Using dogs to hunt can be dated back to years ago. The approach is traditional, and it comes with the traditional bell straps made with hands or neck collars. The reason for the bell is to ensure the safeguarding of the dog when it is out there hunting. 

One could easily ask, why do hunting dogs wear bells? You know the loud sound the metallic click of bells produces? That is the intent of the dog – to produce this much noise to alert the dog owner. 

Some people have believed and said that using a bell for a hunting dog is only customary and is not necessary. Well, this article clears all your doubts answers the question, why do hunting dogs wear bells? Follow closely!

reasons your hunting dog should wear a bell

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Why should your hunting dog wear a bell? 

As a hunter, if you are going on heavy duty, then you should find a bell for your dog, no matter the dog breed. During hunting, you might not be able to restrict your dog from free runs because you have to focus on your hunting games. Over time, your dog may be out of your sight.

Why should your hunting dog wear a bell?

You will only be at rest if you know your dog is safe. Hence, wearing a bell comes with many benefits. They include:


Safety is paramount when it comes to the different things we do in life. Hunting is a game that comes with a higher risk of danger because of the weapons used during hunting. If your dog wears a bell, you will be able to hear the clacking sounds and not shoot in the direction of the dog. 

Hounds are special types of dogs that hunt down rabbits in holes. If you are not sure of how deep your dog has gone, shooting a bullet in its direction can spread hundreds of small bbs into the air and on your dog. Also, seeing a bell around your dog’s neck may be the overall indicator you need to be sure you are about to shoot at your dog and not another animal.  

More so, the sound of the bell can scare away other animals that may want to hurt your dog.


Dogs are known to be obedient animals, making them good hunting partners for men. However, there could be unfortunate moments of going astray, which can lead to the loss of the dog either by missing or dead. You can avoid this by putting on a bell around your dog’s vest on its neck. 

There are different sounds a bell gives that can indicate your dog’s activities at that moment. A consistent loud sound means the dog is around you, while a gradual fainting sound is enough indication that the dog is chasing a deer. You can also get a bird dog bell; it will serve a similar purpose.


Success during hunting

Dogs are great game finders. Hence, they make a great company during hunting. With the best hunting dog bell, you can know when your dog has found a game or not. 

Also, knowing where the bell clang is coming from points out the direction of your dog when it has found a game. Some dogs howl when they found something.


People have several questions regarding dog collar bell hunting, like, why do hunting dogs wear bells? The commonest questions are;

In what type of hunting should my dog wear a bell?

There are different bell types designed for different hunting types. You only need to walk into a store and purchase the belt that suits your hunting ground more. 

Are there alternatives for bells?

Yes, there are alternatives for belts, but they are not as affordable as bells. There is a high-tech GPS that you can use to track your dog and locate it wherever it is. However, it is important to say that they are not as durable as dog bells. 

Won’t bells scare away games?

Bells make noise, but hunting bells are designed differently. Their noise is not to scare away games but to help the hunter to track his dogs when need be. As a result, you should only use recommended bells for your dogs during hunting. 

How do I solve the multiple dogs, multiple bells problem?

You do not have to worry about multiple dogs, floppy ears, or normal ears having multiple bells. All you need to do is have a unique bell for each dog to identify which is near you or far from you. There are numerous options of bells to choose from based on the sound uniqueness. 


Having a bell around your dog’s neck has been a proper safety measure. Additionally, it can improve your hunting skills and chances of more games. It is a wise thing to have your dogs wear bells while hunting.