Ducking hunting is no fun when you are doing it on your own. As a tactical hunting activity, since the prey often has a higher advantage over the hunter with flight, having a plus one can make a huge difference. At the same time, the whole situation could be disastrous. So when you have a scenario where two hunters are duck hunting in a boat. What is the safest position?

Duck Hunting in a Boat for Two People

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Two Hunters, One Boat, What to Do? 

There is no way you would go duck hunting without using a boat. Ducks being partly aquatic, partly avians spend a good deal of their time in the water, and when not disturbed, the best place to hunt them is in the water rather than in the air. 

So in a situation where you have two hunters in a boat hunting a duck, what position would be the safest for both hunters to assume to avoid missing their targets and to avoid any injuries? 

The best position would be the back-to-back position. 

The Back-to-back Position 

There are many reasons why the back-to-back position is the best. 

When the two duck hunters are seated back-to-back in a boat, all points of view are covered, with both hunters being able to look ahead and sideways, and the position also offers a 180-degree zone of fire in front of each hunter. 

This 180-degree angle view, therefore, allows for ample space for each hunter to make the best of at any given time. 

Keep in mind that the back-to-back position can only be effective if: 

  • Both hunters position themselves in the middle of the boat to ensure even weight distribution and avoid tipping the boat. 
  • If both hunters ensure that they make allowance for space between them for easy movement and maneuver when shooting. 
  • Both hunters do not swing to the same side of the boat.
  • Both hunters shoot what is in front of them to avoid inflicting injuries or worse damages on their partner.
The Back-to-back Position

Duck hunting safety Tips 

Apart from using the best safety position when there are two hunters in a boat, hunters should also observe duck hunting safety tips to further ensure that the best position is safe in every situation. 

A few of the duck hunting safety tips include: 

  • Even weight distribution to avoid tipping the boat 
  • Pack and travel light. Avoid overloading the vessel to the point where your equipment weighs more than your body weights combined. 
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. The weather is expected to be chilly; dress up with cozy wear to keep you warm. See, the best hunting pants. You can also wear a swimsuit or attire that would allow you to swim with ease. 
  • Wear a life jacket at all times. The life jacket will protect you if you fall in the water.
  • Before the hunting exercise begins, ensure that your guns are not loaded to avoid misfires and that the guns are safely stored in a case. Check out the best soft rifle case
  • If you have a pet on the boat with you, ensure it is protected with a life vest and that the dog sits in a position that will evenly distribute the weight in the boat. 
  • Ensure you have all the necessary equipment you need for duck hunting, like the best 18650 flashlight, rifle, bird caller, etc., available. Also, ensure that they are at an easy reach to you. 
  • Do the necessary checks in the boat to make sure it is working fine. 
  • Check the weather forecast before heading out.
Duck hunting safety Tips


Can you stand in a boat to take a shot? 

No. It is not advisable to stand before taking a shot because it could cause several damages as throwing you off balance, unbalancing the weight distribution in the boat, and tipping off the vessel. 

Can I keep the vessel engine running while hunting ducks? 

No. Running the vessel engine while hunting is dangerous and distracting. It not only calls the attention of the ducks to your position, but it can also unsettle you and can lead to an accidental shooting. 

Concluding Thoughts 

To the question, two hunters are duck hunting in a boat. What is the safest position? Now, you have the answer to it. The next time you decide to go duck hunting with your buddy, don’t forget to keep to the safe sitting position and follow the duck-hunting safety tips.