When it comes to taking the best shot, the bow used makes the difference. No matter how skilled a bowhunter you are, if you don’t use the right arrows, you’d miss the mark most of the time.

If you want to have that thrilling hunting experience, then you should get the best arrow. It’s probably the thing you should pay the most attention to.

Here is a list of the best arrows in 2022 that should catch your attention if you are looking to get the best one for you.

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TOP 10 Best Hunting Arrows of 2022

Linkboy Archery Spine

This Linkboy arrow is a carbon arrow that screams out quality. It is outfitted with a turkey feather, and it’s made with Japan’s Mitsubishi’s top carbon fiber raw materials. It works perfectly with any arrow and would serve you excellently in an archery competition. Linkboy says that it’s especially great for archery competitions. 

The arrow is made of premium precision material and will serve as durable arrows for practice, hunting, and competition. Like most, it also comes with a removable field point that can be changed according to your needs. The nocks’ orientation can also be adjusted to fit a recurve bow or a compound bow. If you want the perfect arrow for an archery competition, well, this is the arrow for you.


  • First off, it’s one of the most affordable arrows you’re ever going to get
  • It has a straightness of about 0.003
  • It is one of the best arrows for a compound bow


  • The fletching tends to come off
  • It’s not one of the best bow hunting arrows


should probably get something better if you’re going to go on a hunting trip. There are certainly stronger bow hunting arrows.

TenPoint 22-Inch Carbon Arrows

It is one of the most expensive arrows on this list. And since it comes in a pack of 72 arrows, I guess it makes some economic sense to get it, especially if you’re an avid shooter who burns through many arrows. 

The arrow is a generally tidy affair and weighs well. It has an Omni-Nock, and is just the right length for most people— that’s twenty-two inches. However, If it’s too long for you, you can always cut it down to size. 


  • It’s excellent for crossbows
  • It comes in a pack of 72
  • It’s one of the best deer hunting arrows


  • It’s costly


If you want many decent arrows and are ready to splurge, you should get this one.

CQ Archery Crossbow Bolts

This arrow is mostly for professionals. If you happen to be an amateur, new to the shooting game with a bow and arrow, this isn’t the arrow you should be looking at. It would be best if you were looking at something entirely different. However, if you’re a professional bowhunter, this is one of the arrows you should consider getting. 

It comes with four-inch vanes that will give it a decent spin and allow it to fly through the air and to your target quickly. It also comes with screw-points that make the arrows very easy to repair if they ever get spoilt. 


  • The arrow has sturdy vanes that won’t break off
  • It is effortless to repair, as long as the shaft itself doesn’t get shattered
  • It’s one of the best arrows for a compound bow


  • It’s not an arrow for beginners, as it could cause them injuries


If you’re searching for a professional type arrow that’s affordable and easily repairable, this is your best bet— or one of your best bets. If you’re a beginner, stay away.

Carbon Express Maxima Red SD 450

It’s near impossible to make a list of the best arrows without including one from Carbon Express. It stands on top as one of the best tested and trusted arrow providers, and it doesn’t appear like they are dropping ranks anytime soon.

The Carbon Express Maxima Red SD is a testament to the ever-continuing innovation of this company. A top tech carbon arrow shaft with stiffer ends that commands the activities of the red zone. The RedZone is a section of Carbon Express’s arrows that are engineered to contain the dynamic spine and allow a broadhead shoot more consistently than ever.

Since the Maxima Red SD has a smaller diameter, it delivers better penetration and generally reduces air pressure, making it more accurate over a longer distance.

The arrow also has the maximum straightness that any arrow can get, a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch. Its Launchpad Precision Nocks allows it to deliver a precise and controlled arrow shoot with excellent alignment. Like all Carbon Express arrows, this arrow comes with Carbon Express’s proprietary BullDog, Nock Collar. This collar helps protect the shaft against heavy nick-end impacts. 


  • It’s a small arrow, so it suffers less from wind drift. It means it’s even more accurate over long distances. This smaller diameter also means that it delivers even better penetration.
  • It comes with Launchpad Precision Nocks. These nocks help deliver a more controlled arrow release at no additional cost.
  • It is the straightest arrow you can find with real straightness of +/- 0.0025-inches.


  • It’s a lot more expensive than your average arrow. You have to pull out the big bucks to get this one.
  • It’s way heavier than what it looks like.


It is a premium arrow, and there’s hardly any better on the market. However, if you do want to get this arrow, be prepared to splurge. It doesn’t come cheap.

Carbon Express D-Stroyer Shafts

The Carbon Express D-Stroyer, well, destroys. Carbon Express’s patented 2 Spine arrow shaft reduces oscillation by about fifty percent, and it is made with a hundred percent carbon weave that gives it very consistent spine strength. All these make the arrow very strong and very durable with laser checked straightness of up to 1/10,000 of an inch. 

The arrow is also incredibly straight, as it is laser checked for straightness to a 1/10 000 of an inch. Like all Carbon Express arrows, the D-Stroyer also comes with Launchpad Precision Nocks. It’s undoubtedly one of the best arrows for hunting in 2022. 


  • Strong and durable
  • It has a two spine arrow shaft that will reduce oscillation by as much as 50 percent
  • It’s best for hunting deers


  • It’s not great for beginners
  • It’s a bit expensive


If you want firm and durable arrows that will last a long time, well, this is the arrow for you.

Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Fletched

The newly created Black Eagle Zombie Slayer arrow is a sure hit, and it ticks all the boxes I have. It’s durable, dependable, and it is evident. And here’s a fun fact; the arrow was explicitly made to penetrate zombie skulls. I don’t know whether you’ll ever have to use this arrow on zombies, but if you ever have to do that, it’s important to note that this arrow will penetrate zombie skulls, no questions asked. 

And don’t ask how they got their hands on a zombie skull to test the arrow on in the first place. Some questions aren’t just worth the answers. 


  • It has one of the tightest straightness I’ve ever seen on any arrow
  • It is very durable and would penetrate even zombie skulls— well, according to Black Eagle anyway


  • It’s not the best arrow for beginners


This arrow is probably the best for game hunting on this list. A hunting game, or just some practice, this is the one for you!

Carbon Express Predator XSD

If two words describe the Predator XSD from Carbon Express, it’s outstanding strength. The arrow has an extreme .166″ inside diameter, which means it has better penetration and will be more resistant to wind drift. So, you’re not going to be bothered about intense penetration with this arrow. 

Carbon Express ensures that all arrows that come sorted and matched by weight. So all the arrows you’ll get will weigh roughly the same, and this will allow you better weighting when shooting. And as always, the arrow has straightness that is laser checked to a 1/10,000 of an inch. 


  • This arrow will penetrate anything
  • It’s very wind drift resistant


  • It can be costly


If you have the money and would want to spend it on something real nice, then this is a powerful arrow you should get.

Carbon Express X-Buster

The X-Buster is one of the best arrows from Carbon Express in recent times— it is also quite expensive. It’s a heavy arrow, and if you’re a fan of light ones, you should probably look elsewhere. But the X-Buster isn’t just plump for nothing. The extra weight of the arrow makes sure that archers don’t have to tune down their equipment. It’s a big arrow for big bows. 

Aside from being the arrow for professionals, the X-Buster is engineered for durability and can hit the most challenging indoor targets with no problem at all. It also has a smooth diamond coat finish that makes drawing the arrow an incredibly smooth experience. 


  • It’s great for professionals, and shooters don’t have to tune down their heavier pieces of equipment to shoot it.
  • It has a smooth domain coat finish that makes it easier and smoother to draw.


  • It’s an expensive arrow.


If you own a heavy bow, you should get one of these. It will add thrill to your shooting activities.

Carbon Injexion Shafts

The 12-pk Carbon Injexion Shafts from Easton is the arrow of the future. It is one of the first arrows made with precision carbon construction augmented by the revolutionary advantages offered by Deep Six Tech. The Deep Six Tech is Easton’s solution to the diminishing returns that arrow manufacturers face when creating smaller arrows. 

This feature allows it to remain as portable as possible with the many benefits of small arrows. The Ultra-micro G diameter that comes with the arrow offers excellent penetration and maximizes the shot’s kinetic energy. It ensures that whatever game this arrow hits will be gone (or near gone) before it hits the ground. 

The smaller diameter of the arrow also means that it would be great for windy conditions, as the wind would have a smaller surface area to act on, giving a more accurate sot with decreased wind drift.


  • The smaller diameter of the arrow ensures higher accuracy
  • It has incredible penetration thanks to the Deep Six Tech of Easton


  • It’s not the best arrow for beginners


It is a premium arrow that you should get if you’re often hunting in windy conditions. It’ll keep your aim accurate, and its high-level penetration means that it’s great for hunting game.

Elong 12X Crossbow Bolts

Elong is undoubtedly not one of the biggest names in the arrow making industry, but they excel at one thing; making cheap arrows with decent quality. 

This stunning carbon fiber arrow from Elong is everything you’d want if you’re a beginner with shallow pockets. It has a plastic half-moon nock, 125 Grain Screw-In Points, and 4-inch TPU Vanes. Additionally, it’s great for really light bows. 


  • It’s cheap
  • It’s great for beginners


  • It’s not useful for professionals
  • It doesn’t have the best balance


If you’re starting to get into archery or bow hunting, and you want to try your hands at it, this would make a great choice. It wouldn’t work otherwise.

Buying Guide For Hunting Arrows

Before getting your hunting arrow, there are some things that you must know. These things will help you make better quality decisions regarding the kind of arrow you get. 

The Basics

First, you must know the basics of a hunting arrow. All arrows have four parts; the nock, a shaft, tip, and fletching. You can either get all these parts with the arrow or assemble them yourself. The styles and sizes have different effects on an arrow’s flight. Other factors like arrow weight, draw length, draw poundage, and environmental conditions affect arrows’ speed and precision. 

We’ll be looking through some of these factors and figuring out how they should impact your judgment of an arrow. 

Hunting Arrow Weight

If there’s only one thing you can learn about arrow weight, it must be this; heavier arrows have better penetration and reduce noise and vibration. Now, this isn’t true in a lot of cases, but it’s right in most. Despite heavier arrows offering better penetration, many hunters still prefer lighter arrows because they are adequate for competition and are generally better faster.

 However, heavier arrows are generally best for hunting. Consider the draw weight per pound when getting an arrow. Anything less than 5 should be avoided. If you shoot an arrow that’s too light, it may damage your bow and could even damage your warranty. 

Arrow Spine Rating

An arrow’s spine rating generally describes its stiffness level, and it determines almost everything about the arrow. 

However, it’s challenging to judge an arrow’s spine rating because there’s no universal measurement. Many manufacturers use the measurements that make their arrows look good, which could be bad for inexperienced archers. 

But despite all the differences, there’s a general trend with spine ratings. A lower rating would mean a stiffer arrow.

Arrow vane lengths

Vane lengths come in different types.

The most common are: 2″, 3″, and 4″ lengths. 

What you should know before getting a vane:

First, a longer vane allows more broadhead stabilization. 

Secondly, a shorter vane is better in the wind. And thirdly, longer vanes are a better large and fixed blade broadhead. 

Arrow Nocks 

There are lots of different kinds of nocks with different qualities. One thing you must know when getting nocks is to get lighted ones. These will help you fine-tune better, and it will help you recover your arrows quicker. 


How Long Should My Hunting Arrow Be? 

To figure out how long your hunting arrow should be, you need first to figure out your draw length. Once you’ve got that figured out, add two inches to it, and you’ve got the length your hunting arrow should be. If your arrow is longer, you can always cut it. 

Finding the draw length

Stand with your arms outstretched in opposite directions. Get someone to help measure the distance from the tip of one hand to the tip of the other hand. That means you’d be measuring the length of both hands and your chest. Then you divide that measurement by two, then add two inches. 

How Do I Measure Arrow Length? 

Measure from the back of the point to the throat of the nock. 


Hopefully, you’ve gone through this article, and you’ve found an arrow for you on this list. These are simply the best arrows for hunting available in 2022, and it’s unlikely that you’d find any better.

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