If you are searching for the best broadheads for elk hunting, then you are in the right place. Elk hunting has gained prominence as an engaging bowhunting activity.  

However, if you must engage in this game, you should have the best hunting gear.

Why is that so? 

Hunting Elks require quality broadheads for a clean, quick kill due to their large size. So, to make things easy for you, I have provided a list of the best broadheads and other information you need to make the right choice.

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Top 10 Best Broadheads for Elk Hunting

Buying a good broadhead for elk hunting is quite challenging because there are many brands out there. Hence, to make things easy for you to choose, I have taken my time to research and test a few to make a list of the top 10 best broadheads in the elk hunting field.

1. RAGE Crossbow X Broadhead

The RAGE Crossbow is an excellent hunting material with advanced technology that ensures better flight and accuracy. The shape and size of the broadhead can pierce even the largest elks with ease and leave a massive blood trail. 

When you purchase this broadhead, there are no regrets as the improved shock collar tech helps retain the blade in light. 

Besides, you have no worries about a buck’s thick skin as its 2″ diameter stainless-steel blades slice through every barrier with ease. This feature ensures the broadhead is fail-safe and rarely misses its target. 

Here’s an interesting fact 

The arrowhead opens upon impact thanks to the shock collar and ferrule alignment technology. This means that when it strikes the buck, it spreads out to avoid any incidence of slipping off. That’s interesting, isn’t it? 

But that’s not all

The RAGE Crossbow X gives you an undeniable advantage over your target due to its conserved kinetic energy. The broadhead’s massive leading edge gives it an increased momentum, which helps it create a larger entry and cleaner kill. 


  • The broadhead enhances a clean and better kill
  • The blades do not falter even when in high flight
  • They have improved and accurate wound channels
  • It comes in various types and options for a better choice
  • Its blade is razor-sharp


  • Hidden lock collars delays lining up blades
  • No practice head in the package


The RAGE broadhead is an innovative elk hunting tool that makes gaming even easier. The accuracy of each flight and kill is enhanced by the head spreading out when it hits the target. What more could you possibly want in a broadhead?

2. Muzzy 3 Blade Arrow Broadhead

Have you ever seen a broadhead crush an animal’s bone on entry? Well, that’s the Muzzy Bowhunting 3 Blade Archery Arrow Broadheads simplest description. The hunting tool has an enhanced tip made of hardened steel that improves penetration power. 

It has a trocar tip design that helps stabilize it mid-air to provide the best shot stability even for a beginner hunter. 

Here is the fantastic part.

The arrowhead comes with a vented stainless-steel build. Now, this is not just an ordinary design but one which enhances the penetrating ability and gives you the perfect cut on impact. 

Besides, you get to enjoy unrivaled accuracy thanks to the support it gets from a column of steel on an aluminum body. The cutting diameter is just perfect for optimal performance on any hunting field. 

That’s not all. 

The shard’s design allows for easy assembly and quick release from a bow. Besides, the 6-pack offers greater value at a more affordable rate. 

If you must get a broadhead for hunting elks, you should go for one with above 50 yards accuracy with steady flight. What’s more, the Muzzy broadhead offers both durability and affordability on a bounce. 


  • Easy assembly
  • Amazingly affordable
  • Durable stainless design
  • Very sharp with good cutting edge
  • Steady flight with untold stability


  • A bit weighty
  • Not good for high shots
  • Instructions not included


With an amazing stainless steel trocar tip on an aluminum body, there is no limit to what you can achieve on the hunting ground. The Muzzy Bowhunting Broadhead gives you the confidence to take on the hardest Elk due to its impressive features.

3. Slick Trick Broadhead

Hunt with confidence with the reliable slick trick broadhead. The sleek arrowhead moves with pinpoint accuracy, stable flight and enhances penetration due to its exclusive design. Its quad-core edge is made of stainless steel and splits every obstacle on its way in. 

What’s more about these broadheads? 

It comes with the cutting diameter of mechanical heads to ensure that even an escaping elk bleeds out in minutes. The tip is sharp, and speed is blistering, ensuring that maximum damage is done to any target it hits. Besides, its low-profile design gives you the best result with a well-tuned crossbow. 

The layout of the broadhead gives it good momentum when in flight and a reinforced impact hit when it gets to the Elk. 

What does this mean? 

It’s simple: no elk would survive the full force of this head. It also opens up on impact, ensuring that it doesn’t fall out when the target is running. The Slick trick brand is affordable and durable, giving you the perfect shot with much ease. 


  • Great fix blade for steady flight
  • Top performance and penetration ensured
  • Suitable with various bows – no tuning needed
  • Durable and tough
  • Sharp and pierces easily


  • Inferior packaging
  • Easily bent


With an amazing cutting diameter, penetration strength, and sturdy build, the Slick Trick fits broadhead worth the price. The piece with a good bow ensures you get the best shot at any elk with an assurance of a clean kill every time if it hits the target.

4. G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead

If you are looking for a broadhead that gives 100% penetration every time you strike, look no further than the G5 Montec Broadhead. The blade angle comes with an exclusive design that ensures repeated maximum penetration leading to clean kill. The arrowhead comes with many amazing features that make it one of the best broadheads for the Excalibur crossbow

Want to know more? 

The Montec broadhead is not a one-use and discards hunting pieces as you can always resharpen after for fresh use. This feature helps you keep it usable for a very long time and conserve resources optimally. Moreover, you do not need further maintenance as it comes with a one-piece molding construction design. 

Here is another interesting part

Even though it comes with little or no instructions, you have no worries with its assembly. The broadhead is easy to couple and use through the screw-on and shoot assembly method. The package contains 3 mechanical broadheads per pack, which is more than enough for a smooth kill.  


  • Maximum slicing design
  • Easily assembled and use
  • No maintenance needed
  • Resharpening saves cost
  • Tapered design helps conserve energy


  • Little flight issues
  • Expensive


Tested in all categories (including sharpness, rigidity, strength, and spin), the G5 Montec Broadhead has it all. You can use this for any hunting game around the country with a Lion’s hunting confidence. Its amazing features make it stand out among other brands and make you exceptional in the field.

5. Rage Mechanical Broadhead

This silver beauty, among other things, guarantees maximum penetration with each shot. It gets you the cleanest kills even when faced with the swiftest elks. The wound channels are unbeatable, just like their accuracy is never in doubt. The Rage Hypodermic +P Mechanical Broadhead comes with a swept-back design, decreasing friction for optimum entry. 

Here’s more 

This broadhead features a shock collar blade retention that enables the blade to stay in place until it hits the Elk. Besides, the blades deploy and open up after the hit to bring the target down. The stainless-steel aerodynamic tip has a razor-sharp blade that cuts through the thickest skin for maximum devastation. 


  • Consistent blade positioning even in high flights
  • Extremely sharp cutting diameter
  • Durable stainless design
  • Friction reducing layout
  • Enhanced Accuracy


  • No assembly instructions
  • Faulty shock collars


One of the most amazing things about Rage Hypodermic +P Mechanical Broadhead is that it is among the deadliest out there. It inflicts untold devastation on the target and enhances your accuracy even as a beginner. The shock collar blade retention system ensures the cleanest kills.

6. G5 Outdoors Deadmeat Broadhead

The G5 Outdoors Deadmeat features sharp blades that deploy on contact. The three blades create a wound about one and a half inches wide that brings down Elk within a short period.

Here is more. 

The broadhead comes in aluminum and weighs about 0.15 Pounds. This lightweight improves the broadheads’ flight ability and penetrating power.

Additionally, it is designed for versatility and is relatively easy to use, thanks to the snap-lock design. It securely fits the ferrule, making it suitable for almost all bow speeds.


  • Fast flight speed
  • Wide wound cavities make tracking easier
  • Blades deploy on contact, making the wound deeper
  • Great for a long-distance target
  • The three blades provide balance and precision


  • A slightly more complex setup due to detachable parts
  • Mechanical joints are its weak point


I enjoy the ease at which they fly and the penetration ability. It is great for both practice and field deployment. If you are looking for a mechanical broadhead that will stay closed until you’re ready to rag that Elk, try the meathead. The best part is, they open at the right time easily.

7. Muzzy Trocar 3-Blade Broadhead

On my list, these Muzzy Trocar 100 grain 3-blade broadheads configurations will rip through your target, giving it an easily traceable wound. The 0.35-inch blades have an aerodynamic right-helix design, which gives your arrows maximum range, accuracy, and stability. In other words, it gives you the most stable flight over long distances.

They also feature a trocar tip, offering superior penetration even from a long-range. The ferrule is made from solid steel, giving the broadhead superior strength and durability.

Is that all it has to offer?

No. Its ultra-short profile with wider blades gives you a wider cut, with an uncommon accuracy that makes it most suitable for modern fast bows.


  • The blades are extremely sharp and consistent
  • The right helix design gives your arrows superior stability in flight
  • Steel ferrule is durable and tough
  • Its design gives arrows accuracy from long distance


  • Smaller diameter cuts than mechanical broadheads
  • Slower flight speed


I will pick the Muzzy Trocar 100 grain 3-blade broadhead anytime if I’m going for a range of 40 to 50 yards. The reason is that its 3 blade mechanical broadheads offer advantages such as amazing flight through long distances and larger diameter cuts. They last longer as the ferrule is strong and durable.

8. Wasp Archery Products Wasp Havalon HV

This is my personal favorite among the broadheads on this list. The collaboration between Wasp and Avalon knives results in the production of broadhead with superior quality, which is noticeable in this piece.  

The blades are built with extreme sharpness and are strong enough to cut to the bones. The consistency and stability of flight make these the best archery broadheads on the elk hunting market. 

So, what is the exciting part of this wasp Havalon HV?

Piercing Penetration. This is the main feature that places it above most broadheads. It is also highly accurate with a flight arc that is beautiful and precise due to its spin.

It also absorbs impact to a high level and tears through obstacles.


  • Offers precise shooting and pinpoint accuracy
  • Very sharp blades
  • Superior durability
  • Stainless steel blade with the rustproof ability


  • Compared to its flight speed, its penetration is relatively lackluster


I immensely love its sharpness and ability to fly better. This broadhead is great with its flight, though its penetration is similar to other top broadheads. If you need a quick shot with a high level of precision, then the Wasp Havalon HV will be a great choice.

9. Quality Archery Designs Broadhead

The Exodus 125-grain full-blade is a heavy hitter that creates maximum damage. It spins greatly to hit targets even at a long range with consistent accuracy. 

This broadhead is designed to fit almost all bow configurations. Hence, there is no need for a complicated setup or stressful bow adjustment with this hunting piece. 

What makes it special?

It uses a Blade Over Shaft Technology that ensures the blades are swept back over the shaft. This gives them a wider cutting diameter. The fixed blades are also replaceable, making them even more convenient. Its amazing design also makes its flight in no way inferior to top mechanical broadheads.


  • Powerful strength and peak durability
  • Superior sharpness and great penetration ability
  • Great field performance with long-range
  • It gives clean kill but wide cuts that make tracking very easy
  • Its lightweight makes handling easier


  • Require extreme carefulness due to its sharpness
  • Not suitable for beginners


You will enjoy repeated use with this broadhead due to its great durability. It also gives a great penetration that leaves a wound so clean and deep with a blood trail even a novice can follow. If you seek maximum damage, this is your broadhead.

10. G5 Outdoors Striker X Broadhead

The G5 Outdoors Striker X 100 Grain Broadhead satisfies your craving for mechanical perfection. It has four detachable blades that give it a penetrating sharpness.

It has a slightly complicated setup that ensures stability in preparation and flight. An added advantage is the streamlined shape that grants it the perfect flight.

There’s more. 

Its steel construction features a 1.25-inch cutting diameter. The Lutz Blades on this cut on contact broadheads make the deployment even sharper. 

Additionally, the broadhead design gives it a perfect spin while in flight, increasing its damage. All in all, the 4 blade broadhead offers a solid price to performance ratio.


  • Superior flight speed and stability
  • It deploys quickly on contact
  • Gives clean penetration
  • More durable than regular mechanical broadheads
  • It has a lightweight


  • It has a more complex setup process that requires extreme care
  • Weaker joints


I love this broadhead because it gives great flight with speed and stability. But if you are a clutz or have clammy fingers, it is best to avoid this or let someone set it for you. The reason is that it is easy to drop a blade while attaching it to an arrow.

Guide to Buying the Best Broadheads for Elk Hunting

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best archery broadheads for hunting elk. These factors include:

Broadhead Cutting Diameter

Most hunters do not consider the cutting diameter when they head out to purchase broadheads. Hence, they buy inefficient broadheads.

The cutting diameter determines the efficiency of broadheads with fixed blades. In other words, a smaller cutting diameter ensures a better-fixed blade movement than a larger diameter.

Also, note that the size of the cutting diameter does not affect broadheads with mechanical blades.

Weight Of Broadhead

The weight of a broadhead is another important factor to consider when choosing one for your hunting needs. 

Why is that so? 

The broadhead weight in relation to your weight determines how effective you would be at hunting. The 100 grains broadhead is the most popular broadhead for hunting Elk, but there are other weights to choose from, ranging from 75 to 150 and higher.

That’s not all. 

Your choice of broadhead’s weight is also dependent on two factors – the arrow and crossbow you are using. Ensure to use a heavy broadhead with a heavy arrow and a powerful crossbow. 

Why is this important?

The reason is that using a heavy broadhead with a lightweight arrow would make the arrow not fly straight by weakening the arrow’s spine. 

That’s not all

Using a heavy broadhead with a low power crossbow would make the broadhead shoot inaccurately.

Blade Sharpness

Sharp blades make for an easy and clean kill, which is why a cut on contact broadheads is popular. Furthermore, when the blades are sharp, the broadhead has higher penetration power, increasing the damage done to the Elk.

Elks have tough hides and bones that would be difficult to penetrate with less sharp blades. So, always check the broadhead’s blades before you buy and ensure you sharpen them before and after hunting again.

What are the important other factors for a hitch-free hunt?

Types of Broadheads

There are three common types of broadheads, and they are very different from one another and have their own merits and demerits. 

Fixed Blade Broadhead

Fixed blade broadheads are the simplest and most common broadhead design option available. They have extremely sharp tips. 

Screws and adhesives keep these fixed broadheads attached securely to the arrow shaft. 

The interesting part is that the blade punctures the prey on contact. Elks have solid skin, and using the best fixed blade broadheads for elk during hunting offers plenty of merits to the hunter. 

The downside to this broadhead is that the blades get dull easily and require frequent resharpening.

Replaceable Blade Broadhead

This broadhead has a better adaptability and matches a wider range of bows than the fixed blade broadheads. 

Are you looking for a broadhead with blades you can replace when they become dull? This type is the ideal choice for you. The replaceable blade broadheads are also fashionable, with top-notch penetration features. 

But what is the downside? 

You might have to break the bank to acquire this broadhead, which does not last as long as its counterparts. Maintaining this piece of high-quality tech is also expensive and replaces any malfunctioning parts. 

Additionally, it is challenging to find these broadhead spare parts.

Mechanical Broadhead

This type, also called expandable broadheads, is ideal for hunting animals with thin skin. It has excellent flight features and requires experience for proper handling. 

The mechanical broadheads have great penetration capability irrespective of the bow quality and type used. Only poorly planned shots do not produce satisfying results. 


Is 100-Grain Broadhead Good for Elk Hunting?

Unit weight in archery is called a grain. 100 or 125-grain broadheads are ideal for hunting Elks as they penetrate easily. 

What Broadheads Should I Use for Elk?

Regional policies play a role in the kind of broadheads you use for hunting Elk. Western state hunters use a fixed blade broadhead for hunting Elk as required by law. 

If there are no regional policies in place in your region, then you can use any type of broadhead for hunting Elk.

What Broadhead Size Should I Use?

The broadhead size to use depends on the game you are hunting. I suggest an arrow weighing between 8.5 to 10.5 grains per inch for a bigger kill.

What Is the Best Weight for A Broadhead?

For carbon and lightweight aluminum shafts, industry experts recommend 100 grains, but if the aluminum shaft is heavy, 125 grains is great. The first step is deciding on the broadhead weight and type for your needs, then tuning the bow for optimal flight.


Hunting elks have never been easier due to the challenges of choosing a good broadhead out of the numerous available options. Buying the best broadheads for elk hunting should not be complicated if you know what factors to consider. By reading everything I have mentioned above, you can make the right choice.