It is common knowledge that a GoPro is the most suitable camera for hunters to use, but some may not be durable enough. This makes it quite challenging to make the right choice of camera.

Or is it?

However, certain reliable GoPro’s can be efficient for hunting by delivering the best quality ever. In this review are the best GoPro for hunting for 2022.

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Top 6 GoPro for the hunting of 2022

Here are some of the available GoPro cameras for hunters:

GoPro HERO8 Black Waterproof

GoPro Hero 8 is a camera that hunters can easily strap on when hunting. It looks pocketable and can be quickly taken along without needing any special packaging. On the GoPro side comes an entry point that helps change the battery anytime.

Also, the GoPro lens is rugged enough to withstand any impact that may come during the hunt. Compared to conventional GoPros’ or cameras, this is two times more fortified, making it suitable for hunting.

If you want to exhibit or replay the hunting experience’s events, it can be played on LCD screens. It can accommodate microphones, flashlights, and other things that could help you properly document the process.

Even when there is a quick movement, the pictures don’t get blurred out as it gets into focus fast enough to meet up with the subject. Along with this, it also adjusts the settings to fit into the lighting, and you can even reduce the speed of the motion to the desired speed.

With the GoPro Hero 8, it is easy to get a hyper-smooth recording with several stabilization levels.


  • Allows for a quick movement focusing
  • Has three levels of stabilization
  • Allows the inclusion of accessories
  • Batteries can be easily changed


  • GPS can be unreliable


If you need other cameras asides from the regular GoPro, check out this article below for more options.

GoPro Camera Hero 7 Silver

The GoPro Hero 7 camera helps hunters create a stunning image high-quality image on the go. They can help hunters shoot a time-lapse video that can be shared and re-watched as memorable moments.

It is also a waterproof design that can withstand hunting under light showers or when it drops into the water. This camera’s rugged nature makes it convenient to work in the most intense conditions.

The GoPro Camera screen is touch-sensitive and can be controlled by touching the screen. There are also simple and streamlined modes that are used in capturing moments. Setting up the GoPro can be an easy thing to achieve

 with the touch features.

Hero 7 is also built with a voice control feature that allows hunters to use the camera without touching it. This is an important feature that comes in handy when you are on a hunt, and then you need to change the setting.

With this GoPro Hero, 7 comes a video stabilization feature that helps prevent any shaky shot. This is important if you have to run after the subject that is being hunted.


  • Comes with video stabilization
  • Has a voice control feature
  • It can be operated with the screen
  • Makes time-lapse videos


  • Not as clear as others
  • Non-detachable batteries


This is a really stabilized camera, but there are more options for every user to check out. In this article, linked are some of the best GoPros that are still on the market. They are specifically designed for hunting, so they are rugged cameras.

GoPro MAX Waterproof 360

The GoPro max is a hyper smooth camera used when on a hunting trip. It helps users get the creative freedom to make clips out of their regular hunting expeditions. In this GoPro are three cameras that come as one.

With this GoPro Camera, you can connect a microphone or any other accessory that you need while filming the hunt. It also provides a remarkable stabilization level that helps hunters avoid shaky shots while filming their hunt.

It comes with options to let the hunters live to stream the hunt to a social media platform or any online hosting platform. However, while live streaming, you can place a storage card in the GoPro that would enable you to save the video and play it back later.

Four different lenses give hunters a choice to get use one that is convenient to be used based on the situation. It can also take panoramic pictures while hunting without scanning the horizon. 

You can also make time-lapse videos with this camera based on how your schedule will be. It also has a 360 audio coverage that ensures that the whole recording would be really clear.


  • Helps in making time lapse videos
  • Designed to be sturdy
  • Provides stable shots
  • Has live stream functions


  • Offers low-quality videos
  • Records on 2D


Asides from the MAX, others are available in this review that offers users the best qualities to hunters.

GoPro Hero5 Black

The GoPro Hero 5 camera comes with the enablement to record high-quality videos that can, later on, be modified and edited. The videos can be used for hunting lessons, exhibitions, or simply re-watched during the hunter’s free time.

It is also designed to be rugged and durable enough to serve for a long time. This saves you the cost of buying a new GoPro more frequently. Even when placed in water reaching 33 feet, it can withstand spoiling even without housing.

For aesthetic sake, the GoPro Hero 5 camera is built to look useful and fashionable. If you want a GoPro that would look adorable, then this is a convenient choice. The screen is also touch-enabled and allows hunters to access the controls from the screen itself.

Another thing of significance in this camera is that it does so in one of the most apparent qualities possible when it records sound. All the audio files are recorded in the wav format.


  • Designed to be waterproof
  • Records high-quality videos
  • Built to look good
  • Produces clear audio


  • Touchscreen senseless act up sometimes
  • The battery drains quickly


Due to this camera’s unreliable touchscreen features for hunting, there are other options.

GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro Hero 4 is a camera that helps take a record of hunts. This one can be attached to the hunter’s body while filming hunts with GoPro. It also gives an improved camera control level as it remains sturdy enough even during a busy hunting experience.

There are also options for slow-motion playback. Note, during the payback period, the camera’s quality is not compromised, and it remains as clear as possible. If you also need to take pictures while hunting, then the GoPro has a 12-megapixel picture quality that delivers up to thirty frames in each second.

Inside the camera are other wireless connectivity features that help control the GoPro from other smart devices. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support features connected to your phones and other compatible devices.

Even if you are hunting late at night, the GoPro can still adjust its settings to accommodate the lighting condition. All you have to do as a hunter is head-on and change the exposure setting to fit into a night mode.


  • Shoots on night mode
  • Records professionally
  • Comes with a wireless connection
  • Has advanced controls


  • Non-durable battery life
  • Doesn’t work with all storage cards


Looking at how the battery life, it could become difficult to use this for a long time.

GoPro HERO9 Black Waterproof

The GoPro Hero 9 is another camera that is efficient for use while out on a hunting trip. It shoots a remarkable quality that can be used on different platforms and maintains every detail while hunting.

When it comes to quality, using a GoPro for hunting makes it easy to have a convenient display. It comes with two cameras, and one is placed at the front area for framing the camera and handling other parts of the camera control. The rear one allows hunters to zoom in easily.

With this, hunters are also promised a hyper smooth operation that smoothens the recording even when it gets intense. As one of the best GoPro for hunting of 2022, it also can record time-lapse videos.


  • Built with two cameras
  • Records time lapse videos
  • Shoots high-quality videos
  • Designed to be waterproof


  • Freezes sometimes


Asides from the GoPro Hero 9, other cameras can serve as a GoPro for hunting purposes.

What factors to keep in mind before buying GoPro?

When buying a GoPro camera, some things should be considered to ensure that the choice is suitable.  In this section are several of the factors that every hunter should keep in mind. Check them out below:

The Price

Always check out how much the GoPro costs before buying them or placing an order. This makes sure that you don’t have to return the camera after buying the wrong one. So check the list and find the options that are within your price.

It is always advisable that you make a budget and then use that in guiding your search. On this review alone are several cameras that can be used in hunting and price-friendly.


The flexibility of the GoPro means how many things can do at a time for you. Getting a camera that can live stream and still save the video on a storage card can be replayed anytime. This can be used with the help of wireless functions. It could either be with Bluetooth connectivity or a Wi-Fi connection.

Another thing that GoPro offers is the ability to attach other accessories that would aid the recording process. It could be extra lighting to shoot at night, and then there is also an option for microphones that could be used in getting better audio quality.

So, when picking out the right GoPro from the market or anywhere, it should have all of these.


Depending on the components used in making the GoPro determine how the camera would function in intense conditions. Some GoPro cameras come waterproof and can withstand being used under rain or if it drops into the water.

On this review alone are some cameras that have lenses that are two times more protected from getting damaged by impact. This is an important feature that you should check out when buying a GoPro.


The controls of the GoPro should be convenient enough to operate by the hunters. Some have buttons on the sides where can be used in setting the camera to fit the lighting and scenes that are predominant.

Other GoPro cameras are touch-enabled as they have all the controls necessary to set the camera. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the GoPro suitable for Hunters?

GoPro cameras are quite portable and would feel less of a burden when carried alongside other hunting gadgets. Besides, compared to other cameras used in recording, the GoPro is more durable and would not get compromised easily.

How is the GoPro Camera attached?

Several things could be used in holding up the camera, but you would need straps for hunting. The straps can be worn on the hunter’s body or even on an animal that has been trained to help in hunting.


Several GoPro cameras are suitable for hunting, and it is all about getting the right one. So, check out the various options you have and ensure that it is functional enough to create precise and reliable recordings. If you intend to use a GoPro for hunting, then check out the best GoPro for hunting available for 2022 in this review.