As a hunter, a shotgun sling is one of the essential accessories. Having to carry a weapon in your hand while walking a long distance in the wood can be uncomfortable and tiring. 

Many features make up the best shotgun slings for hunting, and they are not necessarily hard to find—features like easy carriage and non-slip. However, only a few brands can assure you of these.

Here’s the deal.

I’ll list out the best shotgun sling for hunting available on the market to narrow down your choices.

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The Top 8 Best Shotgun Slings for Hunting

I have scoured the internet and gotten the thoughts of veteran shotgun users on what the best shotgun sling should have. And we’ve based our criteria on these discoveries while ensuring we have something for everyone. 

So, what’s your spec and budget for a shotgun sling?  Check out the list, as I am sure you’ll find one that suits your needs. 

1. Quake 50000-1 Claw Sling

Quake 50000-1 Claw Sling gives you all needed in a shotgun hanger as it comes with desirable features and top-notch quality. The hanger is non-slip with a tacky feature that makes it stick to any cloth or hunting gear. More so, you need not worry about bad smells as this item is resistant to forest odors. 

The pad on Quake 50000-1 Claw Sling is flexible and doesn’t crank even when used up to negative 40 degrees. And it doesn’t rust since it has an almost entire rubber body. It comes with hush stalker II swivels that helps it not to squeak or rattle. 

What does this mean? 

The sling is usable in absolute quietness, which is good as it doesn’t scare away your game. It does not rattle or make squeaky noises. The black color makes it compatible with any rifle and makes the hunter more suited for the thick woods. 


  • You can bend and twist to -40 degrees when in use
  • Extremely durable for a long-lasting use
  • It doesn’t squeak or rattle
  • Resistant to bad smells
  • The sling doesn’t have rust issues


  • The tackiness of the rubber attracts dust
  • The attachment spins freely after little use


u can wear this long and sturdy sling in many ways, enabling you to get into a shooting position easily. Moreover, the gripping ability of the rubber is top-notch, no need to border about a slide down when aiming. It certainly offers you the best slingshot rubber with a touch of black beauty.

2. Butler Creek Featherlight Rifle Sling

Talk about comfort, flexibility, and breathability, and the Butler Creek Featherlight Rifle Sling comes to mind. The item is one of the best shotgun slings for duck hunting as it is lightweight and helps in your game aim. Also, the sling is very comfortable thanks to the cut slot design that allows trapped heat to dissipate. 

Here’s the thing about this shotgun sling 

Other slings may be hurt to the shoulder, but not this one. Thanks to the inner foam, it is soft on the shoulder, giving you daylong wearability on the blades. 

You can lay hold on the large thumb loop to give you stability while moving on rough terrains. It also helps to ensure a secure hold on your rifle. 

Additionally, you can easily adjust the handle from 22 inches to 36 for comfortable carriage and aiming. 


  • Soft on the shoulder and easy to grip on the cut slots
  • Gives you a secure grip on the rifle even on rough terrains
  • Long enough and easily adjustable
  • Breathable even under the sun
  • Extremely weightless and easy to carry


  • The material is not tacky enough
  • Inferior swivel


Carry your weapon to be more comfortable than ever with Butler Creek Featherlight Rifle Sling. Made with rugged materials, it keeps your gun securely hung by your side in preparation for a comfortable ride. A massive upgrade on the model gives you all you need in best ak slings.

3. Free2Buy Rifle Sling

Rugged, long-lasting, and beautiful are just a few words to describe the Free2Buy Rifle Sling. The sturdy sling comes with a durable design that combines genuine leather material to form one of the strongest hangers. With a high-quality black/brown appeal, you can rest assured that you’ll look good when geared up for hunting. 

Besides, you can adjust the leather sling to fit snugly on your body or freely for a good shot. Made for shotguns but fits well on other rifles, the item gives you all-round satisfaction on hunting. It is also good for shooting sports or other aiming exercises. 

Guess what!

The handcrafted piece comes with a better swivel to enable easy movement and better aiming. 


  • Easily adjustable to fit the body and enhance good aiming and shooting
  • Good for hunting as well as cycling, and sports shooting exercises
  • Both black and brown color gives you a certain appeal even when hunting
  • Durable with a reliable, genuine leather material


  • Small circumference
  • Problematic adjustment


Genuine leather has always been associated with high quality, which answers all your questions about the value of this sling. With a good adjustable length and an adorable color, I’m downright sure that this would certainly hold an appeal amongst most customers.

4. FIRECLUB Tactical 2 Point Shotgun Sling

It’s only in rare cases you see nylon associated with ruggedness, but FIRECLUB Tactical 2 Point Shotgun Sling proves that notion wrong. The 12Ga nylon military shell sling is certainly one of the most robust suspenders on the market. With a heavy-duty high tensile strength, no gun won’t fly with this. 

The 2-point shotgun sling is fully adjustable to accommodate any purpose on the hunting ground. The black color certainly gives it the universal appeal to match any rifle or shoot a gun. 

However, here’s an interesting fact

The adorable features aside, only a few slings can hold the shotgun shells as well. The FIRECLUB Tactical 2 Point Shotgun Sling comes with about 15 shell holders to make your shells handy. 


  • Easy adjustment with better balance
  • It holds plenty of shotgun shells for an easy refill
  • The high tensile strength can carry heavy-duty artillery
  • Extremely durable straps for day-long hunting


  • The shell sling is a bit bulky
  • Adjustable length tends to be loose


Good product for best hunting purposes with aided shell holding. This sling offers better gun carriage than most suspenders out there. And at 160g, it’s not the heaviest shotgun sling, although it might not top the lightweight list.

5. Ace Hunter Tactical Shotgun Rifle Sling

The tactical shotgun rifle sling comes with great specifications that make it stand out on the list. First, it comes in different elegant color variants, including Green and Black.

Furthermore, it measures 23″-28″ L x 9.5″W with a lightweight of 450g. Considering this specification, it helps the shotgun fit snugly in the tactical backpack. Its four detachable straps make it better than a regular 3 point shotgun sling.

But here is what I like most. 

 It is very comfortable to wear. The reason is that it has a soft flimsy material strong enough to hold the weight of a gun while being snug and fitting on your back. It will be able to carry your rifle safely and comfortably. 

Overall, It comes with enough protective accessories for outdoor activities, making it the best tactical sling backpack on sale.


  • Suitable for both left or right-handed person
  • It has multiple carry options
  • While soft, the material is very durable
  • It has four detachable straps


  • It could be a bit flimsy and soft and thus is most suitable for traditional shotguns
  • All that safety sacrifices a bit of your reaction time


This is one shotgun sling I can comfortably take on a hunt or while traveling.

Do you want to know why?

It is exceptional as it fits your gun snuggly, depending on its size. You also don’t have to worry about it going off accidentally. It’s the perfect fit for hunting in the jungle as you don’t have to worry about getting snagged.

You also don’t have to worry about getting dispossessed.

6. HWZ Tactical 2 Point Shotgun Sling

You will love to own the HWZ Tactical 2 Point Shotgun Sling for its incredible adjustability, as it can go up to a length of 59 inches. Made from nylon, it carries a heavy-duty strength while being comfortable at the same time. 

Another interesting part. 

It features a two-point strap to ease the weight on your shoulders, making you feel like your gun weighs less than it does. 

It also comes with a fully adjustable shotgun shell holder that can hold 15 (12 Gauge) shells. It is extremely lightweight (only 160g) and comes in three colors (black, sand, and army green). 

My favorite feature of all is its strength which makes it quite long-lasting.


  • Can hold up to 15 extra shotgun shells
  • It has easy adjustability
  • Length is up to 59 inches
  • It comes in colors that can easily blend into the environment


  • The sleeves are a bit loose and can’t truly hold the bullets firmly
  • It doesn’t have the strongest of grips


It is vital to know that even though it can hold a 12 gauge, it could be loose. All the same, this is the best shotgun sling for turkey hunting as it facilitates a quick reload while on the move.

7. Allen Yukon Neoprene Rifle Sling

If your optimal concern is durability, then the Allen Yukon Neoprene Rifle Sling should be your top pick. It features a neoprene pad with a non-slip grip. This padding makes it very comfortable. 

Its adjustable length is a plus to its features, making it usable for a variety of guns. 

The Yukon Neoprene Sling also has two elastic shell holding loops. Its heavy-duty web construction and the thumb ring loop give you extra stability while walking backward or standing still. 

What’s even better? 

It has Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo that makes it look good while keeping it functional. While carrying all these features, it is surprisingly highly durable. Hence, it will probably last the longest amongst those on this list.


  • It is made with extremely durable materials and is quite strong
  • It offers you one of the best performances for your money
  • It is relatively cheap
  • When worn, it doesn’t get in the way of other activities
  • The Spongy material is also comfortable too


  • Come with mounting pins though that is not much of a problem
  • Particularly excel in anything except its superior durability, which is not much of a con


For the price, this is an awesome purchase. I can tell you that this is the most reasonable cost you will get for this quality sling. I would definitely suggest this to anyone as it is an excellent sling that will last you years, even with frequent use.

8. Butler Creek Comfort Stretch Shotgun Sling

If you are looking for comfort and extremely lightweight slung, the Butler Creek Comfort is your go-to sling. 

Here is why. 

It is so soft and comfortable that putting it on makes you almost forget you’re carrying a gun. It also absorbs shock to an extent compared to traditional slings, so you don’t feel the bounce when in motion. 

Not to mention its non-slip grippers, despite being so soft, are firm and will not loosen. What does this mean? You can go the distance without fear of your gun slipping and falling off. It also features soft padding that soaks up sweat. 


  • Comfortable to use thanks to its soft closed-cell neoprene
  • It has a great grip and doesn’t slip
  • Comes with a beautiful grass patterned camo
  • The weight reduction function is phenomenal


  • It has no swivel mount
  • Less flexibility of use


It’s possibly your best go-to if you are on the move. It doesn’t matter how far you intend to travel, and it will not become less comfortable.

But keep this in mind.

It does not have swivels. So, if you are all about the swivels, then I will suggest you consider other options. All in all, it provides optimal comfort.

What Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Shotgun Sling?

Do you know what to look out for when buying the best shotgun sling for hunting? If your answer is no, I have highlighted a few important factors to consider when choosing this hunting item.

Adjustment Allowance

I consider two factors very important when it comes to shotgun sling adjustability. 

So, what are these factors? Well, the adjustment and sling length. 

Why are they important?

Well, a good sling allows for ease of adjustment so that your hand can be free to focus on other tasks. I have also noticed that an easily adjustable sling allows for easy or considerable ease of movement.

Also, a sling is only as good as the length and allowance it gives you for features such as body size, body armor, and the hunting gears in use.

Comfort and Stability 

It is popular opinion, and I find no reason to disagree that wider slings are best for more sophisticated and bigger weapons. As a physical law, and from my own experience, the wider the sling, the more even the weight distribution of the gun. The Remington-870-slings is one option that offers great stability.

The best slings should at least keep your gun securely in place on your shoulder, which makes it feel significantly lighter and absorb shock better than most. 

The best slings should be able to hold your rifle securely on your shoulder, making it feel much lighter with the added benefit of absorbing shock.

Here is more. 

As an advantage, slings with pads soak up the bounce and help stabilize your shot, especially with heavy guns, by eliminating fatigue to the barest minimum. I recommend slings that hold guns in place, reducing felt weight and giving you a significantly better feeling.

Choice of Material (Leather vs. Synthetic)

Leather gun slings are a great choice for hunting and have advantages such as durability, strength, and style.

Why is it a better material? 

Some leather designs I have seen boast excellent craftsmanship and are the go-to option for hunters who prefer aesthetics.  Most hunters choose beauty over other qualities of a good sling, such as comfort and efficiency.

It is important to note that leather slings can last for seasons and decades. However, they are heavier than their synthetic counterparts. Hence, they are unsuitable for expeditions like climbing, where every ounce matters. 

That’s not all. 

Leather slings are reserved, and I recommend them for hunting rifles and shotguns.

On the other hand, Synthetic gun slings boast an array of different materials such as nylon and neoprene, which are water-resistant and excellent for tactical slings. 

Here is the interesting part about this material. 

Synthetics are more malleable and lighter than their leather counterparts.  Hence, I can conclusively tell you that they are more efficient. Plus, they come in an endless variety of colors, prints, and sizes.

Types of Rifle Slings

1-point slings 

Single point slings attach to the shotguns at one point (usually the rear end). They are great slings for dropping weapons quickly and casually, to stand or move around.

But Keep in mind. 

They are also excellent gun slings for tactical shooting but are no good to run with. When the guns are left to drop, they flail around, which can be very frustrating for the users. 

Single point slings are best suited for lighter and more compact rifles. It is best worn to allow the gun to drop away from your dominant side, away from your dominant arm. So, it doesn’t get in the way when using your dominant hand for other activities.

Here is the next type. 

2-point slings

Two-point slings are the oldest type of slings. If you hang one around the body, you can be able to run fast, and your weapon would be quite easy to stow. Many best ak slings reviews I have come across recommend this type. 

No doubt. 

Two-point slings are one job at a time. They are great at carrying heavier weapons and long rifles. If set to an adequate length, they can be used to stabilize your aim when shooting.

But here is the downside to this sling. 

They are long and can easily get snagged around on obstacles or objects.

3-point slings

The 3-point shotgun sling has three points of attachment. Two points to the gun and one attached back to the sling. They allow you to carry weapons stowed in many different ways, allowing for multiple holding positions of a weapon. 

Do you know what I like? 

Three-point slings are suitable for small and medium-sized weapons. Like one-point slings, they are not suitable to run with, but they allow fast weapon changes. Better than one-point slings, they fare better as weight bearers and can be worn for long periods at a time.

Hee is what I don’t like. 

They are easy to get entangled and tied up in, and their straps can be very restrictive. This makes them more likely to snag on gear easily and sometimes armor.


How Long Is A Shotgun Sling?

45″ is the most common size of slings for shotguns, but they also come in 50″ 52″ 54″ 56″ 58″ for AR/AK style rifles; low carry. 45″, 46″, 48″, 50″; patrol carry.

Why Use A Sling On A Shotgun?

A sling is a strap on a mat designed to allow a shooter to carry his rifle or shotgun or any firearm of similar sorts in a position of relative comfort and ease of access. The strapon will enable them to carry their weapons to navigate their hunting grounds more effectively and easily reach their weapons when the need arises.  

All in all. 

A good choice of sling generally improves the efficiency of hunters.

What Are Shotgun Slings Made Of?

Shotgun slings are made up of different materials, but they are divided into leather slings and synthetic slings, with each type having its pros and cons. 

  • Leather slings: Original leather slings have high aesthetic value and a unique texture. They are limited in their suitability and use mostly because of their weight. But they find more usefulness in hunting and less in tactical shooting scenarios. 
  • Synthetic slings: For strength and durability, lighter alternatives to the leather sling are synthetics. These materials are in an almost infinite variety of designs. Endura, Cordura, and Polyester are some of the most popular synthetic materials used to make slings. They have less aesthetic value but are more resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Wrap Up

It is advisable to know what you need in a shotgun sling. Whether it’s the strength or the elasticity of adjustability, it all depends on your preference. After all, the best gunshot sling is one that suits your needs and makes you feel comfortable with it. 

With everything mentioned in this article, I believe you can make the right choice when looking for the best shotgun sling for hunting.