If you have been hunting for a while, you would agree that hunting may require some techniques like knowing the unique features your games may display. It is much more than getting the best hunting tools and accessories to head into the hunting field. However, an inquisitive person may ask further, why must you learn to recognize key characteristics of the animal you’re hunting? Follow this content closely as it clears all doubt.

Why should I familiarize myself with these animals' characteristics as a hunter?

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Why should I familiarize myself with these animals’ characteristics as a hunter? 

Developing identification skills for wildlife is essential as a hunter. It will help to know the different species in the field and even the unique gender of animals of the same species. The truth is identifying animals will prevent illegal hunting of non-game animals or shooting a person mistakenly for an animal. 

On the other hand, being able to identify animals accurately is not an easy task. The good news is that you can always step up this skill with experience. You can always begin with the animals that you regularly hunt before you know more as you learn about wildlife. 

In hunting, there are different techniques one may employ. Common ones are still hunting, posting, and stalking. The use of elevated stands or blinds for better positioning or optimum concealment. Also, you can expose the games by game driving, calling, and flushing. 

The use of dogs has been effective too to identify games or locate possible ones that were shot but managed to escape for their lives. You can also set traps for some games. However, you should ask questions if such is allowed in your hunting site.

The effect of identifying animals on my hunting skill 

The effect of identifying animals on my hunting skill 

In as much as you would be able to know the animal that is close by, you will also know how to hunt the same. The pleasure of every hunter is to hunt animals by having the cleanest shots and causing a low amount of pain to the game. Rather, you should target vital organs like the lungs or heart. Hence, knowing the incoming animal will help you know the part of the animal on which you will focus. 

Also, the shot angle is another area to pay attention to. Your angle is in relation to your position. For many, it could be broadside, quartering toward, quartering away, rear end, or head-on. You must know the angle that would give the cleanest shot. However, different games would imply that you have different angle offers for them. 

There are times that you may shoot a game, but it was able to run away. You can pause hunting at that moment and try to locate the game. The characteristics of wild animals are so similar in that they will all look for a place of rest after such occurrence – it could be their territory or close to a water body. 

You can observe the movements of the animal and follow visible signs like blood or its foot tracks. Once you get to where the animals may be, you should first confirm if the animal is still alive or maybe dead. Hence, you should approach it from its head to confirm.

Key Characteristics Of Your Hunting Game

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are frequently asked questions many may have as regards hunting games and the unique characteristics of animals. In this section, some important questions have been answered. Follow closely and learn about them. 

What makes identifying animals accurately a challenge? 

Have you asked how many hunters are in the U.S.? What is their opinion about identifying animals? 

Many people may have their varying opinions, but they will have the same solution – to familiarize themselves with the characteristics. Animals may display new behaviors with time, but you can always learn the new one to always be ahead of the game. 

What are the 4 basic animal characteristics that can be used for identification? 

Generally, there are four basic animal characteristics that will go a long way to identify them. These features are;

Their unique markings 

Animals have distinctive markings that make their counterpart find them. It could be their solid waste, urine, fur, or body skin. As a hunter, you can watch out for this to know which animal may be closer. At this stage, you can use the best hunting binoculars under $200

The distinctive sound they make

Animals have sounds that are peculiar to them. For example, lions roar, wolves gnarl, some birds make the cawing sound. You need to familiarize yourself with these sounds to know exactly which animal may be close.

Their pattern of movement 

Some animals have a regular pattern of movement while it is irregular in others. For example, once you see a little deer, you can sense that the mother is near. Some animals’ pattern of movement is to move as a colony. Hence, seeing one could be a sign that there is another one close by. 

Their group behavior

Animals can be in a group, especially during periods of aestivation or hibernation. Hence, they make loud sounds while playing or even fighting. Get the best crossbow for hunting and be ready to hunt. 


At this stage, you should be able to answer the question above. Know these basic features and move to the next hunting stage in your career.