A snap cap is an important part of your weapon. If you are conversant with firearms and ammunition, you would agree that a snap cap plays a critical role. It helps to check possible mechanical challenges of ammunition or identify the ammo feed. This article focuses on how you can purchase the best 12 gauge snap caps.

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Top 6 Best 12 Gauge Snap Caps Reviewed 

For your convenience and appropriate purchase, here are six options of 12-gauge snap caps that you can consider for your ammunition and firearms. You can pick any or more than one of these options. 

1. Traditions Plastic Shotgun Snap Cap

Traditions Performance Firearms Plastic Shotgun Snap Cap is designed to give the perfect protection to your ammunition and firearms. It relieves much effort from your pins and their springs as they fire. The goal is to ensure maximum safety. 

The item can be as long as 7.366 cm, while it is as wide as 13.208 cm and has a height of 0.508 cm. On the other hand, the weight of the item is 0.05 pounds with a size of 12 gauge. They are chambered to give protection to firearms. 

It comes in a shell that does not allow the trigger to move in a forward position when you pull it. You can get them if you have plans to safeguard your weapon and give it the proper maintenance you think it deserves. 


  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Provide maximum protection to firearms
  • They are durable and built to survive the pressure


  • Spring may be too strong
  • Can jam easily


Traditions Performance Firearms Plastic Shotgun Snap Cap is your go-to snap cap if you need something affordable yet durable.

2. SPIKA Hunting Precision Snap Cap

SPIKA Hunting Precision Snap Cap Shotgun 12 Gauge is one of the best shotgun snap caps you can purchase for your firearm. It is a complete set that has two packs of snap caps and two extra replacements of false primer. Its common color is black.

The material is made from anodized aluminum, such as real ammunition. Its durability is without question as you can fire it as many times as possible without breakage. Its spring-loaded false primer helps to shield the firing spring. 

It is perfect for teaching, training, testing, cleaning, and storing. The weight of the product is 0.32 kg. The product supports the goal of its brand, SPIKA – the promotion of active, healthy, safe, and sustainable outdoor events. 

It does not jam even during the testing action. The snap cap easily comes out of the ejection port when the ammunition is fired. It is made from high-quality, and you can easily replace its insert tools. 


  • Affordable and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Extra false primer as replacement
  • Perfect for teaching, testing, cleaning, and storing


  • It may not be suitable for all kinds of firearms


SPIKA Hunting Precision Snap Cap Shotgun 12 Gauge is one of the most reliable 12g snap caps.

3. A-ZOOM 12 Gauge Snap-Cap

A-ZOOM 12 Gauge Snap Cap is one of the best shotgun caps you would find in the market. Oftentimes, this snap cap comes in the color red. It is made from aluminum material, with the item weight being around 0.24 pounds. 

The snap cap is good for gun handling as you can have a lot of dry fires (more than three thousand dry fires) and expect no damage from the ammunition. Just like your ammunition, you can expect your snap cap to function properly, and it makes no noise. 

The versatility is top-notch, as you can use it for storage, training, practice, and testing for both beginners and experienced individuals. It comes as a strong anodized but is made as an aluminum construction. However, it comes in two packs.

You can use this A-ZOOM 12 Gauge Snap Cap to test function, train safely, and effectively decock without causing any damage to the firing pin. Their level of durability is encouraging as it can outlast other competitors with smooth function. Its actions are completely inert. 

If you are conversant with ammunition, you would know that shooting a firearm without any bullet in it is bad. It can damage the firearm and have far-reaching implications on it. However, using the right snap cap like this product protects the firing pin. 

You can teach new shooters how to check their firearms, load their ammunitions, and provide fixes to possible malfunctions using this inert ammo as the ideal replacement. 


  • Perfect for training new shooters
  • Can withstand a lot of dryfire shooting
  • Prevents damages of the firing pin
  • Long life and smooth function


  • It may not perfectly fit into all types of ammunition


A-ZOOM 12 Gauge Snap Cap is sturdy and excellent in function. You would want to get it for your shooting practices.

4. Carlson’s Choke Tubes Aluminum Snap Caps

For a tangible number of years, Carlson has been consistent with delivering quality products for users. The snap caps are designed from durable aluminum such that you can use them repeatedly. Its primer plunger will avoid damages on the firing pin while using your ammunition during exercises. 

You would agree that if you leave your guns cocked while storing them is not only hard but can be dangerous. You can bank on these aluminum snap caps to do a good job. The product is affordable as it delivers only great service to its users. 

You can use the firearms as many times as you desire. It supports your dryfiring exercises without any form of hassle. It is lightweight as the weight of the item is 0.15 pounds. It always comes in a pack as 2. 


  • Reliable, durable, and affordable
  • It can be used many times for shooting practices
  • Lightweight and easy to install


  • It may not fit perfectly if you mistake the length


Carlson’s Choke Tubes Aluminum Snap Caps work perfectly for their intended purpose.

5. Pro Shot 12 Gauge Snap Caps

According to most professionals, the better way to store your firearm is after you have removed the cocking springs. Much more than preserving the life of the weapon, it would help the firearm to maintain all effectiveness while using it to shoot. Hence, good snap caps go a long way in how to protect your weapons. 

Pro-Shot 12 Gauge Snap Caps are designed with adorable brass at their tips. The brass tip has firing pins that are loaded with springs. This feature helps to relieve the tension of the shotgun when it is released. 

These snap caps come with cotton mops that you can use to protect the chamber section from rusting. Also, you may need to add oil to the tool to reduce its friction. 

The kit contains two snap caps with side-by-side shotguns. The items weigh 0.19 pounds and are available in multiple colors. Its fantastic quality is the reason many users have always considered it as a top choice. 


  • Made from high-quality material
  • It can be used to reduce friction
  • Lightweight yet effective
  • Protection of ammunitions


  • Price is not pocket-friendly for snap caps


Pro-Shot 12 Gauge Snap Caps are great recommendations for users who can afford them. You would be glad to purchase such quality for your weapon.

6. A-ZOOM Shotgun Metal Snap Caps

A-Zoom Shotgun Metal Snap Caps is one of the best snap caps 12 gauge. With a weight of 4 oz., you can use your product for both outdoor and sports events. The common color is blue, as you can have 5 items in a pack. 

As expected, the caliber is 12 gauge, and this will make it fit into any weapon that requires this measurement. It prevents your ammunition from suffering from damages that could arise from dry firing. You can use the snap caps as many times as you want to. 

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can purchase these metal snap caps for your shooting practice. 


  • High-quality snap caps
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Protects weapon during dry firing


  • Price is on the high side


Purchasing an item like A-Zoom Shotgun Metal Snap Caps could appear to be expensive if compared with other snap caps already described in this content. The truth remains that the item has great value for money. You would enjoy it.

Buying Guide

Buying the best 12 gauge snap caps could be demanding, especially if you are not familiar with firearms. However, you do not have to be a professional, as this section contains important factors that you should consider before your next purchase. Essential factors include;

Material of the snap caps

The material of your snap caps determines how durable they would be. A snap cap can be made of steel, aluminum, plastic, or brass. They all have their respective levels of durability. Oftentimes, many people prefer that want longer durability always opt for aluminum, steel, and brass as they support multiple dry firing. 

Plastic snap caps could be fragile or not as strong as those metallic snap caps. However, the prices of plastic are more affordable than those made from plastic. Hence, it depends on you and your pocket while getting the snap caps. 

If you are training a beginner, you should get a more durable snap cap. The reason is that the beginner will require multiple shooting practices. As a result, the material determines its reliability. 

Price of the snap caps  

The price of the snap cap is another important factor one should consider before buying. It is a truth that price does not necessarily mean the product is of high quality. As a matter of fact, you can pay high for a product and come back to pay a lower price after a while. 

The rule is not different with snap caps. You do not have to pay much to get the best snap caps for your firearms. Hence, the recommended products above range from affordable items to pocket-friendly ones. You can check their details out with the prices and determine which satisfies your taste. 

You can get snap caps for as low as $10. It is also important to say that the major determiner of a good snap cap is not the price but its quality. 

Quality of the snap caps 

The quality of the snap caps is the most important consideration one should have before buying a snap cap. Snap caps are designed to reduce the tension your trigger springs experience when you store the gun. Their shapes are just like your shotgun shells, and it is the reason many people also call them dummies. 

The quality of the snap cap is determined when you have tried it out and know how the snap cap functions. To use the snap cap, you are to put it into the breech, close it, and use the trigger. The snap caps are a cheap investment that is to protect your firearms. 

If you get a quality snap cap at an affordable price, you will not have to worry about the additional cost of damages on your shotguns. This point shows that the value of a shotgun cannot be underestimated or swept under the rug. 

In addition, a snap cap will help to reduce pressure on the trigger by removing unnecessary stress from the firing pin. It is the right equipment you should get if you are always involved in a flashlight drill. Rather than spend money on replacing broken trigger springs and firing pins, get snap caps of good quality and save yourself from some avoidable repairs. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Some questions become important, too, as one considers the type of snap caps they want to get. Answering them provides insight on the next line of action and how to choose the best snap caps. 

What are snap caps? 

This question is the first question anyone who hears the term “snap caps” would ask. Well, here is a simple guide to what snap caps are. 

A snap cap is a dummy that helps to save your firearm as you pull the trigger. They are designed to reduce the tension that your trigger springs may experience while you are using your guns. Most times, snap caps are purchased for shooting practices. 

Their shapes are similar to that of a shotgun shell. Also, they are available in different gauges – it all depends on your firearm. For example, the options provided in this content are 12 gauges. You can speak to someone who is experienced in hunting to know the perfect gauge for your weapon. 

How do I use a snap cap? 

It does not matter that you are getting the best dummy round snap caps if you cannot use them. As a matter of fact, they are not just called dummies – they are to be used more than the real deal, bullets. However, using a snap cap does not come with much trickiness. Just follow this process. 

  1. Drop your snap cap in the breech of your ammunition 
  2. Close the breech and get ready to pull the trigger 
  3. Ensure you uncock to release the internal hammers 
  4. Release the mechanism and go again 

Quite simple? Yes. That is how to use your snap cap. So, purchase them now and get to work.

Are snap caps necessary accessories for a hunter? 

You can ask that question again and again while the answer remains the same. Yes, snap caps are important accessories for a hunter or, better put, anyone who loves to offer ultimate care to their weapons. Just like you would get a nice shotgun case, cleaning kit, attractive apparel, and other important accessories for your gun, a snap cap also is important. 

People have different ways they store their guns – some cocked and other uncocked. It is advisable that you use a snap cap because the triggers will undergo more levels of stress. Hence, they may become unreliable. 

Since you care about your firearms and want to preserve their life, you should purchase snap caps then. You may want to check some snap cap reviews to understand what is really at play when you are using a snap cap with your weapon.  

Are there sizes with snap caps?

A snap cap might be perfect for a gauge and not perfect for another. For example, this content targets good 12-gauge snap caps. However, it all depends on the kind of gauge that is perfect for your firearm. 

If you want to practice safely, you will need to get different kinds of snap caps. Hence, you may need to get 12-gauge snap caps, 22LR snap caps, and other sizes. They all have a common goal – to reduce the pressure your firing pin may experience. 

Article Summary 

This content is sufficient for everyone who wants to purchase the best 12 gauge snap caps. You can explore the recommendations in the article or use the buying guide section to choose wisely. In conclusion, snap caps are important, and it is advisable to have them around you.