The compound bow is one of the most powerful kinds of bows. However, the bow can only work as well as the arrow that it fires. Sadly, so many people mess-up that part of their shooting up; they get arrows that aren’t suitable for their compound bows. Thankfully, you won’t have to make that mistake. Here are the best arrows for compound bows in 2022. 

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Top 5 Best Arrows For Compound Bows

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrows 

The Carbon Express Maxima Hunter is for people who want both precision and power in equal doses in an arrow. Since it is made by Carbon Express, you can be sure that they are premium carbon fiber arrows that will endure the throes of shooting.

The arrow weighs about 10.5 inches and is about 32.5 inches long. It also has a diameter of about 0.295 inches. It has a straightness of 0.0025 inches, and it comes with a bulldog nock collar, nock, and inserts. 

This particular arrow is great because it is extremely light and is a high-velocity camouflage arrow that wouldn’t be out of place when hunting. The arrow also comes with proprietary dual spine weight forward tech that makes sure that the front end is a bit heavier than the rear. It’s made from two entirely different carbon materials, and this creates two spines in the arrow. This, of course, ensures better performance. 


  • Precision Launchpad Nock
  • It has a longer tolerance than other carbon arrows
  • Double Spine


  • It’s a bit pricey


This is a decent arrow that is durable, accurate, and strong. If you can afford it, go for it.

Carbon Express Unisex’s Maxima Arrows 

These Fletched Carbon Express red arrows are highly engineered compound arrows that will deliver amazing accuracy. And it does it consistently— which is more than you can say for loads of arrows. 

The arrow comes with a launch pad precision nock for free— and not only is the launch pad precision nock a great freebie, but it will also help you release your arrows better. The arrow weighs about 9.07 grains per inch and has a length of about 31.5 inches. It has a straightness tolerance of about ±0.0025 inches, and it comes with black blazer vanes. 

But that isn’t the reason you should go for this arrow. There’s something else. First off, it’s a really popular choice with hunters with loads of experience. Secondly, it has Carbon Express’s dynamic spine design that allows the high arrow accuracy with stuffed ends. This provides a new level of control and means that you can use it over and over again without bothering about its accuracy wearing down. The success of arrows made by Carbon Express out in the fields is one of the reasons why their arrows are so highly respected— and it’s no different with this one.  


  • Innovative carbon technology means that this arrow is way ahead of its peers
  • It is straight up to a thousandth of an inch
  • The arrow can fly longer distances and can do it faster and with better accuracy


  • The arrow is pretty long, so odds are you’ll have to cut it down to size
  • It may be really expensive, depending on where and when you get it
  • You’ll probably need to purchase the arrow tip separately


You may need to cut this arrow to fit your draw length, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a really good arrow. Besides, you could have the arrows cut at the store before leaving or cut them at home yourself.

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

This one is definitely one of the best practice arrows for compound bow. 

The Hunter XT is one of Gold Tip’s best arrows, and for a good reason too. The arrow is known to be extremely strong, and many hunters say that it can withstand deer hunting sessions as well as practice sessions. It doesn’t get too durable than that. 

Asides from being very durable, the arrow is also nicely weighted and weighs about 8.2/inch. In addition to this, the arrows are hand sorted and are laser inspected to a shaft tolerance of about ±0.003″. While they may end up being too long for you, that’s no trouble. You could cut at a store— if you get it at one, or you could just cut it at home

If you’re talking about the best arrows for 70 lb compound bow or the best arrows for compound bows in 2022, then this one makes the cut. 


  • They are well weighted and are great for all kinds of conditions
  • They are hand sorted for weight and have a shaft tolerance of +/-0.003″


  • They may be a bit too pricey depending on when and where you get them


These aren’t the absolute best you could get, but Gold Tip is a trusted arrow brand, so you’re sure of getting only quality.

Easton Game Getter

No list of good arrows is ever complete without something from Easton. Like Carbon Express, Easton has several years of experience with making arrows, and this experience shines through with the Game Getter. It’s an arrow with an aluminum shaft that is made from the super durable 7075-T9 alloy. It also has a straightness tolerance of +-.002″. 

The arrow also comes with pre-installed uni-bushings, nocks, and inserts. While it’s not a carbon arrow, it may not be as fast and may not have the best penetration, and it’s still pretty adequate for a compound bow.


  • It comes with uni-bush nocks and inserts included
  • It is made with quality grade aluminum material
  • It has an almost unbelievably high straightness tolerance


  • It can be a bit pricey


This arrow is one of the better aluminum ones, and it’s a great practice arrow for compound bows.

KESHES Archery Carbon Arrows

These arrows look pretty interesting, and they would look amazing in your quiver. However, you aren’t just getting an arrow because it looks good. The arrow has to offer something resembling value, and this arrow doesn’t disappoint on that front either. 

Despite being aluminum, these arrows are extremely durable. You probably wouldn’t even figure that they are aluminum! They are also pretty light and weigh only about 5.9 grain per inch. They are great for target archery practice with lightweight compound bows and even recurve bows. However, these arrows aren’t the best for professionals. First off, they are pretty short and measure only about 27 inches. If your draw length is longer than this, you should not get these arrows. 

If you do get them, though, you should know that they have consistent performance and are pretty quick. Emphasis on the pretty! 


  • It’s probably the most beautiful compound bow arrow you’re going to find on the market
  • It has straightness to five-thousandths of an inch


  • These arrows are only good for target practice
  • They can be too short
  • They aren’t camouflaged arrows, so that they would be bad for hunting


If you’re just starting out and recently got a lightweight compound bow, this is an arrow you should be looking at. However, it should only be used indoors or for target practice. They are seriously one of the best target arrows on the market.

Buying guide to Best Arrows For Compound Bow

The world of archery is so vast that it may be easy to get lost in it, especially when trying to buy an arrow. Before getting into which arrows are best for compounds bows and why let’s get into the different kinds of arrows first. 

Wooden Arrows

Wooden Arrows are very old school and are usually preferred by old-school archers. The fact that they are quite cheap also probably plays a role in that. They are very authentic, too; however, there’s a caveat. These arrows break very easily and are rarely ever uniform. So you have to be careful when using them. That’s probably why only people who’ve been shooting for a long time use them. These arrows are usually good for recurves and longbows— not compound bows. 

Fiberglass Arrows

The great thing about fiberglass arrows is that they are pretty cheap. That’s probably why they are the first choice at archery camps and other places where many cheap arrows are needed for amateurs. They are also decent for people who are just getting into archery, so that’s a good thing. But like wooden arrows, they tend to break easily. That’s why many shooting ranges don’t stock up on them. Asides from that, fiberglass arrows tend to be heavy in general, which means they lose accuracy rapidly over long distances. These arrows are only recommended for recurve bows. 

Aluminum Arrows

Aluminum Arrows are really good arrows. They are accurate and just as quiet as carbon arrows. They also have many spine choices you can choose from, so that’s an added advantage. However, they are still heavier than carbon models of the same spine. That’s why carbon models are favored above them on the pecking order. 

Another problem with aluminum arrows is that they can bend. Despite this, though, they can be used with recurve bows and aluminum bows. 

Carbon Arrows

Carbon arrows are the most popular arrows because they solve a lot of problems. First off, they are very fast and second of all; they are pretty light too. So they fit faster bows well. Additionally, they don’t bend, and so there’s no straightness issue at all. Another big advantage of carbon arrows is that they aren’t too affected by the wind when shot, so they tend to be more accurate than other bows. But there is a downside— carbon arrows can be ridiculously expensive. 

These arrows are generally used for recurve and compound bows. 

How To Choose Your Compound Arrow

Determine Your Draw Length 

Before choosing a compound arrow, or an arrow of any kind, you should first make sure of your draw length. That way, you’ll get the arrow that’s closest to your length or precisely your length. There are lots of complex ways to determine that, but I’ve found that the easiest is to just measure your arm span length from middle finger to middle finger and then divide that number by two. 

Choose Your Arrow Length

The next thing is to choose your arrow length. While it may seem like the right thing to do is just to choose the arrow that’s precisely your draw length, it’s not. Your arrow length shouldn’t be your draw length precisely. It should be your draw length plus an inch. So if you have a draw length of 27 inches, your arrow length should be about 28 inches. 

Choose Arrow Weight

The next thing to do is to choose your arrow weight. Now, the weight of the arrow you choose will differ based on what you plan on using the arrow for. 

If you want the arrow for hunting, you need to get an arrow with a total weight of between 6 and 8 grain per pound of draw weight. So if you have a 50 pounds draw compound bow, you’d have to get an arrow that weighs between 400 and 300 grain. 

If the arrow is for target practice, then you’d want the arrow to weigh a total of about 5 to 6 grain per pound of draw weight. So if you want to choose the best arrows for a 70 lb compound bow, you’d have to get something that weighs between 350 and 420 grain. 

Now, these values are not set in stone. As you start shooting, you’ll find new things about what you’re comfortable with, so you may even exceed these parameters. But it would be best if you never chose an arrow that weighs less than five grains per pound of draw weight, as this will almost certainly damage your bow irreparably. 


Why Shouldn’t You Choose An Arrow That Is Too Short For Your Compound Bow? 

An arrow that is too short may end up hitting your hand while shooting, and that wouldn’t only hurt, it may also damage the arrow. So be careful about your arrow length. 

Does The Weight Of An Arrow Include All Its Components? 

Yes, it does. 

Is There A Particular Arrow That’s Only For Compound Bows?

No, not really. While some arrows may perform better with compound bows, it generally just depends on your preference and your skill level. 


If you just got into archery, I’m sure you’ve gotten some insights into what sort of arrow you should get for your compound bow. If you’re a veteran, I hope you’ve gotten some hints of the arrows you should get for your compound bow. In any case, any of these five arrows would serve you splendidly— they are definitely some of the best arrows for compound bows in 2022.