As a hunter or shooter, regular cleaning is required to improve your gun appearance and keep it at maximum performance. 

And here is the thing. 

You need the best gun cleaning brushes for a thorough and efficient cleaning job. While many options are available on the market to pick from, only a few possess the features required to be among the best. 

So, to save you the stress of researching and buying a low-quality one, I have tested a few and put together a comprehensive list of the 10 best gun cleaning brushes on the market.

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The Best Gun Cleaning Brushes in 2022 

It’s that simple; if you want to clean your piece effectively, you need the best gun cleaning brushes money can buy. The gun cleaning brushes I provide below come with impressive features and sell at an affordable price. Read on, so you can choose one that best suits your needs.   

1. SE Double Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set

Enjoy effortless cleaning with this pack of 10 double-ended brushes. SE Double Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set comes with an exclusive design that gives every other brand a good run for their money. It has a 7-inch length that reaches into the deepest part of your gun to get it cleaned. 

The second end with a single row of bristles can help access the tight orifices that the other 3-row end can’t reach. 

Here is the amazing part about this product. 

The bristles are made of high-grade nylon material, making them much more durable and long-lasting. Also, with its slender build and perfect dimension, you enjoy the cleaning process as it makes every inch of the exercise an exciting one.  

Additionally, the 3-row bristle end offers more force and cleaning prowess due to its strength in numbers. This feature enhances the efficiency to give your gun a perfectly clean. What’s more, the single row gives the needed sleekness for tight spaces and gun tips. 


  • Versatile and can serve different purposes
  • Sturdy and does not break easily
  • Efficient and works wonders with such little effort
  • Works great with gun cleaning solvents
  • Easy to use and wipes fouls effortlessly


  • Bristles lose easily
  • Soft on the other end


With SE Double Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set, you get to enjoy the top-notch quality of easy-going bristles as well as its versatility. Also, you need not worry about the loosening bristles as the 10 set gives you a chance always to pick up a new one.

2. Braudel Gun Cleaning Brush

Braudel Gun Cleaning Brush and pick set comes as a 9-piece pack of brushes and picks for more efficient scrubbing. It gives you a wide range of options to pick from when faced with a cleaning challenge. 

What do I mean by that? 

The pack contains four double-ended brushes and 4 polymer picks, and a stainless-steel pick. You have everything you need to give your gun the best cleaning service with these tools. The brushes come in handy for general cleaning of the various orifices of the gun. However, the stainless-steel pick is useful for picking out the hidden areas of the gun. 

Moreover, you can use polymer picks to avoid scratches on the gun. With Braudel Gun Cleaning Brush’s brass build, you have no worries about the carbon deposits that clog the bolts. It gives gas pistons a thorough scrub. 

The pack also has a copper brush to clean finer firearms that do not need the harsh treatments of steel and brass. 


  • Good for light cleaning
  • It comes in handy for picking out spots
  • It gives your optimum service with various tools
  • Best brush set for carbon riddance
  • Cleans the pistons and bolts easily


  • The plastic picks break easily
  • Brass bristles bend out of shape


You will enjoy this gun brush due to the wide range of tool options you have at your disposal. Braudel Gun Cleaning Brush contains steel, copper, and brass bristle material brushes with different picks. Thus, each tool has its specific purpose, which they all work together for a clean firearm.

3. Otis Technology Gun Cleaning Brush

Otis Technology Gun Cleaning Brush set cleans off the toughest debris and grime from your firearms. Furthermore, its dual-ended nylon brush bristles access the deepest end of your gun and give it a thorough clean with little effort. It has a three-rowed end suitable for large surfaces, while the other single-row end serves for narrow areas. 

Here are more interesting facts.

The nylon material does not reduce the efficiency of the cleaning brush as it delivers the best service regardless. The nylon finish is safe for use on even a coated gun surface or a polished firearm. 

What I like about this brush. 

The brushes are hard enough, and the bristles do not pull out easily. The 10 set pack also contains a stronger brush for more advanced cleaning while maintaining absolute precision. 


  • Nylon finish does not scratch the gun surface
  • Enhances precision with the dual end design
  • The wooden finish makes it even sturdier
  • Easily used in cleaning all kinds of firearm
  • Very affordable


  • The wood may break
  • Nylon melts on heat


One of the best nylon gun cleaning brushes that assures you of optimum cleaning job. The nylon durability is such that it doesn’t bend out of shape like the brass and steel brushes.

4. MaximalPower Brass Firearm Cleaning Brushes

Get your rifles up to shooting speed with the MaximalPower firearm Cleaning brush set. The brush has brass bristles for a thorough job on all the gun areas, ensuring it is free from grime and carbon. 

Also, the brush thread has a cleaning dimension of 8-32, which is suitable for all rods and flex cables. 

Here is one good thing about this cleaning brush

The bronze bristle is strong enough to remove all traces of dust or carbon from the pipes without leaving scratches. Owing to this, this is one of the best bore brushes you can get when it comes to cleaning pistols, AR rifles, revolvers, and other firearms. You can also use it to clean the cylindrical sides of a revolver, the flexing cone, and the muzzle end. 


  • The brush set is flexible
  • It is suitable for universal use
  • It does not leave scratches on the bore
  • Preserves the optimal look and performance of your firearm
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Bronze may bend
  • Brass bristles are soft


Get this brush set for thorough and detailed cleaning of all kinds of firearms. The MaximalPower Brass firearm Cleaning brush set assures you of a thorough cleaning. So, no more worries about carbon, grime, and debris as it removes it all with little effort.

5. Motanar Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brushes

Motanar Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brushes offer you the option of picking the steel, brass, or nylon brush. In any case, the brush set gives maximum satisfaction when it comes to keeping your gun clean. The double-ended design has one side for large surfaces and the other end for hard-to-reach areas. 

Moreover, the soft nylon brush set helps clean all forms of shotguns and pistols without scratching the surface. When in need of a harder cleaning, the steel brush set comes in handy for such purposes. 

The tinier end of the brush offers precision, and it cleans tight spots with much ease. The truth is, these sets are more durable than other brands due to their sturdy plastic handle. 


  • Versatile application
  • Prevents scratches on bore
  • It gets to unreachable places with ease
  • Cleans thoroughly
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Steel bristles are too hard
  • High resistance


If you consider the affordability of this brand, you might think it is of less quality. But Motanar Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brushes offer the quality of top-notch brands at the prices of lower brands. Enjoy the full features and give your guns a special cleaning.

6. Triston Best Bore Brush

This presents one of the most amazing bore brush designs on the market. Triston Best Bore Brush features a single piece of brass brush wire that crosses on a threaded brass coupler. The beautiful and effective cleaning tool comes with a bronze bristle finish for aggressive cleaning exercises. 

Here is more. 

The bristles are aligned to be 20% more effective than other brands’ maximum number. The bronze bristle is an efficient removal of lead deposits, copper fouling, and powder residues that clog the gun’s pathway. 

The bronze bristle bore tool offers military-grade cleaning on any firearm. 


  • Anti-scratch cleaning
  • Enhances bore cleansing with ease
  • Exclusive design for better results
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality finish


  • Bristles are too long
  • Sharp when cut


Triston Best Bore Brush meets and exceeds military specifications for gun cleaning brushes. What more could you ask for than an anti-scratch brush that is perfectly threaded.

7. Type-III Double Sided Gun Cleaning Brush

This double-sided beauty offers you an unbreakable 7-inch brush perfect for all-around gun cleaning. Type-III 7″ Black Double-Sided Nylon Gun Cleaning Brush Set comes with a thick nylon bristle on both ends for thorough cleaning. 

You can choose from the five or three-set packs with similar cleaning features. Both come with thick and thin ends for cleaning.

Here is another good thing about this brush brand

This nylon gun cleaning brush set is suitable for other cleaning purposes that are not gun-related. The brush’s versatility stems from its veteran origin and specifically upgraded designs. 


  • The smaller end offers precision
  • Perfect for all-round cleaning
  • The plastic handle is unbreakable
  • Removes carbon build-up with ease
  • Versatile


  • May deform with cleaning agents


The Type-III 7″ Gun Cleaning Brush Set has great quality with the best precision cleaning. Get this quality firearm cleaning aid for all-around gun scrubbing.

8. EAmber Gun Cleaning Brushes

Give your firearm the ideal cleaning with the numerous options available on the brush set. The EAmber Gun Cleaning Brushes set comes in a package with stainless steel picks for more aggressive and precise scrubbing. The steel picks are tough but have a friendly texture for your hand’s thanks to the soft handle area.

The bronze bristles on the brush are the best for cleaning handguns, shotguns, and pistols. It works perfectly in removing carbon build-ups, with the smaller end getting into tighter spaces easily. The picks are reusable, and the bronze bristles can also serve after a good post-use wash. 


  • Repeatable use
  • Universal head picks
  • Soft and gentle
  • Precise smaller ends
  • Durable


  • Picks could scratch the piece
  • Bends or flattens easily


Cleaning guns has never been easier with the EAmber Gun Cleaning Brushes, giving you a perfect service. You can use both the brush and stainless-steel picks all day without stress, thanks to the friendly texture of the handles.

9. Boao Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brushes

The double-ended design on this brand serves multiple purposes when cleaning your piece, and it does so in the most convenient way. Boao Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brushes have grooves on the thick end to enhance flexibility during the cleaning exercise. 

That’s not all. 

It has a plastic handle that offers even better durability than its wooden counterpart in other brands. Additionally, the bristle is made of nylon material, enabling them to bend efficiently without deforming. Besides, the nylon make goes well with any cleaning agent without fear of breaking or loosening. 


  • Convenient use
  • Flexible and extremely durable
  • Affordable
  • Multipurpose application


  • Nylon melts under heat
  • Grooves may cause quick damage


With a large number of brushes on this pack, you may not need a replacement pack in years. The Boao Gun Cleaning Brushes contains 20 brushes in the set, offering you long-lasting use. It serves different cleaning purposes as you can also use it to clean carburetors and other non-firearm.

10. Axageid Xage Gun Cleaning Brush Set

Brush off all grime, debris, and soot with Axageid Xage Gun Cleaning Brush Set. The set comes with four double-ended brushes and picks for effective all-around scrubbing. The large end is ideal for aggressive cleaning, while the slimmer end helps to reach the tighter parts of the gun. 

Axageid Xage Gun Cleaning Brush Set comes with an organizing pouch that keeps your tools handy and well maintained. The steel picks help you remove hardened grime and get into the closed spaces in a rifle. 


  • Arrangement pouch for carriage
  • Efficient
  • Portable
  • Amazing design
  • Easy to use


  • Comes with a smaller number of brushes


You don’t just get brushes and picks, but also a red carrying pouch that keeps the cleaning items well organized. Axageid Xage Gun Cleaning Brush Set offers both efficiency and convenience.

Gun Cleaning Brushes Buying Guide

Before heading out to buy a gun cleaning brush, you need to consider some important factors to consider. These include:

Brush Material

The materials most manufacturers use for making a gun cleaning brush include; nylon, bronze, Steel, Copper, and Brass.

These materials have their strong advantages and downsides. For instance, nylon gun cleaning brushes are better at cleaning or removal of loose carbon, while bronze is better when you want to scrub a surface.

This means that bronze gun brushes are better in getting rid of lead, carbon deposit power, or rust.

One quality the best bore brush material should have is sturdiness. This quality is important so you can effectively rid your gun of carbon, grease, and dirt build-up without breaking a sweat.

Generally, your choice of a gun cleaning brush should depend on what part of the gun you intend to clean. 

Gun Type

The gun you would be cleaning plays a huge role in the cleaning brush you buy. The gun cleaning brush you choose depends on the gun size. Do you have a shotgun, handgun, or rifle? Below are some basic differences in cleaning brushes:

  • Handgun Cleaning Kit: You need a handgun cleaning kit if you own a collection of handguns or a single one. This handgun or pistol cleaning brush comes with a shorter rod. Using this short brush ensures you have a good view of the gun you are cleaning, which helps you spot dirty areas faster.
  • Long Gun Cleaning Kit: This comes with the best gun cleaning rods. The rods are long with bigger diameters and often broken down into multiple sections. They are rigid, making them ideal for extension into the longer gun barrels.
  • Universal Gun Cleaning Kit: This kit is perfect for individuals with guns of all types and sizes, including Ar15 or regular pistols. It comes with different cleaning rods of different lengths and different caliber brushes.


As you should know, using one brush over a long period results in wear and tear. Therefore, I suggest you get many gun cleaning brushes, depending on how often you use your gun. Some brushes come in a 10-piece pack, meaning you have more replacement options if one is deformed.


An expensive gun cleaning kit often translates to more components and higher quality. But price should not be a deterrent when you want to buy a gun cleaning kit because you can get good quality ones at an affordable price. 

Brand and Quality

The best gun cleaning brushes are often from known brands, and we know them for their quality. A good brand should be able to clean your firearm optimally.

Choosing a cleaning brush made by a known brand gives you the confidence that you can clean your gun parts without the fear of damaging them.


What Kind of Brush Should I Use For Light Cleaning?

Use Nylon brushes for light cleaning jobs. High-quality Nylon brushes would clean your gun safely and not disintegrate in commercial cleaning solutions. 

On the other hand, I suggest using phosphor bronze brushes for general purpose cleaning.

What Brush Should I Use For A 9mm?

There are different gun cleaning brushes sizes, but a bronze brush for 0.357 or 0.38 would work perfectly for cleaning a 9mm. 

Does Brass Brush Scratch Gun Barrel?

Brushes made from brass are softer than gun steel types. They would not damage your gun’s rifling. Using stainless steel or carbon steel, on the other hand, would damage your gun’s bore.


The best gun cleaning brushes will leave your firearm looking as good as new. Many are available on the market, but proper research is needed to make the right choice.

With the information above, including the list of the 10 best options and the factors you need to consider, you will be able to make an informed purchase.