Every bow and hunting enthusiast can agree that dangling your bow in your hand while moving it from your home to the range or hunting ground is not a very safe and pretty sight to see. To avoid such cases of bow dangling or unprotected bows, the bow cases come into play. Whether you own a compound or recurve bow or any kind of bow at all, protecting it while not in use is a great way to prolong its life, and while many bow enthusiasts are stuck between the most appropriate soft bow case, this piece is here to not only inform you about the best soft bow case in 2022 but also to let you in on how to pick the best one.

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The Top 5 Most Suitable Soft Bow Cases Reviewed 2022 

1. SAS Recurve Takedown Bow Case

For recurve bow owners in search of a bow case that will not only provide protection and ease of transportation but also one that comes with an affordable price tag, the Southland Archery introduces to them the top contender amongst the recurve bow cases, the SAS Recurve Takedown Bow Case. 

Designed for practicality with an aesthetically pleasing look, the SAS Recurve Takedown bow case is a 10-inch x 26.5-inch x 2-inch soft bow case featuring multiple pockets and much more. 

As a takedown recurve bow case, it is designed to protect the individual parts of the bow as it features multiple separate pockets to house the limbs alongside a raiser to make sufficient space for all components of the bow and to keep them well protected. Asides from the inner design, the model also comes with a soft inner lining to protect all parts from scratches and any significant form of damage from the inside and outside.

Also, the fully padded bow case includes an arrow tube holder in the hind region of the case, a front zippered pocket to hold accessories alongside a detachable shoulder sling. 


  • Fully padded to protect all components from damage
  • Additional inner soft lining for scratch protection
  • Spacious enough to hold a full takedown recurve bow
  • Includes front zip and arrow tube holder
  • Easy carriage with detachable shoulder sling


  • Arrow tube not included


Designed to offer complete protection to all parts of a takedown recurve without failing, the SAS Recurve Takedown Bow Case is truly a wonder to behold. With its spacious inner layers and extra lining, and easy transport feature, you have the assurance that your recurve bow will always be protected at all times.

2. Allen Company Belladonna Compound Bow Case

In the outdoor category, the name Allen Company rings a bell for many, especially those into hunting. The Allen company is well known for manufacturing quality cases, both soft and hard cases for hunting weapons, in which some of their popular products are Allen soft shotgun cases, soft rifle cases, and of course quality mild bow cases like the Belladonna Compound Case. 

Designed as tactical and military sports gear, the 38 inches x 18 inches by 1-inch bow case is the perfect model for modern compound bows with extra features to facilitate the storage and maintenance of the compound bow. 

Weighing 1.7 pounds, the polyester-made soft bow case comes designed to withstand the weight of your compound bow while having an overall lightweight to facilitate transportation. To make the safety of your bow better, the model features a large internal cavity spacious enough to contain a full compound bow and all its components, a large quiver pocket for complete and optimal storage of the user’s arrows or quiver. 

In addition to that, the Balledonna compound bow case features a hanging D-ring on the end of the case that allows for adequate fitting and easy storage. This way, your bow fits in properly. 

And finally, not forgetting the aesthetics, the Belladonna offers a simple design embedded with modern lines and vibrant graphics. For carriage, the product features a carry handle. 


  • Lightweight and spacious
  • Features extra space to fit in quiver and arrows
  • Designed for proper fitting of the bow
  • Simple and pleasing design


  • Does not feature a padded shoulder strap


As a well-known brand, the Allen company provides the ultimate quality product with accentuated functionality. Despite its simplicity, the Balledonna compound bow case guarantees functionality and ease of use while ensuring the protection of your bow, the public, and yourself all at once.

3. Ravin R180 Soft Case

If you are a fan of Ravin products, this soft case crossbow is most definitely for you. Designed for use exclusively for Ravin Crossbows, the Ravin R180 soft case is the type designed to fit and make your bow protected. But it does not mean you cannot utilize it for other bow types that would fit. 

Lightweight and super compact, the Ravin R180 is a 37-inch x 15-inch x 6-inch soft case designed to house most compact Ravin crossbows and other compact crossbows alike. 

Designed with heavy-duty and soft-sided construction, the model fits a crossbow perfectly for easy transportation and damage prevention. Asides from the top-notch construction, the overall look of the product is sleek, handsome, and slim, accentuating its capacity. 

In addition to the material construction and design, the Ravin R180 features 2 outer zippered pockets and 2 inner zippered pockets with ample space to fit a bow with a mounted scope, its quiver, bipod, and bolts, amongst other things. 

Plus, transportation is made easier as the model features shoulder straps in a backpack form. 


  • Sturdy and durable high-quality construction
  • Spacious with multiple compartments to hold various bow components
  • Perfect fit for various Ravin crossbow models
  • Features backpack shoulder strap design for easy carriage
  • Simple and sleek design


  • Designed exclusively for Ravin crossbows
  • No internal straps to secure the bow and its components


Ravin crossbow owners who look out for something sturdy and functional at the same time to protect and transport their Ravin crossbows now have something to rely on as the Ravin R180 is the extra spacious and multi compartmentalized soft case that does the job to keep their crossbows safe and long-lasting.

4. Legend XT720 Recurve Bow Case

By merely reading the name, you know that the product is going to be a stuff of legends, and there is no doubt about that. If you are on the lookout for a soft bow case that is tough, spacious, and super capable of protecting your bow at all times, then the stuff of legends, the Legend Recurve bow case is for you. 

Made from rip-resistant nylon with shock-absorbing padding and reinforced stitching, the Legenda XT720 Recurve bow case is the case for a lifetime. Asides from the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that it offers, the material design alongside the breathable back padding mesh is designed to improve airflow and moisture absorption to protect your recurve bow and accessories from every form of impact that could damage it; plus, it has 3 inner pockets designed for additional storage of whatever equipment you might need.

As a recurve bow user, this is the ideal recurve bow case for you to house now, just one but two bows at once. The overall dimension is 17.72 inches x 14.96 inches x 4.33 inches, with a removable inner case for the rise of up to 27 inches and 2 limbs. 

While the 2 main compartments are designed to house 2 recurve bows, it features an extendable telescopic hard shell arrow holder designed to hold up to 2 dozen arrows conveniently. You have inner mesh pockets to store smaller items and the front zippered pocket for tools and accessories. 

Finally, for convenience, this extra-sized recurve bow case comes fitted with neoprene handles and padded backpack straps reinforced with comfort padding for easy transportation. 


  • Rugged nylon fabric and nylon zippers for lifetime usage
  • Designed to hold 2 separate bows
  • Spacious and multifunctional with extra pockets and space for arrows and other accessories
  • Features a sturdy carrying handle and padded backpack straps for convenience
  • Protective inner features for the bow and other accessories


  • The zippers cannot be locked for extra security


When it comes to unparalleled quality, the Legend XT720 Recurve Bow case is the exact definition of all of that and much more, quite valid to say it’s a great contender as the best soft bow case in 2022. It puts space in the word spacious with its double compartment and also oversized zippers that allow for more space whenever you think there isn’t any more space.

5. Legend Mohawk Camouflage Compound Bow Case

When you consider the uniqueness of compound bows and how important their proper protection is, you will realize that getting the best compound bow case is not merely a luxury but a high-level necessity. The best part is that Legend as a manufacturer, not only understands that but thrives on that too, hence the Legend Mohawk Camouflage soft bow case, which is the optimum compound bow case soft case. 

Measuring 40 inches x 16.5 inches x 2 inches with four adjustable fastening straps to hold the bow in place, two internal padded cam pockets, 3 inner mesh pockets for added interior storage organizer to hold the bow accessories, and a 37-inch external front pocket to hold an MTM compact arrow case or a telescopic arrow tube case, there is more than enough space to go around. 

To complement the space, the material composition of the model is top-notch, exuding durability and premium protection. The product is made from tough nylon fabric with reinforced stitching and rivets and a weather-resistant Realtree camouflage exterior to protect the bow and its components and keep you hidden at all times. Not to forget the extra thick padding and an anti-scratch tricot lining to protect the bow from damages at all times.   

For easy mobility, the Mohawk Camouflage Compound Bow Soft Case features a thick neoprene carry handle and a padded shoulder strap, and the icing on top of it all is the fact that the Mohawk Camouflage case can transform into a backpack as it features two straps that are discreetly folded away into concealed pockets. 


  • Versatile camouflage design with easy mobility featuring a backpack mode
  • Durable with high-quality material composition
  • Spacious with large spaces and multiple pockets
  • Lined with extra padding and protection from weather and scratches
  • Available in different colors


  • Does not include a telescopic arrow tube or MTM compact arrow case
  • The zippers are not so strong


Keeping in mind that one of the primary purposes of a bow case is to ease transportation, the Mohawk Camouflage Compound bow case goes a step further with the backpack feature alongside the habitual handle and shoulder straps. Plus, the model is super spacious with multiple pockets to hold other accessories, and the oversized long zippers just add functionality to the entire purpose of the model.

Buying Guide 

Bow Type

As a bow owner, your choice of the most suitable bow case for your bow starts with knowing the type of bow you own. Keeping in mind that there are different types of bows out there, you should also know that there are bow cases correspondingly for each bow type, such as the Ravin, legend, Allen, Prime bow case, and so on. Bows like the hunting bow, the compound bow, a variety of recurve bows, and prime bows all have different and specific features and parts that would require a special type of case to house and protect them. 

The first step to getting the perfect soft bow case, therefore, is to figure out the type of bow you have at hand as this way, you’ll be able to tell and have a better idea of the kind of features you’ll require in the bow case. For instance, the compound bow case would require a specific kind of compartment for the main bow as compound bows remain strung even after use due to the difficulty in getting them strung, and due to their shape and not being dismantled like the recurve their bow cases are often D shaped to accommodate the full bow; also consider the amount of space necessary as well as the size of the bow case concerning the size of the bow when dismantled or put together. 

This way, you will avoid housing your bow in the wrong bow case and prevent serious damages that could cost you buying a new bow.


Before buying your gun, bow, or any other hunting equipment case, you pay attention to the dimensions of the gun or bow to know how suitable it will be for you, and the same goes for the bow case. You need to ensure that the height, length, and width of the bow match that of the bow case to ensure that it fits perfectly. 

Consider the dimensions for bows that have extensions or can be shrunken or pulled apart during and after use. Take note of the dimensions of the bow in its most extended version and shrunken state to determine the bow case that would be the perfect fit. If you are in doubt with relation to the dimensions of your bow, you can always make inquiries from the manufacturer to have a more concrete value on what you need. 


Keeping in mind that one of the main purposes of the best gun cases, best bow cases, and best soft rifle cases are for easy and protective transportation, you need to consider the type and frequency of transportation before you choose the most suitable soft bow case for your bow. 

A question like what means of transportation will my bow case find itself in would allow you to know if your bow case will be safe in a single spot if found in a train, for instance, or would it be tossed and manhandled by gravity and other luggage in an aircraft or car. The means of transportation will determine if you will need a thick and well-padded soft bow case to withstand the various impacts the bow and bow case might encounter or if you’ll not have to worry much and acquire a simple padded bow case to hold your bow. 

Also, for those who will be traveling by airplane and even just moving it from one place to another by any other means, acquire a bow case with a lock or a lockable case to avoid cases of forceful opening and your bow springing out. 


The material layout of your bow case not only plays a part in the durability of the case but also in that of the bow itself. You need a bow case that can protect the bow both from injects such as the pointed tips of the arrows or other sharp objects that can rip or puncture the bow and the case from within, as well as from outsides like sharp objects ripping through the fabric or water pouring and seeping into the case and other instances. 

Asides from a tough outer shell, your bow case should be able to withstand punctures, rips, and other things that can easily damage it alongside the bow while being lightweight, of course.  

Extra Features 

To make the entire use of the soft bow case even easier for owners, many manufacturers fit in some extra features like shoulder straps, especially for those who would be traveling with the bow case, and also wheels which make moving the case stress-free. 

Although wheels are mostly fitted for hard bow cases, you might still find a few soft bow cases that feature them. 

Storage Compartments

When it comes to the bow, you know it’s not just the bow; there’s the quiver, the arrows, sights, and other accessories and gadgets used altogether with the arrow. A good soft bow case will not only have space to fit your bow but also have extra storage compartments to safely store the other accessories that come with the bow. 

To avoid having to haul an extra accessory bag alongside your bow case, it’s most advisable to look for soft bow cases that have extra compartments designed to adequately hold these accessories. 


Is it necessary to have a soft bow case? 

Yes, it is. When you consider the need to protect your bow when not in use, proper storage of your bow alongside its equipment, as well as the notion of easy and safe transportation of your bow and other attached accessories, you will realize just how necessary and important a soft bow case is for any bow owner. 

Which is better, a soft bow case or a hard bow case? 

To decide which is most preferable between both types of bow cases, you will have to consider your personal preferences and also needs. While hard cases are much more solid and long-lasting with their hard shells, making them the perfect protection for the bow and other items placed in the case, they are known to be heavy and only good for traveling. The soft case on its own is lighter, often made from nylon, easier to carry, and quite spacious, with its main fault being that it isn’t as rugged as the hard case. 

Therefore, when it comes to which is best, it all boils down to what you need. If you are the go hard or go home type that is always on the move and needs a full home for your bow, then the hard case is great for you, but if you desire something easier on the hand and pocket with more versatility and functionality, a soft bow case will do you good.

Can you travel with a soft bow case? 

Yes, you can travel with soft bow cases. Although many are not built for very rough experiences, some soft cases feature everything necessary to keep your bow safe and protected, such as a locking feature or zippers to prevent the bow from slipping out as well as extra padded joints and shoulder straps.  

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to maintaining and protecting the bow, a great way to do that is to have a bow case to shield your bow when not in use or when carrying it around and also to help make moving your bow from one place to another safe for you and those around you. The best soft bow case in 2022 is highly recommended as it is lighter, more portable, and also easier on the pocket in comparison to its hard counterpart. Nevertheless, it does the job just right and even beyond your expectations, so what are you waiting for?