As a beginner in bowhunting, getting a bow for your practice sessions or first hunting experience might be a difficult one. You can walk into any archery shop and be amused at the variety of bow options you are to choose. Do not worry; here is a buying guide to choose the best beginner compound bow.

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Top 10 Best Beginner Compound Bow Reviewed

Choosing a bow from an archery shop will require several careful examinations. You have to consider several features of the bow, the purpose of the bow, and how affordable it is. Also, you can choose to get accessories for the bow. 

However, the following list of bows contains well-equipped bows that are perfect for shooting. More so, there is no headache about how effective these BOWS could be or an extra cost to buy accessories. Follow closely. 

1. KESHES Hunting Recurve Bow & Arrow

The KESHES Takedown bow is a recommended bow for the family. It is a durable hunting material made from Maple limbs. Also, both sides are laminated with fiberglass. 

It has a total length of 62, and about 29 draws are recommended. Its interchangeable limb is a great feature that makes it versatile to use. It is a user-friendly bow. 

As a beginner, you can easily clean or change the limb anytime you want to use it. Its sturdy riser construction makes it able to bear additional limb or bow weights. Its grip makes it comfortable to use. 

The KESHES Takedown bow has brass bushings which makes it easy to upgrade or attach accessories if need be. Also, it consists of two nocks and eyesight. 


  • Attachment friendly
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Risk-free and easy to clean
  • Lightweight, durable, and durable


  • Hand orientation is left hand


The KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow is a great bow suggestion for beginners. It is a good beginner bow.

2. Barnett Tomcat 2 Compound Bow

The Barnett 1278 Tomcat 2 Compound Bow is a great bow option for kids between the age of 8 and 12. It is a great bow with an adjustable draw length. It comes with two arrows and is a perfect bow or training tool for beginners. 

It is a lightweight bow because it is designed like a toy for the young hunter. The colors are black or green. Although designed to be right-handed, its hand orientation is ambidextrous (convenient for both left and right users). 


  • Lightweight with ambidextrous hand orientation
  • Perfect training tool for beginners
  • Affordable yet effective
  • Comes with bow accessories


  • Contains chemicals that may be harmful


For the purpose of hunting for little kids who have a passion for hunting, Barnett 1278 Tomcat 2 compound bow is a great entry level compound bow.

3. PSE Traditional Takedown Recurve Bow

The PSE Archery Pro Max Traditional Takedown Recurve is a recreational shooting bow set. It is an affordable bow with great quality for a starter. In addition to being an attractive bow, the bow set provides all necessary for a recreational archery event. 

The bow set contains items that make it easy to assemble the bow. For optimum durability, the riser is designed from strong dymondwood. Its maple core limbs are laminated with fiberglass. The bow is easy to handle as the weight aids archers as they shoot accurately. 

The bow set has a recurve bow, plastic stick-on rest, arm guard, arrows, adjustable sight, hip quiver, recurve stringer, and finger savers. The recurve stringer helps to achieve safe and effective stringing. The grippers give a firm grip to the bow and prevent your limb from twisting. 

Also, it has finger savers and threading pins instead of finger tabs, mechanical release, or shooting gloves to protect the finger. Its common color is black, and it has a left-hand orientation. 


  • Lightweight and safe to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to use and perfect for recreational activities


  • Perfect for left-handed people as orientation is left-hand


The PSE Archery Pro Max Traditional Takedown Recurve can be a great women’s archery bow.

4. Barnett Archery Outdoors Youth Bow

Barnett archery outdoor youth bow is a top bow option. There are five categories of this type of bow.

There is the Vertigo Compound Bow Mossy Oak which is ideal for children between ages 7 to 10. Also, there is the Quicksilver Recurve Youth Bow which is for ages 5 to 6. The Centershot Recurve Youth Bow is also for ages 5 to 8. 

The Vortex Youth Compound Bow and Vortex Lite Youth Compound Bow are for teenagers. Also, the last two bows are righthanded and not ambidextrous like the previous three types. 

It is an equipped bow with a great level of versatility. The bows are made to improve one’s archery skills to be a better hunter. Basically, the vortex youth bow has 3 arrows, an arrow rest, a quiver, and a sight. 


  • Lightweight and easy to use for young hunters
  • Comes with accessories
  • Different types for different age brackets
  • Durable and versatile


  • Pull and draw length could be hard to pull at first


Barnett Archery outdoors youth bow is an affordable kit of bowhunting for beginners. The goal of being a better hunter is achievable.

5. HYF Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

The HYF hunting recurve is made from fiberglass, Maple wood, Aluminum, and Magnesium alloy, and wood for strong durability. The orientation is right hand, and its colors are black or camo. It is lightweight as hunters can carry it for a long time. 

As a bow set, it contains pins bow sight, recurves bow, brushes arrow rest, arm guard, rubber stabilizer, bow stringer, finger guard, arm guard, Allen key, arrow puller, bowstring wax, arrow quiver, and fiberglass arrows. All these accessories are of high quality. 

The handle is made from strong alloy materials. The limbs are powerful as they are made of maple wood, glass fiber sheet, and laminated at its end. The limbs are elastic as this makes training easy. 

It is a perfect bow option for outdoor training. 


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Handy and easy to use
  • Accessories are of good quality


  • Stringers may break if overpulled


The Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow is perfect for children, women, and other beginners in hunting.

6. SereneLife Complete Compound Bow

The Serenelife Complete Compound Bow and Arrow Accessory Kit contain a right-hand bow, axle, brace, aluminum riser, and every important piece of equipment needed for a good hunting experience. Serenelife is a good hunting kit that will determine how successful your hunting experience will be. 

Rather than experience complications during hunting, this bow helps novices, beginners, and even professionals with all they need to know about shooting, archery, or hunting. It gives archers various options for shooting range. It is perfect for teenagers, kids, and adults. 

Serenelife Complete Compound Bow and Arrow Accessory Kit help to train for outstanding training for a different target. The bow lit is portable as they help to aim every target with accuracy. 

Its excellence is from how well-built it is to be a piece of solid, strong equipment for a master hunter. The kit includes carbon arrows, optical bow sight, rubber damper, brush arrow rest, peep sight, stabilizer, string wax, D-loop, paper target, release aid, manual, and set spare string.

More so, it is a great gift idea for children in their holidays, birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas, and other important events. It is a durable bow kit. 


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Assists shooting practices
  • Perfect as a gift idea
  • Top-quality and satisfaction


  • Can be expensive


The Serenelife Complete Compound Bow and Arrow Accessory Kit is a perfect idea for training, gift ideas to children, and cool hunting.

7. Monleap R3 Takedown Recurve Bow

Moonleap R3 Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrows Package is a set of hunting kits with bows and a metal riser. It is an appropriate bow and arrow for adults, intermediates, children, and beginners. Its color is black as it contains several materials like fiberglass, aluminum, metal, wood, and carbon.

The orientation is right hand. The draw weight and bow length are ideal for hunting purposes. The package has a recurve bow, bow sight, bow stringer tool, arm guard, finger archery glove, rubber stabilizer, pins bow sight, tube arrow quiver, Allen key, and carbon arrows. 

Resting the bow towards the lower part for a longer timeframe is not great. Do not shoot the bow with no arrow in it or exceed the bow beyond its draw weight. Also, a longer attachment of the arrow to the bow can lower the draw weight. 

One can remove the accessories of this kit when not in use. However, replace damaged parts if it is caused by accident to have an effective bow. The bow provides an excellent service for its user. 

Additionally, it is a great gift idea to beginners, intermediates, and adults. Wrap all the equipment of the kit as a parcel and give it out. There is no need to spend extra money on other accessories. 


  • Durable, adorable, and replaceable
  • Perfect for outdoor and recreational events
  • It can serve as a great gift suggestion


  • Not pocket friendly to many people


The Moonleap R3 Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrows Package Archery Set is a perfect kit for every stage of hunting.

8. SinoArt 56″ Recurve Bow

SinoArt Recurve Bow is designed from fiberglass, Aluminum, Magnesium, and Maple wood. It has a right-hand orientation and comes in the famous black color. It is a strong bow with enough power. Remove the limbs for easy storage and great portability. 

This lightweight Recurve bow gives an optimum performance during outdoor games or the hunting process. It is an excellent kit because it provides tangible comfort, reliable stability, and accurate shooting. Its speed is precise too.

It is the right option for remote hunting areas. It is a combination of both easy and safe shooting. It is good for hunting at every season of the year. The hunting kit contains riser, string, limbs, string nocks, stringer, finger tab, string nocks, arm guard, pin bow sight. 

Although the bow is light, it is made from alloy products for great hardness. The release mechanism is unique and reduces stress during the shooting process. 


  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to use
  • Ideal for all year hunting
  • Reduces labor during hunting
  • Helps to aim better while shooting


  • Not affordable to every individual


SinoArt Recurve Bow is a good suggestion for a hunting bow. Hunting has never been made easier and safer with the kit.

9. Vogbel 50″ Takedown Recurve Bow

The Vogbel takedown is a perfect hunting kit for adults or beginners who want to practice hunting or improve their archery skills. It is commonly in black with its right-hand orientation. It is sturdy and properly designed to be a strong product. 

Its grip is comfortable and handy when in use. It has an excellent speed which makes the arrows blaze swiftly like a compound bow. Other colors from black are silver, purple, and red. 

With a bow length of 50 and a draw weight of about 40lbs, the aluminum alloy archery kit makes shooting easy. It is durable due to its fiberglass and arrows being from mixed carbon. 

The kit contains a takedown bow, finger guard, arm guard, arrow rest, bow sight, mixed carbon arrows, and tuber arrow quiver. Also, there are important care instructions that make one enjoy the kit for a longer period. Some of the instructions are;

  1. It is wrong to draw without letting the arrow go; 
  2. Do not hold an arrow towards the person;
  3. Longer attachment of the bow to the arrow lowers the weight of the draw; 
  4. It uses manual measurement, and slight errors are possible. 


  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to assemble, use, and disassemble
  • Comfortable and handy grip
  • Ergonomic design for users


  • Price is on the high side


The Vogbel takedown kit is a loveable adorable kit. It offers many advantages to its users.

10. Diamond Archery Edge Compound Bow

The Diamond Archery Edge Compound Bow takes the lead among many kits. It is adjustable, versatile, and gives premium performance for novices, intermediates, adults who love archery. 

It has a Binary Cam System, which one can synchronize as it makes tuning easy. It is an additional punch that puts you on top of your game. It is the ideal match for any level of hunting challenge. 

It is lightweight, making it easy for any age of a person to carry for a long during hunting. Its orientation is left hand. It is an archery kit for heavy-duty. 


  • High technology for optimum performance during hunting
  • Durable, high quality, and ergonomic design
  • Adjustable, adorable, and perfect for all kinds of hunting


  • Price is not affordable for every person


The Diamond Archery is a highly recommended compound bow. It does a great job during hunting.

Buying Guide

This section of buying guide is sufficient to help with different qualities to consider before choosing the best beginner compound bow. Some include;

Eye dominance: Eye dominance is also known as ocular dominance. This ability is being able to see clearer with an eye than the other. It is a vital choice to select a bow because it helps to shoot accurately. 

Every man has their dominant eye. Most times, this eye is the same as the dominant eye. Close one eye and see which one is more effective to see far distances. 

  • Draw length: The draw length refers to how long the bowstring can be. However, it is proper to have purchased a bow that has an adjustable draw length. An adjustable bow will help to shoot at your length of convenience and comfort. 
  • Axle to Axle length: this length is the same as bow length. It determines how well you can maneuver the bow. You should set this based on the purpose of shooting. 
  • Speed: speed is another important feature to consider. However, it should be considered alongside noise. A faster and noiseless kit should be your first choice before other options of archery kits. 

However, there are conditions that can influence the speed. They are;

  • Arrows’ weight 
  • Environment conditions such as the weather 
  • The strength of the archer 
  • Weight of Bow: The weight of the bow is a strong condition, especially when choosing between a beginner or an advanced archer. A lightweight bow is good between in tree stands or when shooting in motion. A heavy bow can be discouraging and make hunting tiresome within a short period. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are general frequently asked questions. They include; 

What is the best bowfishing bow? Are they different from other bows? 

Bowfishing bows are different from general bows. Bowfishing bows are particularly for hunting fish in the aquatic territory. It is used to hunt catfish, grass carp, alligator gar, common carp, tilapia, paddlefish, and bowfin. 

The arrow is strong and pierces through the water to catch fish. However, there are differences from bows used in tree hunting. Check this out to know more about the best bowfishing bow

How to carry a bow? 

It is important to know how to carry a bow to be an effective archer. More so, there are pros and cons to how to carry a bow. Examples of how to carry a bow are;

  • Carry it in your hand 
  • Carry it using a sling 
  • Get a case to carry it 
  • Carry it with the string of the bow 
  • Use a gun rack 
  • Get a backpack that can accommodate the bow 
  • Use a bow holder to carry the bow

There is no such thing as an ideal way of carrying a bow. It is all about which of the above is more convenient for you. 

What are the best left-handed recurve bows? 

A recurve bow is one as a result of its dynamics and design. It is a stronger bow than a straight bow. Nonetheless, there are left-handed, and right-handed recurve bows due to archers. 

Since more people are proven to be right-handed, there are few left-handed recurve bows. However, there is still an array of good left-handed recurve bows that are perfect for beginners and experts, either they are young or old. 

Which is the better archery release? Handheld or Wrist? 

Being a professional archer comes with consistent archery. Despite this fact, it is important to use the best archery release to get a perfect shot. 

The most important fact about archery release is that it must have a single contact point for easy release. Also, there is an archery release that is perfect for beginners and perfect for an expert. You can select any archery release based on how good you can be. 

Different people will have a differing opinion as to how effective handheld archery release can be. At the end of the day, the better release is the one you are used to over the years of hunting. 

How can I shoot a compound bow?

Shooting a compound bow sounds or appears simple. It seems to be a possible feat with three tasks – aim, draw, and shoot. Well, as important as the three processes are, shooting a compound bow is much more. 

Although there is not just a way to shoot bows, you can learn the basics of shooting and being a professional archer. Check this link out for tips on how to shoot a compound bow. 


This content is a guide for you to choose the best beginner compound bow in 2021. Purchase a compound bow today and get started. Happy shooting!