It is common to long-range shooters that lying prone provides you with the most advantage when comparing stability. But lying on cold hard gravel can be one of the most uncomfortable positions and can affect your performance.

So, what is the best solution? 

You need to get the best shooting mat.  However, you might find it difficult to choose the right one due to the numerous available options. So, I have taken the time to research and provide you with the best shooting mats on the market.

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Top 5 Best Shooting Mats Reviews

1. VooDoo Tactical Roll Up Shooter’s Mat

There is a reason that the VooDoo Tactical Roll Up Shooter’s Mat is number one on my list of the best shooting mats. The reason is that it screams of top quality when I look at it.

Now, here is more. 

It is first on my list because of its design. The shooting mat has a relatively short length and signature wings (for the elbows). It is quite small, making it a portable option.

It is lightweight with padded protection and foldout elbow wings. It has a sewn-in pocket for a data book and a pen holder. It also includes bullet slots, ammo pouch, and removable tool pouch to make accessibility and usage easier. 

What else?

It has adjustable straps, and you can easily attach this mat to your backpack thanks to the E buckles. What’s even better is that the strap features an easy-release buckle so that you can take it off for use without hassles. 

But why did I recommend it?

It has a thick foam insert that makes it waterproof, so you use it on wet ground. What’s more, it is durable and possesses great qualities.


  • Foldable wings to place your elbows when lying prone
  • Extremely sturdy and long-lasting
  • It can be cleaned easily (though you should avoid using a machine to wash it)
  • Camo color allows it to blend in naturally


  • Not suitable for a big person
  • It doesn’t have a sewn-in strap to hold down bipods or other stands while in use


I will take this with me for a shooting competition anytime and any day. The wings on it make it a suitable option for professionals.

Do ensure to keep it clean. As getting yourself dirty already defeats one of the purposes of buying it in the first place. All in all, it’s an awesome prone shooting mat.

2. OneTigris Shooting Mat

The OneTigris Shooting Mat weighs about 2.2 lb(1kg) and can roll up to 8 inches for its length and 4 inches for its width. When unfolded, its size extends to 80 inches in length and 30 inches in width. Its length makes it perfect for both long-range shooters and campers. 

So, what’s so special about it?

It is anti-slip, lightweight, and has 6 grommets for staking it to the ground. It has an easy carry handle that makes it easy to attach to your backpack. Besides, it comes in a large size but is too narrow for the elbows.  

As far as the body goes, it provides perfect cover from the shoulders to below the knees. What’s more, it is made from 1000D nylon, so it is pretty much water-resistant.


  • It’s long and can take most of the body length
  • Has 6 grommets to stake it to the ground
  • Super light and easy pack
  • It rolls up pretty small for easy mobility


  • It is a bit narrow, making it a tight fit for the elbows and other big guys
  • Difficult to use for concrete range shooting due to its thin size


Ensure to fold it up in half before rolling it up to prevent the clean side (the side I lay on) from getting dirty. It’s so thin and light, so you can place it in your backpack and not feel a much-added weight.

3. LIVANS Shooting Mat for Range

The LIVANS Shooting Mat for Range is the largest and thinnest mat on the list. It is suitable for all-terrain and designed to be convenient and comfortable. 

How is that so?

It’s a minimalist shooting mat made with 900d polyester fabric, which speaks of its quality. It has padding for the elbows and knees. Hence, whether you are prone or kneeling, it assures you of great balance. 

But why do I pick this? 

It is designed for professional hunters, long-range shooters, or military applications. You can deploy it anywhere and at any time. 

What’s more?

Its fold size is quite small (a 4 inch by 8-inch roll) and is great to fit snugly around the backpack. It has two rows of 1-inch military spec webbing to secure extra gear. The mats also feature an ergonomic handle and quick-lock buckles.


  • Strong and durable
  • Its design makes it easier to blend in any environment
  • Has metal grommet holes to keep it firm to the ground
  • Easy to pack and carry about because of its extremely lightweight
  • Superior quality material


  • Zero padding makes it uncomfortable to use
  • Not greatly suitable for beginners due to its complex knee and elbow placement


Ensure to fit your torso snugly within and try not to place it on rocky/pebble-filled ground. It is a great option for professionals.

Above all things, if you want to take a long-distance shot in the plains, then this is your best bet.

4. xaegistac SA-91 Shooting Mat

The Xaegistac SA-91 Shooting Mat is my personal favorite due to its versatility and durability.  

But that’s not all. 

It comes in 900D polyester and waterproof PU fabric, so you know it is great for a damp and rainy environment. The shooting mat has 0.2-inch thicker waterproof PU padding to increase comfort and reduce pressure on the elbows. 

What else?

The elbows and knees have that orange PU mat design that makes it non-slippery. It is more like a sniper shooting mat considering it has two rows of 1.2-inch molle webbing. This feature makes it easy to secure more gear. 

If that’s not enough for you, how about this.

It comes in a large size measuring 58×29 inches to accommodate anyone. The exciting part is that it is surprisingly easy to carry because it’s pretty lightweight, though it can’t fit properly into a backpack.


  • It is quite large and can accommodate bigger people
  • Wear and tear come really slowly due to its durability
  • It is water-resistant
  • Versatile and suitable in almost all conditions
  • It is easy to pack and roll


  • It has no grommets to anchor it to the ground
  • Its color is a bit off


I can assure you that this is perfect for almost all purposes. It is the ideal choice if you are going for shooting competition in a damp or gravelly place.

5 Redneck Convent Shooters Mat

The Redneck Convent Shooting mat with its 1/2” padding is the ultimate shooting mat for shooters of all levels. It keeps your cloth from direct contact with the ground when lying or kneeling to shoot prey. 

It ensures you remain comfortable irrespective of your shooting position (Kneeling or lying). Made from Heavy PVC material, it is waterproof and also resistant to chemical breakdown. 

That’s not all

It is also weather-resistant, making it ideal for use during the rainy and dry seasons. Besides, it also has a beautiful khaki color, which makes sure you blend in the wild as a shooter. 

The Redneck Convent shooting mat is big, measuring 64″ by 21″, giving you enough room to lay out on. It also features fold-out wings, which offer protection to your arms and sleeves when shooting outdoors.

What’s the best part?

It is a lightweight shooting mat, weighing 2.5lb (which is approximately 1.13kg).  You can roll up the Redneck Convent shooting mat to 21” by 8” without hassles for easy carriage. It also features buckles and clips for easy attachment to your rucksack or backpack.

Additionally, it features two removable gear pouches, one built-in pocket, and one removable ammo pouch to keep your essentials.


  • Made from durable PVC material
  • It gives the shooter enough room to layout
  • Comes with fold-out wings which protect the arms and sleeves
  • It is lightweight
  • Its padding makes it comfortable to use on any terrain


  • Straps slip when not properly grabbing the buckle
  • Not for individuals with an allergic reaction to PVC


The Redneck convent shooting mat is one of the best I have come across. I am one hunter that stays out for long, stalking prey, and using this mat made me lose track of time because of its comfortability.

What does that mean?

If you are looking for a mat that protects your body from direct contact with the ground while ensuring maximum comfort, this mat is a perfect choice.

Guides to Buying the Best Shooting Mats

Since there are so many mats on the market, choosing the correct one for you might be challenging.

How can you narrow down your choice when there are so many brands on the market?  

The key to choosing the right one is to know what to search for. 

But how? 

You need to know what to consider when buying a shooting mat.

I have considered these factors and narrowed down your options in my research on the best shooting mat.


Like every accessory, the durability of a mat is of great importance. 

Why is that so? 

Shooting mats are subjected to a considerable degree of wear and tear. Do you shoot often? If yes, you need a long-lasting mat that would stand the test of time and environmental factors.

We all love durable accessories, and a shooting mat is no different. A high-quality mat will endure for years and withstand a harsh environment. 

I recommend that you choose a shooting mat with high-quality stitches to avoid early wear and tear. 

Here is more. 

A durable mat will also provide protection, ensuring a safe and comfortable shooting experience.


Most of the best shooting mats have the ability to resist water. Of what use would a mat be to you if it becomes soggy? 

So, it is advisable to get a waterproof mat to ensure you remain comfortable irrespective of the prevailing weather condition.


The best shooting mats should provide maximum comfort while still ensuring excellent performance. The physical attributes of the mat are not the only factors involved in its style. A shooting mat’s design should meet the ultimate goal of helping the shooter maintain balance while in the shooting position.


While cost might be a challenge, some shooting mats double as a rifle case and a mat. But what are the benefits? It means you’ll be carrying one fewer item on your trips. 

If you consider buying a case for your gun, then a dual-use mat might be for you.

When compared to purchasing both things independently, it will save you money. We did identify one combo selection among our top 5 best shooting mats reviews.


When buying sniper shooting mats or other types, comfort and stability should not be left out. If you consider cost first, you might end up with one that would become slippery after a short period. 

Non-slip shooting mats can make a big difference in your shooting. Ever missed a target because your elbow slipped on it? Then you know how annoying it can be! 

Non-slip shooting mats can help you maintain your shooting posture, especially in rainy and humid weather.

Padding and Cushioning

The cushion or prone shooting pad is another important feature to consider when purchasing a mat. It would be torturous if your arms dug into the ground, so make sure that area is cushioned.

A full padded mat is also available from some manufacturers. However, these types are quite bigger and bulkier, which may be a concern in terms of weight.

Pocket Space

When it comes to shooting mats, pockets and additional storage for gear have both advantages and disadvantages. The upside includes being able to hold extra rounds or even a piece of equipment.

The downside of a pocket on a shooting mat is that it could make the shooting surface uneven. Moreover, you do not need pockets since you would be carrying a backpack or a rifle case.


You might consider obtaining a cheap shooting mat since you’ll just lay it on the ground,

But here is the truth.

Most inexpensive mats may not provide adequate protection and might bring discomfort, resulting in financial waste. 

The good news is that not all the best shooting mats are expensive. One such example is the Boyt Harness LIVANS Shooting mat, which is much more affordable.


What Materials Are Shooting Mats Made From?

Nylon is the most popular material for manufacturing shooting mats because of its durability. Other materials used in the production of a durable shooting mat include; foam padding heat resistant material. Also, waterproof fabric is included for water-resistant mats. 

Do All Shooting Mats Have the Same Dimension?

No. Not all shooting mats have the same dimension. Different manufacturers use different dimensions, and they usually write this on the advertising leaflet. So, ensure you check the leaflet for size measurement before committing to a shooting mat.

Can You Wash All Mats Using a Washing Machine?

I have not tried this, but I am not sure it is advisable. I would suggest you wash it in a water bath instead.

How Long Should a Mat Last?

Factors that contribute to a mat’s durability include the type and frequency of use. How often you use the mat determines just how long it will last. Also, another factor is the terrain of use.


There are different shooting mats available in the market, making it difficult to choose the ideal one for your needs. But I believe with everything mentioned above; you can make the right choice when looking for the best shooting mat.

All the selected options are based on padded thickness, stitching pattern quality, water-resistant material, and griping for the knee and elbow. Choose any without worrying about discomfort.