If you are passionate about hunting, you will understand how important it is to make every shot count. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. Achieving this isn’t easy. Thankfully, you can reduce this difficulty with the use of a shooting stick.

While it is readily available, getting the right shooting sticks from the numerous options on the market can be challenging. So, to make your decision and purchase easier for you, I have picked, reviewed the best shooting sticks for hunting.

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Top 7 Best Hunting Shooting Sticks

I have researched the 7 best hunting shooting sticks available on the market and will provide you with in-depth detailed reviews.  It entails everything from cost-efficient options to tripods and monopods. So, read on so you can choose the one that suits your needs.  

1. PRIMOS HUNTING Trigger Stick

The Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen 3 series is an easily adjustable stand that you can extend up to your desired height. This comes with locking leg angles for stability even when positioned at various angles while hunting in the field.

Now, here is another exciting part. 

Besides, it has a Quick Detach Yoke System that comes with an integrated lock. This makes it so much easier to switch from gun to optics at will. It is perfect for use in all-terrain and all positions, including standing, sitting, or kneeling.

Is it adjustable? 

Of course, it can adjust from 24″ to 62″ and has a contoured grip with a no-slip backbone. All in all, it’s one of the best shooting sticks for hunting with an exceptional stand. 


  • It has a sturdy platform
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Steady and stronger than its monopod and bipod counterparts
  • Wide range adjustability


  • Not durable
  • Not suitable for a tall hunter above 6 feet


Kindly ensure to always keep it in a locked position at all times to assure you of a secure state.

Here is what I like about this stick.

It adjusts at the perfect angle for you and ensures you balance your gun or optics properly. So, if you are looking for a perfect balance in a stand, then the Primos hunting Trigger Stick is for you.

2. Allen Company Shooting Stick

I can’t deny that the Allen Company Shooting Stick is an extremely well-made and lightweight monopod. It is adjustable and can go up from 21 inches to 60+ inches.

It features a nice locking mechanism with its extensions, giving you various lengths to work with whether you’re sitting or standing. It’s an awesome stand that can serve as a walking stick, although I wouldn’t recommend you use it for this purpose.

But here is my take. 

This shooting stick might not be as convenient to use as tripods, but it is reliable. It also has an impressive grip. Overall, it is an exceptional shooting stick for a monopod type.


  • Affordable and gives great value for money
  • Durable and sturdy to withstand rigorous use
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Works great for sitting or standing while shooting


  • Its third section is a bit flimsy
  • Not suitable for heavy guns


For a very affordable monopod, the Allen Company Shooting Stick offers high performance. It might look weak at first glance but believe me, and it is more sturdy.

You can reduce it to a tiny portable package or extend it to its full length. It is a great shooting stick with extra balance.

3. Allen Company Carbon Fiber Shooting Stick

The carbon fiber shooting stick is versatile. It is suitable for all shooting and hunting styles. It is great whether you’re hunting on the ground, standing, squatting, shooting from a tree, or even hiding.

The axial gives it greater maneuverability, making all hunting styles possible with it. Besides, It extends from a length of 29 inches to 61 inches at full extension.

Do you know why it made this list? 

Well, it is made from carbon fiber. This speaks to how sturdy and durable is the shooting stick. It can handle heavy weights and could also double as a walking stick to lean on. As for its dura-grip made from rubber securely, it holds your rifle in place, so it doesn’t slip or slide.


  • Extremely sturdy
  • It has firm aluminum locking cams
  • Can serve as a pretty firm walking stick
  • The dura-grip holds your rifle firmly, so it doesn’t slip and slide


  • It has a weaker balance compared to tripods
  • Its minimum length doesn’t make it suitable for prone aiming/shooting


The rubber carrying strap, 61 inches full extend, and a couple of other features make this exceptional. It is obviously not as cheap as other monopods, but it’s not as expensive as tripods either.

You know what.

One thing for sure is that it is a great stick whether you are using it as a walking stick or as a shooting stick.

4. BOG Adrenaline Switcheroo Shooting Rests

Going by raw statistics, the Bog Adrenaline switcheroo shooting rest is by far my favorite. It is engineered for extreme use, so it is usable in unknown situations. 

For safety, while having fun on a hunt, it is possibly the best your money can buy.

Why is this so?  

It has a design that makes it suitable for every hunting situation, from turkeys to elks and wild foxes. Besides, it features a perfect lever lock system and retractable metal foot spikes for better positioning.

That’s not all. 

The patented Switcheroo system allows you to quickly change between optics accessories and the patented USR shooting yoke. The big plus it has a high-density foam grip that holds equipment in place perfectly.


  • Portable in size and lightweight
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Stable and sturdy
  • It can be used in almost any environment
  • The head rotates 360 degrees making it highly versatile


  • The hard plastic Mount makes shooting anything over 50 yards slightly more difficult
  • The clamps are made of plastic which reduces the durability by a large margin


If what you seek is something extremely durable, this is exactly what you need. The raw carrying power, its stability, and its usability in every terrain make it special.

Here is the interesting part.

You can adjust it from 22 inches to 62 inches. Topping it all off, you get the switcheroo system that makes it adaptable to a lot of different types of grips.

5. Swagger – Stalker Shooting Stick

The Swagger Stalker is not just a traditional shooting stick but a highly engineered precision-built shooting device. It doesn’t just function as a barrel rest for your gun, but it’s so much more. It has telescoping legs and flexible joints that make it easy to maneuver without compromising its stability. 

Here is more. 

It requires no support with your hand just to keep it more stable. The Swagger shooting stick is lightweight and a more maneuverable version of the average bipod.

That is not all about this stick. 

Its adjustable leg makes it easy to transform it to a standard rigid bipod by pushing a button.


  • More flexible compared to order bipods
  • Sturdier for rigorous use
  • Its telescoping legs make it easily adjustable
  • Easy to use in all-terrain
  • It is extremely lightweight


  • Complex to set up
  • Not as durable as the standard rigid bipod


It is super-efficient and easy to use when compared to a bipod. Usually, bipods prove challenging to use when standing or even kneeling. But the swagger, on the other hand, works great in all positions.

Also, It offers you more shooting zone, thanks to its swagger flex. However, due to its setup complexity, ensure to regularly check the stick to ensure that every part is functioning to prevent hunting accidents.

6. RokStad Shooting Stick Tripods

If you’re looking for a tripod with the best extensibility, consider getting the Rockstad Shooting. It is suitable for everyone, especially tall hunters. With this stick, you don’t have to worry if you are over 6 ft tall as this is suitable for you.

That brings me to its other impressive features. 

You will enjoy a unique gun platform thanks to its retractable length of 33″ and an extended length of 71.3″. Its tube is made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, and it weighs about 380g while having a maximum carry weight of 15 kg.

What is even better? 

It has a turning and twisting tube mount system that makes it easy and fast to set up. 


  • Fast retraction and extension system
  • It has a more extended Length
  • Durable for a long period of use
  • Easy handling and deployment in all terrains
  • Superb balance when in use


  • Its length when retracted is still quite long
  • It doesn’t hold much weight


The RokStad Shooting Stick Tripods is a great hunting item with a two-year warranty. It is a great combination of complex parts that come together to produce an excellent precision shooting device.

Besides, it allows you any given position. And notwithstanding, I believe it is one of the most enjoyable tripods that stands out there.

7. BOG Havoc Monopod Shooting Rest

Here on my list is another Bog shooting stick with great quality and features. No doubt, you will be glad to use it as it is one of the most versatile options on the market with great sturdiness. 

It has a highly stable platform to satisfy the shooting needs. It is also portable despite its strength and easy to carry.

That’s not all, 

It has a 360 degrees rotation angle provided by the patented USR shooting yoke. The twist-style locks make leg deployment quicker and easier.


  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • It has lightweight for its sturdy nature
  • Secures your optics guns very firmly
  • Extremely stable with the steel spikes, making it suitable for all terrains


  • Slightly heavier than the average shooting stick
  • Its clamps are not durable enough


This is one of my favorites due to its durability and value for money. Its design is specifically for complex or simple shooting situations.

Another great take.

It has impressive functionality, can last for quite a prolonged use, and comes with a decent warranty.

Buying Guide 

What Type Of Shooting Sticks Do I Need? 

While it is unlikely, I won’t assume that you already know the shooting stick types. Well, there are three main types of shooting sticks:

  • Monopod shooting sticks
  • Bipod shooting sticks
  • Tripod shooting sticks


A monopod shooting is simply a shooting stick with one single leg. It has a retractable ( and extendable) pole that you can use to find your balance while shooting at your required length or height.

For shooters who demand mobility and a certain level of stability, monopods are ideal. They are the best shooting sticks for elk hunting because of their great mobility. The good ones can double as hiking spikes or walking sticks while moving through treacherous terrain.

As mobile as they can be, a major disadvantage of monopods is their relative instability compared to other shooting sticks. They are indeed more stable than freehand, but they do wobble sometimes due to their one leg.


Bipods provide a more stable two-legged shooting platform, which takes some of the wobbles away that you might experience on monopods. The extra leg addition makes the bipod more stable than the single-leg monopod.

It adds some weight to the platform, making the setup slightly more complicated. With that said, It makes bipods a tad less flexible and slightly less portable than monopods.

Some of these predator shooting sticks are attached directly to your weapon, while others have a yoke for resting the guns on. It could be a shotgun, muzzleloader, or rifle.

Usually, bipods work great for shooting while in a prone position. They are the best shooting sticks for coyote hunting as they are the long-target shooters’ favorites.


Tripods are three-legged shooting platforms. They are the most stable types among other shooting sticks or platforms. Once put in place, it thoroughly restricts side to side and front to back movement. 

The extra leg does complicate things, but that’s in relation to the monopods and bipods. The setup of a tripod can be quite complex as it involves getting all three into position to create the right balance.

Generally, tripods limit the mobility of the shooter. 

Why is that so? 

You have to bother about the setup, which takes quite some time, making tripods more suitable for prairies. As a result, they are the best shooting sticks for deer hunting.

Here is more to this type. 

The extra leg makes tripods relatively more difficult to carry. The other downside is that it takes quite a while to set up compared to the other types for taking shots at a distance. 


The weight of your shooting stick on the shooting stand is extremely important as they determine how stable your posture will be. There’s a noticeable difference between light shooting platforms and heavy shooting platforms. 

When you set up for a long-distance shot, the heavy shooting platform produces a better result. But if you are out in the woods chasing down your prey, your choice should be a lightweight shooting platform or stick.

So, what is the suggestion?  

I recommend aluminum shooting sticks as a lightweight option for remote hunting.


Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing your shooting sticks. The material quality used in producing a shooting stick matters a lot and determines the durability of your shooting stick. Better materials make for long-lasting products.

What does this mean? 

It quite simply implies that you should avoid plastic and wooden options as they break easily. The tougher the material, the harder it is to break, making it suitable for outdoor activities. 

I also recommend aluminum shooting sticks as they are both lightweight and sturdy. The consistency in performance makes it a drastically better option.

Features When Looking For a Shooting Stick For Hunting

There are a lot of things to take into account when shopping for shooting sticks. From how frequently you will be using the stick to what kind of weapon you will use in conjunction with it, each criterion feeds a different choice. 

Here is a piece of advice.

Getting a budget shooting stick might be wise for a hunter who wouldn’t use it frequently. The opposite is true for one who will always need it.

So, here are a few features you might want to consider while making your purchase;


Most shooting sticks have levers, dials, and knobs to aid in adjusting them better. But it could take you a while to get the right adjustment for the tilt and rotation of the head if its setup is quite complex.

But you know what. 

When you get the right shooting stick, you won’t stress much to set it up. So, for those interested in adjusting every beat of your stick, you should consider this feature.


Yokes can be V-shaped or U-shaped and are easy for me to tackle. The yolks or the head is there for you to put your weapon in faster.

What is it like?

Most have a ribbed design that helps grip your weapon of choice securely. There are also bag-type yokes that simulate shooting sandbags to an extent. 

Well, these are some of the things that you can look out for when purchasing your shooting stick.


What is the Difference Between Shooting Sticks vs Bipods? 

Shooting sticks are by far the easiest of the three strength gadgets to handle and use. They are usually composed of two sticks connected in an ‘X’ shape. The height at which the meet can be tied, so you can use it to rest for steadiness and stability while shooting.

Bipods come two-legged and are generally thicker than shooting sticks, but you can’t rest on them while using them.

What is the Best Positioning for a Monopod Shooting Stick when Hunting? 

When using a monopod stand, it is best to angle the head towards yourself. This is to form a tripod configuration with the stick and your leg. The result is quite sturdy and gives a better balance. 

What is the specific Positioning for My Rifle on Your Shooting Stick? 

The rifle’s position on the shooting stick is grossly dependent on the rifle itself and its center of gravity. This perfect balance point is then used to ascertain where you place your gun suitable for the stand. 

But take note.

These points are only valid for standing positions, and prone positions do not count.


Generally, choosing the best shooting sticks for hunting suitable can be quite a daunting task. Considering what you’ll be using it for and how often you use it should be a part of your call decision-making process. Following everything mentioned above, I believe you can make the right choice.