Every turkey hunter knows what a hassle is when hunting those huge and very agile feathered creatures that the turkeys are. And the worst thing is hunting them with an inappropriate crossbow that only adds more work to the already strenuous job.

Well, worry not, for this time, your turkey hunting stress will reduce by a ton as we will take you through a quick review of the best crossbow for turkey hunting in 2022 to help you get that oversized bird this season without fail and without stress.

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Top 6 Most Functional and Best Crossbow for Turkey Hunting of 2022

Predator Archery Compound Bow Kit

Are you searching for multifunctional hunting gear, a gear suitable for all ages of hunters and that will guarantee a fair catch on your hunting expedition? Search no further as Predator Archery comes to the turkey hunting scene with just the right thing for you.

The Predator Archery raptor compound hunting kit bow is amongst the best beginner crossbow for turkey hunting in 2022, with super cool features that will make your hunting expedition memorable. This super-efficient compound hunting bow kit comes with fully adjustable features that allow you to adjust the draw length from 24.5 inches the minimum to a maximum length of 31 inches. The same goes for the draw weight, which you can change from 30 lbs. to 70 lbs. comfortably without the need for a bow press.

Asides from that, this hunting beauty is fit for all ages from young to old and all skill levels from beginner to expert with its anti-dry firing mechanism, split yoke tuning system for precise arrow adjustments, aluminum cans, and modules, and so much more. In the compound hunting kit, you’ll find an Allen wrench, four arrow quiver, five-pin fiber optic sight with light and level, TRUGLO EZ brush rest, stabilizer, string stop, 2’ paper target for practicing, and pre-installed Peep sight and D-loop.


  • It is easy to set-up and comes with a complimentary assembly manual
  • It is easily adjustable thanks to the flexible stock
  • It is potent and efficient
  • It is excellent for both young hunters and old hunters alike
  • It is super affordable
  • It’s multifunctional


  • It’s relatively heavy compared to other crossbows due to its many components
  • The manufacturers can improve on the optic feature of the crossbow
  • The weight slows down users
  • It does not come with a noise and suppression mechanism
  • It does not include arrows in the overall package
  • Manufacturers can improve the accuracy level of the crossbow


Predator Archery is a leading manufacturer of quality hunting gear and accessories. With the Predator raptor compound hunting kit bow, there is an assurance of quality thanks to Predator Archery’s excellent warranty policy and program, as well as adequate pocket strength with relations to its price.

The Bear X Pistol Crossbow

BearX has been a leading brand in the market whenever the topic relates to anything hunting. Crossbows and other accessories are areas they specialize in, and this specialty of theirs is evident in the quality and overall capability of their products.

The Bear X Desire RD crossbow is a unique model amongst the many products made by the manufacturer. Aside from being an easy to use crossbow, it’s a great fit for hunters who are just commencing their hunting journeys and the experts who know their stuff and are after something simple and easy to use. There is also the fact that like any other Bear X product, it comes with an easy to use comprehensive assembly manual for beginners to help them set up.

This simple yet highly effective and efficient crossbow comes fitted with a medium to high shooting capability and power strength, capable enough to tackle and knock down any small to medium sized game on the hunter’s path. The entire mechanism of this crossbow is fitted with a self-cocking arm to reduce the time users have to spend trying to cock it. It also comes with a forearm grip or easy carriage and usage. 

The Bear X Desire RD crossbow is a compactly designed yet highly functional crossbow that comes with reasonably powerful optic cams, red dot sights, and 3 premium bolts for usage. 


  • It is easy to set-up and comes with a complimentary assembly manual
  • It is potent in terms of discharge power
  • Great for medium and small games alike
  • It comes with excellent cocking and reloading mechanism
  • It has a good forearm grip
  • Excellent quality with very affordable pricing


  • With its composition, it’s heavy
  • The weight slows hunters down
  • It does not have a noise and vibration suppression mechanism
  • It lacks an anti-dry firing system
  • Manufacturers can improve the optic components
  • It does not come with free arrows


The Bear X Desire RD crossbow is an excellent choice for turkey hunting, considering the simplicity and efficiency with which the mechanisms come with. It is not only easy to use, but it is also highly affordable. Although it is not the most advanced amongst the Bear X products, it is still a handy gear when going out on a turkey hunt.

Topoint Archery Compound Bow Package

In search of hunting gear that is functional, good quality, affordable, and great for hunting big and small games like turkeys? Topoint Archery brings you the perfect crossbow for turkey hunting that will leave you satisfied with everything that makes it.

Topoint Archery Daibow hunting compound bow package is the crossbow for turkey hunting that offers any hunter insight, vigor, and high speed. Perfect for all skill levels of hunters as its features make it easy to use at all times.

The Daibow hunting compound is super-fast, attaining close to 350 feet per second. It has adjustable features that allow users to adjust the draw length from 26 inches, the minimum to a maximum length of 30 inches, and an adjustable draw weight that you can change from 50 lbs. to 70 lbs. comfortably without needing a bow press. It also features high-speed cam systems that allow for easy draw cycle and letdown, with a riser made of Aluminum CNC Machine and an Aluminum grip.

As an added, the ready-to-use compound hunting bow package comes with D-Loop, bowstring wax, micro-adjustable bow sight, Aluminum bow stabilizer, and a drop away arrow rest. It also has a bow sling, a bow stand, a limb damper set, six peep sight (3 plastic & 3 aluminum), one Allen key combo, and five target papers for practice.


  • It is easy to set-up
  • It is easily adjustable
  • It is potent and efficient, with the capacity to attain 350 feet per second
  • It is excellent for both beginners and experienced alike
  • It’s very affordable
  • It’s multifunctional, allowing or hunting expeditions, target practice, and so on


  • It’s relatively heavy compared to other crossbows due to its many components
  • The weight slows down users
  • It does not come with a noise and suppression mechanism
  • It does not include arrows in the overall package


As an affordable ready to go compound hunting package, TOPOINT ARCHERY DAIBOW put in a great deal of effort in its production and composition. There is an assurance of quality thanks to TOPOINT ARCHERY’s excellent warranty policy, and there is an assurance of a great and successful turkey hunting expedition when heading out with such capable hunting gear.

CenterPoint Archery CP400

The CenterPoint archery CP400 is a crossbow. Crosman Corporation’s product is a product that incorporates and infuses vital features of high performance, versatility, and beauty, technological innovation, functionality, and efficiency, all in single hunting gear. This feature infusion’s overall result is a fun to use, super-powered hunting gear that does nothing more than make your hunting dreams come true.

Its entire composition and design consist of different components meant to make it stand out amongst its pair. By design, it’s capable of attaining speeds of up to 400 feet per second, with an impacting force of close to 142 foot-pounds of kinetic energy when fully engaged.  It can attain this incredible speed thanks to its very narrow axle-to-axle width of 6 inches when fully drawn. As a technologically forward-thing corporation, Crosman corporation infused a licensed HeliCoil Technology alongside a custom-designed riser to give its users better hunting experiences.

Asides from the above mentioned innovative features, this super elegant and highly-functional hunting gear features an anti-dry firing system and an auto-safety feature to prevent dry-firing and for assured protection all hunt long. The entire package comes with other components such as a CNC-machined cam system, an illuminated scope, three 20-inch carbon arrows, a dual-purpose folding stirrup/bipod, a quick-detach quiver, and a rope choker. It also comes coated with camo patterns to make stealthy hunting easier. 


  • It is lightweight and easy to transport
  • It possesses excellent optic components
  • Its power potential is great
  • Thanks to the innovative features in it, its accuracy level is top-notch
  • It comes with useful safety features of anti-dry firing and auto-safety
  • It offers excellent disguise features thanks to the camo look
  • A suitable crossbow for hunting both big and small games
  • A perfectly balanced tool mixing technology and functionality


  • Maintaining such high-tech hunting gear will not be an easy task
  • It may not be suitable for beginners
  • As it does not come with a manual, setting up may be a little tricky


In terms of technologically innovative components, the CenterPoint archery CP400 stands tall. It not only features high grade materials in its make but also surpasses any expectations regarding 3D range and auxiliary hunting. It is also quite affordable despite its high-tech.

Wicked Ridge RDX 400

The Wicked Ridge RDX 400 is the perfect definition of upgraded and versatile. It’s the crossbow that works perfectly fine in any situation and for any purpose without faltering, not just because of its ultra-sleek and compact design but because of the components it has.

This super versatile crossbow produces power at an incredible speed of approximately 400 feet per second with a draw weight of approximately 140-pounds, and its axle-to-axle width is 9 inches. It also comes with an exceptional reverse-draw technology, which works in conjunction with the Reaper Cam System to give your arrows exceedingly high speed and super sharp accuracy. 

Asides from all the above, it comes with a machined lightweight aluminum riser and pockets or reduced limb stress, noise dampening integrated string stop system to reduce noise and vibrations when engaging the crossbow, lightweight aluminum tube scope with 3 crosshairs and four dots calibrated, alongside fully-coated 3x optics. The Acudraw pro allows you to cock this beauty without calling attention to your position. It also has auto-engaging trigger features, and a dry-fire inhibitor to prevent dry-firing.

It also comes with other accessories and parts like 3-pack Wicked Ridge XX75 arrows and 3-arrow quiver, aluminum insert 2.0″ Easton Bully Boattail Vane, and TenPoint’s white Alpha-nock, .003″ Straightness, and it also comes in a beautifully designed camo pattern design.


  • It has noise dampening features to reduce noise and vibrations
  • It’s potent with good speed
  • It has an in-built silent cocking system
  • It comes with reverse-draw technology
  • It’s lightweight and easy to transport
  • Its accuracy level is top-notch
  • It comes with handy accessories
  • It allows for easy targeting
  • It also comes with auto-engaging trigger features and a dry-fire inhibitor
  • It’s the right gear for hunting big or small games


  • It may not be the best hunting gear for beginners


Wicked Ridge put a great deal of thought into the Wicked Ridge RDX 400 production process as a manufacturing company. It successfully incorporated key special features like reverse-draw technology, auto-engaging trigger, noise dampening systems, and so on to create a killer hunting weapon.

Ravin R29 Predator

Comfortable, functional, compact, lightweight, and highly functional, and upgraded. These words perfectly describe the Ravin R29 predator crossbow, making it superior in its category and amongst others in its line. 

For experienced hunters searching for a hunting crossbow that matches their level of expertise, this super powerful and thoroughly engaging hunting gear is the ideal fit. Aside from being sleek-looking and almost weightless, weighing a beautiful 6.5 pounds with an axle-to-axle length of 6 inches when fully drawn, its speed is estimated to be about 430 feet per second, imparting a force of 164 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.  

As a hunting gear way ahead of others in its category, it’s no surprise that it comes fitted with HeliCoil technology. It also entails a protective system with an anti-dry firing system to prevent dry-firing and an in-built safety system. Asides from all the above, it comes fitted with level cams that rotate at a 360-degree capacity, giving its user an all-round view. It also has a Built-In Versa-Draw Cocking Mechanism, a 100 yards illuminated scope, and built-in sling mounts.

The Ravin R29 predator crossbow also contains a removable cocking handle, a quiver/mounting bracket, nocks, and six Ravin branded arrows in its overall packaging. This beauty also comes designed in camo style, a perfect blend to keep users well-hidden while hunting.


  • It is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport around
  • Excellent optic components with its level cam giving a 360-degrees view
  • It has incredible power potential
  • It comes fully assembled
  • Great hunting gear for small and big games
  • It comes with competent safety features of anti-dry firing and auto-safety
  • It offers excellent disguise features thanks to its camo look
  • It perfectly balances functionality and technology in a single gear
  • Its accuracy feature is top-notch


  • Maintenance might be difficult
  • It may not be the best gear choice for beginners


Ravin R29 Predator crossbow is a combination of many things, from a beautiful design to highly capable hunting gear. As a powerful hunting gear, it’s a hybrid of functionality and technology, which in an overall position makes it the perfect hunting gear for turkey hunting or any hunting at all that you might want to engage in.

Buying Guide 


The law that says the more expensive a product is, the more functional that product is, does not particularly apply when crossbows are in play. The reason is that crossbows have a variety of functions and types, and most of them, either affordable or costly, have the same essential role.

When you venture out to buy a crossbow for turkey hunting, look out for crossbows that fit your desired specifications and then check if it matches within your price range. Always work within your budget and save yourself the stress of buying an overly advanced crossbow that drills a hole in your pocket and is utterly useless for your needs at the end of the day.

Power strength 

Turkeys might look fragile, but they have developed very thick skins over time due to their immediate environment. This, therefore, means that you’ll need a crossbow that can pierce through all that feather and layers of tough skin.

Look out for crossbows that can impact a single shot and progressively adjust the power impact easily. That is one of the turkey hunting with crossbow tips any turkey hunter will give you.


By the size of their legs, you can tell that turkeys are swift creatures; to get them, you need to be as fast as their sturdy feet are. Look out for crossbows that have great accuracy features. There are crossbows in the market that have technologically enhanced the accuracy rate to almost perfect.

Finding a crossbow that limits your chances of making errors when shooting is a great way to go. Do not forget that you have to factor in other things such as wind strength and distance to your target when dealing with accuracy.


What is the best crossbow for turkey hunting? 

To consider the best type of crossbow for turkey hunting, you need to consider certain factors and specifications such as power strength, accuracy, weight, size, and so on. This is because there are countless crossbows out in the market for turkey hunting, and the best would be the one that genuinely meets your specifications in the appropriate ratio and that will serve you well.

What factors should a turkey hunter consider when looking out for a crossbow? 

Any good hunter be it a beginner or a pro, should look out for the accuracy strength of the crossbow, the power it discharges, the speed of reloading, the weight of the crossbow, the size, the price, of course, and other specifications like the type of crossbow turkey broadheads the crossbow can use and so on.

Parting Thoughts 

Be it the Thanksgiving season or merely the perfect time to hunt turkeys, hunting turkeys is not a joke. To enjoy this unique hunting type, you need the ideal hunting gear, the crossbow, and for that, we decided to give you a quick review of the best crossbow for turkey hunting in 2022.

Based on the necessary specifications, the items listed above are a few of what hunters can get but remember that they are starting to guide you when you eventually choose your crossbow for turkey hunting.