Are you new to using hunting dogs, and you are wondering why they howl at unexpected intervals? If you ask yourself questions like why do hunting dogs howl, this article gives you reasons to consider when you observe their howling activity.

There are many reasons why dogs howl, and we will be looking at some of them.

why do hunting dogs howl

6 Reasons Why Hunting Dogs Howl

1. To announce their territorial presence

Dogs are known for marking their boundaries. They live in packs, and they guard their habitation jealously. If a pack notices that dogs from other packs are encroaching, they howl. The reason for this is to inform other pack members that their boundaries and privacy are infringed on.

To announce their territorial presence

2. When they are separated from the rest of the pack

For dog howling, another reason is separation from the pack. Dogs move together and are hardly separated. Hence, when any pack member is missing, they howl to ensure the missing member locates them. On the other hand, the missing member howls in return to inform the pack members where they are.

3. When they can’t find their owner

When you go hunting with a dog, there is a chance that you could get separated. While you search for your dog friend using different tactics, your dog howls so that you can find her. The same applies when you take your hunting dog to a new location. 

If you are separated for a short while, it experiences separation anxiety and begins to howl. In this case, you can use the dog bell to let her know your whereabouts.

When they can’t find their owner

4. To seek attention

If your hunting dog needs your attention, it howls. When your dog howls, it is crucial not to take it with levity. It might be trying to send an important message, and if you are not observant, you could miss it. One of the reasons as touching why do hunting dogs howl repeatedly is because they need your attention, and you have to fulfill their request.

5. Excitement

If you go hunting with your dog, and it finds something, it howls in excitement. Your dog will like to show off so that you can pet her for a job well done. Some hunters reward their dogs by getting them a dog vest or any fun item.

Hunting dog breeds that howl love to communicate their success to their owners, and you should be sensitive to this.

6. Health problems

When you hunt with your dog and notice it howls and barely moves, it could face health issues. It is normal for either you or your hunting dog to get injured. Worse still, it could be facing an intense internal pain that you cannot see.

Hence, if your dog howls consistently, check for physical injuries or physical defects like floppy ears if your dog had none before. If you can’t spot any injury, take your dog to a vet.

Health problems


Why do dogs howl together?

Dogs howl because they want to attract your attention. They also howl together when they want to contact other members of the pack to announce their presence.

Are dogs happy when they howl?

It depends. If a hunting dog finds a game, it howls to show its happiness. Typically, when you come closer, it howls, wags its tail, and dances around.

Why do dogs howl at night?

Dogs howl at night for different reasons. They might be howling for communication purposes, injury, loneliness, etc.

Why does my dog howl when it is sick?

The primary reason for this is, your dog is trying to communicate its discomfort caused by the sickness. While you get your vet, please do all you can to comfort your dog by gently stroking their fur.


When your dog is howling, do not stop it from continuing. Rather, please pay attention to why it is howling so that you can be sensitive to its needs. Also, if your dog is far away and it is howling, ensure you get to its location to find out the reason for its howling.