With the spiked rate of violence around, everyone can agree that going for a jog or a run is an extremely dangerous sport these days. While both activities are healthy, the need to stay protected at all times becomes a necessity. 

Having your trusted gun by your side while you run can be quite a relief and a safety assurance, but with so many types available on the market, you wonder which holster is the best joggers holster to keep you safe. If you haven’t heard of belly band holsters, well, here is an opportunity to know more about it, find out its perks, and of course, get for yourself the best belly band holster for running.

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The 5 Most Protective Belly Band Holster For Running Reviewed For 2022

1. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster

Comfortable, easily adjustable, safe, and multi-functional. These are some of the few features associated with the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster, which make it highly sought after on the belly band holster market. 

To begin with, the model is a perfect choice for a summer run as the material is a solid neoprene-made band, stretchy, soft, and easily adjustable, designed to fit hips up to 44 inches for women and 54 inches for men. The material not only offers adjustability, but it’s also comfortable for the wearer with little to no incidents of rashes or irritations from constant contact with the skin. 

Asides from the material composition and body fitting, the ComfortTac Ultimate is a specialized holster crafted out to hold any full-sized, subcompact, or compact pistol or revolver. Hence, ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster is compatible with Glock 19 to 43, M&P Shield, Smith and Wesson, Kahr, Springfield, Kimber, Walther, Ruger, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Rock Island, Taurus PT111, Kel Tec, and more. 

Available in two different types of left or right-handed depending on individual needs, the ComfortTac Ultimate can be worn in many ways as far as they are comfortable for the user. You can have it outside the pants, behind your hips, on the appendix position, cross drawn, at 12’o clock position, shoulder rig – lookout for how to wear a shoulder holster, and more. 

Safety-wise, the product features a hard plastic trigger guard and a metal snap retention strap. On the plus side, it features additional pockets like the magazine pocket and a removable pouch. 


  • Good material composition
  • Features safety details for added protection
  • Multi-position model with a variety of wearing styles
  • Includes additional pockets
  • Perfect fit for a wide range of firearms


  • Material may not be suitable for colder seasons
  • Additional pockets are not too large


Donning a simple yet highly functional design, the ComfortTac Universal Belly Band Holster is a great gun holster for running. With its adjustability, availability in two different hand models, you get to enjoy a lot of versatility and safety while running with it.

2. BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster

BRAVOBELT brings to the world of firearms a product designed for ultimate functionality with unique versatility and simplicity. The BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster is not just any kind of belly band holster; it’s a one-of-a-kind model not to be missed. 

Ultimately designed for runners, it is the ideal running holster with its concealed feature that allows users to fit it underneath their athletic gear without discomfort. In addition to the concealed feature, the durability and comfort of the model are guaranteed as its made from perforated neoprene material, which also features CoolVent designed to prevent excessive sweating and for optimum airflow. 

BRAVOBELT offers great adjustability with its adjustable band with the Flex fit design allows for fits of up to 45 inches for women and 55 inches for men. While adjustability to the firearm is also assured as the BRAVOBELT holster is compatible and a perfect fit with all varieties of Glock firearm, Sig Sauer, Taurus, Beretta, Bersa, Kel Tec, Ruger, M&P Shield, Smith & Wesson, Bersa, and others. 

As an ambidextrous with a modular holster system, the product can be worn in either left or right-hand draw and be worn as the user sees fit for comfort. Featuring an optional easy snap retention system, the safety of your firearm is assured, and above all, it also includes additional pockets to carry extra items.   


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Highly breathable material designed for accentuated comfort
  • Flexible with high-level adjustability
  • Perfect concealed design
  • Allows the user to wear in multiple comfortable positions


  • No safety trigger guard is available
  • Becomes unstable when the user is sweaty


Designed with a lot of facilitation features, from the CoolVent feature to the Flex fit design, the manufacturers of BRAVOBelt want you to enjoy your run while enjoying every ounce of safety. As an adequately equipped model fit to hold a variety of firearm models, you never have to worry about having to change belly bands for your various firearm types, hence why it so perfectly fits the list of best belly band holster for running.

3. Tacticshub Belly Band Holster

For firearm users and runners who require something a little bit more discreet that wouldn’t give you out under any circumstance, then this next belly band holster is the perfect choice for you with a little bit more to offer. 

Slim and discreet, the Tacticshub Belly Band Holster is a more advanced version of any concealed belly band holster you can imagine, thus, allowing users to wear it underneath any clothing item without detection, from business suits to running gear. As an ambidextrous designed model, you can alternate the position of your draw as a right-hand or left-hand as far as it’s convenient for you. You can also alternate how and where to place the Tacticshub belly band holster, depending on your discretion. 

To back up the slimness of it, the model is a perforated neoprene-made product featuring an anti-sweat technology allowing its users to enjoy a regular run without much worries of skin reactions and excessive sweating, and of course, without the holster sliding down the body while on the run. Also, the model is fitted for both males and females as a gender-neutral concealed carry holster.

Fitting-wise, the model offers a top-notch max waist circumference range of 43 inches for both men and women. While for the firearms, the fitting extends to all Glock firearm models from 19 – 43, other models such as Rock Island, Kimber, Taurus, Beretta, Springfield, Sig Sauer, and more with a metal button snap closure on the holster for protection. 

Finally, asides from the additional pockets for phones, magazines, and more, the entire kit includes 2 e-book guides for self-defense and outdoor survival, the Tacticshub Belly Band Holster itself, and a water-resistant storage bag that allows you to transport and handle your belly band holster with ease.     


  • Slim and discreet design
  • Easy and snug fit for both user and gun
  • Extra pockets for other items
  • Lightweight and easy to run with
  • Durable material composition with extra comfort technology


  • No trigger guard
  • No means of securing other items when running


Tacticshub provides a full package of aesthetics and usability all in one package. Designed for ultimate concealment, you can enjoy the safety the Tacticshub belly band holster provides alongside its snug-fitting. For extra safety, of course, the manufacturer also provides e-book guides for users on important topics like self-defense, and you also get a storage bag to keep your holster safe when not in use.

4. Vemingo Upgraded Belly Band Holster

Unlike many belly band holsters whose band length is often limited and with fitting size for medium waist to extra large waist individuals, the Vemingo Upgraded belly Band holster goes a step further for all users, including those with wider waist size. 

Designed for optimum comfort, the Vemingo Upgraded Belly band holster is a multiple-sized model holster with the smaller sized model with up to 40 inches of length and the plus-size model with up to 50.7 inches of length. All you have to do is choose the most comfortable one for yourself. 

Material-wise, the right-handed orientation belly band holster features a perforated material neoprene material design with premium stitching at every end, offering high-level breathability to its users, flexibility as its stretches with ease, strength, and comfort with its soft touch to the skin. 

Suitable for multiple gun types, the model is fitted to hold firearms ranging from full-sized to mid-sized, subcompact, and compact revolvers and pistols easily without weighing the belly band holster down. To secure the firearm, Vemingo offers a wear-resistant leather buckle for durability and safety, and you also get a non-scratch strong velcro design that does not affect skin or clothing while remaining strong all through. 


  • Offers more relatable size ranges for users
  • Discreet and lightweight
  • Designed with durable materials and components
  • Includes multiple pockets for additional items
  • Flexible with good fitting for body and firearms


  • Only available as a right-hand model
  • No trigger guard protection is available


For users in need of extra comfort alongside an assurance of quality, the Vemingo Belly Band Holster offers so much of that with its comfortable upgraded waistband length and upgraded material composition to ensure lasting functionality. With the detachable magazine clip, wear-resistant leather buckle, and non-scratch velcro features, you have quite a lot to enjoy.

5. OCDAY Belly Band Holster

For an all-weather fun running activity in safety and ease, the OCDAY Belly Band Holster is your go-to for safety, comfort, and usability without worries. 

The OCDAY Belly Band Holster is a unique model designed to fit and safeguard a variety of gun sizes ranging from subcompact to compact, revolver, mid-sized guns, as well as full-sized ones. 

Such guns like the Smith and Wesson, Ruger LCP, several Glock types like 19, 42, 43, a good holster for a Shield 9mm, as well as other models are safely secured to the belly band holster, which is already fully fitted for such gun types with the use of an optional easy snap fixing system. The snap system not only provides quick access to the gun for an easy draw but also allows for a silent draw. 

Made from breathable perforated 1680D polyester fiber material, the OCDAY Belly Band holster is an appropriate model for all weathers allowing you to enjoy a run with a breathable material that is easy on the skin. 

The material is not only durable but also stretchy enough, allowing for a fit of 44 inches to 54 inches of waist size for both men and women. The belly band holster attaches at both ends with a strong new velcro that is non-irritant to cloth and touch. 

On the plus side, you get to keep other valuables like money, magazines, and phones in the additional pockets and wear the holster in whatever fashion you desire as its features a multi-position style allowing you to wear it in or out of your waistband, as a cross draw, on the hip and other types you might find comfortable.


  • Durable all-weather material
  • Available in both medium and large size options
  • Offers additional space for other items
  • Comfortable with optimum fitting features
  • It can be worn in multiple positions


  • Not an ambidextrous type
  • No trigger protection feature


Unlike many belly band holsters you would find, the level of comfort and durability of this model speaks for itself, from the unique and durable material composition to its additional features. With an additional movable pouch, an open carry or concealed carry preference, and an easy attachment durable velcro designed for a snug and easy fit, you can enjoy every bit of your running activity without worries of not being protected.

Buyer’s guide 

Material Composition 

The first important feature of a holster for one who would be running would be the material. As the entire exercise in itself would generate a lot of sweat, you would need your belly band holster to be made from breathable and soft material that would protect the gun from moisture and also be gentle on your skin. 

Also, keep in mind that the material will also vary depending on the location and, of course, the weather in said locations. Based on this, one would say that the belly band material used in the summer would be different for the winter season. The most suitable materials in this category would be neoprene as it’s stretchy, perfect for adjustments, and also breathable, perfect for the summer period; cotton material would also do great, especially in the winter period as it’s soft and allows for heat retention.  

Therefore before you consider the material composition of your jog holster, think about the time of the year, as this will go a long way in determining its functionality and relevance. 

Fitting and Adjustability 

When it comes to fitting, it is a two-way idea, i.e., the belly band holster should fit your body perfectly to avoid it constricting your breathing while running. It should fit your gun perfectly to prevent your gun from falling off and putting yourself and others around you in danger. 

For body fitting, you should look out for adjustable belly band holsters that will allow you to fit the band with ease to your belly with the use of velcro or a hook and eye closure, and for more feminine designs with ropes like those found in garters. 

In the case of gun fitting, while purchasing your belly band holster, it is advisable to ensure that the gun space fits the specific dimensions of your gun and, if possible, take your gun with you for the purchase.  

Safety and closure 

Asides from fitting, you also have to consider other safety features that the jog holster possesses, and one of these is the closure feature and the trigger guard. 

The closure feature allows you to have your gun safely tucked in and guarded as well as making access to it at any necessary time easy. The most advisable closure type would be the metal button clasp which can be easily secured and removed at ease, plus it is silent, can withstand the constant impact from the body and gun without giving way easily. A velcro closure is also common but does not guarantee as much safety as the button clasp would as it can wear off over time. 

On the other hand, the trigger guard prevents your firearm from accidentally discharging on you while you run. The need for a trigger guard is inarguably important for your safety. While some belly band holsters come with it, those who do not can have trigger guards installed for additional protection.

Extra storage 

Indeed, your running holster is primarily to hold your gun in it, but having a few extra spaces to keep other things wouldn’t harm anyone. For this, most belly band holsters feature pockets not just for the gun of which it is the primary space necessary but also include other compartments for phones, keys, gum, magazines, bullets, and other minor things. 

Note that while having additional pockets is great, you should carry along for your jog only the necessary and important items and keep in mind that each item weighs, and having too much weight on your waist could slow you down while jogging or running. 


Holsters, in general, are not much on the expensive side hence making most models and types easily affordable, including the belly band holster type. The price range varies from around $30 all the way to close to $100. 

The main deal is, while the less expensive ones are practical and good choices but may not have high-ended features to offer you, the high range ones provide all the perks of a real holster and much more for your convenience in terms of material composition, safety, fitting, durability and more. It all depends on what you need and what you have budgeted for it. 


Are belly band holsters the only running and jogging holsters available? 

No, they are not. There are two main types of running and jogging holsters, the belly band holster and the shoulder holsters. 

While the best shoulder holsters are known to relieve the weight on the abdominal area as they are fitted on the upper torso through the shoulder, they are often too exposed and not so public-friendly. The belly band holster, on the other hand, is lighter, easily concealable, and also easily accessible. 

Why should I get a belly band holster? 

A belly band holster is advisable for safety purposes and, of course, because it allows its users to enjoy their jogging and running without worries as these holsters fit in much more than just the guns but also other items like a phone. 

Are there belly band holsters for all gun types? 

No, belly band holsters, like all holsters, are designed to fit specific types of firearms which are easy to carry around without the worries of extra weight. 

While belly band holsters are designed for firearms like Glock 19, Smith and Wesson, Ruger, some Sig Sauer types, amongst others, the likes of inside the waistband and paddle holsters or outside the waistband holsters are the best holster for Sig Sauer p365 and also the best for SIG Sauer p238 which are some of the popular firearm types.  

Do belly band holsters come in different sizes? 

Yes, they do. You can get a belly band holster within the size ranges of small to extra large and with its fittings for both men and women. 


Enjoying a run or a jog while being protected and also while protecting those around you can be a tough task to accomplish, but luckily with a belly band holster, you can do all of that without stress and worries. The best belly band holster for running is designed to be comfortable, easily adjustable, easy on the skin, safe, and secure to all with a little more to offer. The belly band holsters reviewed above offer all of that and so much more, making themselves the best on the market and readily available for you to choose from.