If you hunt regularly, you would have observed that some people prefer to hunt from an elevated stand. At such, one may begin to wonder, what is one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand? Do not worry, as all your doubts will be answered in this content. However, there may be more than one advantage it offers.

Elevated Stand for Hunting

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Elevated Stand for Hunting 

From the traditions of old hunters, being in an elevated position has been a norm. However, modern hunters have innovated the use of the elevated stand for safe and easy climbing up and down a tree while they are still focused on targets. 

 An elevated stand appears like a chair that is fastened to the body of a tree. It has a Fall-Arrest Systems (FASs) that has a rope, harness, suspension relief strap, chains, and belts. Also, an elevated stand for hunting is called a treestand. 

The interesting side of the story is that there are different types of a stand. They include a climbing stand, hang-on stands, ladder stands, and tower stands. Here is a quick examination of each item. Follow closely.

Climbing Stands 

Climbing stands are the commonest options for an elevated stand. They can be as small as 4 square feet or even lesser. It is a compact construction but strong enough to help you attain your desired heights on a tree. The stand comes as a portable item and is perfect for its hunting adventure. 

Nevertheless, it is always advisable that you have a different climbing aid that will help to fix the stand. The aid could be segmented ladders or climbing sticks. You can connect the top part and other of the stand with a rope to walk the stand to the tree.

Climbing Stands

Ladder Stands 

Just like that of a climbing stand, a ladder stand has a chair-like structure. It has sturdy yet spacious ground that allows you to walk the stand without any hassle. You can fix the ladder around the body of the tree and climb to its peak. You can target the topmost part of the place. 

The stand can be bulkier, unlike a climbing stand. Also, the elevated tree stand allows for optimum safety whether you want to enter, exit, or move around. It is highly important to position the ladder within the right angle and not directly straight up. Doing this will help to prevent dangerous falls from the tree. 

Considering how large and bulky the stand is, you may need an extra hand to set up the stand. You can do this with your fellow hunter for the incoming hunting days. The exciting part is that two hunters can be on the elevated stand together if it is a heavy-duty product. 

Hang-on Stands 

Hang-on stands are common innovations among hunters. However, they have grown to become famous because of their optimum strength and how lightweight they can be. Just like climbing stands, you can fasten a hang-on stand to a tree with its strong system. They may be expensive or be uneasy about assembling for a beginner, their performance remains encouraging.

Tower Stands

Tower stands can also be referred to as elevated stands. Although, many people do not categorize it as a tree stand. It has tripod legs that allow it to be rock solid on a base. Nevertheless, you can place a couple of chairs on it as you would do for a ladder treestand.

Tower Stands

What Is One Advantage Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand? 

Shooting from elevated stands is another level of flex. While hunting generally could come with its hard moment, you need assistance to not scare your games away with your scents and movement that may want to betray you. The solution is your elevated stand. 

Truth be told, there are several advantages while hunting from an elevated stand. The most notable ones are; 

  1. A wider field of view because you are in a heightened position. 
  2. Being able to hide your body, scent, and movement. 
  3. More visibility to other hunters. Hence, you cannot be shot from that height. 
  4. More stable movement from games

Possible dangers? 

Yes, there are possible dangers that may accompany hunting from an elevated stand. In hunting, safety is always paramount and unnegotiable. There are possible accidents from the use of a treestand. They include; 

  • An increased chance of having a fall from a tree
  • Limited shooting angles and movement 
  • Difficulty to keep your body warm against cold weather and wind 
  • Snakes and stinging insects may be on the top of the tree
  • One may need to get used to it 

Things to consider if hunting from an elevated stand

To ensure maximum safety, you should consider the following; 

  1. Knowing how to set up your stand 
  2. Choose a stand from reliable industry
  3. Choose the perfect tree 
  4. Follow the guide on the instruction 
  5. Use safety gears 
  6. Be mindful of how you carry the weapon 

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are some important questions to ask about hunting from an elevated stand. They include:

Why do people hunt from tree stands? 

There are many reasons people hunt from the top of tree stands. However, the sure answer to this is because of the numerous advantages the use of tree stands. Most of these benefits have been discussed above in this content as this is its major subject. The advantages are;

  1. Tree stands help hunters to view farther ranges and have more time to prepare for a clean shot. 
  2. The inability of games to be able to detect a slight movement of the hunter, unlike if he were in the woods.
  3. The hunter’s scent stays within the tree canopy of the tree stand such that animals that are near cannot identify the possible position of the hunter. 
  4. The invisibility of the hunter’s orange color because brushes and debris will block them from the top of a tree. 
  5. Shooting is easier since it is from a downgrade angle and the arrow or bullet goes to the ground. 

What is an elevated stand in hunting? 

An elevated stand in hunting refers to any level of the hunter that places him above the ground. It could be on the tree stand or a lean on the tree, or a structure that is standing freely. They are becoming a common tool among hunters, whether they use firearms or bows. 

They are appropriate for hunting white-tailed deer with the use of arrows and bows. An elevated stand is often seen as a foundation for proper shooting accuracy. Rather than climb the top of a tree, you can get the best tree stand for your use and get the best shoot from this point. 

Why are deer stands elevated? 

Hunting stands for deer are elevated because of the additional advantage they give to the hunter. At least, there are several reasons you would want an elevated stand. Deer are ground animals, and you hardly find them in other locations. You can get the best crossbow for hunting

Deer are always walking around, and you will see them messing around hunting sites. Being on an elevated stand helps to shield a hunter from a deer’s dwelling place. Deer can be sensitive to smell and scent, which makes them able to know approaching hunters or animals. Hence, you need your stand to be at an elevated location to stay away from the easy reach of a deer. 

What is one disadvantage of hunting from an elevated side?

Just like there are advantages of hunting from an elevated side, there are also disadvantages of hunting from an elevated side. Some of them have been previously discussed in this content. However, the commonest disadvantages are;

  1. A heightened risk of falling from the top of the tree 
  2.  Despite being portable, some stands are heavy to carry to other places
  3. Gives no protection to hunters during wind or cold 
  4. Provides no room for their movement 
  5. Restricted level of movement towards game while hunting

You can get the best crossbow under $400 while considering if you want to hunt from the top of a stand or not. 

How high is too high for a tree stand? 

A tree stand is heightened. However, it is not to be fastened to all types of trees because some trees may not be strong enough to withhold the tree stand. In addition to purchasing a crossbow under 500, you should also consider the height of the tree stand. Nevertheless, your stand should not be lower than 12 feet, while the maximum height should not be more than 25 feet. 

Article Summary 

Are you faced with the question, what are the one or multiple advantages of hunting from an elevated stand? This article is sufficient to provide the answer and clear all doubts.