The use of rifles requires some excellent skills and precise shooting for desired results. I handled some excellent scopes, and there are a few that match the 300 Blackout capabilities. Furthermore, I reviewed some top options for the best scope for 300 Blackout, and this guide would provide hints on some excellent choices available in the market.

The 300 Blackout rifles have remarkable abilities that make them suitable for defense and hunting. However, the task of choosing a good scope for 300 Blackout can be quite tricky, but here’s the deal, this review covers top rifles with great cartridge versatility, reliability, and faster shooting rounds.

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Top 10 Best Scope for 300 Blackout Reviewed 2022

Trijicon VCOG 1-6×24

This firearm comes constructed with excellent waterproof that measures up to 66 feet and comes with windage of 90 MOA. The adjustable elevation is admirable and offers a 100m increment at ½ in/click. 

The crystal clear lens of this VCOG Segmented Crosshair offers a great display, and best of all, both eyes can stay open for the right close range target at the magnification of 1X. It is durable, built with the most challenging materials that ensure it can withstand rugged conditions. As if that’s not enough, this riflescope scaled through the most challenging military standard.

At a 4 or 6 setting, this scope has 700 continuous runtimes and gets powered with a massive lithium AA battery. But wait, there’s more, as this scope allows the usage of the ballistic reticle at any magnification with the first focal plane. Interestingly, this firearm is worth its price, as all the features it offers are quite outstanding.


  • MIL spec tough illuminated electronics
  • Excellent VCOG BDC reticle
  • Availability of first focal plane
  • Requires no battery for its usage


  • It is quite expensive
  • Some persons find the eye relief too short


This Variable Combat Optical Gunsight rifle from Trijicon has excellent versatility and allows close quarter battle and marksmanships of long distances. Some nice features include the superior glass and light gathering abilities.

Nikon P-Tactical

Nikon offers this firearm among the excellent products, as they have an excellent reputation for manufacturing great quality scopes at an affordable price. The Nikon-P-Tactical comes with variable magnification that runs between 2x to 7x, signifying that preys can get shots of up to 300 yards with less difficulty. The 11.5-inch long riflescope also has an objective lens of 32mm.

It turns out that this scope is also lightweight, weighing 16 ounces. The turrets are quite admirable, designed as a large spring-loaded piece that creates an easy way around the dialing. Thus, both eyes can stay open while on the lens, and adjustments come off easily even with gloves on. 

Sounds good, right? The rifle’s BDC reticle offers unique aim points and has extra hash-marks at the interim distances dependent on the 115-grain bullets at 2280fps. For hunters, this scope firearm is an excellent option, as it also comes with a 3.8 inches eye relief. Furthermore, this scope provides excellent brightness with its multi-coated lens.


  • High quality
  • Multi-coated lens for great brightness
  • Generous eye relief
  • Sufficient light transmission


  • It does not come with a scope mount
  • The BDC markings may seem too busy


This scope’s durability comes constructed with high-quality aluminum (aircraft-grade) main tube, and the O-ring has an excellent sealing that is also purged with nitrogen. Thus, the Nikon-P-Tactical riflescope can withstand fog and water and also have tremendous shock resistance.

Centerpoint Optics MSR

This riflescope comes constructed win a 1-inch diameter tube and provides a magnification variable of 1-4X. The scope also uses an objective lens of 20mm and offers great versatility with the 3MOA dot that comes with the quick-aim reticle, which features a 65 MOA ring. This firearm’s lens covers one of the best options for rifle owners with a tight budget.

Nevertheless, its low price does not compromise on its quality and efficiency. This product’s length is 9.75 inches, and it comes in the right weight that allows easy handling; 15.3 inches. It can handle a reasonable recoil and can pick out targets within the range of 250 yards. 

Here’s another thing, the 12-6mm exit pupil comes with a 100 yards parallel setting, which seems quite admirable. Hence, it is an excellent scope for AR 25 hunting and can offer great flexibility for hunting down crafty predators.


  • It comes at a fair price
  • The low light visibility is quite acceptable
  • It comes with a scope mount
  • Constructed with great quality


  • It cannot work for targets exceeding 250 yards
  • On 1X setting, the eye box seems ineffective


This riflescope comes in handy for hunters that shoot between short ranges (not exceeding 250 yards) and is manufactured to lasts long. It is an excellent option for a low budget and can offer excellent performance.


This model is from Sig Saucer, one of the top manufacturers that provide excellent quality products since its inception in 1937. Since their entrance into the world of optic devices in 2015, they keep offering scopes that work well for the industry. The Bravo3 comes built with excellent features that make them suitable for battle.

Thus, they are the right match for AR/MSR and have an enhanced 10-degree field of view. The excellent eye relief is lovable, measuring 2.37 inches and the cartridge specific reticle suits 300 Blackout. It can operate excellently even in the harshest conditions, crafted from top-quality aluminum. 

The excellent weather resisting abilities makes this scope duly resistant to water (can withstand being submerged in a water depth of 1 meter for about 30 minutes), fog, and have a great shockproof. 

Still not convinced? 

Well, this scope can perform great for any field condition you operate on. The CR2032 battery powers the red color glow that illuminates the reticle. Furthermore, its dielectric-coated prism and fixed power are excellent for offering shooters with a crisp object appearance. 


  • Rugged construction for its excellent durability
  • The field of view is quite wide
  • To battery saving abilities with the MOTAC feature
  • Unlimited eye relief


  • Some persons find the scope’s reticle too thick


The extended battery life, crisp image appearance, and excellent resistance to severe conditions are top qualities of this scope. Thus, it is suitable for various field applications and comes with an excellent warranty from the manufacturers.

Leupold VX-R Patrol

This riflescope comes from one of the best manufacturers of top-tier scopes, and by now, you should know that this scope comes with high-quality features. The VX-R Patrol is an excellent model from Leupold that serves as one of the best optics for 300 Blackout. It provides hunters with two reticles and an objective lens of 20mm.

And the best part?

The reticle comes in handy for low light conditions because of the fantastic Twilight Light Management technology. It makes use of a battery for its illumination and features brightness settings of eight different levels. As hunters zoom, the reticle does not change in size since it is a second focal plane. 

The Leupold VX-R Patrol Hunting Scope comes with a magnification variable of 1.25 to 4X that allows shots from close-range to mid-range and extends farther. You see, this offers an easy shooting target that optimizes the red dot for “close-in targets,” and it further zooms out towards 4X to achieve longer shots.


  • Shock, fog, and water-resistant
  • Excellent illumination with twilight management technology
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum tube
  • Lightweight for easy handling


  • The need for regular tightening of the illuminated dot switch


Are you searching for a lightweight and durable scope for coyote hunting? This model from Leupold came weighing 12 ounces and was constructed with aircraft-grade (6061-T6) aluminum. Much more, it offers generous eye relief and an effective motion sensor system.

Sightmark Wolfhound 3×24

This optical device is one of the best 300 Blackout sights scope that provides excellent flexibility and can handle various applications. Hence, it comes in handy for home defense, target practice, and long-range hunting. Hunters that love taking long-range shots would appreciate the scope’s 3X24 variable magnification.

The multi-coated coated lenses offer a bright, crisp, and clear view, and the reticle’s illumination setting across five different settings is admirable. Here’s the deal, whether during the day or at night, this scope would offer outstanding performance since the reticle works for varying light conditions. Another cool feature is that these lenses that come with this optical device are resistant to scratches.

It comes constructed with top-quality aircraft-grade aluminum and also has a built-in Picatinny rail and rubber armor. The riflescope is water-resistant and can withstand moisture that reaches up to 10 feet, and it is also resistant to dust. This scope can work in extreme temperatures (-40 to 160 degrees F.), and the robust design helps it absorb the felt recoil.


  • It can withstand extreme conditions
  • Suitable for variable shooting applications
  • Excellent reticle for 300 BLK cartridges
  • Awesome for long-range accuracy


  • Some persons find the objective lens smaller
  • It comes constructed for only Modern Sporting Rifles


The Wolfhound model from Sightmark is a worthy option for 300 Blackouts and comes crafted with excellent quality materials. It works well for various shooting applications and can offer a tremendous performance for long-range shots.

Burris 200437 MTAC

Burris’s great reputation for providing top-quality optic devices at affordable costs assures the firearm community of products with uncompromised quality and performance. This MTAC model comes with a 1-4X variable magnification that works well for close-range to mid-range distances.

The excellent 24mm objective lens of this scope offers excellent clarity, and the lens is of top quality. You can access accurate coloration with the fantastic edge of distortion, and the light-gathering capabilities are tremendous. Kindly note that various magnification comes with different light acquiring abilities.

Here’s a thing with this riflescope’s overall construction; it comes built to last long, with its shock resistance, fog proofing capabilities, and water resistance since it is nitrogen-purged. For up to 200 yards, many persons use this scope for accurate hits, and you can hit the chosen spot even up to 500 yards. So, this model can come in handy, serving as a suitable scout scope.


  • The reticle showcases a crisp and clear image appearance
  • A fair eye relief
  • Varying light gathering ability
  • It has a durable and robust design


  • Some persons may find the reticle quite large
  • The turret clicks give no audible sounds


For lovers of large reticles, this illuminated reticle is quite palpable, as they come designed to be relatively larger than some other crosshair reticles. It comes with the right sized eye relief (4 inches) for an excellent sighting performance that can work for hunters who wear glasses.

Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex

The PRO model comes manufactured with one of the excellent and latest technologies in the industry. The easy to use features makes it the right option for even new shooters, as there is no fuss-causing design. The primary thing required for using this scope is understanding how to adjust to your preferred brightness level. 

This scope comes with four brightness levels compatible with night vision and six brightness levels for daylight. The MOA red dot provides accurate shots at various distances, and hunters enjoy the fog and shock resistance the scope offers. Other likable things about this scope are the excellent battery life and its durability; the battery allows up to three years of continuous operation based on a 7 to 10 setting.

Over the past decades, this model is among the top choices of shooters, and the high-quality optics make it a suitable 300 Blackout riflescope. It has a weight of 6.8 ounces and a dimension of 4.8 inches X 1.9 INCHES X 1.9 inches.  This scope’s excellent water-resisting features allow it to withstand being submerged in water up to 150 feet.


  • It is NVD compatible
  • Very easy to use, with straightforward features
  • It is reliable and highly durable
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Lacks 1/3 co-witnessing support
  • Some persons may find the large mounting and unmounting knob unsightly


Are you looking for a riflescope that comes with an excellent mount? This Aimpoint red dot model has a ready-made mount for easy installation. Also, this firearm allows effortless height adjustment with the removable spacer.

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle

This riflescope is an excellent choice for speed and versatility offered by one of the top manufacturers of optic devices. Thus, this model is a good scope for 300 Blackout and can serve as an excellent varmint scope.

The 1-6X variable magnification is tremendous, and the objective lens of 24mm provides shooters with the ability to hit targets accurately from mid-range to long-range distances. Using the 1X magnification, you can access point-blank target, and as you scale upwards, you keep extending with great versatility.

In my experience, the higher you go in terms of its magnification, the more ability you get for shooting rapidly, as you get holder and ranging references from the reticle. The lenses come multi-coated and built with high quality, and as such, they offer a clear sight of pictures and offer optimal performance with low light.

The glass-etched BDC illuminated reticle comes constructed with eleven different settings that work with the CR-2032 battery. This feature allows an easy adjustment of the brightness level to suit whatever condition you are working in. The fast focus dial situated on the scope’s eyepiece is one exciting feature that shooters love, as it always keeps the reticle at its sharpest performance.

It comes crafted with an aluminum tube of 30mm, and this scope comes with great durability. Another excellent feature is that this optical device can also withstand harsh conditions with its excellent water resistance, fog, and shock. Furthermore, the 3.50-inch eye relief works well, and this model weighs 18.5 ounces while having a length of 10.5 inches. 


  • The reticles are of excellent quality
  • Suitable for use across various weather conditions
  • The lenses are multi-coated
  • Eleven illumination settings


  • It is quite heavy
  • Some persons may require more edge distortion


This riflescope features great versatility, speed, clear sighting, and extraordinary weatherproofing abilities. Thus, it is worth its cost and works well for shooters across varying fields.

EOTECH HHS II Holographic

This compact HHS model from EOTech is an excellent option and can serve as the best optic for 300 Blackout. Its long-lasting CR123 Battery powers the scope’s illumination and ensures that this piece can offer up to 20 brightness levels. The overall weight of this product is 22.4 ounces, which is quite noticeable.

The rapid range transition this scope provides is quite admirable, as shooters can quickly move from close range to medium range targets. It has the EXPS2-2 technology that features a quick side-to-side mount the excellent G33 Magnifier. Shooters can access a field of view of 7.3 degrees and enjoy the 2.2-inch eye relief.

The dimension of this scope measures 7.7 inches X 2.3 inches X 3.3 inches. Furthermore, this scope matches challenging military specifications and comes constructed with a top-quality reticle. It is durable and can serve its purpose for an extended period.


  • Twenty brightness settings
  • It comes in a compact size
  • It is robust and very durable


  • The eye relief may seem relatively short
  • It is quite expensive


For shooters that work with varying light conditions, this model from EOTech can be the right choice. It comes with superb brightness and twenty adjustable settings, allowing shooters choice the level of brightness they need for their activity.

Buying Guide on How to Choose the Best Scope for 300 Blackout

Using the specially developed 300 Blackout cartridge requires the use of an excellent scope for improved performance. It is no doubt that this cartridge has an excellent velocity and great for tactical use since it is designed for the Advanced Armament Corporation in the United States. However, a useful sight device would increase precision and hit the predator.

There are various manufacturers of compatible 300 Blackout scopes out there, and they come with varying features. Choosing a scope for your rifle would help if you consider top factors, including the field range, recoil, illumination, and other features. These considerations would help ensure that you pick the best out of all the 300 Blackout sights available.

Magnification and Objective Lens

When it comes to magnification, choosing the right scope depends on your field range. You can find various optic devices having different magnifications. The necessary magnification for top-quality 300 Blackout scopes runs between 3X AND 12X. If you hunt in a small field, it would be best if you go for higher magnification.

The magnification of various scopes comes with a different objective lens. Low magnification may need an objective lens of 24mm or 32 mm, which enables quick targeting. Thus, it would be best to thoroughly analyze these details and get riflescopes for 300 Blackout that suits your needs.


This factor is a vital aspect of picking the right scope. You can find various affordable optics and even those that are quite expensive. However, it would help if you avoid cheap options that you find, as many of such scopes have low quality. Get those with fair prices that have great efficiency and offer more precision.

Elevation and Windage

It is quite crucial if to get a quality riflescope that allows a significant level of ease. Your scope’s vertical and horizontal movements should come easy, and you can achieve that with excellent elevation and windage futures.

Tube Diameter

The scope’s diameter is also an important factor that increases the flexibility of handling the optical device. Thus, you should carefully analyze and pick those that you can handle. From experience, a larger diameter comes with bigger and heavy scopes, whereas, smaller diameter comes with less heavy scopes.


With a good scope mount, you are less likely to miss any target since it helps k of the scope at free bay. Various optics come with mounts that are quite solid and effective for this task. You can always align the mount to the right position that would offer a precise shot.

The Riflescope’s Ruggedness

It is crucial to get excellent optic devices to withstand various rugged conditions and serve you for a long while. Some scopes are designed to withstand challenging weather conditions. Most of these firearms are resistant to water, fog, shock, and you can also find those that impeded dirt.

It is also essential to take a close look at the lens’s quality for light effectiveness. Optics with multi-coated glasses help gather enough light that works well even in unsuitable weather conditions. There are top options that you can find for 300 Blackout rifles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which riflescope is best for 300 Blackout?

There are various optic options for 300 Blackout, and the best depends on your needs. However, some excellent options include those from top brands like Leupold, Vortex, Nikon, and Trijicon. The Vortex Optics Eagle Strike Focal Plane Scope and the Leupold VX-R Patrol Hunting Riflescope are great choices. 

These models come with incredible magnification, objective lens, reticle, and they are constructed with top-quality materials. Furthermore, the Holographic Holograph Sight II from EOTech is an excellent scope with 20 illumination settings. For more ideas, check this video to help you make a better choice.

What magnification is best for 300 Blackout hunting Scopes?

Most hunting activities occur between a field range of 200 yards and more, and an excellent magnification would be 3X or 4X variable magnification. However, you can get scopes that have move variables to set your scope at higher magnifications if you want to hunt at longer ranges.

What is the Use of 300 Blackout?

The 300 Blackout are great cartridges that work for various top-quality rifles. They are excellent for various applications, including hunting, home defense, plinking, and target shooting. These cartridges can appear to be quite expensive because they come formulated with excellent ingredients. The 300 Blackout is relatively tough and has passed through various challenging military conditions.


Riflescopes are excellent additions to the primary firearm and their cartridges, as they offer additional support for its application. Whether you are on a target shooting activity or love hunting, a suitable optic device would improve your efficiency and ensure you aim correctly. Also, if you have a 30O Blackout rifle for self-defense, an excellent optic device can help you pick on the enemy quickly. Thus, the best scope for 300 Blackout offers great flexibility and combines great skills in hitting targets faster. A thorough and diligent peek through the products hinted at in the review above would prove to be of great help for picking the right 300 Blackout riflescope.