Many ask, what is Saddle hunting? Saddle hunting could appear as a big step if you have no experience with it before now. The truth is that it is no magic as you would love it, especially if you are a fan of learning new ways to hunt. Nevertheless, you may need time to get used to it and even develop your hunting style.

Basic Information On What Is Saddle Hunting

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What is saddle hunting? 

Saddle hunting is hunting on a tree. Basically, you need a tree saddle. A tree saddle is like a seat but with a waist strap and two leg straps. They are lightweight but strong enough to carry a full human. You may want to try the saddle of a colleague and try it out to practice tree saddle hunting. 

Much more than exploring a new hunting adventure, you will be able to have a better view of your hunting site and the games. The saddles will help you move faster on a tree. You can use a tree tether with a lineman’s rope to stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions 

It is possible to have several questions about this type of hunting – from saddle hunting setup to its safety, its benefits, and more. All your questions are answered in this section. 

How safe is saddle hunting? 

Without much ado, saddle hunting is a safe type of hunting. That you are hunting on a tree does not mean you would be jumping on your accord from one tree to the other one. There is a hunting saddle and other safety tools that prevent you from falling while hunting. 

Your saddle hunting kit always comes as a saddle, tree tether, and lineman’s rope. However, you can take things a step further by using an ascender – a mechanical device for your lineman’s rope which you can easily adjust while on a tree or even climbing. Gear bags and the best hunting pants are good additions too. 

What do I need to know about saddle hunting? 

Saddle hunting is one of the trendiest methods people use to hunt deer. It is not a new style as hunters have been using it for over three decades. The idea is that you are in a heightened position using your saddle. 

The saddle works like a seat but can swing from a tree to another. Recently, people have used tree stands, and the effectiveness has increased largely. 

How do you use a hunting saddle? 

Using a hunting saddle may require practice. You cannot expect perfection while hunting if you have not trained yourself to climb with the climbing rope, anchor the saddle to the tree, and move around on the saddle. 

How do you climb the tree when saddle hunting? 

Since you have the best crossbow for hunting and are ready to explore saddle hunting, everything else becomes simple. Anchor the rope to the part of the tree you want and climb. Nevertheless, it is advisable to learn from an experienced hunter who is conversant with tree saddle hunting. 

What are the benefits of saddle hunting? 

Just like purchasing the best crossbow for under $400, saddle hunting has several benefits. 

  1. You can practice quieter hunting. 
  2. Safety is optimum as you only have to worry about your saddle’s anchorage. 
  3. Mobility is maximal.
  4. Being able to see a game from a far distance. 


Saddle hunting could have sounded mysterious to you before reading this article. You would agree that there is a lot to say now if anyone asks, what is saddle hunting? Stay on top of your hunting game.