For wild turkey hunting, calling has proven better than stalking for many reasons. The art of sounding like the female to attract male turkeys using turkey calls has yielded amazing hunting field results. 

However, getting the best turkey calls might be pretty challenging due to the different types and brands in the market.  

But guess what?

You don’t have to worry, as I have researched and tested many to come up with a genuine list of the best turkey calls out there.

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Top 7 Best Turkey Calls in 2022

Getting the crème of turkey calling devices has proven to be an effective way of hunting wild turkey. But choosing the right one has proven to be challenging due to the many options on the market. Well, not anymore, as here are the top 10 turkey calling devices you can get out there. 

1. Primos Hunting Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call

One sure thing you will get with Primos Hunting Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call is top-notch quality. The device comes with a design that suits many adverse conditions and is handy in the toughest situations. 

Here is more.

The strong magnetic layout holds the paddle at the ideal position to enhance crisp cuts, soft to loud yelps, and smooth purrs. When you include the gobble band that comes with it, you get some of the most convincing gobbles from the hook-up. 

You can maintain your stealth approach to the turkey by removing the detachable paddle to remain silent. One of the most advanced turkey calls, it is easy to use and fun to hear. It tops it off with a reliable gobble strap for easy carriage. 


  • The call is easy and simple to use
  • Carriage is not a problem with improved design
  • Assures you of durability and maximum performance
  • It is universal and usable for different types of people


  • Magnet falls out of place easily
  • Poor finishing


If you crave an effective call in the turkey hunting field, consider Primos Hunting Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call anytime. The device’s quality is impressive, and the design is fantastic, giving some of the best gobble sounds that attract male turkeys.

2. STRUT COMMANDER Turkey Mouth Call

Take your turkey calls to the next level using STRUT COMMANDER Turkey Mouth Call with no rasp. The device features dual reeds and no cut giving you a well-refined medium to loud hen yelps, clucks, or purrs. You can rest assured that those gobblers will come running thanks to the rasp-less call from the strut commander. 

Here’s an interesting part. 

The turkey call device gives the same result even when used by beginners and veteran hunters. The turkey diaphragm gives you amazing sound with much ease and minimal effort. Its wide range of tones and reeds is also one of its most endearing factors. 

This turkey Mouth Call allows you to manipulate its parts to sound like a turkey. The design is flexible enough and shaped perfectly for all types of hunters. 


  • The turkey has a great sound
  • You can manipulate the parts to make real turkey cuts, purrs, and yelps
  • The device has a strong build and is very durable
  • Well labeled cases help for specific choices
  • Reliable for a great turkey call


  • No instructions on usage
  • Faulty mouth alignments


Lure your dream gobbler to its final resting place with the reliable STRUT COMMANDER Turkey Mouth Call. When used correctly, it offers great efficiency. With a perfect combination of the best features, this device works great to attract turkey at a long distance.

3. Primos Hunting 272 Friction Call

This double-sided sonic pot device guarantees a quick turkey call when used efficiently. The Primos Hunting 272 Friction Call spots a slimmer striker double dome with a bat to enhance its calling abilities. It also comes with a mouth-call carrying case for easy mobility. 

The device comes with a great collection of calls for all types of turkey hunters, so whether you are a professional or beginner, you get a good sound. Moreover, if you factor in the wooden striker and sonic dome, you might have turkeys calls with great effective sound. 

The package comes with a mouth call for effective usage and a case for optimal storage. What’s more, you can easily speak the turkey language with your mouth using the intense sound design. 


  • Comprehensive kit for beginners and pro
  • Durable and easily preserved
  • Exclusive design for maximum efficiency
  • Great sound and effective calls
  • Simple to use


  • Mouth call is different
  • Faulty box call


This is one of the best turkey calls you would come across in a frenzy-filled market for a beginner. The parts are well-shaped for a great call, and the design is outstanding. The operation is simple, and it produces effective sounds.

4. Primos Hunting Ol’ Betsy Slate Call

Primos offers the best elk calls with impressive features and quality, and they have never failed to add that to this slate turkey call. With an easy surface slate, Primos Ol’ Betsy Slate Call gives you the best turkey call sound you can ever ask for. It is the best slate turkey call on this list, with impressive features that transcend its primary use. 

Here’s the interesting thing 

It comes in handy in the toughest situations and environments to help you attract turkey. Moreover, it is made from the best slate materials in the country and produces the purest turkey sound. 


  • It can be used in different circumstances
  • Quality material make up
  • Best design and finish
  • Easy operation and use
  • Durable and affordable


  • Inferior finish
  • Faulty pivoting


You will be amazed by the sound of this turkey call. Primos Hunting Ol’ Betsy Slate Call serves as the perfect hunting tool for every ambitious hunter out there.

Why is that so?

It guarantees optimal performance as well as outstanding sound. The turkey call is made from quality material and has an amazing design that makes it stand out among others.

5. ESH Turkey Mouth Calls

The ESH Turkey Mouth calls are ideal for amateur and experienced hunters. It does not require huge air pressure to work. It comes in a pack of three, which includes Tru-Hype (3 Reed Inverted Batwing), Reacts (3 Reed Inverted Combo Cut), and Longspur (3 Reed Inverted Batwing).

Are you looking for a mouth call that is foolproof with an over 90% chance of attracting a male turkey? The ESH Turkey mouth calls produce rich hen sounds with optimal volume to seduce the male turkey.

The makers of this Mouth call are experienced hunters and designed this masterpiece with a wide range of adaptability for use in many states. This turkey call guarantees you consistent success in your wild turkey hunting field.

Want to blow with as little air or as little effort as possible? The ESH turkey mouth calls feature 3ed reed calls designed for this purpose.


  • Requires little air
  • Excellent volume
  • Great seductive sounds
  • No expertise is required for use
  • 3 Mouth call pack


  • Its plastic cover separates from the metal framework after a short period of use
  • Parts break easily


I have been hunting wild turkey for quite some time now, and I must say using the ESH mouth call has been a pleasant experience. This device does not require much energy compared to other mouth calls, thanks to its premium gauge 3 reed calls design. It is also ideal for use in all hunting seasons, both spring and fall.

6. Primos Turkey Mouth Call

Turkey hunting has never been easier with the Power Owl Turkey Locator Call. The level of experience is not an issue when using this Turkey call, as it does not require much skill to use.

The design of this Turkey call makes for a high pitch locating, which is guaranteed to attract any male wild turkey within the vicinity of your call. 

It is durable and works effectively even in less optimal environments and conditions. This design has an allowance for automatic backpressure, which helps improve the Locators efficiency.

Think that’s all about its design?

It features an ergonomic handle that keeps you in the business of calling Turkey for a longer period. Are you tired of reeds sticking due to overblowing? This Primos Hunting Power Owl Turkey Locator Call addresses this challenge effectively.


  • It does not require any level of expertise
  • High pitch Locating sounds
  • Ergonomic handle
  • It is durable due to the high quality of material used in producing it
  • Reeds do not stick when you blow the locator for a long time


  • Requires some level of expertise for optimal use
  • Does not come with user instructions


It is a great caller once you understand how it works. The turkey locator comes with a reverse design, with the tapered end being where the sound comes out from. It does the job of attracting wild male turkey effectively, and with its comfortable handle, you can remain on the job for longer.

7. ESH Custom Turkey Pot Call

Are you looking to attract the largest gobbler in the field? The ESH Custom Calls Turkey Pot offers you just that kind of guarantee. Made from Frosted glass, it requires no conditioning or any level of expertise to use. Clucks, Purrs, Yelps, Fly down Cackles and exciting cutting are all sounds made by this call pot, all intended to grab the attention of wild turkeys. 

Carved from cherry hardwood, sealed in a lifetime sealer, it assures you durability and efficiency. What’s more, the turkey pot calls come with a one-piece hickory striker, which helps produce those unique sounds that drive male wild turkeys into a frenzy.


  • Cherry Hardwood material ensures durability
  • Deep and rich hen sounds
  • Produces a variety of sounds
  • Requires no level of expertise
  • It is handcrafted and hand-tested for optimal performance


  • The tip of the striker falls off sometimes
  • Small size


The ESH turkey call pot is one of the best callers I have used while hunting. It produces similar results to the meateater turkey calls and offers various natural sounds from Yelps to purrs.

That’s not all

It is durable, easy to use, and does the job of efficiently attracting male turkeys all close to you.

Things To Consider When Looking for The Best Turkey Calls

Ever been to the market to purchase a Turkey call? Were you shocked by the abundance of options available to choose from? I have had this experience, which is why I decided to enlighten you on the factors you need to consider before buying a turkey call.

Types Of Turkey Calls

Before buying one, you must first find out what type of turkey call suits your needs best. There are varieties of turkey calls available in the market, and choosing the right one is the first step to a successful hunt.

Here are the common types of turkey calls available in the market.

Turkey Box Call

Looking to learn how to use turkey calls for hunting? Then you should probably start with the Classic Turkey Box call. 

How does it work?

It features a wooden box with a lid joined by a screw. Movement between the lid and the box produces a sound that helps attract male wild turkey.

Turkey Diaphragm Calls

This is in the family of turkey mouth calls, and using them requires some expertise. They are one of the most difficult turkey calls to learn. But trust me, your diligence in learning how to use this call always pays off.

Why is that so?

Turkey Diaphragm calls produce top-notch sounds that are pretty indiscernible from female turkey sounds. Made from Latex stretched over a reed, you use this for hunting by simply blowing air across the reed.

Turkey Slate Calls

Slate turkey calls, also known as the pot call, also work using friction, just like the box call. This turkey call has two parts: the striker and the pot. This call is made from wood, metal, or glass. It works by simply rubbing the striker on the pot surface.

Push and Pull Turkey Calls

By far the easiest to learn and use for hunting, the Push and pull turkey calls are among the simplest in the market. 

Are you a beginner in the hunting game? This turkey call is ideal for you. It comprises a wooden box and a wooden stick with a striker plate running across it. Pushing and pulling the stick creates the turkey call.

Locator Call

This type is different from the conventional turkey call. While the conventional calls seek to attract the turkey to you, the turkey locator call helps alert you to the location of the turkey. 

How does this happen?

The turkey locater calls produce animal sounds like coyotes, crows, hawks, etc. These are sounds a turkey would respond to, either in fear or responding to a challenge. 

Irrespective of your preference in turkey calls, I always advise you to add a locator call because it points you in the right direction to hunt turkey.

Wing Bone Calls

This method of turkey call has been around for a long time. Made from the wing bones of a turkey, early hunters used this tool to make sounds that attract gobblers. 

How does it work?

You place the wing bone in your mouth and pull in the air with a hollow center resulting from bone marrow removal. This action produces sounds that attract the turkey.


Using the best electronic crow call for turkey hunting won’t draw much attention due to the sound it produces. Hence, you need to consider the sound of the call devices you want to buy. 

The turkey call sounds are often unique, even among calls of the same style and brand. This is why you must find the right one with a wide range of calls and sound levels. 

One thing you should know:

Professional hunters rely on several turkey calls. So, my advice to you is this, before heading out to buy a turkey call, research on a call that offers a wide range of sounds.

That’s not all.

Are you looking to make your call as real as possible? Learn to add little rasps to your calls. This feature makes your calls as real as possible and increases your chances of a successful hunt. 


Different turkey calls use different techniques to make sounds. For instance, the box call requires hand movement to produce sound. While it is one of the easiest calls to use and master, it has a downside.

What is the downside?

Turkeys have excellent eyesight and detect movement fast. This makes using calls that require movement for hunting turkey impractical unless you are good at long-range shooting.

My advice to you is this:

If you need your turkey to be as close as possible to you before you make the shot, then look out for calls that require less movement. This type would increase your chances of a perfect hunting season largely.


What is The Easiest Turkey Call To Use?

Box calls are the easiest turkey calls to use. You could learn to use box calls in minutes as they do not require any experience or expertise. They also produce realistic sounds of different depths and pitches.

What Makes A Good Turkey Call?

A good turkey call should produce the right sounds to attract the turkey to you. It should also do this with less movement. An example is a box call with a lid. This type makes mature female turkeys, which in turn pulls in an adult male turkey.

What Kind Of Turkey Call Should I Avoid As A Beginner?

Most beginners prefer the turkey diaphragm call, which is a type of turkey mouth call. I usually advise against this because this type of turkey call is one of the most difficult to use. 

I usually recommend the box call or pot call for beginners as they are the easiest to use. Only use a diaphragm call when you have mastered the art of turkey calls.


If you want to ensure your success in turkey hunting, you should have one of the best turkey calls on sale. 

The art of searching for this might be draining, as many out there won’t fit the bill. But with everything mentioned above, you can easily make the right choice from the provided list.