Hunting at night can be stressful without a good flashlight. But what do you look for in a flashlight for hunting? A flashlight can be handy when you’re going to hunt at night. It is often the difference between catching the prey or not.

So, we’ve covered a lot of information to choose the best hunting flashlight for you.  And compiled the list of the best flashlights that we recommend for easy purchase.

We also included tips on how to use one and common mistakes that people make when using them.  Let’s check them out.

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Best Flashlight For Hunting At Night Available In 2022

1. Semlos 10000 Lumen

To hunt effectively at night, you will surely need a lot of brightness. Semlos bright flashlight is here to give you all the bright light you would have wanted for a night in the wild. This little light monster emits up to 1,000 lumens of bright white lights for up to 6 hours of working time. The sturdy light is made of durable aero-grade aluminum that is anodized with special anti-abrasive coatings.

The flashlight is well compact. It has a nice texture to help with the grip. Even when it slips down your hand or pocket, the IPX5 rated device holds off the impact.  It is also water and dust- a necessary feature for deer hunting and other outdoor expeditions.

No matter how dark the wild looks at night, hunting is possible with the bright light of the Semlos LEDs. 


  • Super-bright 12 LED lights
  • Four light-mode options
  • Up to 6 hours of 1000 lumen illuminations
  • 4 built-in rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion batteries included
  • Type-C USB recharging port
  • Sturdy body design with anti-slip aluminum protection
  • Smart battery level indicator


  • The power button is tiny
  • Feels a little weighty


Semlos has all the brightness you need to light up the dark woods while hunting. It’s also rechargeable with four 18650 battery types. It’s not overly-priced and will deliver a good performance for your money.

2. MagLite ML150LR

Have you been looking for the best LED flashlight for hunting at night, and with a phenomenal throw that catch-up on prey at a far distance? Take a deep breath because MagLite is your perfect answer.

Maglite beam covers a lot of distance in the wild and gives out a ton of illumination in the dark with up to 1000 lumen of brightness for 3 hours at its highest mode. The body is perfectly protected against wear and tear. It is water, drops, and dustproof.

The light comes with a rechargeable type C Li-On battery that has been researched to have a longer life span with improved performance and safety.

Also, four light modes can be customized for access to your most used one. The strobe mode is specifically useful for emergencies. 

Other features accessories include DC and AC adapter, a secured cradle for clamping, and advanced heat sink technology to avoid overheating.


  • Long beam distance of up to 458m
  • Recharge Lithium-ion battery included
  • Very compact, drop, and waterproof
  • Four light modes that include the strobe and SOS mode
  • Advanced heat sink technology
  • Good throw quality
  • Quick focusing technology
  • Comes with a DC and AC adapter
  • Last up to 3hr 15min on high mode
  • Over 1000 lumens


  • Sensitive switch that can turn on accidentally


You can mount the light on the cradle for support.

3. Fenix E20 V2

The build quality of Fenix is one feature you’d love to reckon with. It may not be trustworthy like the very high-end lights, but it’s well built for its price. The E20 LED is super bright that holds a balanced position between the throw and floor pattern. 

Also, FENIX E20 is light-weighted and can easily fit on a mount without you feeling extra weight. The body is sturdily built to withstand mechanical impacts. As an IPX6 rated material, it works perfectly fine in harsh weather conditions.

The light is handy to use. A fast click on the tail switch toggles through its four brightness modes. This includes high, low, medium, and strobe mode.  The brightest light emits 350 lumens of pure white light and can stay on for a run time of over 2.5 hours at the turbo mode. 

This flashlight is a perfect buy for the best flashlight for deer hunting at night. It has all features and durability needed to survive the wild. Other perks included are 4 AA alkaline batteries, Lanyard, and Spare O-ring for holding it firm.


  • Sturdily built, IPX6 rated water, dust, and impact protection
  • Up to 3 hours run time at its highest brightness
  • Emits bright beam with god throw and flood quality
  • 4 AA batteries included
  • All-in-one reverse tail switch technology for one-handed operation
  • Fair beam range for its price
  • Ultra-clear optical lens
  • Remembers your last mode
  • Features original CREE LED lights that can last for a net run time of 50,000 hours


  • Non-rechargeable battery type


It takes an AA battery that can be purchased just anywhere. Also, the different brightness modes are useful for power conservation and extending runtime while hunting at night.

4. J5 Tactical V1-PRO

The J5 tactical V1-pro represents the best value you can purchase when you are willing to invest in a flashlight good for hunting at night. The body is compact but intensely packed with white LED that emits up to 300 Lumens of white light. The beam distance is very impressive with a good flood and throws design. All you need to light this up is a single AA or 14500 battery that fuels it for long hours.

J5 is tactically built with aero grade aluminum materials that withstand water splashes and drop impacts. Threaded finishing also makes sure you have a slip-free grip.

The device has 3 different but useful brightness modes. The low light settings help to conserve power and extend the average run time. Strobe mode prepares you for emergencies. It can be used for signaling during uncertain times.  An investment in this tactical flashlight is a decision that will be hard to regret.


  • Ultra-bright 300 lumens LEDs
  • High beam range that can perfectly illuminate up to 2 football field size
  • Compact tactical design
  • Aero grade body materials
  • Uses single AA battery
  • Zoomable and Adjustable focus
  • Water and impact resistance
  • Can focus on up to 600 feet object
  • Intelligent mode memory
  • Threaded body surface for a tight grip


  • Batteries are not included


The J5 Tactical has one of the best LED lights for hunting at night. It is sturdy, bright, and on budget.

5. Streamlight 88066 ProTac

The Streamlight 88066 ProTac hands down the most stunning beam of light you will ever see. Equipped with a C4 LED bulb, it can produce over 1,000 lumens of intense light. That’s almost as bright as a car headlight. It’s designed to withstand rain, shock, vibration, and high temperatures.

This model is designed to be mounted on handguns, rifles, or on any other weapon that you have. In addition to this, it is easy to install and detach onto any gun.

Streamlight 88066 ProTac flashlights are the best in the business for versatility as well as long-lasting battery life. 

This flashlight is commonly used by emergency responders, military, law enforcement, and hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

 It can run on both CR123A and rechargeable Li-Ion batteries with three user-selectable modes of strobes, high and low mode. Also, it features a tactical tail switch that is easily accessible and customizable.

With this ProTac Flashlight, you can toggle between three different modes depending on your needs. It is durable and has an ergonomic, compact design that fits perfectly in your hand.


  • Last longing CR123A batteries included
  • 1000 lumen light with a beam range of 332 meters
  • Dual switch option: remote switch or standard push-button tail switch
  • 60 lumen, 20 hours extended run time
  • Mount securely on rifles, carbines, and submachine guns with a MIL standard 1913 Rail
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Aluminum anodized body
  • Easy to attach, secure, and mount
  • Ten-Tap programmable modes
  • Water and impact resistance, shock-proof C4 LED technology


  • Expensive but has the best features for the money


The Streamlight ProTac Tactical Flashlight is a powerful, tactical light that gives you the high brightness you need when outdoors. It is a useful tool for tactical and expedition communities. Its blinding 1000-lumen strobe mode can be used as a beacon to be seen from any extended distance.

6. Klarus A1 Rechargeable

Introducing the Klarus A1 long-distance and heavy-duty Bright LED Flashlight. This is one of the most powerful flashlights on the market, with a max output of 1100 lumens! What’s nice about this tactical flashlight is that it gives you 5 lighting modes, from spot to flood, as well as a strobe light for those extraordinary emergencies.

 The high quality CNC, aircraft grade aluminum body is resistant to impact and easy to hold while staying comfortable in your hands. This rugged but lightweight flashlight will never let you down! With an adjustable focus 20°-70° beam angle, you can see everything in front of you clearly over a long distance without having to worry about straining your eyes.

What really makes this flashlight stand out against its competition is the too long battery life. This bright tactical flashlight is designed for durability with an aircraft grade aluminum alloy body and includes a lanyard at the base for easy carrying. The Klarus A1 is a must have for hunting, outdoor activities, and emergencies at night!


  • Long-distance and heavy duty Bright LED Flashlight
  • 5 lighting modes, from spot to flood, as well as a strobe light
  • 20°-70° adjustable beam angle
  • 5000mAh 3.7v 18650 battery; powerful brightness exceeds 1100 lumens
  • Adjustable focus, made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • With a lanyard at the base for easy carrying


  • Easy to accidentally switch on


Klarus is an excellent flashlight with a convenient size that makes it fit for the hustle bustle of the wild. It’s one of the best flashlights for hunting available in 2022 that you can invest in.

7. Streamlight 69420 TLR-7

Streamlight 69420 TLR-7 for handguns is a small, handheld tactical light that offers durability and reliability. It attaches magnetically to your gun with no modification required. That means it works out of the box, as intended, on both Glock pistols and rifles. 

The compact weapon mountable light comes with a lot of significant advantages. The full power 500 lumen C4 LED will shine with a wide beam of 131m. Its customized optic maintains this spread of light while regulating the brightness to remain within safe eye-safe levels. 

You can easily switch between constant and momentary modes using two switches. It is well-positioned for the comfort of both right and left-hand users. You only short press for constant light and long press for strobe mode.

Also, it features a sleek design. It has three different settings you can use at your fingertips and a rail clamp system that securely attaches and detach without the need for tools. It also has a durable aluminum construction that is the weather, impact, and water-resistant.


  • Narrow beam with good wide and peripheral illumination
  • Long-lasting CR123A lithium battery included
  • The durable anodized aluminum body design
  • Securely attach and easily detach from mount rails
  • Ambidextrous switch suitable for left and right-handers
  • User enabled strobe function
  • IPX7 waterproof and impact resistant


  • A little bit expensive


Streamlight is a precision light source for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. It provides almost infinite lighting possibilities that range from general lit areas to long-range spotting.

8. Streamlight 75832 Stinger

Let’s take a look at Streamlight’s new rechargeable flashlight, the Stinger 75832 with DS LED. The Stinger 75832 is one of the most durable and powerful flashlights in its class. It offers C4 LED technology for extreme brightness, has a microprocessor-controlled intensity mode, strobe mode, and the latest in power LED technology. I now want to go over some of the features of this flashlight. First, you will notice that this flashlight functions in three modes: high, medium, low, or strobe modes. It runs up to 3 hours for 425 lumens.

The rechargeable battery in this flashlight offers incredible brightness with an environmentally friendly and efficient power source. A rubber tail cap switch on the bottom of this flashlight enables you to activate or deactivate the light when it’s stored in my pocket. 

This combination of compact, rechargeable batteries and C4 LED results in longer battery life and low operating costs. It’s made of an anodized aluminum body that lasts for a longer time.


  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Bright C4 LED technology
  • 425 lumens of brightness
  • Dual switch technology
  • Rugged and compact flashlight for a variety of operations
  • Comes with AC/DC piggyback charger
  • Head-mounted and tail switches for maximum flexibility


  • While this item is expensive, it is worth every penny


This flashlight is very well made for the money. However, I do have to say that it is kind of expensive. But if you’re going into an environment where you may need a good tactical weapon setup along with backup lights, then this light is a must buy.

9. Streamlight 77553 UltraStinger

Streamlight UltraStinger LED Flashlight is one of the brightest flashlights for hunting. Many other hunting flashlights are too dim to find a game in the forests at night. The Streamlight handheld flashlight is more than five times brighter than a typical 3 D cell hunting flashlight. 

This handheld flashlight has an anodized aircraft aluminum body enveloped with a non-slip rubberized grip enclosed throughout the handle for rendering support. Besides, this flashlight features a tactical strobe function as it can be utilized as a signal to disorient a target.

Ultrasinger is a bright, powerful, rechargeable hunting flashlight. It has a durable aluminum body and an adjustable focus to adjust to the right beam for whatever distance you are hunting. This model comes with 5 cell 6 volt Ni-MH sub-C batteries, which are rechargeable. The light has a maximum output of 220 lumens and a beam distance of 208 meters (or 618 feet).

Other notable features include the aluminum die-cast housing with an O-ring sealed moisture-proof body. You can use this light during rain and wet weather conditions. 


  • Durable, anodized aluminum body with non-slip rubberized comfort grip
  • 1,100 lumens of white bright LED light
  • Up to 510 meters beam distance
  • Comes with 5 cell 6 volt Ni-MH sub-C batteries
  • TEN-TAP Programming System that permits a user to pick up to 3 assigned light mode
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens with an anti-scratch coating
  • IPX-4 water and impact resistance
  • 1 lithium metal battery included


  • Not for submerged use


UltraStinger hunting flashlight provides a long beam of light so that you can use it for long-distance activities like hunting. It has a multi-function switch that will feel convenient when you are using it at night to switch it to operate for a long time while doing your activities.

10. Streamlight 88850 PolyTac

The Streamlight 88850 PolyTac Flashlight combines durable construction with the latest in power LED technology. Offering three user-selectable programs, it has a superior grip texture to provide a tight and comfortable feel yet is still slip-resistant.

PolyTac is one of the brightest hunting flashlights of all Streamlight high-intensity lights with a distance of 115 meters. It features 239 lumens of light and three different user selectable programs, so you get the best out of your flashlight.

The push-button tail cap enables momentary use of the light. You can tap it for high, tap again twice for strobe, and tap 3 times for low. To sustain it, you can click it on the last half-push. Lightweight and compact, the Streamlight 88850 uses two CR123A lithium batteries.

Whether you’re camping, hiking, cycling, working on your car, or hunting, the Streamlight PolyTac is a light meant for adventure. There are five modes from high to strobe and standby mode to conserve energy. You won’t be disappointed with this light!


  • 275 lumens of bright white LED light
  • 3 hours runtime at the highest light mode
  • Maximum throw distance of 195 meters
  • Tail switch button
  • Three light modes include a strobe option for emergency
  • Two CR123A battery included
  • Resist recoil and continue running without any issues
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Charger adaptor not included


The PolyTac is a perfect, affordable light for everyday carry or emergencies. It’s a slim profile, and push-button tail cap switch means it can work in almost any setting.

How to Pick the Best Flashlight for Hunting at night: A detailed buyer’s guide

Getting to know what features a good quality flashlight must-have helps make the best choice among all the offered variants. Use this guide to find out what to consider when purchasing the best flashlight for hunting at night in 2022.

Lumen Output

To effectively hunt at night, it is crucial to consider a flashlight with a high lumen capacity to light up the woods. A quick check on the body will help you know this value. However, how bright is the light is also subjected to distance from the light source and its angular light speed. Most flashlights are made to project a beam of light onto the distance. This means that a flashlight with a higher lumen output will usually have a shorter run time counter to a flashlight with lower lumen output. A reliable flashlight offers an optimal balance between lumen output and battery life.

Durability and Resistance

A perfect flashlight for hunting at night should be water-resistant, well constructed, compact, and durable.  The ideal is to get a tactical type of flashlight that has a high IPX rating. Such products are made of durable material and can withstand impacts on concrete, rocks, branches, and water. The material used also contributes to the durability of the flashlight. A good flashlight is made from aluminum alloy metal. This guarantees waterproofness, shock resistance, and anti-corrosion. To ensure that you have a firm grip on the flashlight, buy one with a rubberized finish or even knurling.

Type of Modes

Although the main reason why we use tactical flashlights is to illuminate dark areas, the power of this light can be used defensively. Typically, a tactical flashlight must have an extreme brightness option that can stop an assailant instantly for self-defense. A less blinding option is still useful for law enforcement and emergency response personnel who must observe and identify the threat. Therefore, a flashlight with multiple modes will always come in handy in the wild.

Battery Type

Choosing the right battery for your flashlight is highly essential for its performance. There are several factors that you need to consider. Factors like the temperature range your flashlight may be exposed to, the flashlight lifespan, and the area where you will be using it. For hunting, Rechargeable batteries are more advantageous since you can use them for long periods. Moreover, they are a safe bet. They have a long shelf life and are environmentally friendly. Non-rechargeable batteries are also advantageous in cases where there are no light sources to recharge. So, just remember that each type has its advantages and disadvantages.  With the non-rechargeable battery, you will always have a backup when something goes wrong. However, rechargeable batteries help to cut down on costs.


How many lumens do you need to hunt at night?

A light above 100 lumens should be enough to light up the dark during a night hunt. However, other factors like the beam distance, throw, and flood pattern determines how useful the flashlight would be for hunting expeditions.

What is the best color light for night hunting?

Selecting a light color is not a one-way choice. The famous white light ensures pure brightness. Greenlight can help to track deer without spooking them. A good option is a flashlight that allows multiple light colors or comes with external filters that can be easily attached and detached.

Is a headlamp better than a flashlight for night hunting?

With a flashlight, you can focus on prey better without being constrained by head movements. Quickly find and spot your target in any setting. Flashlights are the ideal tool to have in most hunting situations.

Final Words

Outside hunting and camping is a great way to bond with your friends and family. The game should not be disturbed by a less brilliant flashlight so you can spot your prey. Getting the best flashlight model for your night hunting adventure is the topmost priority. With everything you need to know about the best flashlight for hunting at night available in 2022, we don’t think you’ll have to worry about anything as you prepare for this action-packed adventure!