Having a good shotgun and load selection for duck hunting is great, but a greater element is a choke tube. A choke tube helps to make an ethical yet clean kill. Choke tubes have been a consistent technology for 50 years as they offer a great level of versatility at different ranges. Hence, it is important to know what chokes to use for duck hunting before going on your next adventure.

How To Use Chokes

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How To Use Chokes 

Chokes differ in their constriction. Hence, from the point of the shot, the swarm of shots can be narrower or wider at a particular distance – this is a function of the set restriction. Pellets spread more as they go farther, although there is a great level of reduction in their lethality. In turn, this reduces your chance of having a quick and clean kill. 

As a waterfowler, there are two factors you should consider before you choose the best choke for duck hunting; 

  1. You must be able to determine how far your game is before you make a shot. 
  2. Choose the most appropriate choke tube that helps to cover the distance 

Most times, you should shoot the birds after they are close to you. Examples of such include shooting ducks in the woods with heavy timber or hunting teal in the early seasons of hunting. You should avoid being overchoked because of constriction and small patterns so as not to miss a lot of bids or destroy those you hit. 

The Relationship Between Choke And Steel Shot

You may wonder, what choke to use for steel shot? This section helps to understand the relationship between steel shots and chokes. Eventually, you can take advantage of this to record effective hunting. 

You would agree that tungsten and steel shots have a more effective result than lead. A choke tube labeled as IC (Improved Cylinder) will react with a steel shot like a modified choke. Similarly, the modified lead choke will yield a close full pattern with steel. You should not use a full choke with a steel shot to avoid tight constriction. 

If your hunting site has geese and ducks stay around each other, your constriction choke or improved cylinder will deliver a great result. However, a modified choke is a better choice when the geese and ducks are farther away. 

As a hunter, you must know the expected choke constriction that will match your load range to record a high level of effectiveness. You can determine this from your previous hunting experience in past seasons. Knowing this will provide a good scope of the choke constriction in a good range and help to achieve a clean shot with less destruction of meat, fewer cripples, and a heightened number of kills.

Full Choke vs Modified 

Normally, you would love the effectiveness of your shot charge to be 75% or more, no matter the range you may be shooting at. There may be room for error at the fringes, but that is dependent on the pattern of the shot. Improved cylinder or skeet are ideal for timber hunting or small shot for an open pattern. 

On the other hand, there are modified choices that produce an effective result and are good choices. Modified are improved and are great picks if you want to be involved in pass shooting. Using a full choke with a smaller shot will provide good patterns. Nevertheless, the use of tight chokes is a risk of damage to the gun and choke because there is too much constriction of the hard pellets. 

Well, you can purchase a choke and use varying ammunition to have different patterns. Many hunters have recommended skeet 2 or light modified as the modified choke for duck hunting. These chokes give good patterns for teal and dove. If the ducks are big, you can employ size 2 shots. 

Choke Tube Care 

Having a rusted tube can be costly and hard to eliminate. You will only damage the choke or barrel. Hence, clean the gun after every use. ensure it is always dry and apply grease on the threads. Proper care would save you from making new purchases. You can get the best shotgun case for maximum protection.

Choke Tube Care

Frequently Asked Questions 

Important frequently asked questions are: 

What can you shoot out of a full choke? 

Your choke can be for waterfowl pass shooting, turkey hunting, trap shooting, duck hunting, and buckshot loads. A choke has a dense pattern that can deliver 70% of all the pellet in a shell. 

Should you shoot a shotgun without a choke? 

Shooting a gun without a choke is inappropriate. Always ensure your choke is inside the muzzle end of the gun. Shooting the gun without a choke in it can result in damage. Alongside a choke for your gun, you can get the best shotgun sling for hunting

What is a modified choke? 

A modified choke is different with its moderate constriction. The pellets are together as they make the string denser and suitable for far targets. It is a perfect combo with steel shot while duck hunting. The tighter version is an Improved modified choke – it is perfect once you can answer, which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting

Article Summary 

Duck hunting is a whole lot of sport for a hunter. However, once you know what chokes to use for duck hunting, you are a step closer to success.