds to your weight and slows you down in the wild. A good tactical flashlight should be very light and less brittle so that it can be handheld, kept in a backpack, and mounted on a rifle. 

6. Battery Type

Selecting the right battery for your hunting expedition can be the difference between a half baked hunting experience and a gleaming hunting game. A good battery for hunting should hold a charge for a relatively long time with a longer shelf life. It also helps save money in the long haul when you consider a battery with high capacity.

The most common types of batteries found in flashlights for hunting include alkaline, lithium, and lithium-ion batteries. Alkaline batteries are often available for a budget price but are not the best for night hunting. Also, they perform poorly in harsh cold weather since they are affected by temperatures that shorten their lifespan. 

But then, lithium batteries have more consistent energy flow than alkaline batteries and perform better in extreme temperatures. Also, they have a higher capacity than most alkaline batteries.

However, since alkaline batteries are mostly not rechargeable, they are mostly more useful for emergencies where the charging source is not readily available. Most manufacturers nowadays produce flashlights with adapters for more than one battery type. 

Therefore, depending on the situation, you can decide to use either the rechargeable or the non-rechargeable battery type. Your choice is a crucial factor to be considered when purchasing flashlights for deer hunting. With the non-rechargeable battery, you will always have a backup when something goes wrong. However, rechargeable batteries help to cut down on costs.


1. What is the best time to hunt a deer?

The best time to hunt is whenever you can. Deers tend to be more active during dawn and dusk,  but they also move during the day. Hunters may prefer early mornings or late afternoon since it’s more comfortable and relaxing.

2. Do lights spook deer?

Hunters have suggested that deers are sensitive to white light at night. And there has been overwhelming evidence that red, green, and blue colored have a less spooky effect than white light. However, green light retains more night vision among the colored lights.

3. How many lumens do you need for deer hunting?

Any light above 200 lumens should be right. However, depending on the situation, you may need more or less brightness. The best way to maximize this is to consider a flashlight with multiple lumen settings.

4. Is a headlamp better than a flashlight for deer hunting?

Flashlights can help you see objects faster. They have a stronger light than headlights, so they are ideal when seeing long distances is essential. It can come with various modes so that each person can find his or her brightness comfort level. With a flashlight, you can focus on prey better without being constrained by head movements.

Final Words

Deer hunting is an exciting exercise until it is gloomy with no way to see and target your prey. However, a bright flashlight with quality battery capacity can always be the saving grace.

Now that you’re well equipped with the right information and reviews of the best flashlights for deer hunting in 2021 choose your perfect one and keep hunting!