You’ll agree with me when I say: if you want to hit your targets at long range, you’ll need to get a high-quality long-range optic. Even if you’re a professional shooter, there’s practically no way you can hit your targets at 100 yards with a high level of precision and accuracy with point shooting alone. 

You need long distance scopes to make accurate long-distance shots. This is where getting the best long-distance range optics comes to play; with the best long range optics, you can make long-distance shootings with a high level of precision and accuracy.

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Top 10 Best Long Range Optics

1. Athlon Optics Argos

Are you on a tight budget yet do not want to compromise on quality? I strongly recommend the Athlon Optics Argos 6-24×50 FFP Rifle Scope. It is highly affordable and comes with the main features you look out for in a long-range optic. 

Its reticle shifts in size as you adjust the magnification setting. Above all, it comes with multicoated lenses that allow you have the best experience in terms of clarity. The multicoated lenses help you have a colorful view of your target when you view into the optic.

I also like the unique design. It’s made of a high-quality aluminum material that is scratch-resistant, shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof. Therefore, use it in every weather condition without fear of its damage.

More so, the optic has an illuminated reticle fixed onto the optic. This implies that it has a firm grip and will not fall off when you mount it on a riffle. The illuminated reticle gives you better visibility in low light conditions and hits your target even in shadows.


  • It has an illuminated reticle
  • It comes with a parallax adjustment knob
  • It works perfectly in all weather conditions
  • It is highly affordable and durable
  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant


  • The reticle is in MIL mode


Ultimately the Athlon Optics Argos 6-24×50 FFP Rifle Scope is a budget-friendly optic suited for long-distance shooting. You will like its sleek design, portability, durability, and illuminated design.

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II

I think you will agree with me when I say the Vortex brand is the topmost producer of high-quality optics and riflescopes. The Vortex Optics Crossfire II is one of the best vortex scopes for long-range shots. It is suitable for amateurs and experienced shooters. This unique optics comes with improved features. One such feature is its fantastic magnification setting, which is between 6 and 24x. These dimensions and ranges are the best in terms of long-range optics and are great for zooming in and out on targets. 

This model comes with an excellent eye box for your convenience. It also has eye relief features. Therefore, you can mount it on recoil weapons without the fear of your eyes getting smashed by the edge of the riffle. The device came with high grade aluminum parts, thus making it water-resistant and fog proof.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire riflescope has a BDC reticle (for bullet compensation) that is located on another focal plane. This, therefore, means that you won’t be able to change sizes as you adjust the magnification setting. However, you’ll be able to estimate where and when your bullet will land correctly.


  • It is easy to estimate bullet drop
  • It has an adequate eye relief
  • It comes with a unique BDC reticle
  • Water-resistant and fog proof
  • It is Multicoated lenses


  • Some recoils can affect the reticle


The Vortex Optics Crossfire II is a great long-distance riflescope. It is excellent for novices and experts alike.

3. LUCID 6-24×50

This unique long-range sniper scope features an objective lens with a magnification setting of between 6 and 24x with 50 mm. it also comes with a second plane reticle that makes it easy to zoom in and out on targets. Shooters and hunters involved in long-range shootings will appreciate this great device from LUCID.

More so, this scope also features an excellent eye relief that can be used on recoil rifles. The scope comes with an adjustment knob that helps to prevent parallax error. Its exceptional multicoated lens is anti-scratch, waterproof, and fog-resistant

I also appreciate the fact that it comes with adjustable turrets. You can easily adjust both turrets and lock them in a position for maximum accuracy and precision.


  • It comes with adjustable turrets
  • Multicoated lenses
  • It is highly durable and affordable
  • It has an overall lightweight
  • It comes with a matte finish


  • Its max eye relief is not the best


Overall, this is a great long-range sniper scope that every sniper and shooter should have in their collection. You’ll appreciate the adjustable turrets and windage that you’ll wish other scopes had one also.

4. Vortex Optics Diamondback

This unique Vortex Optics Diamondback riflescope is one of the best vortex scope for long range. It has the amazing features you will like in a riflescope. The Vortex brand is known for producing good scopes, which is another excellent product from the company.  

It comes with a 1st focal plane optic with an objective lens zoom setting of between 6 and 24 times and 50 mm. It also features multicoated lenses and low dispersion glasses that are anti-scratch and water-resistant. You should expect to get high-quality pictures and views from this exceptional scope. It comes with enhanced hash marks to help you easily estimate windage and Bullet drop compensation.

More so, the riflescope is with high-quality aluminum material and is sure to work in foggy weather conditions. It comes with a side parallax adjustment knob and tactical turret to help you prevent parallax error. 

Furthermore, this scope features a precision system that allows you to precisely and accurately zoom in and out of your target. It comes with an eyepiece that aids excellent eye focus. 


  • It has an etched reticle on glass
  • Excellent multicoated lenses
  • Features a fast-focus eyepiece
  • It comes with an elevation turret and windage


  • The turrets cannot be locked in position


Ultimately, I feel the Vortex Optics Diamondback 6-24×50 Riflescope is an excellent choice for every shooter and hunter. All thanks to the fantastic features it comes with.

5. Bushnell 1-6x24mm

The Bushnell Engage Riflescope is one of the best long range optics. It comes with an objective lens magnification setting of between 6 24x mm and 50 mm. it comes with flip-open covers to protect the multicoated lenses. The flip cover also protects the optics from debris, dirt, and degradation from sunlight.

This unprecedented scope can function in all weather conditions and has a protective lens coating that is resistant to fog, debris, dirt, and water. It also comes with an antireflection coating that aids in long-range target viewing. This gives you an excellent brightness and helps you spot targets that blend with environmental conditions.

One of the most outstanding features of this scope is its exceptional turrets that can be locked in position and prevent parallax error. It also comes with a side-mounted dial that helps you to adjust the parallax.  


  • It comes with a turret lock
  • Multicoated lenses
  • It can function in all-weather condition
  • Allows you to prevent parallax error
  • Excellent eye relief


  • The reticle may be too small for you


This exceptional long-range scope comes with all the fantastic features you hope to see in a top long-range scope. I strongly recommend it to all shooters and hunters.

6. Vortex Optics Viper HS-T

The Vortex Optics Viper is a great long-distance scope from the Vortex brand. It features an objective lens with a high magnification capacity. The scope also comes with low dispersion and multicoated lenses. 

These will help to increase overall image resolution for clearer views. You can spot a target 100 yards away easily. Its lenses are coated with high-quality materials that are resistant to fog, water, dirt, and debris.

You will appreciate the fast-focused eyepiece that allows you to adjust the reticle to your eye relief level easily. The Vortex Optics Viper is one of the best scopes for spotting fast-moving animals from a far distance.

Furthermore, it comes with high elevation adjustment turrets that can easily be locked in position. You can also zero stop them any time you wish to prevent parallax error.


  • Multicoated lenses
  • It features a fast-focus eyepiece
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • Highly affordable and durable
  • It can zero-stop your elevation turrets and windage


  • The lens covers are cheaply made


Above all, this is a great long-range scope, and I strongly recommend it to experts and beginners alike. The fast-focus eyepiece will help you spot targets from a long distance.

7. Leupold VX-3i LRP

The Leupold brand is one of the top brands in the riflescope industry. Their scopes are of high quality and 100% waterproof, and fog-resistant. This unique Leupold VX-3i LRP 6.5-20x50mm Riflescope comes with improved features. It comes with a first-focal-plane reticle for the magnification of long distant images and allows you to hit your target easily.

More so, this excellent scope is a portable model and can easily mount on any rifle regardless of its weight. It employs a recoil energy system that is second to none, making it a perfect choice for all shooters and hunters.

One of the most outstanding features I love most about this scope is the maximum lighting system. So far, it’s the most excellent I’ve seen in the rifle scope industry. It utilizes a full spectrum lens coating and premium lens clarity to give you the best experience especially in low light conditions.


  • It is highly durable
  • 100% waterproof and fog-resistant
  • Excellent eye relief
  • It is very portable
  • Phenomenal reticle


  • It cannot prevent parallax error


Its twilight max light management system makes it an excellent device for hunters in low light conditions.

8. Vortex Optics Viper PST

This is one of Vortex’s top long-range scopes. It comes with a 50 milometers lens and a magnification setting between 5 and 25x with a second-focal-plane reticle. The reticle has several hold points, making it a perfect alternative for long-range shootings. The glass of the lens is made of quality material and is multicoated. Thus, it is 100% waterproof, fog resistant, and scratch-resistant. Moreover, choose to use the scope in all-weather conditions.

This scope has for you unique turrets suited for long-range shooting. These turrets are etched and can prevent parallax error. Furthermore, the turrets feature a fiber-optic rotation indicator that allows you to monitor your BDC.


  • Excellent eye relief
  • It prevents parallax error
  • High-quality glass lenses
  • Works perfectly in all weather conditions


  • Small eye window


Although this excellent rifle scope is pricy, it is worth every penny and offers great value for the money. Long-range shooters will appreciate the amazing features it comes with.

9. Burris Veracity 5-25x50mm

The Burris Optics Veracity 5-25×50 Riflescope is another exceptional rifle scope suited for long-distance shooting. It is designed to spot targets 700 yards away, making it an excellent device for hunters and long-range shooters. It came with a 50 millimeters lens and magnification settings of between 5 and 25x.

It comes with top-mounted and side-mounted turrets that help you to prevent parallax error. Each turret can rotate, giving you a clearer view from all angles.

One of the things I like about this scope is its top tier lenses. These lenses give you an excellent sight of your targets even under bad lights.


  • It is highly affordable
  • The turrets rotate smoothly in all direction
  • Suited to spot targets 700 yards away
  • Excellent eye relief


  • No clear marking on the turrets


I strongly recommend this scope to all beginners and experts alike. You will love it because it can sight targets 700 yards away.

10. Rudolph Optics Tactical T1

The Rudolph Optics Tactical T1 6-24×50 Riflescope is another great long-range optic. It has a 50 millimeter lens in the objective and a magnification setting of 6 and 24x. This product features a T3 reticle, which enables you to zoom in and out on targets. Its second-focal-plane reticle makes it good for long-range shots.  

This scope also has excellent eye relief. Therefore, you don’t need to bother about blur images. The scope is portable ad is made with high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum material and is suitable for all weather conditions.

One outstanding feature of this exceptional scope is its lens sharpness. The truth is that the lenses are exceptionally fantastic. They come with multicoated layers that transmit light efficiently irrespective of your magnification setting. Above all, the scope is waterproof and fog-resistant


  • Excellent eye relief
  • The reticle is perfect for long-range shooting and hunting
  • It comes with high-quality lenses
  • The matte finishing is amazing


  • Rough turrets


Above all, the Rudolph Optics Tactical T1 6-24×50 Riflescope is a great long-range optic. All thanks to its efficient lenses, excellent magnification spectrum, and great reticle.

Buying Guide & Factors To Consider When Buying Long Range Optics

Finding the right long-range optics can be a bit tasking. That’s why I’ve compiled this detailed guide to help you make the right choice. It has some essential features you will love to have before choosing any long range optic. Feel free to use it to get yourself the best scope you would love. 

Here are some critical factors you need to consider before buying the best long range optic:


This is the first factor you need to consider when buying a long-range optic. The magnification setting of scope is one of the main features that make it suited for long-range shooting. Therefore, if you want to make the best purchase, you must take the issue of magnification seriously. This is because the magnification setting of your scope has an overall effect on the scope’s efficiency.

A magnification setting of 10x or more is a good starting point. Most rifle scopes suited for long-range shooting come with a magnification setting of between 5x and 25x. therefore you should always look out for magnification settings within this range

Objective Lens

This is also another vital factor you need to consider before buying a long-range scope. The objective lens size directly affects the clarity of the image you can view on the scope. Scopes with bigger lenses provides clearer images and gives you a wider view. This invariable means that the objective lens’s size directly impacts your overall accuracy and precision.

Therefore, if you want to make a good purchase choose scopes with bugger objective lenses. One fact remains that bigger lenses are always the best. However, be cautious so that you do not choose a scope that’s too hefty for your rifle.

Reticle Type – First Focal Plane Mount or Second Focal Plane Mount

Why does this matter? It is a known fact that the reticle appears with o the first or second focal plane, which grossly affects the way targets appear on scopes.

Scopes with first focal plane reticles allow you to change the image’s size as you adjust the magnification setting levels. It automatically resizes the image, and you select the one that suits you. Therefore, with the first focal plane reticles, you don’t need to bother yourself about calculating sizes.

Moreover, second-focal-plane reticles cannot change the size of images when you change between magnification setting levels. Therefore, most professional long-range shooters and hunters prefer using the 1st focal plane reticles.


Durability centers on how long your long-range scope will last. Durability is an essential factor you need to consider, especially when you’re spending much to purchase a long-range scope. You would most likely love to enjoy maximum value for the money you pay and want the scope to last for a long time. You don’t want to buy a brand-new long-range scope and find out you can’t use it again after one month.

You should look out for long-range scopes crafted with high-quality aluminum materials. These kinds of materials usually last longer because they are mostly waterproof, fog-resistant, scratch-resistant, and dirt resistant. Some also have an anodized coating, which makes them rust-resistant.


This is another important factor you need to consider before buying any long-range scope. This is because long-range scopes cost much. Therefore, you need o first determine how much you’re willing to spend in buying scope and stick to your budget. It doesn’t matter what you have as a budget, and you can get a suitable scope for your use.


Can you use BDC Reticles?

Yes. Long-range scopes that feature BDC (bullet drop compensation) reticles have the best eye relief. BDC reticles allow you to estimate bullet drop points with precision and accuracy. Experts believe that the BDC reticle is an added advantage to any long-range scope because it helps prevent parallax error.

Does Eye Relief matter?

In my best opinion, eye relief matters, especially in recoil rifles suited for long-range shootings. Eye relief is defined as the distance between the scope and your eyes that gives you a clearer view of your target without straining your eyes. Therefore, you should always look out for scopes with adequate eye relief.


As a shooter and hunter, if your goal is to hit targets beyond 500 yards, you need a long-range scope. It will help to improve your accuracy and offer you a fantastic shooting experience.

We have different manufacturers of long-range scopes on the market. I believe the information I have offered you in this post will help you significantly choose the Best Long Range of Optics suited for your need.