You would agree that a dog has been the closest animal to a man. It can be used for sports activities, security purposes, as a pet, and hunting. Similarly, you tend to enjoy your dog better for any of the purposes when you have trained it well. 

Hence, if you love hunting regularly, you can train your dog to be a co-hunter with you. More times, hunting dogs are noticed to have floppy ears. This content provides insight into dog hunting and answers the common question: Why do hunting dogs wear vests.

reasons your hunting dog needs to wear a vest

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The need to have a hunting dog 

Having a hunting dog is important because hunting can be of benefits in the following ways; 

  • Providing a company in the hunting field
  • Assistance to the hunter to achieve hunting success
  • Good helps to track and retrieve items while hunting
  • Alert you by continuous barking to indicate danger 
  • Safeguarding you if need be

Since dogs have these numerous advantages, it is also important for you to keep them safe and make them available for your next hunting experience. One of the favorite ways to keep your dog safe is to wear a vest or use a bell. You can think of numerous vests out there for your dog, but you should only choose the one that fits it best and will aid it to serve its purpose of hunting better than before. 

A list of vests you can get for your hunting dogs 

Browning Neoprene Vest

This is the best vest for camouflage. Your dog’s security is guaranteed with this vest because it helps your dog to maintain a low profile rather than give a dog howl, guard the chest region and keep the body warm during cold weathers. They come in different sizes and colors. However, an orange hunting vest for dogs is never an appropriate choice for camouflage.

Browning Neoprene Vest

SafetyPUP XD Reflective vest

Unlike the browning Neoprene vest, this dog hunting coat comes best in an obvious color like orange. The color increases the dog’s visibility on the hunting field amongst trees, grasses, mountains, and shrubs. It is made from durable materials, which makes the cloth last for years.

SafetyPUP XD Reflective vest

Mendota Products Skid Plate

The Mendota product Skid plate is the most reliable protective vest for hunting. It is super strong such that it shields your dog from attacking animals on the field. The chest of the dog is protected while it is hunting. Additionally, it has a bright orange coloration that increases its visibility. 

It is important to say that these vests are durable and come at affordable prices. However, be clear on your intent before making any purchase.

Mendota Products Skid Plate


People often ask the following questions about dog vests;

What are dog hunting coats? 

Hunting dog coats are shields you can wear for your dog when you are going on hunting duty. Apart from dressing yourself in nice hunting kits, you can cloth your dog too since it is your hunting partner. 

Why do hunting dogs wear vests?  

A dog hunting vest has one benefit it gives to the owner – keeping his/her dog safe. Nonetheless, it provides numerous advantages to the dog owner. It ensures your dog is always warm, offers buoyancy, increases visibility, protects it from punctures, cuts, and other accidents, and protects it from the rain. 

These are the basic benefits any good vest will provide. There are high-tech vests designed for special purposes too.


The top reason why do hunting dogs wear vests is to protect its life. Protection is not a function of the dog breed. Let this be your guide as you choose the best material for your dog.