The quality of arrows used by a bowhunter greatly determines the success of the shot. This means that it’s important to choose the best arrows, as they greatly determine your shooting success.

That is why today we will be taking a look at the best hunting arrows of 2022.

In this review, you will learn about the best and latest tech in shooting arrows, and hopefully find one to fill your quiver with.

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TOP 10 Best Hunting Arrows of 2022

MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows

If you’re looking for cheap arrows that will last you well over six hundred shots, well, this is the arrow you should be seriously considering. Each arrow is a 6PK carbon fiber material and comes with a replaceable screw-in stainless steel field point. It can be used for both hunting and targeting, and can be used with traditional bows, longbows, compound bows, and recurve bows. The arrow is also extraordinarily durable and is excellent for extended use. 

While the materials are not exactly high-quality like the ones higher up on this list, the MS Jumpper arrows will surely last you for a while. 


  • Can crunch through bone
  • Grinds 12-18 lb. per minute
  • Sturdy stainless steel blades and grinding plate
  • No-slip rubber feet for stability
  • Carrying handle


  • It gets broken easily
  • Its tips get unscrewed easily


Even though this arrow is not particularly strong, it is still a very useful one that’s great for indoor archery and practice.

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

The Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrow looks like it will be fast, strong, and durable— and it is. While it may look (and feel) rather flexible, you would be surprised at how durable this arrow is and how many shots it can last for without breaking.

When choosing an arrow, it is important to get one that will not only fly fast, but will shoot straight. And that is precisely what the Gold Tip is. It shoots straight and has a straightness tolerance of about .003 inches. It is also really great for compound bows because it has a draw length of about 31.5 inches. 

What more?

It is regarded as one of the top choices for compound bows. This draw length ensures that it is also a good choice for people with shorter arms. Asides from this, the extra draw length means that it can fly with much more power than other arrows. 


  • More draw length means more forceful impact
  • It is great for people with shorter arms
  • Factory fletched with 2 in. Raptor vanes


  • It may be difficult to handle.


Looking for an arrow that is cheap yet has great penetration? Well, this is the arrow for you.

Pandarus 31-inch Archery Hunting Arrows

When I got the Pandarus Archery Hunting Arrows, I expected a lot because Pandarus is a reputable brand, and I was not at all disappointed.

With the 31-inch Carbon Hunting Arrows from Pandarus, you get all that is advertised— and more. First off, let us talk about the shaft. The shaft is made with a high strength carbon core. 

Why is that Important?

Most people associate carbon cores with high price points, but they fail to note that carbon cores are perhaps the most durable materials used to make shafts. These arrows are really strong; I have shot the same pair of arrows tons of timeswithout breaking any.

If you are a regular shooter, you would know that shaft weight is an important aspect of hunting as it determines how fast your arrow goes. The Pandarus 31-inch Hunting Arrow point has a weight of about 100 grains, making it a great arrow for shooting.


  • It is near unbreakable


  • May feel heavy for beginners.


It is almost impossible to break, and it weighs just what you would want an arrow to weigh. They may however be difficult to recover due to their coloration, which often blends with the foliage.

Linkboy Archery Spine Carbon Arrows

This Linkboy arrow comes in different sizes, making it ideal for people who want a lot of versatility. It has a pretty solid construction, which makes it excellent for both rough conditions and less demanding conditions. Asides from that, it has a straightness tolerance of about +.003,” which makes it great for repetitive use. It also has amazing vanes that make it fly through the air swiftly.


  • They have superb quality for a cheap price
  • It’s made with high-quality carbon, so it’s very durable


  • Professional hunters may have some trouble with the arrow.


If you just use your bow and arrow for archery, then this is the best arrow or you. However, it may not be great for you if you are a professional.

The Pile-driver By Carbon Express

Unlike the ICS Hunter, the Pile-driver is the arrow you want to get if you are into professional bowhunting. There are few arrows on the market that can endure competition with high-quality competitors, and the Pile-driver by Carbon Express is one of those arrows.

It has great penetration, extraordinary construction, and it comes with a couple of extras (something that few other arrows come with). It seems like the perfect arrow. But is it? Not exactly, as if you are looking for a lightweight arrow then this may not be the arrow for you. 


  • The arrows have a really strong penetrating ability
  • They also have long games that help keep them straight and balanced


  • The arrows are not very lightweight.


These arrows are great if you are into professional hunting, but if you are not, they may seem like too much work.

Xtorsion SS Gamer Arrows by Victory Archery

The Xtorsion SS Gamer Arrows is designed with maximum impact in mind. This is evident in its tough and durable stainless steel and carbon fiber construction. These arrows also have a lot of kinetic energy. 

What do I mean when I say kinetic energy? Well, the SS Torsion (as I like to call it) is extremely lightweight— we mean more lightweight than regular. Since it is so lightweight, it flies very easily towards the target, which makes the arrow even more accurate than it regularly is. 

Asides from this, the arrow’s shaft is made with a mix of stainless steel and carbon fiber, which is always a good choice for the shaft of an arrow. The shaft’s carbon makes it able to maintain a great balance, while the stainless steel makes it almost impossible to bend and allows it to be more durable.


  • Very high penetrating power.
  • The high quality grants the arrow a strong spine and makes it more accurate.


  • The vane sizes may not be too great for an arrow that is so light.


This is the arrow you need to use if you want maximum penetration. There is hardly a better choice than this if we are being honest.

Maxmia Triad by Carbon Express

The Maxmia Triad is one of the straightest arrows I have tested, with a straightness of +/-.002. The design of the arrow shaft makes for less drifting and greater accuracy. The shaft is made of superior 30-ton carbon with a really small diameter, which reduces crosswind drifting.

These arrows are really consistent across the board due to amazing quality control. They also have redone technology that makes use of three spines. This gives the arrow just the right balance. It’s even sturdy enough for deer hunting. 


  • A very sturdy arrow, strong enough for actual hunting and competition.
  • Great material construction


  • Quite expensive


This is a really great arrow, although expensive. The slim shaft may make it difficult to purchase accessories in some areas. This is not a problem if you do custom servicing though.

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows

This Carbon Express Maxima arrow may look quite pricey, but there is a reason it made this list. It’s one arrow that provides bowhunters with a new level of performance. The arrow is made with hi-tech carbon material to helps to control the arrows flex. It comes with a RED ZONE section that manages the arrow mid-flight and allows it to shoot tighter and with better accuracy. 

It also has dynamic spine control, a patented tech that allows the arrow to fly better. Interestingly, the arrow is made with different materials that optimize its power of flight and accuracy. The diamond weave tech also ensures that the arrow is extremely stiff, and its spine consistency is out of this world. 


  • The arrows all come sorted and matched by weight and spine.
  • Each arrow is laser checked for straightness, so every arrow you get is a perfect specimen.
  • It comes with a Launchpad precision nock, which allows it to deliver an amazing, controlled release.


  • It tends to be too bulky
  • It is not suitable for use more than once
  • It is a tad pricey


If the price is not your problem, then you should seriously consider getting this one. Great spine, great nock, awesome buy.

Hunter Pro By Gold Tip

If you have used a lot of arrows, there is no way you wouldn’t already know about Gold Tip. And if you didn’t know about Gold Tip, here is one thing about them; they make really precise arrows. 

The Hunter Pro is one of those highly precise arrows, and it is certainly one of the best arrows of 2022. The arrow is great for long-range targets because it travels well and is very precise. It’s also made with 100% carbon, which allows it to pack that extra punch when penetrating. The Hunter Pro is surely one of the best carbon hunting arrows I have ever used. 

It also has a remarkable straightness of about 0.001 inches, which is above and beyond any other arrow can offer— seriously, I am yet to see an arrow with better straightness. 


  • Exceptionally straight
  • The arrows have near-perfect alignment
  • Made with 100% carbon


  • It may be too pricey.


If there is ever an exceptional arrow without a con, it has to be the Hunter Pro. If you have got the coin, this is the choice you should make.

Maxima Hunter By Carbon Express

Carbon Express has made a lot of appearances on this list, and that’s surely evidence of good work. But why does the Maxima Hunter take the number one spot? Easy. 

Well, first off, it has the Dual Spine Weight Forwarding Feature that fuses two different materials to form the spine. In plain language, this means that the Maxima Hunter has found a way to use two different spines in one arrow. The consequence of this is that the arrow will be able to manage every better and recover quicker. 

Asides from this, the Maxima Hunter is also extremely straight. How straight? Well, it has a straightness that measures up to 1/10,000th of an inch. If excellent accuracy is what you are searching for, this is the arrow for you. And lastly, it comes with something all Maxima arrows come with, a Bulldog nock.

The nock gives you great control over your release, so it is a great feature to have on your arrow. If you’re the kind who likes to carry arrows in the nocked position, you will love this arrow. 


  • A camouflage Mossy Oak Pattern that keeps the arrow well hidden.
  • The arrow stays straight with the help of laser technology.
  • Because of its DSWF tech, the arrow is extra fast and extra stiff.


  • The arrows do not come assembled, so you have to cut them to your required length before use.


These arrows are a great option for professionals. However, their camouflage design is a double-edged sword, as it makes the arrow quite difficult to find.

What You Need to Know When Buying Arrows

Many say an arrow is just a straight pointed stick fired from a bow. Perhaps a thousand years ago that definition would have been fine. 

Today? Not so much.

Today there are different terms— for example, carbon arrows. (They are a pretty decent invention). 

There are awful and amazing hunting arrows out on the market today. And what makes the difference is two things; the first is the materials used in construction, and the second is the design. An arrow is made of four parts, and these four parts can be made with different materials, and these materials, to a large extent, decide how good (or bad) the arrow would end up being. 

What does this mean? 

Some materials are really good, some are basic, and some are bad. And if you want to get a good arrow, you will need a working knowledge of these mechanics. 


The first thing you should consider when getting an arrow is the spine. 

Why the spine? 

Easy When you shoot your arrow, it generally wiggles like a snake. I know what you are thinking though, if the arrow wiggles this way, how does it hit its target? Well, no one knows. But it does anyway. This wiggle is what is called the spine of an arrow. 

The spine? 

Yes, really. Each arrow is manufactured in a way that it has a certain amount of spine. When picking an arrow, you want one with just the right level of spine; not too much that it collapses on itself, and not too little that it is so stiff. Why? Well, arrows that are too stiff do not end up being very accurate. 


When selecting an arrow, you should find out about the length first. Even before that, you need to find out your draw length. Once you have found that out, you need to buy an arrow that is longer than that.


Well, shorter arrows could fall off your shelf or arrow rest. Or you could shoot them into your hand. You wouldn’t want that, would you? 

If you would not, then you need to take the following recommendations seriously. Beginners are advised to select arrows that are two inches longer than their draw length. Intermediate users can consider getting arrows that are about an inch longer than their personal draw length. 

If you don’t know how to determine your draw length, here’s an article that could help. 


Of course, weight is important. That is not surprising at all. The weight of your arrow also determines what kind of bow you use it on. Heavier bows make use of heavier arrows, and lighter bows make use of lighter arrows. 

Is that all? 

No. If you are going to hunt, you should get a heavy arrow, as it retains more kinetic energy, and this means it will be able to penetrate a target easily. However, these kinds of arrows are generally slower than lighter arrows. 

And what is unsurprising?

The reverse is the case for lighter arrows; they are fast, but do not penetrate easily. 


The straighter an arrow, the better for it. Most arrows come with a manufacturer rated “straightness tolerance” that is in +/- terms. An arrow with a straightness tolerance of about +/-.001 is going to be straighter than an arrow with tolerance +/-.002.

That is not all. 

The straightest arrows are always the most expensive. But most professionals are not usually too worried about the straightness of an arrow. They are usually more concerned about the spine. 


Diameter is an important thing to take note of when getting an arrow. But before choosing the kind of diameter you want your arrow to have, you should consider the activity you are using it for. 


Well, thicker diameters are great for archery competitions, as they allow you to connect with the lines and get a higher score. However, the reverse is the case for outdoor archers. If you are shooting outside, you will want to have arrows with thinner diameters because they are less affected by wind. 


And now we are at the very front of the arrow. There are lots of different kinds of tips for lots of different uses. You should generally keep one rule in mind when thinking of tips. And this is it; lighter tips will work well with lighter bows, and heavy tips will work well with heavy bows. 


Do arrows come with tips? 

Yes, loads of arrows come with screw-in tips. 

Is there a huge difference between bows with the straightness of .001 and bows with .006 straightness? 

Suppose we want to be academic about it, yes. But in practice? Not really. That is why lots of hunters prefer to think in terms of the spine, as that is more indicative. 

Is it illegal to make use of thicker diameter arrows in competitions because they offer an advantage? 

Most competitions have a limit on how to thick your arrows can be, so I think they have got that angle pretty much covered. 

Which is better? An arrow with too little spine or one with too much?

Well, hunters prefer an arrow that is a bit too stiff to an arrow with too much spine. 


Looking for the best hunting arrows of 2022? Well, there you have them. You would scarcely get arrows better than these ten anywhere. Do you currently use one of these arrows? Tell me what you think— I would love to hear from you!