You can agree that the hunting area in the sporting shop easily draws attention because of the bright colors that shine from that side, right? It makes you think, how come such an amazingly bright color exist?

Those colors are vital when it comes to hunting. The best hunting outfit is made to offer you comfort, safety, and great hunting results. In terms of safety, the blazing orange color does the trick!

Why Are Hunting Vests Orange

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Why Orange Hunting Vest?

Universally, wearing orange vests for all kinds of hunting is recommended, but it isn’t mandatory in all states. Making that kill and hunting your game down is important but not as important as your safety. This orange jacket is the best possible way to notify other hunters that you’re around that area, and it is really important if you’re hunting in public areas.

Some states make it mandatory for hunters to put on brightly colored orange vests during major hunting periods. The few states who don’t require this vest still strongly recommend hunters to make use of them. So, why are hunting vests orange and required for hunting?

Safety is the main reason hunting jackets are orange. It wasn’t made for the animals but the people who are hunting. A regular deer cannot differentiate between colors, but other individuals hunting can, and this is why hunting jackets are orange because it enhances safe hunting.

Another common name for this particular orange shade is “hunter orange” or “safety orange”. Not only is this orange used in hunting but in other fields because of the huge effect on our eyes.

Why Orange Hunting Vest

The Importance Of Orange Hunting Vests

In the opinion of several non-hunters, the combination of camouflage and orange jackets is a bit contradictory. To them, it looks like you’re trying to be seen and not be seen at the same time. What they don’t know is that majority of the games hunted down by hunters cannot see the orange color.

Most animals being hunted, especially deers, don’t see colors the same way we see them. The orange color doesn’t attract their attention as much as it would for us. Let’s take a deer, for example. According to the Quality Deer Management Association, these creatures see red and orange 5ths same way with the colors brown and gray because of the makeup of their eyes. This simply states that you can put on the orange and fit into your environment in a deer’s eyes. This will also allow other individuals hunting to spot you from a far distance.

A deer’s eyesight is similar to other animals. The majority of these animals don’t rely on colors to let them know when danger is ahead. Instead, they rely on movement, human outlines, and sounds to make out a threat. This further explains the importance of wearing orange while hunting to avoid getting injured or killed.

The Importance Of Orange Hunting Vests

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the hunting vest hunter orange camouflage?

The main reason why these jackets are orange is for safety. Most animals can’t recognize this color, making it easier and safer for you to hunt them down.

Is it mandatory to wear orange-colored jackets in the United States?

Only a few states don’t make this orange jacket mandatory, but it is recommended. About 43 out of 50 states require hunters to wear orange, and those that don’t still recommend it.


So why are hunting vests orange? This hunter orange color is mainly for your safety while hunting. Once you acknowledge this fact and ensure you follow it, you shouldn’t have a problem while hunting. You’ll be able to enjoy your hunt and catch a good game smoothly.